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The Stratusphere Part 5: Trish Is A Sucka!
by TrishBelongsToMe

Trish awoke from her deep sleep and looked around to discover HBK had
left. She sat up in the nude and searched for her clothes that were hidden
somewhere in the hotel room. Trish decided that they must have been in the
bathroom, so she yawned and got up. Her jaw dropped open as she saw Eric
Bischoff with a huge smile on his face. Trish quickly grabbed the nearest
cover and tried to hide as much as her body as possible.

"Well, look at you Trish. A slut who tries to cover herself? Now I've seen
everything." Eric grinned widely as if he had already won the competition.

"Get out!" Trish said firmly.

"Nice place Shawn's got here. Too bad he won't be seeing it for a while..."

"What the hell did you do with Shawn?!"

"Just bussiness babe. He is under my contract, he can't undermind me by
joining your so called "team". Who the hell do you think you are Trish."

"I am..."

"...I'll tell you who you are, my bitch!!! The only reason I'm letting you go
through with this is because I am very interested in having your ass

Eric Bischoff grabbed one of Shawn's tropheys and hurled it against the wall.
He stormed over to Trish and grabbed her by the hair.

"Look bitch! Since you only have two days left and so far it looks pointless,
I'll make you a deal. Let's say that you quit this whole dam thing and come
back to me. I'll let you be my slave for one whole year. But, if you continue
this nonsense, your in it for your whole life baby! What do you say?"

Eric grabbed her on the back of her head and looked into her eyes that were
full of disgust and hate. He violently pressed his lips against her's. At
first, Trish was fighting him off, but then she eased up a bit. Her hands
slowly wrapped around Eric as she added a little tongue to the kiss. Eric
threw the cover off of her and let her stand nude in front of him. He shoved
her onto the bed and was about to unzip his pants.

"Do it Eric, do it to me!"

Eric smiled and then instantly laughed. Trish realized he just played her.

"Make up your mind Trish." He laughed as he walked out of the hotel room.

Trish was so frustrated that she could have cried right then and there. She
thought to herself that maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She kind of enjoyed the
kiss and was about to go all the way, she could just go with it. Trish found
her clothes that she borrowed from Shawn and put them on herself. She grabbed
the phone and called for a Taxi to take her to the nearest wreslter's house.
She was suddenly determined to build up a supreme team to shut Bischoff down.

"Nobody messes with Trish Stratus and comes out on top. I always come out on
top in the end."

* * *

Trish was dropped off on the corner of a suburban neighborhood. She was about
to walk to the nearest house until the taxi man grabbed her arm.

"Hey miss! You forgot to pay me!"

Trish rolled her eyes and bent down to the man. She seductively smiled and
kissed him deeply.

"Have a nice day mam!"

Trish stood up and continued walking into the huge house. She eyeballed the
front door as it was opened by a familiar face. It was Booker T. He was
wearing his bathrobe and coming out for his mail as he saw the blonde
bombshell standing right in front of him.

"Whoa! Trish? What are you doing here?"

"I was just in the neighborhood and decided to visit. It's not everyday that
I get to see the booker man." Trish smiled and walked up to him.

"Wanna come in or something, I got eggs on the table. Your hungry right?

Trish looked down his robe and caught a glimpse of his throbbing dick. "Yeah,

Booker let her in and shut the door behind him. Trish sat at the table and
watched Booker search the fridge.

" you have any Popsicles?" Trish asked sweetly.

"Sure, what kind?"

"Super fudge Popsicles."

Booker reached into the freezer and grabbed a Super fudge. He tossed it to
Trish and she peeled the wrapper off. He sat back down to his eggs and
watched as Trish licked the very tip of the Popsicle. Her tongue slowly went
down the side of the bar as she moaned in delight. Booker T's tongue almost
completely stuck out of his mouth as Trish wrapped her mouth around it and
bobbed up and down. Trish's moaning was really getting to Booker.

"Booker, do you think that you can hold this for me?"

Booker T held the Popsicle in place as she continued to lick it up and down.

"Wanna try it with a real dick?" Booker slipped out without realizing it.

Trish smiled and replied, "I thought you would never ask."

Booker T escorted her into the living room and she bent down on her knees.
Booker T took off his robe and stood in front of Trish nude. His dick was
huge! It must have been about 10 inches easy. He rubbed it along Trish's
beautiful face and then rubbed it along her luscious lips. She kissed it
as Booker decided it was time to shove it in. Booker held her head firmly
and shoved his dick into Trish's more than welcoming mouth. He pumped it
in and out slowly at first, just purely to feel the pleasure. Then Booker
started ramming it in faster and faster. Trish's lips were outstretched
trying to fit the big rod into her mouth. Booker sensed that it was too
much for her and pulled out. He and Trish stood up and went at each other
furiously. Deep-throating each other with their tongues. Booker T unzipped
and pulled down Trish's jeans revealing her magnificent ass and just as
sexy pussy. He sat Trish on the couch and spread her legs wide open. His
tongue rolled along her inner thigh, really tempting her. Trish just
grabbed his head and burried it deep into her pussy. She wrapped her legs
around his head as he stuck his tongue into her wet pussy. His big tongue
smacked against her pussy and took deep long licks. He banged his tongue
against her pussy walls as he kept burrying his tongue deeper and deeper
into her.

"Oh yes! That's it baby...right there...that's it!!"

He continued to pierce his tongue into her pussy until she was about ready
to release her pussy juice into his mouth.

"Ahhhhh!!!!! I feel it!!! It's coming!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna■■■■ ahhhhh!!!!"

Trish let her juices flow into Booker's awaiting mouth. He slurped it all up
and sucked every bit that was being released. Trish didn't let go of his head
until it was all gone. She laid on the couch worn out as Booker picked her up
and laid her back on the floor. She laid on her stomach with her ass hanging
in the air. Booker couldn't believe how open her perfect ass was. He bent
over and shoved his tongue into Trish's asshole. He licked every part of it
loving every second. He grabbed on to her perfect round cheeks and spread
them wide. He took bigger licks the further inside he went.

"Mmmm...go ahead...fuck my ass..."

Booker definitely wanted to do that. He laid on top of Trish, putting all of
his weight on top of her, and stuck his dick into her lubricated ass. He
slammed it in and shifted all the weight to his hips so that she would really
feel it. His balls slammed on to her ass harder and harder as his dick went
further and further into Trish's ass.

"Ahhhh!!!!!! God!!!!!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!"

He sat up so that he was on her ass and went back and forth getting it in
deeper. Booker held on to her arms as he slammed into her asshole again and

"Ahhh!!!!! Shit...shit...shit...shit..."

Booker T's dick penetrated her asshole to the point where the whole ten
inches just disappeared into it. Finally, he felt his cum ooze into her ass.
He kept slamming so that it would find it's way deep in her. Booker got off
of Trish and turned her around so she was laying on her back.

"Sorry. I got a little carried away."

"That okay," Trish replied, "when I had sex with Goldust, he tried to breast
feed me. Now that's carried away!"

Booker smiled as they passionately kissed. Booker laid on top of her as he
lifted her shirt over her head and marveled at her magnicent, plump tits. He
licked the sucked on her tits as Trish closed her eyes and enjoye d the
feeling. Booker would suck the hell out of her nipples and then lick over it
to ease the pain. He liked to make Trish hurt and then make her feel better
afterwords. Booker's dick was fully erect and he wanted to fuck her as soon
as possible.

"Wanna give it another go?" He said.

"I have an idea."

Trish found a folding chair in the laid on a wall and brought it to the
middle of the room. She sat Booker on it and smiled. He sat on him so that
her dick was in her pussy and wrapped her legs around the back of the chair.
She hopped up and down making Booker almost squeal. She rotated her hips
from side to side, forwards, and backwards. Booker grabbed her ass and rocked
it with the rythem she was going in. Trish French kissed Booker as his dick
pounded her pussy. After a while, her pussy started getting hit even harder.

"Unhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!"

She grabbed on to his head and lifted herself up a bit so that her tits were
right in Booker's face. He sucked on her large tits as Trish squirmed around

"God!!!!!!! I didn't think■■■■ Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Fuck, I'm gonna cum!!!!!!!! I''m
gonna cum!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck my pussy!!!!!!!!!"

With that, Trish came all over Booker T's large dick. Booker knew he was
going to cum, so he forced Trish off of him. He turned Trish around so that
she was sitting on his dick. She leaned her back against him and took his
dick up her ass. Booker moaned loudly as his cum once again poured into her
ass. She collapsed onto him and they stayed in that position for a while.

"Thanks for stopping by Trish."

Trish grinned and got on her knees. "I couldn't take your dick before, but
now I really want it."

"You do?"

"What can I say, I guess I'm a sucka!"

Booker opened his robe once again and placed his dick in front of Trish's
mouth. Her tongue rubbed along his hard, and long shaft. She sucked on the
side of his dick and moistened it up over and over. She knew she would have
to take the full length. She bobbed her head up and down wrapping her lips
further and further up his dick. She finally got the full length in and
Booker face fucked her. He fucked her face hard until his cum leaked deep
into her throat. Trish sucked up all of his cum and sucked on his balls
until his dick went limp. She stood up, and gurgled all the cum in her mouth,
and swallowed. She smiled seductively as Booker sighed heavily and wondered
if he was going to risk his job to save Trish against Bischoff. As soon as
he remembered her gurgling the cum, he made up his mind.

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