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The Submission Sorority
by tiny_gay_robot


Becky Lynch groaned as she felt Sasha Banks arms wrap under her chin in an attempt at a sleeper hold.

They were in the NXT Arena at Fullsail, where they were having their rematch following Beckys loss to Sasha at the Takeover before Mania just a few nights ago.

The days after Mania were supposed to be the best, and yet Becky still was here, getting her ass kicked by the purple haired woman she had called her friend, even as she felt Sasha's sharp knee press against her ass, she resisted, managing to keep Sasha's hands separated and from completing the hold. This was only a brief respite, as she felt Sasha's knife like knees drive into her back, the girls patented backstabber maneuver; Becky felt like she had been impaled on a stake. She could barely fall off of the Boss's knees before she felt the other girl climbing onto her now aching back, reaching around and pulling her chin up in a modified crossface as Sasha applied the Banks Statement.

This was turning into a rerun of their Takeover match, as Becky felt her neck, back, and spine twist at an unnatural angle as Sasha wrenched the hold, with Becky screaming in pain. She held up her now shaking hand as she heard the vague words of the ref asking her if she could keep going, when she heard a different voice.


Becky screamed louder, closing her hand in a fist, digging her nails into her palm to distract her from the pain, yet Sasha's voice persisted, whispering in her ear over the roar of the crowd.

"That's right. Tap. Tap out you fucking slut."

Becky could feel tears fill her eyes from the pain, as she tried to crawl towards the ropes to break the hold, white spots of pain bleeding into her vision. She managed to pull herself and the lighter Sasha almost halfway across the ring, when Sasha released the hold, grabbing the back of her head and slamming her face first into the canvas.

Becky was dazed, seeing spots as she felt a little drool come out of her mouth, yet she realized quickly she was being pulled, before a weight hit her back and she knew she was in danger! But it was too late, as Sasha reapplied the Banks Statement, the rope now a million miles away, the pain returning as Sasha bent her so far backwards she was looking towards the light.

"Come on dammit, I said, TAP!"

Sasha wrenched Becky's spine back even more, and Becky had no choice, before she could even communicate the thought her hand was desperately tapping Sasha's arms. She heard the ref yell, and the bell ring, but her vision was fading as Sasha kept on the hold, to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

"Feels good to tap out to me, don't it Lynch? Next time stay outta my way."

Those were the last words Sasha said before releasing the hold, as Becky's face slammed face first once again into the mat, she could barely breathe, hardly even able to comprehend how much pain she was in.

Her back and neck ached with a kind of sore and pain it was impossible to think she would ever walk normal again. The Banks Statement always had this way of making Becky feel like she was going to be ripped in half if she did not tap out to it, the way that Sasha seemed to pull her entire body back like a can opener was literal torture.

That was when she felt the harsh and firm smack to her ass by Sasha, which the NXT crowd gave a chorus of laughter, with a few boos mixed in as well. Yet, not nearly as many as Becky would think given how rough Sasha had been working her over.

"Here is your winner, SASHA! BANKS!"

Becky powered out of the ring as she heard the announcers voice echo throughout the arena, nursing her back still as she made her way up the ramp, glancing backwards towards the ring, seeing Sasha smirk at her with a sadistic intent. She looked like Becky did, covered in sweat, hair astray in every direction, only having a look of utter confidence on her face, and why wouldn't she? She just became number one contender because of Becky's submission, while Becky would now have to go to the back of the line before even being able to consider going after Charlotte's title.

"You're still great to me Becky!"

"Becky you suck!"

The fans by her were getting to be a bit too loud, as she walked to the back, through gorilla position, not even meeting the eyes of NXT's new general manager; Paige. She still did not know how she felt about them splitting the men and women's divisions into being different shows, but Paige was an old friend, and someone Becky respected more than almost anyone.

Just as she was getting into the corridors of Full Sail she heard the heavy foot falls of Paige behind, "Becky! A minute would you?"

Becky could only sigh, nursing her neck still as she winced and leaned against the wall, she adored Paige but had no interest in talking with her right now. Paige on the other hand walked over in her big boots with a commanding stride, Becky had to try not to stare.

"Hey Paige, I uh, was just gonna head to me room."

"Feeling alright? She did a number on you there didn't she?" Paige said, her Norwich accent coming out strong as she put her hand on Becky's shoulder, her cold fingers sending a shock to Becky's flared and flush skin, still sweaty from the match.

"Yeah she....she really kicked me arse, can't deny it." Becky said, dejected, trying not to notice just how good it felt to be touched right about now.

"Can't win em all Bex," Paige smiled sympathetically at her, "Go wash up, see the trainer tomorrow, make sure nothings wrong with your neck okay?" Becky really enjoyed the very concerned tones that Paige was giving her, yet she still had issues meeting her eyes; not because of her shame in losing, but because she was just now noticing that Paige's chest seemed extra big today. Push up bra maybe? Becky was not complaining.

"Bex? Yoo hoo, Paige here to Becky." Paige snapped her fingers in front of Becky's face, bringing her out of her stupor and back to reality.

"Ah fuck, uh sorry, I just sort of blanked there." Becky stammered, nervous, and really hoping it looked like she was staring at the floor and not Paige's tits.

"No worries Bex, go wash the sweat off yeah?" Paige smiled at her, that red lipstick enough to make Becky wanna die on the spot.

"Yeah....yeah course will uhh, will do." Becky said, doing her best to sell that she was just winded from the match, yet as Paige turned to walk away, she coulda swore she gave her a tiny wink.

Becky hoped the British girl did not have eyes in the back of her head as she stared a more than appropriately enough time at Paige's ass as she walked away. Was she strutting?

Becky took a breathe, she could almost feel herself sweating again, before making her way to the showers, down the corridor of the Full Sail Arena that had been her home since she joined NXT. She took the back way, preferring not to run into anyone at the moment, lest they try and give her a pep talk and or rub salt in the wound of her most recent major loss.

Luck was not on her side though, as at the end of the corridor before the showers she could see Ruby Riott, who seemed to be talking to Dakota Kai of all people. Becky had no issue with the New Zealander, but the tattooed leader of the Riott Squad could prove to be...troublesome.

Becky just stuck to the wall, keeping her arms at her side to try and not sell the damage Sasha had done to her, she was however not unable to avoid Riott's eye, which seemed to widen in delight at the sight of the Irishwoman. Wait was she checking her out? Becky could hardly call fowl, given how she had eyefucked Paige just a few minutes earlier.

"Off to lick your wounds hm?" The Riott Squad leader mocked.

"Don't be mean Rubes. You did really good tonight Becky, for real, Sasha fights dirty." Dakota said encouragingly, but she seemed to smile a bit more than maybe she should, as if she saw something very amusing. Was she blushing?

"Yeah I just, I don't know, feel like I let people down." Becky said dejectedly, noticing how piercing Riotts gaze became.

"Fuck people, you fight for you, or you're fighting for no one." Ruby said.

"I guess. I'm gonna get even, I just don't know how yet." Becky said.

Ruby suddenly closed the distance between them, the girls boots giving her an inch on Becky as she backed against the wall.

"Then get creative. She did."

She said with a smirk and then walked away with a stride, leaving Dakota and Becky outside the showers.

"Don't mind her, she's just, well ya know. Cross." Dakota shrugged, still acting bashful. "I think Sasha may have um, added a bit of wear and tear there Bex." She said pointing to Becky's chest.

Becky looked down, and true to her words, Becky's steampunk corset had been torn slightly, making a top that normally gave her more than a good deal of chest coverage, now had her damn near spilling out.

"Bloody Sasha..."

"She'll get hers, don't worry." Dakota said, giving her a playful wink. "Much as I enjoy the view Bex, I gotta head out. Wash up yeah? Nothing better than a hot shower." Dakota said, walking in the direction of Ruby, and Becky could not help but notice she gave her massive cleavage a cursory glance.

Becky walked a bit forward, and stole a look backward, watching the tight way that Kai's shorts hugged her ass, when she noticed she was staring back at her. Kai shot her an amused look that Becky returned with a flirtatious smile. They had caught each other staring, not exactly a bad thing, and it left Becky smirking a bit, feeling better for the first time since she tapped.

The showers of Full Sail were large, with a large communal shower making up most of the room, and several smaller rooms with individual stalls around the corners. Becky normally preferred to go with the communal one, it made her feel less boxed in then the smaller stalls, which had lower shower heads as it were.

As Becky stepped into the showers and noticed that there was a shower stall running, but the large room would make it easy to find a spot for herself. She groaned a bit as she undid her ring gear, sighing with satisfaction as her corset came away, followed by her shorts which she kicked near one of the shower room lockers. Walking to the center of the shower stall, her sweaty, naked body entering the steam, she breathed in deep, enjoying the smell of the hot water as she found herself a nice little spot off to the corner.

Stepping directly into the spray, she let the water hit the top of her head and run down her hair and face, moaning a bit at the feeling of warmth spreading from her scalp downwards, she shuddered a bit. Putting a hand out to the wall to steady herself, she licked her lips as the water pounded the top of her head and neck like a nice firm massage.

Tap out you fucking slut.

Becky licked her lips again, her free hand drifting up her thighs to her pubic bone, as she imagined the feeling of Sasha wrenching her back again.

Go wash the sweat off yeah?

That red lipstick, that raven dark hair, and that push up bra. The way that Paige concerned over her made Becky wish she had pushed Paige up against the wall and take her right there.

Then get creative. She did.

Does getting creative involve masturbating in a public shower? She imagined Ruby would think so, sighing with just a certain amount of content as she let her free hand drift to her firm breast, pinching the nipple as she bit her own lip. She needed this.

Nothing better than a hot shower.

Dakota's ass was running through her mind as she put her shoulder to the wall, her back ached that made it hard to stand but she had a much deeper ache to take care of. The angle of the shower made it so that the water was falling directly on the face of the already very wet lass kicker, her breathe hitching as the hand that had been holding made its way to her pussy, stroking her wet slit as she teased herself.

Tap out you fucking SLUT

"Slut..." Becky moaned out quietly, pulling her nipple as she bit her lip. That was what sealed her fate, hearing Sasha so casually yet authoritatively degrade her had made Becky slick with a kind of desire she could not explain. She let the tip of her index finger push into herself, she was getting far beyond teasing senses now, she wanted to be filled, and be it hers, Paige, Dakota, Sasha, or Ruby, she didn't give a shit. She needed fucking relief.


She said it louder, as she let her shaky hands drift upwards from her entrance to her throbbing clit, touching she nearly made herself cum on the spot as her breathe hitched and she let out a very loud moan, painfully grabbing her own tit. So much frustration over the course of the past few days had made her feel like she was dying for relief, and at this point she might as well have been.

"Slut, slut, SLUT!"

Using her two fingers she began to quickly rub at her clit, her knees almost giving out as she kept her eyes tightly closed, looking up towards the water, imagining Sasha's voice commanding the words to her. She couldn't handle it, she didn't care how, she wanted to get off, even if it meant cumming in the middle of the public showers. She was getting louder, panting and letting out grunts and moans with wild abandon as she neared the tip of the iceberg.

"So close, Sasha, fuck me please, I'm a slut, I'm yo-"

"Becky? Is that you?"

Becky's knees did give out there, as she slid down the wall a bit, landing on her ass, shutting her hand between her thighs she let out a cry of surprise.

"Fuck me! Who is that?"

And like Aphrodite emerging from the Greek sea, Charlotte Flair walked through the steam, there was a towel in hand, but otherwise she was naked, the steam perfectly framing a shield of sweat and moisture around her form. Becky felt her heart almost give out as she took in the nearly six foot blonde, with her legs that seemed like weapons of mass destruction, her perfect stomach and tits that Becky would murder her best friend to taste in her mouth. Even her hair was wet and wild, no doubt from the steam, as the towering blond got into closer view, Becky realized she may not have been able to see through the steam at what Becky had been doing just a few seconds earlier.

"Charlotte, christ alive you scared me." Becky stood on shaky feet, getting out of the hot spray of the water as she attempted to come down from her near orgasm.

"Sorry, I thought I heard someone talking, I thought this place was clear this time of night." God Becky wanted to fuck her face.

"That was me I was uh, well I just finished me match and was-"

"Did you win?" Charlotte inquired, crossing her arms, Becky was close enough to see a little droplet of water drip from Charlotte's long neck to between her breasts. Becky wanted to lick everything wet on Charlotte's body till she fucking drowned.

"Nah she beat me, I just was, trying to figure out what I did wrong." Becky lied, it sounded somewhat okay, presuming that Charlotte was fucking deaf and blind that is.

"Sasha plays dirty, don't feel bad about it, you'll have her number sooner than she thinks." Charlotte gave her a reassuring wink, it nearly made her cum on the spot.

"Thanks Char, I uhh, appreciate it a lot." Becky said, doing a very good job at making herself sound like a casual acquaintance to the girl she was fairly certain she was in love with.

"No worries babe, I'm heading out, don't let her get to you. She's not as good as she thinks she is." And with that Charlotte turned and walked away, her perfect ass disappearing into the steamy mist as Becky saw her wrap the towel around herself.

"See you."

Becky's back hit the wall of the shower as she slid once more to the floor, her bubbly ass smacking against the floor as she leaned her head against the wall. She inwardly thanked the locker room gods that basically everyone had seen the other naked at some point, for if this was the first time she saw Charlotte naked she likely would have died. Yet she cursed those same gods for daring to have Charlotte stroll on in when Becky was finally about to get off, twisted humor it was no doubt.

She finished washing herself off and wrapped herself in a towel, walking with her mostly torn ring gear through the halls of Full Sail, making her way to the proper locker room, she opened hers and put on some exercise clothes. A fairly basic sports bra and sweat pants, she walked out the main campus building towards the apartments that housed her and the rest of the roster. NXT had a well working relationship with Full Sail, and both rosters had their own little apartment complexes. Nothing too fancy, but just good enough to house a roster of people who were normally used to sleeping in their cars or shitty hotels in between shows.

Becky gave a passing wave to the Bella Twins as they did their midnight jog. Becky had no idea she had been in the shower for that long, given her match was done at eight thirty. Charlotte's interruption had ruined her chance at orgasm, but she was determined to at least spend her evening in peace. It had been a rough first few months getting used to it to life in NXT, but the large collection of pretty ladies, consistent schedule, and the fact that she was getting a modest following from the NXT fans, made the hard work worth it. Sure she lost her first three Takeover matches, but she was out there, a hot button name. She couldn't complain too much.

Taking a second look at her ring gear as she walked up the steps to her apartment, she thought that maybe she could complain just a little, before getting her key out of her gym bag and getting into her apartment. It was as bare as bare could be, but there was little hints of home. She had more than a few game systems hooked up the TV, with a good collection of movies and crappy television shows from her youth. Her roommate; a lovely girl named Bayley, had a seeming unending collection of wrestling tapes and DVD's which the two often watched with wine and popcorn. She was a cute girl for sure, but given that she was Sasha's girlfriend she was off limits completely, despite the fact that if asked, Becky would happily date the entire female roster if given the chance.

She turned on the lights to the apartment, the first clue she had that Bayley wasn't home and sat herself down in the bean bag chair in front of the TV. The image of a naked, dripping Charlotte refused to leave her mind as Becky leaned her neck back, ever so slightly groaning, before a sharp hitch hit her neck, making her flinch up. The shower had helped, but Sasha still did a real number on her neck and back, just the wrong angle was enough to give Becky a mean kind of whiplash.

She could feel the joy of laying down and decided to try and avoid the crash of her long day, getting up from the bean bag, taking off her shirt and sweat pants, so she was in her sports bra and yoga shorts, and did her cool down stretches. She twisted her core and rotated her neck, feeling pops in her joints like a machine gun as she groaned in satisfaction. The stretching was good for the soul, and did a lot to help relieve a lot of her pain, and she decided to dedicate the rest of her evening to relaxing.

Changing into some pajamas and a sleeveless t shirt, minus the bra she sat back down in the bean bag chair, turning on the TV absentmindedly. She thankfully had the day off tomorrow, which would make relaxing all the easier after her tough loss, she considered trying to do a short run anyway, just so she did not waste the day.

Yet, as she laid there, watching some mindless sitcom, her thoughts began to molest her brain again; Paige's lipstick, Kai's ass, Sasha's words, Riotts tattoos, Charlotte's...everything. The cool air on her breasts from her open shirt made her nipples harden noticeably through her shirt as she closed her eyes, letting her fingers drift below her waist band.

She thought of Charlotte, back in the shower, throwing her on the floor, having caught her masturbating and sliding two fingers into her wet hole immediately. "Yeah you like that don't you?" She would have said, and Becky would just whimper out attempts at protests at her secret craving being fulfilled.

"Wanna use me to get ahead in your career darling? Well then I'm gonna use you to get head." Paige would say, pushing her over a production crate and sitting on her face, while Becky's tongue would ram into her like it was the most glorious meal she could ever consume.

Dakota and Ruby would team up on her, Ruby with a strap on fucking Becky for all she's worth as she went down on Dakota, both of them having her trapped like the slut she was.

Sasha, trapping her in the ring ropes, approaching her and-

The sound of the door unlocking brought Becky out of her fantasy, she quickly pulled her hand out of her pants, wiping off her excitement on the side of the bean bag that she had been absorbed by. She tried to lean back and act casual as she watched TV, sweating and out of breathe, having been walked in on mid masturbation for the second time that night.

"Hey Becky, you home?"

It was just Bayley, coming through the door, ring gear still on, with a hoodie and hat on backwards as accessories. She closed the door to the apartment behind her and walked with a noticeable limp. Not on the left or right side per se, moreover that it seemed to be awkward no matter the angle.

"Yeah Bay, you're home late. I thought you gone to bed." Becky said, trying to control her breathing.

Bayley wasn't even looking at her thankfully as she dropped off her various bags and got out of her hoodie. "Yeah, sorry I was just at Sasha's party and it ran really late....sorry." Bayley said, now looking at Becky and smiling apologetically.

"Did you watch the match?"

"Yeah, you did good! Sasha is just....really tough."

Becky laughed a bit at that, grabbing at her neck as she stood up, discretely wiping her hand once more on her pants.

"She kicked me arse Bay, no way round it. It's okay....I'll just, figure something out." She gave a halfway shrug and Bayley gave her a reassuring hug. Bayley had a calming effect on Becky, which made her feel at ease. In a way, this helped them be the perfect roomates, Becky encouraging Bayley to be more assertive, while Bayley calmed Becky's fire when things got bad. Even though Becky wanted to kill Bayley for interrupting her, she forgave the hugable one.

"Let's put on some garbage and relax," Bayley said, releasing the hug. Becky found herself missing her chest pressed against hers.

Becky made some popcorn and grabbed some vodka from the fridge, while Bayley put on some old ECW VHS tapes she had had for quite sometime apparently. Becky decided to make some pizza rolls for the pair as well, while Bayley briefly went into her room while Becky heated up the hellspawn of knockoff pizza.

"What years you got Bay?" Becky said, walking over to the TV and looking through the VHS's.

"I got everything after 95, so take your pick." She called out from the other room.

Becky popped in a VHS from 97, and walked back to the kitchen, as she did so, passing by Bayley's room. The door to her room was open, and Bayley was standing in front of their closet with only was some modest panties. Even from here, Becky could see how snug the panties fit Bayley's ass, with her strong, toned back, made Becky all the more jealous of Sasha for getting to sleep with her.

Becky was shocked out of her perving by the microwave beeping, more than a bit shaken, Becky was aware how open her shirt was, and in a way she hoped Bayley would check her out. She fixed her shirt a bit, showing off sideboob quite graciously, but still covering her nipples. She would have to wait till after Bayley went to bed before she could get any kind of relief, unless a ninja broke in and interrupted her masturbation then too.

Just as she was plating the pizza rolls, Bayley walked out, sadly, with more clothes on, some baggy sweat pants and a gray tank top, and to Becky's slight horror, sat down in the bean bag chair that she had been fingering herself in just a few minutes ago.

"Oh uhh I'll sit on the futon." Her voice cracked a bit at that, as she tried to save it, if Bayley thought she was acting weird she didn't show it.

Bayley had kept the tapes in surprisingly good quality, Becky was not quite sure why Bayley had them watch the tapes given they had the Network but still, they had an oddly retro feel to them Becky could appreciate. By the time they burnt through the third VHS tape, Becky had gone stiff, and when she tried to raise herself up, her back gave her a stinger something fierce. Sasha had royally fucked her back up.

Bayley seemed to notice, "Back still hurting?"

"Bloody everything does." Becky winced.

"Want a massage?" It was an honest question, yet how frustrated Becky was, she wished it was a pick up line.

"Yeah actually, that'd be brilliant."

"Lie down then." Becky followed her order, once again noticing how Bayley walked funny as came over.

Becky was startled at first at Bayley's touch when she began to push Becky's shirt up, she let her arms come out as Bayley pushed it over her shoulders so it was just around her neck. Becky laid down topless like this, and had to fight to keep herself from imagining Bayley using the shirt as a collar for her, and that was when Bayley sat spreadeagled on her ass.

Becky wasn't sure if Bayley could see her bite her lip at the feeling, but she audibly gasped when she felt Bayley's hands begin to manipulate her pressure points on her back. Hearing Becky's back pop was like a soundboard of popcorn being made and a WW2 battle, popping going off in every which direction as Bayley used her fingers, hands, and knuckles to cinch in deep into Becky's fine tuned back. And the way Bayley's hands pushed forward, pushed her forward as well, letting Becky feel Bayley basically grinding into her ass she massaged her, thrusting her forward, it was impossible not to think of Bayley having a strap-on doing just that. Becky was a whimpering little mess under Bayley's hands, groaning and outright moaning, the way the covers of the futon rubbed against nipples and Bayley grinding against her ass put Becky close to the edge, so infuriatingly close to getting off, when Bayley's hands ended up on either side of her face against the futon.

"How's that feel now?" Bayley's voice was shaky and husky.

Becky could only let out a low moan, she didn't even realize but she was sweating.

"I take it that's a good thing?" Bayley said, her finger trailing up Becky's spine.

"Uuh" Becky mumbled, she felt like she had gotten hit by a truck, but the way Bayley worked her back had gotten her so worked up she felt like she was going to burst.

Bayley put a hand on her shoulder, helping her sit back up and pulling Becky's shirt back down.

Becky turned and looked back at her, when did Bayley let her hair down? She could see Bayley's tongue slip out of her mouth, licking her bottom lip just ever so, and Becky realized that she was looking at Becky's tit, which her shirt failed to cover. She slowly met her eyes, looking as hungry and desperate as Becky felt.

"How do you feel now?" Bayley asked again in a low voice.

"Fucking incredible," Becky replied huskily, staring her in the eyes, letting them drop down, the way Bayley was posed gave her amble cleavage through the tank top that was covered in sweat.

"You look tense." Bayley's hand went out, touching Becky's wrist and going slowly up her arm.

Becky had to close her eyes and stop this now before she put Bayley in an awkward position, but she could not will herself to move, as she felt Bayley's ghostly fingers linger on her muscle before reaching her shoulder and collarbone.

"Bay," Becky managed to croak out, as she felt Bayley's finger go under her shirt, moving it to the side, exposing one of her tits fully as Bayley leaned forward, taking it into her mouth with a low moan.

"Oh fuck!" Becky moaned, as she felt herself quickly becoming overwhelmed by the stimulus, she could feel Bayley suck on her tit, her teeth sliding against her flesh as Becky felt her tongue flick her nipple. Her voice broke trying moan louder as her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she nearly fell over, Bayley grabbing her shoulder and hip to steady her down to the mattress.

Becky felt Bayley move on top of her as the girls knee went between her legs, making Becky moan louder as she felt the pressure against her wetness. She could feel Bayley's lips suck harder as she pulled her head up, making eye contact with her as she let her tit free from her mouth, beads of saliva connecting her lips to Becky's nipple.

"Becky..." Becky heard her whisper, moving up her body and crushing her lips against hers, Becky could not help herself as her hands roamed Bayley's body, frantically ripping her tank top off over her head, the brief pause in their make out as Becky took her in. Bayley was quite the busty gal, and Becky's mouth was like a heat seeking missile, taking one of Bayley's delicious tits into her mouth, making the brunette moan loudly as her back hit the wall.

Becky bit hard into Bayley's tit, making the girl squirm in anguish and pleasure, as she felt Bayley's hands venture south between them, into Becky's pants, while the steam-punk princess returned the favor. Becky fingers ventured inwards, finding Bayley's pussy to be soaking wet with need an anticipation, not even trying to tease her, Becky's thumb found her clit while inserting her middle finger into the girls wet folds. Bayley seemed to push herself against the wall, groaning as her own slender fingers zeroed in on Becky's clit, twisting the nub to such precision that Becky bit even harder on Bayley's tit as the brunette huffed and hissed through her teeth. Both were close.

"Becky, just like, uhh oh fuck!" Hearing Bayley swear put a live wire under Becky, she was going to hit soon,, but she needed to get Bayley off too, more than anything else in the world. She angled her knee just right under Bayley's crotch and her own hand, bouncing the girl up and down on her hand while her thumb did frantic circles on her clit

"Fuck! God!" Bayley swore loudly, before having a small laughing fit at the overwhelmingly good sensation that quickly turned into moans, her hand found the back of Becky's head, ripping her mouth off her tit as she brought her lips to hers, Becky having to stretch her neck to do so.

They kissed like their lives depended on it, as Bayley twisted and tugged at Becky's clit, the lass kicker's whimpering overpowered her as she was not even at brain capacity to kiss, her knee frantically bouncing Bayley up and down on her hands. Cramps be damned. She could feel Bayley's forehead rest against hers, two burning suns touching eachother, Becky was completely overwhelmed by sensation, but Bayley's word brought her to earth.

"Look at me Becky, look at me," she did, Bayley's fingers were stroking her clit in long strides, driving it out. "Cum for me, help me cum for you and cum for me, okay baby?"

"Anything, please just help me." Becky could only desperately whisper back to the brown eyed girl.

"That's right, right there, right there baby, oh god yes!" Bayley said as Becky rubbed her off faster, adding her index finger into the girls folds as she felt her begin to tighten around her fingers.

"Bayley! I, arugh!" Becky's voice failed her completely as felt Bayley's middle finger slowly but fully slide into her slit to the knuckle, and that was it. Becky pushed her chest against Bayley's as she came, screaming into the side of Bayley's neck as they came on each others hands.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, only barely able to work their strained hands out of eachother, the only thing holding them up being the wall Bayley was still pressed against. Becky could only barely muster the energy to open the eyes to look up at the frizzy haired beauty, Becky had to imagine she look just as knackered.

Bayley just smiled that beautiful smile only Bayley could smile.

"Kiss me."

And that was enough to give Becky the energy to sit up, meeting the girls lips with her own as they kissed gently, both still coming down, shaky from the hard orgasms that rocked their bodies just minutes before. Becky bit Bayley's bottom lip gently, tugging on it a bit as she pulled back, nose to nose with the hugable one.

"I. Really needed that."

As soon as the words left her mouth both girls laughed, Becky falling off of Bayley for a second as she laid out on the futon, looking up at the beautiful woman. Her breasts were full and covered in bite marks from Becky, while her pants had been mostly pushed down from Becky's frantic fingering, it was a good look for her.

"You know, you were the second person to interrupt me having a wank today." Becky said to her, still very much liking being on her back.

"I'm not blind you know, plus I could fucking smell it dude." Bayley laughed as Becky put her hands over her face laughing.

"Aw christ, I thought I good! I figured you'd stay with Sasha or something." Becky then stopped herself, remembering that she had just technically helped Bayley cheat, but the girl was grinning at her.

"What do you think I came home to do?" Bayley giggled with a mischeivious grin.

"What you mean?" Becky said, pushing herself so she was sitting up on her hands.

"Sasha fucked me like a race horse and left me high and dry to go party. Came back here to....have a wank, as you put it, and uhh well." She burst into laughter at that, and Becky joined in, but began to move forward, towards the girl.

"Did she use a strap-on? Is that why you've been walking funny?"

"Elementary my dear Watson." Bayley said with a horrible British accent.

"Oi you keep that up you ain't gonna be able to walk at all." Becky said with a laugh before capturing Bayley's lips with hers.

"Oh is that a promise Detective Lynch?" Bayley said with a coy smile, hair dangling in front of her face.

"How dare that little bitch not bother to get you off when you come like that huh?" Becky ignored her question, kissing her deeper again as she pushed tongue into Bayley's mouth.

"Well she got off, that's all that matters after all." Bayley said playfully, while letting her fingers get tangled in Becky's hair, when she found her wrists pinned to the wall, Becky staring at her dominantly.

"How many times?"

"How many times what?"

"How many times did you get her off tonight?"

Bayley laughed, looking down for a second, before spreading her legs, so her ankles were on either side of Becky's knees before looking back up at her, a raw lust in her eyes again.

"Four times."

Becky licked her lips, looking at her roommate hungrily as she thought about all the frustration she had today and how Sasha now felt like so much more of enemy then when she did in the ring.

"Well, I better make her regret not pleasing you huh?" Becky's voice was not her own, an inner dominance taking over.

"Oh? Are you using me to get back at Sasha?" Bayley asked in a faux condescending way, before she felt herself be pulled up by her wrists by Becky till they were eye to eye.

"You bet your fine arse I am."

Bayley looked back at her with a frenzied kind of lust, mixed with a little bit of fear, and a lot of excited anticipation.


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