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When we last left our favorite sex symbol, Trish had taken John back to
the hotel room for a private showing of her perfect ass. John got a little
taste of Trish's pussy, fucking her doggy style until Trish finished him off
with an amazing blowjob. John wanted more ... much more but they had a plane
to catch...

She's a fitness model, a blonde bombshell, and a WWF Diva all wrapped into
one pretty little package. She's Trish Stratus. Witness as she gets into one
hot and steamy situation after another ... This is THE STRATUS FILES!

The Stratus Files - Episode Two
by Josh (

Trish and John took the late flight to Toronto and both spent the majority
of the flight sleeping. Once in Toronto, Trish got a limousine to take them
to her house. Once the limo ride got going, Trish put up the partition
blocking off the driver.

"How much did you love my ass last night?" Trish asked seductively.

"I haven't stopped thinking about it," John said, his mouth watering.

"Do you want a quick peek?"

"I'd love another look."

Trish turned around in the limo, facing her ass towards John. She slowly
pulled down her black leather pants, revealing a red bikini thong. Trish
wiggled her sexy tanned butt in John's facing. John leaned forward and gave
it a lick with his tongue. Trish pulled her pants back up and turned

"That got you excited, didn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah, I can't get enough of that ass."

"Well then I can only think of one way to pass the time..."

Trish leaned in, licking John's lips and kissing him softly. Trish kissed
John's neck while rubbing his chest through his t-shirt. Trish's hand moved
down to his crotch. She rubbed it a bit, feeling his erection. She then undid
his fly, pulling out John's hard-on. Trish bent down and licked up the precum
from the tip of his cock, savouring the taste. "Mmmm..." she moaned.

Trish started teasing John licking his shaft up and down. She worked her
way down then took his balls into her mouth, sucking on them. She licked her
way up the shaft and licked up some more precum. Trish moved her mouth all
the way down John's cock, taking it all in deep in her throat. She held it
there getting it nice and wet.

"Ohhh that feels so good, Trish," John moaned. Trish pulled it out and
began licking the head all over. She then began moving his cock in and out of
her mouth while stroking the shaft. "Ohh you're making me cum," John moaned.

Trish took her mouth off then held John's hands, "Not yet baby, calm

Trish kissed him for a few moments then moved her head back down to his
cock, licking the head again. She used her free hand to play with John's
balls adding to the stimulation. Trish took John deep into her mouth and
bobbed her head up and down fast, fucking his cock with her mouth. She pulls
it up, licking and sucking, soaking his hard-on with her saliva. Trish
sucked on it some more while stroking it with her hand at the same time.
Trish began to taste cum ooze into her mouth so she gripped the base of his
cock and sucked the head tightly.

"Ohh fuuck..." John moaned as he slowly came into her mouth. Her firm grip
made the cum ooze into her mouth instead of shoot into her throat. All that
could be heard from Trish was muffled moans of "Mmmmmmhhh..." as she tasted
and swallowed John's load.

When John was done, Trish took her mouth off. She pouted her soft lips and
kissed up the underside of the shaft. She worked her way up to the top and
gave it one slow long last lick. Trish looked up at John, fixing her blond
hair and biting her lower lip, "How was that? Did I suck your dick good?"

"Ohh Trish, you suck it the best..." John moaned, putting his dick back in
his pants.

"I'm glad you're so Stratusfied!" Trish said with a smile.

Trish's way of passing the time had done the trick as they were pulling up
to Trish's house. Trish went ahead to unlock the door and turn off the alarm
system while John grabbed the bags and tipped the driver. "Just set them down
anywhere, I'll put it all away later ... we've got some business to take care
of first," Trish said looking John over.

"I gotta piss," John said.

"There's a bathroom down the hall, come upstairs when you're done, ok?"
Trish responded.

"Sure thing," John replied.

John went to the bathroom while Trish headed upstairs to her bedroom. John
found a bottle of massage oil in the bathroom and grabbed as he left. He
headed upstairs and opened the door to Trish's bedroom. Trish was laying in
some skimpy red lingerie on her bed, just waiting for John.

"What's that you got there?" she said.

"Some oil ... let me give you a massage," he said.

"That sounds good, baby," Trish said.

John got a towel from the bathroom, spread it down on the bed and Trish
laid down on her stomach. John starting slowly massaging Trish's neck and
down to her shoulders. He then moved down to her feet and began to massage
Trish's pretty little feet. He worked his way slowly up her calves, skipped
over her ass and worked his fingers into her lower back then up to her
shoulders again. John massage down her back and unsnapped her lacy red bra.
He got his hands nice and slick with oil and moved down to Trish's perfectly
round ass.

"Mmmm ... you like that part, don't you?" Trish said softly.

John didn't respond, he just kept massaging the flesh of her ass. He
then rolled Trish over onto her back and tossed her bra onto the floor. He
massaged down her chest, avoiding her breasts. He worked his way up her toned
arms, getting them nice and relaxed. John laid his head down and lightly
licked Trish's nipples, getting them hard. He then moved his hands onto
Trish's boobs and began to massage them. He then moved his hands down her
tight stomach, and slid off her red panties. John massaged each of Trish's
thighs then slightly rubbed his finger up her clit. He moved his hands under
Trish's butt, groping it as he leaned forward and licked her nipples. He ran
his tongue down Trish's stomach then into her pussy. John tongued Trish's
pussy and flicked her clit with his fingers.

"Yeah .. that's good .. mmmmm ... keep doing that," Trish moaned.

John kept eating out Trish, getting her nice and wet. Trish got more and
more turned on, and began rubbing herself all over. John moved his tongue
down and toyed with Trish's tight asshole.

"Get those clothes off, I wanna taste that dick again," Trish said ready
to give John another blowjob.

John took off his clothes and laid down on the bed. Trish took John's cock
in her hand and lightly licked up the underside of the shaft, "Mmmmmhhh..."
she moaned. Trish began sucking the head, taking it in her mouth. She got it
wet with saliva and rubbed it. Trish grabbed it in her hand and bopped her
head on it a bit.

"That's it, get it nice and wet," John moaned.

"Yeeah, just the way my pussy is," Trish moaned.

Trish took it all in deep then took it out and played with it with her
tongue. Trish's moans were muffled by the mouth full of dick. Trish lifted
her mouth off then rubbed the pre-cum all over the head, "You like it when
rub the head, don't you?" Trish said.

"Yeah, you give awesome head," John replied.

Trish stopped, she didn't want to finish John off like in the limo, she
just wanted to get him nice and hard. Trish got down on all fours on the bed,
"Come on, stick that cock deep inside my wet pussy."

John got behind Trish, rubbing his hands all over her sexy buns as he slid
his cock deep into her wet pussy. John pumped in and out as Trish began to
moan ... "Ohhh! Unnnnhhh! Is that hole nice and tight? Does it feel good
against your cock?"

"Yeeeh Trish, its nice and tight.."

"UNNNHHHH! Ohhhh yeeeah! Come on! Fuck me!"

"Ohh Trish, let me grab your ass and fuck you hard,"

John grabbed onto Trish's round butt and pumped as hard as he could into
Trish's pussy, his thighs smacking against hers.

"Mmmmm ... fuck me hard! UNNNHHH! Fuuck me hard! Unnnhhh! Ohhh fuuuck me
so hard!"

John kept up the pace, pounding her tight pussy from behind.

"Let me watch you, I wanna see your cock pounding my pussy," Trish said as
she rolled over onto her side. John laid down on his side, lifting one of
Trish's legs in the air as he thrusted into her.

"Yeeeahh I wanna see how you fuck me! I wanna see that cock slide into my

"Like this?" John asked as he thrusted harder...

"Ohhh fuuck yeah! That's the way! Fuck me hard!"

John moved his hand up and began to play with Trish's big breasts as he
slid in and out of her.

"Unnnhh huh! Come on fuck me! Yeeahh! I wanna get on top, ride that cock!"

John rolled over onto his back and Trish mounted him, slowly sliding
herself down onto his cock. She bounced up and down then started grinding
back and forth, getting John's cock nice and deep inside her.

"What's the matter, huh? Is it too easy for you on the bottom? Is it?"

Trish started grinding harder and bouncing fast on John's cock.

"Ohh yeeah fuck me Trish! Ride that fucking cock!"

John moved his hands around and grabbed two handfulls of Trish's firm
round buns as she rode him wildly.

"Unnnnnnnhhhh! Ooooohhh fuuuuckk yeeeah! Ohhhh god! Ohhh fuuck that cock
feels so good!"

"Ohhh fuck Trish! Come on fuck me!"

Trish soon got off of John's dick and moved him to the edge of the bed,
sitting him up. Trish turned with her back facing John and spread her legs
out as she sat down on his cock. Trish grinded and wiggled on top while John
reached forward and played with her tits. Trish leaned her head back and
kissed John as she fucked him.

"You feel so good Trish," John moaned.

"Am I making you cum again, baby?"

"Yeah, you're gonna make me cum,"

"I want you to shoot your cum all over my tits,"

Trish got off of John and knelt down on the floor. It didn't take long
before John shot his cum all over Trish's big tits. "Yeah that's it, cover my
tits with your cum," Trish moaned. She rubbed the cum all over her breasts
then ran them up and down against John's cock, giving him a little tit fuck.
"That feels good, doesn't it? You like my tits?" Trish said, looking up at

"Yeah, Trish but I what I'd really like is to fuck your ass," he said.

"You wanna fuck it? You wanna fuck my ass? Go ahead baby, slide that big
cock deep into my tight little asshole," Trish said climbing back up onto the
bed on her knees. John bent down behind Trish, rubbing her round ass and
burying his head between her cheeks. John circled his tongue around Trish's
asshole getting it nice and aroused. "Yeeah John, do me ... put that dick in
my ass, I wanna feel it," Trish moaned. John got behind Trish and slowly
worked his dick deep into her tight asshole.

"Unnnhhhh that's it, come on," Trish moaned.

"Yeah you like having a cock in your ass, Trish,"

"Oooohhh mmmmhhhh yeeeah..."

John slowly penetrated Trish's ass, getting nice and comfortable then
began to pump harder. John rubbed his hands around the sides of Trish's round
buns, spreading them apart.

"Hunnhhhh yeeah fuck my ass! FUCK IT GOOD!"

"That's it Trish, take it up your hot little ass! Take it Trish! TAKE IT


John pumped Trish's perfect ass harder and harder then slowed down and
pulled it out. He smacked it against her asshole, teasing her a bit before
driving it back into her gaping hole. John then brought his hand down on
Trish's ass.


"Ohhh yeah, spank my ass!"


"Your ass unnnhh..."


"Ooohh is so hot!"


"Its yours! Fuck my ass! Unnnhhh god yesss! POUND MY ASSHOLE! Oooohhh

"Ohh shit! So tight ... Ohhh I'm gonna cum!"

John pulled out and shot his cum all over Trish's sexy ass. "That's it,
baby, let me feel that cum on my ass! Yeeah," Trish moaned. John let it all
out on Trish's ass, while panting heavily. Trish turned to John and said,
"This has been a Stratusfying experience,"

"It sure has, Trish, it sure has," John replied.

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