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The Taking Of WCW
by Crank Case

The Russo/Bischoff era hadn't worked. Hell, that's putting it mildly. A
better way of saying it would be that it went down in flames. The two men's
hate for each other was so strong that they had beaten the shit out of each
other during the main event of Spring Stampede. Bischoff had wanted his buddy
Hogan to go over while Russo had bet his kid's college funds on Jarrett
taking the title. Both wrestlers had been informed that they would win so
neither would go down for the three.

After twenty minutes of non-stop leg drops and facebusters they'd both
stormed the ring and gotten in the face of their enemy's respective
wrestlers. It all devolved into a brawl as a fan in the front row threw his
chair at Russo. Russo thought that Bischoff had shoved him so he spun him
around in mid-tirade and dropped him with a left hook. Bischoff leg sweeped
the bigger man and stomped on his cajones as Hogan and Jarrett tried to pull
him off the screaming New Yorker.

The entire locker roomed emptied and rushed the ring. Half were loyal to
Bischoff and half were loyal to Russo so that situation devolved into World
War Three 2000. Ric Flair broke his leg when Tank Abott tossed him into the
third row. Prince Iaukea developed a minor concussion after five Sid Vicious
power bombs. The PPV went off the air with the roster of the WCW embroiled
in a live and in living color civil war.

Billionaire Ted decided to cut his losses on the no longer profitable
wrestling federation so he sold it at cost to Marcus Wade, chaiman and CEO of
the fledgling Cable Sports Broadcasting Network. Marcus gave creative control
of his new company to his son, Jessup. Twenty two year-old Jess Wade ws born
and raised in Seattle. The five-nine hundred an eighty five pound former
semi-pro hockey player looked more like a grunge musician than a corporate

He caused quite a stir as he walked into WCW's new corporate headquarters
in Reno, Nevada wearing a dusty old flannel over a worn Joker t-shirt, faded
jeans, and black combat boots. When he reached his fifth floor office, he
dropped into his big black leather chair and propped his feet up on the bare
mahogany desk. After a brief moment of reflection, he hit the intercom to
buzz his secretary's desk , "Excuse me? Could you come in here for a sec?"

No response came.

"Excuse me? Helllllllllooooooooooo?" he asked again.

"Umm sir? This is Vincent Munkyhimper from the mail room, don't
have a personal secretary yet, sir. You're supposed to have one sent up from

Jess groaned, "Do I have to do everything....wait, did you say your name
was Monkey-humper?!?"

"That's Munkyhimper, sir," the mail boy groaned.

Wade busted up laughing, "Bwahahahahahaha! Oh that's too good..hahaha...oh
man...heheheh...guess what m'man you just became executive vice-president of
creative control. Have that Ms. Handcock chick sent up, and change your
name...monkey humper, haha man."

"Th-thank you sir, right away sir!" stammered Munkyhimper as he ran to to
his car to get to the MGM arena.

A half hour later the woman known as Ms. Hancock walked into Jessup Wade's
office. She started to speak, "Hello Mr. Wade, I'm..."

Wade quieted her and said, "Hello Ms. Handcock." She tried to interject
but Wade quieted her again, "I'm called you up here to offer you a position
as my new personal secretary, there'll be a 50% pay raise as well as more
vacation time and "other benefits"."

Ms. Hancock balked at this a fifty percent raise on her already substantial
salry would move her into a bigger house, in a better neighbohood, with a new
car, or two, or three. "Where do I sign?!?!?!" she exclaimed.

"Right here," Wade said sliding her a contract. She signed it without even
looking at it.

"Everything in order, alrighty come in here Monkey-humper!" ordered the
exec. Vinnie walked in and took a seat on the big leather couch. "Now then
Ms. Handcock as your first duty as my personal secretary, I think you should
do a little strip tease for me and Monkey-humper over there then if your
good, we can take you both ways."

Ms. Hancock leaped up and screamed her indignation at the situation, "How
dare you, you scuz ball!!! I'm not doing that! And if you ever say anything
like that to me again I'll have you reported!"

Wade stood up, "You will do exactly as I say, as per your freshly-signed
contract, including prostitution which is legal here in Nevada. If you don't
do EXACTLY as I say you'll be in breach of contract, and with the group of
shyster-ass shark lawyers that my old man has hired, you DO NOT want to be
in breach of contract!"

Defeated, Ms. Hancock stood up as Munkyhimper turned on some music. Ms.
Hancock had been pulled right from the arena so she was in her black buisness
suit. She slowly slipped off her suit-coat and glasses. She swayed to the
rhythm of the music, slowly shaking her shapely ass as Wade and Munkyhimper
watched closely. Wade had started the hidden video camera before she started
and he knew that he'd make a mint selling the videos.

Ms. Hancock slowly popped the buttons on her blouse and licked her lips,
as she was actually beginning to enjoy it. As she reached her skirt she
looked over her shoulder at Munkyhimper who had nonchalantly whipped his dick
out and was slowly massaging it.

She seductively asked, "Could you unzip my skirt for me?"

Munkyhimper got up and walked over to her, he wrapped his arms around her
waist and massaged her thighs and tits through her sheer white bra, her
little pink nipples popped out like erasers. She leaned back against him and
he ground his exposed prick against her covered ass.

Ms. Hancock began to get wet, really wet. She moaned ang kissed him on the
chin. She lightly bit his lower lip as he pulled her skirt zipper down her
thigh. It dropped to the floor leving her in only her open blouse, sheer bra,
and white string thong.

Wade spoke up, "Alright Vince that's enough, let th girl finish her work."

They both groaned and separated. Munkyhimper stripped completly and Wade
was in only his boxers, Ms. Hancock smiled and moved her hand up to let her
hair down.

"No!" Wade said, "Leave it, it's sexy."

Ms. Hancock shrugged and flung her blouse at Wade. He inhaled her scent,
jasmine. She proceeded to grind her ass and proceeded to shake her 22C's. She
stood up with her hips cocked to one side and smiled coyly. She ran her hand
up her soaked panties and across her firm stomach and stopped at the clip to
her bra. She unhooked it, freeing her pert breasts. After shrugging her bra
off her shoulders, she spun around with her back to Jess, who drooled over
her perfect butt. Ms. Hancock bent over and smiled at Wade through her legs.
She smacked her luscious ass with both hands before gripping her soaked thong
and pulling it down to her four inch heels. She turned around and dipped a
finger into her shaved triangle topped honeypot.

Wade ordered her to lay across his desk and she complied, smilingly
seductively all the way. As she laid on her back, Munkyhimper strolled over
and tapped her cute nose with his engorged shlong. He slowly slipped it past
her ruby red lips. She relaxed he throat muscles and swallowed his whole nine
inches. She wiggled her nose against his nuts and licked the top of his dick
with her tounge. Her left hand slowly tip-toed its way past his nutsack and
to his asshole. She just rubbed the outside of it as he pumped his cock into
her throat like a madman.

Suddenly she stuck the tip of her middle finger into his asshole. The
pressure on his prostate was all Vince could take. He came violently,
shooting a load directly down her throat, one that landed on her tounge, one
across her nose, two in her hair, and three on her tits. Ms. Hancock smiled
as she rubbed the cum into her boobs and swallowed Vince's cum.

Meanwhile, Jess had been eating the naked secretary out, making her squirm
with delight. When Vince finished and collapsed on the couch Jess stood up
and rubbed his foot-long dick against her creamy pink lips.

"Do you want it bitch?" he asked.

"Yes! Yes! Stick it in me! Make me cream all over! Make me squeal!" she

He said, "Fine, but first slut, who's bitch are you?"

She screamed, "I'm yours!!! I'm your fuck slut!! I'm your bitch!!! I'll
do anything you want to anyone you want, just make me cum!!!"

With that, Jessup Wade pounded into Ms. Hancock for twenty minutes,
eventually making her thrash about in orgasm. She came so violently that her
hair shook lose from her typical bun and cum shot out the sides of her pussy.

After she quieted down Wade said, "Looks like Vince is ready again, why
don't you go over there and ride him like the good little cowgirl you are."

She bounced off the desk and Wade slapped her ass as she walked away. She
jumped on Vinnie's lap and did indeed ride him like the good little cowgirl
she was. Vince turned around to the large video wall in the back of the room
that was playing highlight reels of the other WCW female superstars.

"Miss Handcock," he said, "Make a note to have all the female personalities
sign a contract like yours." He smiled and sat in his big leather chair.

Life was good.

Not The End

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