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Stratusphere Part 4: HBK...Large, And In Your Ass
by TrishBelongsToMe

Day 5

The Guerreros drove through the dark streets of San Antonio driving Trish in
their car. Chavo was looking at her unconscious naked body in the backseat of
the car. He stared at her the whole trip and kept asking Eddie if he could
fuck her. Eddie would always say the same thing, "When we get to the cabin,
ese, we can do anything we want her."

A while later their car was stopped by an officer. Eddie got out as quickly
as he was stopped so the officer wouldn't see the unconscious Trish. While
Eddie was distracted with the officer, Chavo crawled into the backseat and
slowly put his head into Trish's crouch. He rubbed his tongue along the hairs
of her pink pussy. He dug his head further between her legs and shoved his
tongue down her pussy. He acted like it was a dick and he bobbed up and down
shoving it in deeper. Chavo invaded her pussy while rubbing his greedy hands
all over her unconscious body. He squeezed her tits and her erect nipples.
Chavo unzipped his jeans and showed his rock hard dick. He jerked it off a
bit and then carefully placed it in her wet pussy. This caused Trish to
immediately wake up and feel his hard dick slam into her wet pussy.

Trish screamed loud enough for the officer to get suspicious. He pushed Eddie
aside and opened the back door. He gasped when he saw a screaming Trish take
in all of Chavo's pulsing dick.

"No, ese! I told you not to fuck her now!!" Eddie screamed at his nephew.

The officer pulled out his gun and told everyone to freeze where they stood.
He was kind of staring at Trish's body and the two men at the same time. The
officer threw his gun down and dragged out his fully erect dick. Trish was
still screaming from Chavo slamming her pussy when the officer put his dick
in Trish's mouth. He face-fucked her with no mercy. He wanted to shot his
load deep in her throat. After a while, the three men laid Trish on the empty
street. Eddie laid on the street and laid Trish on top of him. Trish grabbed
his large latino dick and put it in her already wet pussy. She bounced on it
getting it way up in there.

"Ahhhhh!! Unhhhhh!! Fuck yeah!!" Trish shouted at the top of her lungs.

"I'ma show you what Latino Heat is all about!!!!" Eddie pulled her down so
they were kissing and her pussy was still taking in his dick.

The officer pulled his clothes completely off and shoved his dick in Trish's
unsuspecting ass. The officer rammed it deep in her asshole as she was still
in shock. She struggled to breath as she couldn't help screaming. She
realized she was being raped.

"Dammit!! Shit...please not too hard!!" Trish was being ignored as they
penetrated her pussy and ass.

Chavo pulled down his pants and boxers to reveal his dick. Trish knew he
was going for her mouth. She tried her best to close it but the two men
were fucking her to the extreme. At her next scream, Chavo put his dick
in her mouth. This was it for Trish, she couldn't take it anymore.

"Mmmmmmmm!!!!!" Trish screams were muffled by Chavo's large dick.

So she made the best of it. Her lips wrapped around Chavo's large member and
her tongue probed it. She sucked his dick until she almost ran out of air.
She slurped it and sucked on the tip of his dick driving him to loud moans.
The officer slapped her ass a good couple times rubbing it after each slap.
Her ass was bright red as he felt he was going to cum.

The officer screamed in pleasure, "Ahhhhhþ..I'm gonna... Oh yeah baby!!"

The officer blasted his cum deep in her ass. But there was so much cum that
it leaked out of her ass. Eddie was fucking her pussy wildly as she herself
spread her pussy juice all over his dick. This made Eddie go into a fuck
frenzy and cum into Trish raped pussy. Finally, Chavo put his dick out of
Trish's mouth and squirted his cum all over her beautiful face. He cummed
in her hair as well so she would remember him the next time she washed her
hair. They took their drained dicks out of her and turned her over on her
back. Chavo rubbed her cum filled hair as if his cum was her shampoo. The
officer and Eddie sucked and licked her large natural tits. Soon enough,
the three men stood up, put on their clothes and left her in the middle of
the empty street naked. Trish cried realizing she was raped and left to be
discovered. A car came slowly riding down the street and stopped next to
Trish. The windows were tinted so she had no idea who was in it. She had
no choice but to get into the car. She climbed in the passenger's side to
see HBK driving the car.

"Where to Stratus? HBK said cheerfully.

"Your Place, driver." Trish said playfully. She was horny as hell now.
Knowing she was with the sexy boy and away from the Guerreos.

Shawn Michaels was staring at her fully naked body. Her huge jugs swinging
from side to side, and her abused pussy that was still coated with cum.

HBK stopped at a hotel and quickly got out. And covered Trish Stratus with a
cover from his trunk. They reached the room without anyone seeing them and
stepped in. As soon as Shawn locked the door, Trish threw the cover down and
leaped into Shawn's arms. The impact sent him lying on the bed with her on
top of him. She kissed him passionately and then French kissed him. Shawn
grabbed on to her soft ass and rubbed it in delight. He turned her over so
she was on her back and he threw off his shirt. He kissed her even more
wildly as Trish undid his pants and tossed them aside. She then rubbed his
ass and spanked it. This made Shawn hard as he drew back and inserted his
dick into her pussy.

"Ahhh! Finally a real man!!" Trish yelled feeling HBK's large cock inside

HBK used his elbows to spread her legs open and then rubbed her tits with his
hands. His hands smacked around and rubbed her huge milk jugs. He got into a
rhythm and slammed his dick further in Trish. Trish joined the rhythm and

"Ummm...damn!!!...unhhh baby...fuck me Shawn..."

Shawn felt that he was going to cum so he took his dick out of her pussy and
he laid on the bed. Trish got in a 69 position on top of him. Shawn tasted
her sweet pussy juices as Trish jerked off his rock hard cock and sucked it.
She bobbed her head up and down to get the entire length in her mouth. HBK
spread her cheeks wide open a stuck three fingers in her ass. He licked away
at her pussy enjoying the great flavor. Trish bounced her ass up and down so
HBK could tongue fuck her. He stuck another finger in her ass and fucked her

"Ahhhhh!! I'm gonna cum baby...Fuck..." Trish's body shook as she released
her pussy juice all over Shawn's face. Shawn was more than happy to lap up
all of her sweet pussy juice.

Trish got off of him and asked, "Can you get on top of me and titty fuck?"

Shawn was more than happy to oblige. He stuck his huge dick between her
breast and rock back and forth. He moaned as Trish squeezed her tits together
and rubbed it along his dick.

"That's right, titty fuck me! Fuck my big tits!"

Shawn kept rocking until he released his load all over her tits. Trish smiled
as she sucked on her own breast to lap up all the cum. Shawn continued to eat
her pussy out until they fell asleep on each other.

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