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The Taking Of WCW 2
by Crank Case

Jess Wade's first month in WCW was a great sucess. His new PPV Cruel
Intentions had done a 9.1 Nielsen which was waaay up from the previous
month's .15. Wade had re-structured WCW almost completly. The first thing
he'd done was fire Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Sid, The Wall, Brian
Knobbs, The Dog, and the Harris Brothers. Wade lured the Dudleys, Ivory,
and Saturn from the WWF. He'd also brought back Shane Douglas, Missy Hyatt,
and Vader. At Vincent Cochran's (Changed from Munkyhimper.)suggestion, Wade
had stripped everyone of their title's and launched a bunch of multi-man
matches to determine new champions.

Blitzkreig had won the Cruiserweight title in a fifteen man, falls-count-
anywhere Battle Royale that had ended with Blitzy pulling a 450 splash onto
"Hard Knox" Chris Candido from the top of a production truck out back. Bam
Bam Bigelow won the Hardcore title after putting Tank Abott on a table and
putting Norman Smiley on a table on top of Tank and moonsaulting them from a
balcony. Torrie had won the Women's title in a three way oil/stripped match
after ripping off Kimberly and Madusa's tops. (Causing marks and smarts
alike to simultaneously go apeshit.) Vampiro and Saturn won the Tag titles
after defeating The Mamalukes, Three Count (Karagias and Helms), and a
surprisingly good Harlem Heat in a four way elimination match. Booker took
the United States title after dropping Sting, Douglas, and Buff in a gauntlet
match. After a month-long tournament the World Heavyweight title was decided
by a four-way elimination match involving Vader, DDP, Jarrett, and Kidman.
Vader got rid of Kidman by power bombing him through the announce table.
Jarrett beat DDP by clocking Kimberly with a chair, (Having gotten rid of
the singing cowboy thing forever after he stopped using the guitars.) forcing
DDP to "drive Kimberly to a hospital." Jarrett beat Vader after a run-in by
his posse the New Horsemen (Jarrett, Hennig, and the Dudleys.).

Come Monday morning Wade was in high spirits. Nitro was set to be
headlined by a Vader vs. Jarrett re-match with Vader winning via a beat down
on the Horsemen by a reformed nWo. (Nash, Hall, Konnan, Rey-Rey, Ivory, and
Booker.) So, it came as quite a shock to him when he found a pissed-off Miss
Elizabeth in his office.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!?!?!" she screamed.

He replied, "How did you get past my secretary?"

"She's over in that schmuck Cochran's office!" she screamed, "Why am I
not in the new story lines?!!?!?"

Wade nearly smacked her, but he relaxed and dropped into his comfy leather
couch, "Calm down Liz. The truth is I didn't put you in the new storylines
because I wanted to offer you a job as my chauffeur, with a thirty-five
percent pay increase, of course."

Liz jumped up and down with joy. (Which WAS noticed by Jess.) Liz could
finally move out of her rental house and into her own! (What? WCW can't be
paying her much for just standing around. Then again, this IS WCW.)

"Since you and all the other female talent have signed the new contracts
all you have to do to sign the deal is put your working clothes."

"Whatever you want Mr. Wade! Is that my uniform there?" she said pointing
to a pile of clothes on Wade's desk.

"I WAS planning those for Mona, but why not?" thought Wade. "Yep," he
said, "Go ahead and change."

"HERE!?!??" she questioned.

"Did my guy not explain the new contracts to you women after you signed
them?" said Jess.

She replied, "Yes...but..." She looked at Wade and realized he wasn't
going to budge on this one.

She sighed and pulled off the sweat-shirt she had worn to the office. Her
naked 32 D's only drooped slightly and her big brown nipples looked yummy.
She kicked off her sneakers and socks and pushed down her trackpants to
reveal a tiny, tight pair of white cotton panties.

She started to put on her new white blouse when Jess spoke up, "Umm...
actually you are going to have to remove those panties, there's new underwear
in the pile."

Liz lifted the black skirt off the table to discover a black g-string and
a lacy black bra that was at least a size too small for her.

She whined, "But Mr. Wade, I hate thongs."

"Put it on," he commanded. Liz groaned and slipped her panties to the
floor revealing her red-furred snatch.

"Whoa! That HAS to go!" Wade exclaimed as he picked up the phone and
dialed Cochran's office, "Yeah, you two get over here ASAP, bring a razor and
the lez-banger."

Wade pointed to a door at the side of his office and Miss Elizabeth quickly
padded over to it. The door led to a spacious bathroom with a jacuzzi, massage
table, and an expansive shower as well as the usual amneties.

Wade said, "Take a quick shower."

Liz hopped in the stall and turned the water on. Jess sat on the toilet
and watched as Liz soaked down and then soaped herself up. She slowly rubbed
the bar of soap over her big boobs especially paying attention to her nipples.

"Soap up your cunt and ass really good, ho." Wade said, unimpressed by
Liz's attempt to get a major rise out of him. His dick was only half-hard. Liz
rubbed the bar of soap through her hairy bush and over her furry pussy lips,
even going so far as to shove it into her cunt a few times before rinsing off.
She soaped up her big globe-like ass cheeks and Wade had to admire her healthy

"Baby got back," he thought.

After she completly rinsed off she stepped dripping wet onto the linoleum
floor. "Before you ask," he said, "No, you can't dry off. Y'know what? Go sit
on the sink and finger that sweet cunny of yours."

The dripping 40 year old hopped up on the sink and spread her legs wide.
She took three fingers from her right hand and slid them in her pussy. She
massaged her tits with the other hand a suckled on her own nipples. That went
on for about five minutes until Ms. Hancock and Vince Cochran showed up
looking very dissheveled and with cum still rolling down the insides of Ms.
Hancock's legs. They were carrying a black bag.

"Alright, let's get to it," said Wade.

Miss Elizabeth sat dumbfounded as the three twentysomethings stripped
naked, she still had her hand in her cunt. Ms. Hancock pulled a razor and a
can of shaving cream from the black bag and approached the sitting and still
wet Liz.

"Hey!" Liz started to protest when Ms. Hancock (Anita Hancock) applied
shaving cream to her very exposed pussy. Jess and Vince both shot her "You'd
shut the fuck up if you know whats good for you" looks. Ms. Hancock applied a
half a can of shaving cream to Liz's hairy poon tang and calmly shaved the
40 year old bald.

Liz looked down and said, "I look like a twelve year old!" The naked Ms.
Hancock looked up and smiled at Liz just before she stuck her six inch tongue
into her cunny.

"WHAT?!?!" Liz exclaimed before Vin-man shut her up by planting a long kiss
on her and mauling her tits.

After a couple of minutes of the double assault of Ms. Hancock tonguing her
slit and clit and Cochran's ministraitions on her breasts Liz started moaning.
She pulled Ms. Hancock's head further into her snatch and wrapped her legs
around Ms. Hancock's head. Just as Liz was about to come, they both pulled

Liz groaned and begged them not to stop but she didn't open her eyes. When
she did she saw the naked Ms. Hancock laying on the floor with a two-way
strap-on shoved in her snatch.

"Ride me you old whore," she commended.

The slut Elizabeth hopped on Ms. Hancock and fucked with abandon, then she
looked up and saw the hard ons on the guys. Before she could say anything
Cochran shoved his wohle nine inches down her throat and started pumping his
cock in and out. Miss Elizabeth was double stuffed with eighteen inches of
cock and she loved it!

She had one more hole to fill so Wade pushed her back down more and pulled
her ass globes apart. He licked her crack once before he shoved his foot-long
schlong into he vrigin ass to the hilt. Liz screamed around Vinnie's cock but
none of the three paid attention to their new fuck slut.

"Geez this bitch is a tight fuck," said a panting Ms. Hancock in between
sucking on Liz's tits.

"Yeah but she's a born cocksucker," Cochran said as Liz's lips once again
touched his pubic hair.

Wade was raping Miss Elisabeth's ass like mad. Ms. Hancock was working
on her third orgasm when Vinnie shot his spunk down Liz's throat. She
swallowed every drop. Liz had came six times already and when Vincent's limp
cock slipped out of her mouth she screamed her pleasure and humped back and
forth in time to the double assault.

Ms. Hancock had another violent orgasm and slipped out from under the
forty year old cum covered slut. Liz used all her power to hump back on Jess'
cock as he invaded her brown-hole with his massive dick. She violently came
again, screaming his name. Her legs and arms gave out and she dropped onto
her big boobs and stomach.

Wade kept pumping her ass with abandon. She screamed out her orgasm again,
the pressure on his dick was all Wade could take and he unloaded shot after
shot of sperm into her anal cavity. He pulled out and the cum leaked out in

Liz shoved both hands down to her snatch and ass and scooped up some of
Wade's and Ms. Hancocks and her own cum and brought it so her lips. She made
her face even more of a mess when she gulped down the slimy potion. She
gently sucked on Ms. Hancock's red-painted toes as she rubbed more come into
her tits and ass and stomach.

"So how did you like being gang-raped by three people old enough to be
your children?" asked Wade.

She just moaned.

"How do you feel about it being taped by multiple hidden cameras for
watching by millions of people?" he questioned.

She smiled and said, "Just so long as we can do it again."

"Absolutely," he said and smirked.

Not The End

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