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The Stratusphere Part 2: West Coast Lovin'
by TrishBelongsToMe

Day Four

Trish pulls up to a packed arena at the Staples Center. She looks around to
see the “Smackdown” written in every single inch of the city. Trish pays the
driver and heads for the arena. She dodges through wild fans who try grabbing
her ass, and throwing pens and paper in her face. The commotion all stops
when none other then Stephinie McMahon comes out. She tells the fans to clear
a space so Trish can come in. Trish glad to be out tries to thank her.

“Thank you Steph, it was pretty crowded out there.”

“First of all Trish, when you come to Smackdown, especially uninvited, you
call me Mrs. Stephanie McMahon. Meet me at my office so we can find out where
you belong.”

Trish sat down in the chair across from Stephinie, I mean, Mrs. Stephanie
McMahon and waited. Stephinie would every now and then look up at Trish to
stare at her fabulous jugs when she thought Trish wasn’t looking.

Stephanie kept thinking to herself, “Her breast are almost as big as mine.
They can’t be real! Well, there is only one way to find out...”

Trish obviously knew what was going on, so Trish stood up and asked, “Do you
mind if I take off these jeans. Its getting a little hot in this room.”

Stephanie slowly nodded her head and then asked, “Do you need to go to the
bathroom or someplace private?”

“No,” Trish said while smiling, “we are a couple of responsible girls. What
is the worst that could happen.”

Stephanie agreed and focused on Trish’s pussy area. She thought maybe she
could catch a glimpse of Trish’s juicy pink pussy. Trish knew she had
Stephanie’s attention so she cupped her ass with her hands and danced to
the ground. Trish pulled her jeans off in a hurry and tossed them to
Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie almost stood up but Trish came to her and sat
on her desk. Trish turned around so her red-thronged ass was right in
Stephanie’s face. Trish moved her ass up and down, from side to side daring
Steph to lick it. Stephanie was fully taken over and rubbed her face all
over Trish’s ass. She moved the thong over and stuck her tongue in Trish’s

“Oh Mrs. lick divinely.”

Steph put her hands all over Trish ass and spread the cheeks so she could
go deeper.

“Ummmm! You have a wild tongue! Oh hell yes...”

Stephanie took out her tongue and started to take of her business suit. While
Trish laid on her back on the desk, with her legs spread wide open. Stephanie
got to her black bra that looked like it was gonna burst in any minute, and
black panties that could barely contain her ass. She stuck her head between
Trish’s legs and licked her wet pussy. Her tongue when in and out as she
bobbed her head, as if her tongue was a dick.

“Fuck me Mrs. McMahon! Ram it in me!!!!”

Trish took her shirt off while her pussy was being penetrated and unhooked
her bra. Stephanie licked wildly in Trish’s pussy trying to get her to cum.
“Ahhhhhh! Stephanie I’m gonna cum! Damn...Ahhhh!”

Trish came all over Stephanie face and Stephanie tried to lick it all up.
Trish forced Stephanie back on her chair and sat on her lap pussy to pussy.
Trish grabbed Stephanie’s head and licked all of her own sweet juices off
of her face. They embrace in a passionate kiss and adding tongue ever now
and then. Suddenly, at the door was a horny Rey Mysterio. The girls didn’t
seem to care, they were busy going at it. Trish unhooked Stephanie’s bra
and let her huge breast free. Rey was in amazement, he saw her huge unnatural
breast being licked all over by Trish. Trish’s tongue probed Steph’s entire

“Ummmm...That’s the spot Trish...Ummmm...”

Rey suddenly couldn’t take it anymore and said he wanted a piece of the
action. He threw off his bright red pants and pulled down his boxers
revealing his impressive 9-incher. The two girls slowly got off of each
other and pulled down there underwear so they were standing nude in front
of him.

“So Rey,” Trish teased, “Which one of us do you want?”

“Yeah Rey, Stephanie played along, which one of us do you think can take your
huge dick.”

Rey stood still thinking that they were serious. He had no idea who to
choose. But Stephanie told Rey to lean on the door. As he did this, the two
girls both got on their hands and feet and crawled towards Rey Mysterio. His
dick could’ve shot out another inch watching them come towards him. They both
had their tongues at Rey’s dick and licked along his shaft. Rey moaned as the
two women slurped all along his huge dick. While Stephanie put his dick deep
in her mouth, Trish would suck on his balls. Rey tried his best to hold it
but then Trish put a finger in his ass. Trish and Steph put their faces cheek
to cheek and both blew on Rey’s dick. It shot out cum on both of their
beautiful faces, while the girls lapped up all they could get. Steph and
Trish positioned Rey on the floor, he laid on his back gasping for air.
Stephanie started at his feet and crawled over to him so that her tits were
right over his mouth. He licked the large erect nipples and sucked on them.
He was dreaming of the day his face would be in her breast, so it didn’t
take long for his dick to erect again. Stephanie continued to crawl and
finally turned around so that her pussy was in his face, and her face was at
his dick. She didn’t go for the dick though she just kept moving her hips so
Rey could stick his tongue in her pussy. Trish saw the cock and put it in her

“Ahhhh! Damn you have a great dick.” Trish yelled with a smile.

Since Trish and Stephanie were already face to face, the deep tongued each
other every now and then. Even massage each other huge breast while their
pussies were penetrated. Lets recap: Stephanie and Trish are frenching and
massaging each others massive breast, while Rey has his tongue in Stephanie’s
juicy pussy, and Rey has his 9 incher all inside Trish.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” both the girls cum almost at the same time. Rey sucks
Stephanie’s pussy drinking all of the sweet pussy juices that burst out.
Trish cums all over his dick, which just makes Rey cum deep, deep inside
Trish. They both get off of Rey and cuddle in his arms.

“Rey,” Trish asks almost out of breath, “can you help me in two weeks. It’s
a huge match.”

Rey agrees almost instantly and falls asleep. Trish and Steph look into each
others eyes until Stephanie finally breaks the silence. “You know, if you
want I can also lend you Edge for your match.”

Trish smiles at the idea but says, “Nah. I think I’ll go ask him myself.”

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