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The Stratusphere Part 1 - Trish Is The Whole Dam Show
by TrishBelongsToMe

Trish was tired of being pushed around by Eric Bischoff. Week after week he
would sexually abuse her and use her contract as a way of getting her to do
what he wanted. Trish would have to do all of his biddings in order to keep
her job, no matter how extreme they were. The other superstars could really
care less. Somehow Trish had lost her ability to seduce the other wrestlers.
She had been to caught up on being the champion to remember how. Eric would
use that to his advantage. One day, Trish had the bravery to confront Eric.

Eric: What do you want honey? Do you need some Bischoff loving?

Trish: (disgusted) Actually no. As a matter of fact, I don't want anymore
of you!

Eric: (Surprised at Trish's words, he comes up with a plan.) Okay baby, if
that's the way you want it. How about this? You gather enough wrestlers...
six wrestlers, and we will have a match. My wrestlers will be Kane,
Undertaker, Big Show, Chris Beniot, Kurt Angle, and Eddie. What about you?

Trish: I don't know...

Eric: Well I guess you're my sex slave...

Trish: (quickly answers) No. Give me two weeks. I'll get the wrestlers.

Eric: I have to wait two weeks to have sex with you again?! Fine, no more
than two weeks.

Trish: Thanks.

Eric: Don't thank me, in two weeks you'll be sorry!

* * *

Day Two

Trish has a great match on RAW pulling off the win in a non-title match
against Victoria. She is glad to finally come backstage and rest up. Trish
hears a loud thud in the locker room in front of her. Worried about the
person inside she barges into the room.

Trish: Are you okay in here?!

She looks at RVD lying down on a broken chair nude. She sees his huge cock in
his hand throbbing. RVD realizes she is in the room and quickly darts for a
towel. Trish is still looking at his flexible and muscular body, licking her
lips at the huge cock.

RVD: (Trying to act natural) Hey Trish. What's up?

Trish: (smiling) Were you masturbating watching my match?

RVD: Well...

Trish: Was it because of these tight blue tights I'm wearing?

She slowly walks towards RVD pulling her tights down after every step. When
she finally has them down she turns around and bends with her ass pointing at
him. His cock throbs a little more as he sees the terrific curves of her ass.
No panties or thongs, just a huge ass. It looks so plump that we could slap
it all day and not get tired. She stood back up and continues her talking.

Trish: Could it be this tight wet pink shirt I have on?

RVD watches her lift the shirt over her head. Trish's hair fell upon her bra
covered breast, which didn't cover much because her erect nipples popped
right out of them. She sexily walks to him with her hips shaking from side to
side. She embraces him and deep tongues him. While their tongues grapple, RVD
reaches her back and tries to undo her bra. Trish pulls away shaking her

Trish: (seductively) Nope. No breast until I give you a blowjob young man.

Trish slowly gets on her knees never taking her eyes off of RVD's eyes. RVD
throws off his towel still staring into Trish's beautiful eyes. His cock
sprung out and Trish grabbed it with her hand. She started jerking it off
still looking at him. RVD moaned pleasantly but couldn't get his eyes off of
Trish's. She stared at him so seductively that he couldn't stop looking at
them. Trish wrapped her luscious lips around RVD's warm cock and slurped on
it. Still looking in his eyes, she bobbed her head back and forth getting
the cock deep in her throat. RVD groaned as she licked along the shaft and
sucked on his balls. She unwrapped her lips from around his cock and laid
on the floor with her legs spread wide open. RVD instantly got on the floor
and got on top of her. They once again kissed while RVD positioned his cock
into her pussy and rammed it in.

Trish: Ahhhhhhh! Yes. Fuck me RVD...your really one...ahhh...of a kind!

RVD: Damn... Your pussy isn't that tight is it bitch!

RVD used his agility to really ram his cock deep into her pussy. His ass
flared up and down and penetrated Trish's juicy pussy.

Trish: Shit...I'm gonna cum...

RVD took out his dick and flicked his tongue in her pussy. His tongue banged
her pussy walls and it forced Trish to release her sweet juices into his

Trish: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Hell yess!

RVD sucked every inch of pussy juice he could and licked his lips. RVD turned
Trish on her back and put his hard dick into her ass.

Trish: No not the...ahhhh damn...harder...faster!

RVD bounced on her ass heating up Trish's asshole.

Trish: Oh damn. Smack that ass RVD!

RVD continually slapped her huge ass while pumping it up. He finally felt
that he was gonna cum.

RVD: I'm gonna cum, want me to cum on your tits?

Trish: Keep pumping my ass!!!!!!!!

RVD did what she asked and came deep in her ass. It leaked out of her ass
because of how much he came. RVD laid down on the floor, on his back. Trish
rolled over until she lied on RVD's stomach. She passionately kissed him
until they were out of breath. Trish stood up and started to put on her

Trish: RVD.

RVD: Yeah, what is it babe?

Trish: I was wondering if you can help me out in a match in two weeks.

RVD: Of coarse! You made my dream come true, the least I can do is help you

Trish smiles and then leaves the room. She pulls out a pocket book and writes
"RVD" in it. She hears some noise from Christian's locker room.

Christian: That Rey Mysterio thinks he can beat anyone. Just because he beat
Big Show! But I can totally beat him anytime!

Trish smiles and realizes she needs to take a trip to Smackdown.

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