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The Stratusphere Part 3: Trish Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness
by TrishBelongsToMe

Day 4 continued

Trish walked out of Stephanie's office and roamed the halls looking for Edge.
She searched nearly every room only to find annoying cleaners and horny
janitors. She decided that she would have to come back next time. She walked
out into the parking lot looking at the empty lot. Stephanie probably had a
private parking or something. Trish walked up to her car only to find the
Guerreos sitting on it, staring at her.

Eddie: Hey baby, hey baby, hey! Mi gusta your ass baby!

Chavo: Hey Eddie, we should fuck the lights out of this Mommacita!

Trish: (Worried) Umm.. Sorry I have to go. I don't...

Eddie: Baby, I wish it were up to me. But the laws of nature, say that my
dick should be in your ass right about now!

Trish tried to run but tripped on her high-heeled shoes. The Guerreos jumped
on her and started to rip clothes off of her. They stripped her down to her
tight black thong and ripped white shirt. Since she wasn't wearing a bra, her
tits bounced freely. Chavo put his lips around her nipples and sucked on it.
Trish at first was screaming at the top of her lungs but started to enjoy it.
Out of nowhere, Edge smacked the Guerreos with a chair. He chased them out of
the parking lot and helped the fallen Trish to her feet.

Edge: Sorry about that. Usually Smackdown isn't like that to visitors.

Trish: I'm okay. They just ripped my clothes a bit that's all.

All of a sudden, Edge realized that Trish's tits were right in front of him.
Her ripe, plump, juicy jugs were hanging in front of him. He looked a little
lower to see her black thong barely cover her pussy. Trish saw him looking
so she took the rest of her ripped shirt off.

Trish: You're a mature guy, so I don't have to worry.

Edge: (Distracted by her magnificent body) Yeah...sure.

Trish took her heels off and handed them to Edge.

Trish: Can you hold these for a second?

Edge: Sure. Whatever.

While Edge held her heels, Trish took off her thong. Edge watched as her huge
ass was released from the tight grip of the thong. Her pussy almost glowed
through the dimness of the parking lot. She was fully nude in front of him
and Edge was speechless. He felt numb through his whole body.

Trish: What's the matter Edge, never seen a naked woman before?

Edge: Not as beautiful as you. But I don't think we should do this, you could
get pregnant.

Trish laughed as she lunged at him and kissed him passionately. Edge rubbed
her fine ass while they were embraced in a deep kiss. They separated the kiss
and Trish bent down on her knees. Edge took off his jeans and Trish helped
him take off his boxers. Edge's huge cock went straight into Trish's luscious
lips. Trish tightened her lips so that she could really get his dick going.
Her red lipstick rubbed off onto his dick and spread as Trish's wild tongue
went all over his shaft. She then put her tongue right on the tip of his
dick, and she sucked and slurped on it. She bobbed her head back and forth
which sent Edge into deep moans. Edge lifted Trish up and leaned her against
her car, Edge rammed his dick deep in her pussy. Her pussy clutched Edge's
huge rock-hard dick and it made him go crazy.

Edge: Oh yeah bitch. Take my dick in Trish!

Trish and Edge finally got into a rhythm and Trish's ass smacked onto the car
every now and then. Her pussy was being fully invaded, as she screamed for
her life.

Trish: Ahhhh!!!! Unhhhhhh! Harder baby harder!!!

Edge and Trish went on for a while until Edge released his cum deep in her.
Trish opened her car door and laid (on her stomach) on the backseats. She was
halfway in so that her ass was hanging outside the car. Edge wanted to taste
her pussy, but his cum was in her, so he settled for her plump ass. He licked
the huge cheeks and rubbed his face against it. Her ass was just so soft and
silky. Edge stuck his tongue deep in Trish's ass and licked around the
inside. His tongue banged on the soft walls of her insides and licked her ass
clean. He took his tongue out and stood up so that his dick went inside of
her ass. He pumped and thrusted his dick deep in.

Trish: Ahhhhh! Yes...I need your dick, master!!

Edge grabbed both of her ass cheeks and squeezed them together. So that they
would further clutch his dick. Edge was on the verge of cumming and had no
intention of stopping.

Trish: Ahhhhhhh! Cum in me. Please cum in me!!

Edge: Ahhhhh!

Edge released his huge load in Trish's lovely ass and collapsed to the floor.
The Guerreos ran into the scene and shoved Trish all the way into the car.

Eddie: Come on, vato! Let's go.

Chavo and Eddie drove away with Trish in the car while Edge was still

What's gonna happen to Trish?

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