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The Taking Of WCW 3
by Crank Case

Jessup Wade was not having a good day. His ratings were slipping, the
New Horsemen gimmick had tanked, he was personally paying off Disco Inferno
so he wouldn't sue the company for allowing Vader to wrestle drunk (A
situation that had resulted in Disco breaking his neck and arm on a fucked up
powerbomb.), Tammy Sytch had been causing havoc both backstage and in public
by badmouthing almost every other woman in the buisness, Shane Douglas was
leading an increasingly large faction of wrestlers who were unhappy with
their working conditions, he needed a new face faction to take on the nWo
and he had NO ideas, hr had a headache, and his back hurt like a sonovabitch.

He sat in his big, spartan office with his head on the mahogany desk,
trying to relieve some pain. He pulled a bottle of Scotch and a glass from
the bar behind him and an icepack from the mini-fridge next to it. Downing a
shot, he hit the intercom with his head still on the desk, "Ms. Hancock?
Could you come in here a minute?"

No answer.

"Shit," he thought, "Must be off fucking Vinny." He half-heartedly picked
up his phone and dialed Vincent Cochran's office number.

A moaning and panting female voice answered, "H-h-oh fuck yeah-he-geez-he-

Wade immediately recognized his secretary's voice and said weakly, "Ms.
Hancock? Who gives the best massage in this company?"

Ms. Hancock's voice immediately took a professional edge even though she
was obviously in the throes of passion, "That would be Leia Meow sir. I'll
have her sent right up. Also, you have two other appointments today. One is
with Symphony and the other is with Elektra from ECW. I'll have them both
sent in at the same time, say twenty minutes after Leia starts working on

"Fine," he said as he hung up and took another swig from the bottle.

Thirty minutes later, Leia was on the express elevator to the executive
floor of the WCW's corporate headqurters. She had been working out downstairs
in the gym when she'd recieved a call from the head man's secretary, the
former Nitro Girl, Ms Hancock. Leia really had no opinion about the new boss.
She'd never met him (Like many in the company.), she'd not really been
impacted by the change in management (Except for the slight increase in her
salary.), and she hadn't been used in any of the new storylines. Still, she
was a bit worried about the sudden meeting with him.

Few women actually met with Mr. Wade. Those that had had either become a
part of his personal entourage or left with big smile on their faces and big
increases in their paychecks. So, when Ms. Hancock had told her to bring
massage oil and be prepared for anything, she'd gotten goose pimples for a
moment. It wasn't that Leia was a prude or anything. She was quite the wanton
slut when she wanted/needed to be. Yes there was many a man and woman who'd
been satisfied by her voluptous Asian body. But this guy actually had her

The elevator stopped with a ding and Leia daintily stepped off the
elevator and looked around the spacious waiting room. Ms. Hancock sat behind
a desk at the far wall. She had a contented look on her face as she filed
her nails and spoke to someone on a headset-phone. To her left were restrooms
and a bar, with Vince Russo tending to it. To her right was the actual
waiting area where Symphony and Elektra sat.

They were both decked out to the nines with Elektra wearing a barely-there
white leather "dress" (It was really more like the shortest of mini-skirts
attached to a spaghetti-strap bustier that was two sizes too small.), white
stockings, and white four-inch stiletto heels. Symphony wasn't dressed as
sluttily, but she was definetly sultry. She had on a blue mini-dress that
turned into a lighter blue mesh above her breasts and blue three-inch pumps.
It made Leia feel kind of out of place as she was still wearing her grey
sweat-pants, red USMC t-shirt, and her Converse sneakers.

Leia stepped over to Ms. Hancock's desk and caught the tail-end of her
conversation, "...yeah so that's two dozen boxes of profolactics, magnum-
size, six kegs of Budweiser and six of Miller, eight pounds of marijuana,
eighteen pizzas with everything, twelve strippers, sixteen hookers, and
Chuckles the clown. Yes, thank you, bye."

"What was all that for?" asked Leia.

Ms. Hancock replied, "My nephew is turning fourteen next week. Mr. Wade is
expecting you, go right in."

Leia rolled her eyes and walked away from the desk to the big oak doors
leading to Jessup Wade's office. She hesitated before lightly knocking.
"Enter," came from inside. Leia walked inside with more than a little bit of
trepidation. She realized her fears were unfounded, however, when she saw the
big bad Jessup Wade slumped over his desk with a bag of ice on his head and a
fifth of Scotch in his hand.

"Ms. Meow," he said with his head still on the desk, "let me be blunt. I
want you to be my official corporate masseause. However, should you choose to
become my masseause, your duties will not be entirely massage-related. You
will be require to fuck whomever I want, whenever I want. Your salary will
increase by seventy-five percent, as well. Do you accept the position?"

Leia thought about it for all of five seconds before giving an
enthusiastic, "Yes sir!"

Wade lifted his head and stepped around his desk. He sat on the edge
dressed only in his Detroit Tigers jersey, smiley-face boxers, and tube socks.
He said, "Then strip, crawl over here, pull down my boxers with your teeth,
and give me your best blow-job."

Leia wasted no time in pulling off her t-shirt revealing a deep purple
sports bra. She kicked off her shoes and socks and dropped her sweat pants.
She threw the bundle to one corner of the room. She was now clad only in her
purple sports bra and purple thong sport-panties. She whipped off her bra,
freeing her 37DD's. Her perfect globes were capped off by big brown nipples
that were at least an inch long. Leia slid her panties down her long legs,
unveling her completly shaven pussy and perfect ass. She dropped on all fours
and crawled over to her boss. She looked up at him with lust-tinged eyes as
her cunt started to become wet. She got a good grip on the waistband of his
boxers and quickly pulled them down. Wade's half-hard dong hit her in the
forehead. "Wow," she tought, "He's not fully erect yet and he's already at
eight inches!"

Leia licked one of Wade's slightly-larger-than-golf-ball sized nuts and
sucked the hairy orb into her mouth. As she sucked on his meaty orbs, Wade
grew antoher two inches. Leia finally moved up to the big show as it were and
licked the underside of Wade's growing schlong. Leia clearly wasn't expecting
the twelve-inch meat-missle that now confronted her. She licked all around
the the four-inch wide purple head and started to throat Jess' massive dong.

On her first stroke Leia got five inches in. She got three more on her
second. She got another inch down her throat on her third try. By this time
her neck was distended from the girth of Wade's massive dong. Leia strained
to get another half-inch down her throat on her fourth stroke and she was
sure she couldn't take anymore. Wade, whose head and back aches had all but
disappeared, grabbed Leia gently by her hair and pushed her down the rest of
the way. With her nose firmly embedded Wade's pubic hair, Leia could do
nothing more than to suck and hum hard to get him off.

After five minutes of this, Wade blew his load down Leia's throat. Three
shots of spunk slid down her throat quickly but Wade started pulling out. He
let three shots land on her tongue, two across her face, and four on her
tits. Wade thanked God for the foresight to start the hidden cameras to
rolling as soon as Leia had entered the room. Leia rubbed Wade's cum into her
tits and a line of cum ran down her left leg. She had orgasmed just from
blowing him! Wade's cock was still hard, so he wasn't done with Leia just

Jess Wade grabbed the bodacious Asian woman by her hourglass hips and bent
her over his desk. He sized up her cunt and embedded himself half-way with
his first thrust.

"Do it to me big boy," Leia moaned.

Wade slammed himself back into her tight and wet pussy again, this time to
the hilt. Leia was filled completly by her boss' cock.

She screamed, "Yeah! C'mon, hit me with it! Beat up my pussy with your big
meat-missle! Fuck me!"

Wade slammed in and out of the wildly jerking Asian beauty for eight
minutes, eventually exploding his baby-batter inside of her as she came for
the ninth time.

"Your new uniform's in there," a panting Wade said pointing to the closet
to the right of him.

Leia opened the closet to find two business suit style uniforms, a white
chef's uniform, and a classic maid's uniform along with four pairs of
different colored g-string and bra sets. Leia pulled out one of the buisness
suits and the purple underwear set and was pulling on the g-string when the
intercom buzzed.

"Mr. Wade?" Ms. Hancock said from the other end, "I'm sending in your next
appointments now."

The still naked Wade motioned for the barely covered Leia Meow to join him
on his big leather couch.

The always loud Elektra started complaining the minute the doors opened.
"Wade, why the fuck did we have to wait so long?!? And why do you have to see
us toghether anyway?!?!?" she said. She waas half-way through her third inane
question when both she and Symphony gasped at the nakedness of Wade and Leia

"The answer to your question is relatively simple," Wade said while
running a hand over Leia's panty covered pussy lips, "You two are here for
the VERY high-paying position as my personal maid. You will catfight to
settle it. The first slut to strip the other slut of ALL her clothes gets the
job. Begin."

Elektra turned to face the still stunned Symphony. Elektra darted at
Symphony and quickly ripped her dress off her body leaving the stunned girl
in only her strapless black bra and black bikini cut panties. Symphony got
her only piece of offense in when she busted Elektra with a right hook and
ripped the stunned woman's hooker-wear from her body, unveiling her braless
39DD breasts with dark brown nipples. Elektra only har her white thong
panties and white stockings on now.

Elektra got really pissed and kicked Symphony in her firm stomach. Elektra
ripped off Symphony's bra to reveal her milky-whit 35C breasts. Elektra
punched her twice and grabbed her hair to whip her halfway across the room.
Elektra stalked her fallen prey like Tom going for Jerry.

Symphony got back to her feet but Elektra punched her in the stomach.
Symphony fell forward, reaching out for Elektra and grabbed her panties. She
twisted when she fell so she landed on her back with a hanfull of cloth,
staring up between Elektra's wide-spread legs at her V-shaved, gaping pussy.

"We have a winner!" announced Wade as the now totally naked Leia bounced
up and down on his lap.

Elektra was super-pissed. She dropped to her knees and started punching
Symphony in the stomach. Symphony wasn't paying attention to the pain,
however. She was more concerned with the fresh pussy that was resting on her
face. Symphony's bi tendencies took over and she gave Elektra's pussy a good
long lick.

"What the fuck?!?!" exclaimed Elektra, "Quit that you stupid dyke bitch!"

Elektra tried to get up but Symphony held her legs down with unbelieveable
strength. Elektra kept yelling at Symphony and hitting her for another five
minutes until the tongue-fucking got to her. She began to moan and pant and
sweat. "Oh shit yeah!" she screamed as she came all over Symphony's face.

Elektra ripped off Symphony's panties and dove into her gaping hole tongue
first. Wade watched the two valets 69 for about two minutes until he handed
Leia a two-way dildo which she quickly inserted and they took their positions
at the rear enterances of Elektra and Symphony, respectively. They plunged
into the valets' asses at the same time.

Elektra started to protest but Leia shoved her face back into Symphony's
cunt and held it there. Leia went five minutes in Symphony's ass before she
came hard and fell back onto the carpeted floor. Wade slammed Elektra's tight
ass for a full fifteen minutes before he busted a nut all up in her anal

Afterwards, Leia and Wade helped Symphony into her new maid uniform. They
all force fed Elektra the date-rape drug and used and abused her the rest of
the night before dropping her off naked and cum-covered in front of the
International House Of Pancakes. Wade smiled as he realized that he had not
only added two more honeys to his staff, but he had a video that would sell
millions for sure. Things were looking up for Jessup Wade.

Never The End
Next week: Tammy Sytch versus the porno chicks

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