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The Stratusphere Part 6: The People’s Strudel
by TrishBelongsToMe

Monday Night Raw Tapings:

“This is just wrong Jericho! I mean, Eric Bischoff picks five Smackdown
wrestlers to represent his side instead of picking you and me.” Christian
said with disgust. Chris Jericho nodded his head in agreement.

“Your damn right jr.! He has the Undertaker, Big Show, Chris Beniot, Kurt
Angle, Eddie Guerrero and Kane on his team, what a dumb choice. I have
beaten every single one of those ass clowns.”

Christian stops in his tracks and looks at Jericho.

“Wait a minute, did you here what this is all about? I mean, Eric said it
would be real wrestling and not fixed. What is going on?”

“Ah, it’s probably nothing important, Christian. Or else we would definitely
be in it.”

* * *

A limo pulled up in the well lighted parking lot as camera men and fans
surrounded it. The limo slowly came to a stop and the driver quickly came
out. He circled around the car until he was able to get one of the doors
open. Out stepped the lovely Trish wearing her black cowboy hat, a silver
tank top that could barely conceal her huge jugs, and silver tights that
hugged against her soft and muscular legs. She smiled as the cameras took
dozens of pictures. Suddenly, the excitement was broken as Eric Bischoff
came out to greet her. He was followed by Undertaker, Big Show, Beniot,
Angle, Eddie, and Kane who sneered at Trish.

Eric said, “Well, well, well. Nice to see you Trish. Is it that day already?”


“Well doesn’t time fly when your horney!”

The men laughed as they saw Trish start to get upset. But she quickly turned
her frown back into a seductive smile.

“Well Eric, usually I would be intimidated by you and your goons, but not
tonight. You see, I have a pretty strong team myself...boys!”

The limo doors flung open and Eric was in shock. There, right in front of him
stood RVD, Rey Mysterio, Edge, HBK, Booker T and Stephanie McMahon. Trish
giggled as she saw the expression on Eric’s face.

“Poor Mr. Bischoff, you underestimated me didn’t you?”

“Well Trish, I have to hand it to you…you caught me off guard. But, if I know
my math, and I do, you only have five wrestlers there. Unless Stephanie wants
at it?”

Eric signaled for his team to follow him back in the arena. Trish and
Stephanie stared at each other worriedly.

“I never did count, we do only have five.”

Stephanie nodded her head and told Trish’s team to get warmed up for the
match. Stephanie and Trish walked in Trish’s room and locked the door behind

Stephanie calmly said, “Look, we have about three hours before the big match.
We covered the match up as a mixed brand match so the fans don’t know what’s
really going on.”

Trish tried to force a smile but it fades away quickly.

“And, I know two guys that may be glad to join your team.”


Stephanie bit her lips nervously and said, “Well…The Rock is in the building
to promote his new movie that’s coming out. And as well, Brock Lesnar’s hotel
is very close to the arena, he may be able to do it.

Trish smiled as an idea struck her.

“Steph, we could split up and ‘convince’ them to come over. Chances are one
of them, if not both, may help me out!”

“Good idea Trish. Look, if we leave now, we’ll make it. You take Rock, and
I’ll take Lesnar, alright.”

Stephanie got up to leave until Trish put her hand on her shoulder.

Trish seductively said, “And if you get done early, maybe you and I could can

“I’ll be back as fast as I can. Save a piece of that ass for me Trish.”

* * *

The Rock stood in his own personal dressing room practicing his lines for the
event when he heard a knock on his door. He opened it casually to see Trish
standing at his door.

“Hey there Trish. Did you come to help the Rock rehearse?”

“As a matter of fact, yes.” Trish replied.

Trish walked into the room and the Rock couldn’t help but to stare at her
huge ass. The tights clung on so much that he could see the full motion of
her ass moving from side to side. She added a little extra sway to get his
attention, and then she sat down on a nearby chair. Trish saw Rock gawking
at her and giggled like a innocent school girl.

“Well...go ahead.”

“Right! Sorry...” Rock cleared his throat and started. “The Rock knows he is
here in the great city of...”

Trish laid her head back on the chair and held on to her tits through her
silver tank top. She rubbed them with her open palms and moaned softly. The
Rock dropped his script as he watched Trish pleasure herself.

“You...okay there Trish?” The words fumbled out of his mouth.

“Yeah. But it’s kind of hot isn’t it? You mind if I take off my top?”

The Rock shook his head and Trish grinned. She held the ends of her tank top
and seemed to struggle.

“I can’t get it over my breast. Can you help me out?”

The Rock, almost hypnotized, walked over to Trish. Trish placed his hands on
her shirt and he easily pulled it off and tossed it aside. Rock stared at her
large breast that were just inches away from him face. Trish grabbed the back
of his head and stuffed it into her breast. The Rock’s tongue traveled all
around her bare breast as Trish moaned in delight. His hand found it’s way to
her left tit and he massaged it as he licked up the other one. He bit gently
on it to make Trish squeal. He sucked on her erect nipples which drove Trish

“Mmm...I always wanted your sexy tongue on my tit!! That right…suck on it

Rock pulled out from her tits and carried Trish from the chair, to the couch.
She sat up straight while Rock was on his knees on the floor.

“Do you want to taste my sweet pussy?”

“Come on Trish, now your just teasing me…”

Trish giggled as Rock pulled down her silver tights extremely slowly. Rock
stared at Trish’s wet red thong. He dug his head in between her legs and
licked at the thong. It tasted so great, that the Rock could have licked it
forever. After several minutes Trish pushed his head out so she could take
off her thong. Rock dug his head back in and inhaled the great scent of her
pussy. He rolled his tongue along the outside and then he jammed it in deep
up her pussy.

“Oh my Godddd!!!”

Trish was in a frenzy of pleasure. He strong, sexy legs hugged Rock’s head
tightly and dug him even further between her legs. She turned around so that
the Rock was sitting on the floor with his back against the couch and Trish’s
pussy laid on top of Rock’s face. She rocked back and forth as The Rock
grabbed her huge ass and grabbed huge chunks of it.

“Ahhh...Ahhhh...Ahhhh!!!! Fuck yeah!!! Stick that tongue up...Ahhhh!!!”

Trish hopped up and down which jammed Rock’s tongue deeper into her pussy.
Trish’s whole body shook violently and she came all over Rock’s face. It
poured straight into his wide open mouth and he could barely take it all
in. Trish screamed as Rock sucked all of the pussy juice out of her. Trish
got off from on top of him and laid on the floor, tired and satisfied. But
the Rock was far from done. As soon as he saw Trish lay down on her stomach
with her ass hanging in the air, he knew he wanted a piece of that ass.
Rock crawled over to her and stuck his face in between her ass cheeks. He
licked up her asshole, tasting her great flavor. He ran his finger through
her asshole, getting a feel for how tight it was. He took off all of his
clothing and revealed his huge cock. Trish had a feeling her ass would ache
for days.

Rock slowly inserted his dick into Trish warm and tight ass and pumped it
in and out. He would put it all the way in and take it all the way out over
and over.

“Fuck that ass!”

Rock picked the pace up and started to slam his dick in and out of her
fantastic ass. Trish’s ass was way up in the air getting fucked hard as her
tits jiggled and wriggled around. Rock grabbed on to her shoulders and
slammed into her even faster and harder than before.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Shit that hurts!!! Faster! Harder!! Ahhhhhh!!! Yeah that’s
it!!! Like that baby!!! Fuck!!!!!”

Trish reached back and grabbed the Rock’s balls as he slammed her harder and
faster. Rock could really feel his balls ache as Trish squeezed them tightly.
Without warning, Rock moaned incredibly loud and filled Trish’s asshole with

“Unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! God yes!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!”

* * *

“Yeah, I called to complain about my television reception. It’s pretty damn
bad up here.” Brock called the management from his hotel room. “Alright
great, send them as soon as possible, I don’t want to miss any of Raw.”

Brock hung up and frowned. He just got a break and was supposed to be relaxed
but there was a problem everywhere he went. It seemed like he always had to
work. He heard a knock at the door and was a bit surprised.

“Whoa. That was pretty fast.”

He opened the door and saw Stephanie wearing a red bathrobe.

“Well hello Brock. And how is my champ today?”

“Fine, you wanna come in or something?

“Of course.”

She stepped inside and walked up to his television.

“They told me downstairs that you needed help with your television.”

Brock looked confused. “You came to fix my television?”

Stephanie turned her back on him and opened her bathrobe. She walked to the
back of the television and bent over. She slowly pulled her robe up and Brock
watched as her perfect ass came to view. She pretended not to realize it as
she kept looking at the back of the television. She stood back up and walked
over to his bed.

“Is this a vibrating bed?”

“Yes mam.”

“You must have to many things plugged in at once. Let me see…”

She walked to the front of his bed and crawled on it. Her ass was in great
motion as she pretended to look behind the bed. Brock was nearly sweating as
he watched her body crawling on his bed.

“Everything is fine. Hey, do you mind if I use your bed for a second?”

Stephanie put a quarter that was laying around in the slot and started the
bed. As soon as it started shaking, Stephanie laid on her back moaning with
delight. Her robe was open so Brock could see her large breast with her huge
nipple pointing out to the sky. He was just as interested in seeing her clean
shaven pussy glistening and almost calling for him to fuck. Brock took his
shirt and pants off as quickly as he could, knowing that this was the only
chance he would get to fuck Steph. He nearly tore of his boxers and
accompanied Stephanie on the bed. Stephanie greeted him with a deep and
passionate kiss. Brock held her ass tightly as they French kissed.

“What are you waiting for? Fuck me!”

Brock got on his knees and spread Stephanie’s legs wide open. He stuck his
dick into her ass and pounded hard. He put Stephanie’s legs up on his
shoulders so he could really fuck her ass. His dick smashed into her asshole
hard and fast non-stop.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Shit you fuck hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Brock continued the pounding while grabbing on to her luscious breast. He
squeezed them tightly as he drilled her ass relentlessly.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Unhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!”

Brock stopped after a couple minutes and withdrew his dick. He put his dick
in her pussy and kept up the attack. His balls slammed against her ass as his
dick traveled deep into her pussy. He had his full length going in and out of
her at top speed. Stephanie was breathing heavily as her pussy was being
completely assaulted. Stephanie wrapped her hands around Brock’s ass and
rubbed along them as he fucked her. As soon as Stephanie stabbed two fingers
inside Brock’s ass, he came right into her billion dollar pussy. He had his
dick so far in that barely any drop leaked out of her shaved pussy.

“Oh my God! I didn’t know anyone could fuck that hard.”

“Your just so damn hot! I had to get my load out.”

“Brock, I have a question for you...”

* * *

The Rock and Trish laid on the floor exhausted.

“That was great Trish!” The Rock said almost out of breath.

“Yeah! Oh, I got a question for you...”

* * *

Trish: Could you do a match for me?

Stephanie: Could you do a match for Trish?

TBC: The Stratusphere-part 7: Eric Stratusfied?

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