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The Taking Of WCW 4
by Crank Case

Jessup Wade was having the time of his life. His ratings were back up.
Most of his wrestlers were finally contented with their salaries/pushes/roles.
He'd added Asya to his staff as his bodyguard. (Of course he got her a boob
and face job first.) He really only had two problems left. First, he had yet
to find a woman to fill the position as his cook. And two, he had yet to
decide what to do about the inflated ego of Tammy Lynn Sytch. Those problems
were the farthest from his mind, however, as Asya sucked his cock in his big
office while he watched Nitro live on his giant videoscreen wall. Jess
surveyed his office.

The naked Asya was deep-throating his dick while she felt up her breasts
and sat on Symphony's face. Symphony, meanwhile, had two nine-inch vibrators
sticking out of her pussy and asshole. She was more than happy to lap at the
burly woman's twat in recompense. Wade turned his head over to his couch and
watched Elizabeth jump up and down on Vince Cochran's nine inch cock. Vince
was grunting like an animal as Liz's eyes rolled back in her head when they
reached their thrid simultaneous orgasm. Jessup smirked and checked out the
action at the bar. Leia Meow had Miss Hancock bent over the bar and was
slam-fucking her with a three headed dildo. Leia had a foot of rubber stuffed
up her cunt and Miss Hancock had a foot in her's along with another nine
inches shoved up her ass.

A muffled scream of pleasure from Symphony brought Wade out of his
reverie. Jess' sight fell back on the live broadcast. Tammy Sytch and Paula
Paulshock were in a jello-filled mini ring battling for Tammy's Woman's
Championship. Tammy had the former announcer on the ropes. As Tammy pounded
on the prone woman, Paula's huge mammaries popped free of her too tiny black
bikini top. Tammy then tore off the use less top and kicked Paula in the
stomach. Paula bent over from the blow and Tammy jammed Paula's head between
her legs to set her up for a piledriver. Tammy raised her hands above her
head and shook her pink bikini encased tits for the crowd. She then put her
hands behind her head and did the Rick Rude hip roll taunt with Paula's head
still between her legs. The crowd went wild.

Tammy then slapped both hands on Paula's naked back (Making her plentiful
breasts jiggle enticingly.) and worked her way down to Paula's mostly covered
butt. Tammy grabbed a handful of Paula's bikini bottoms and gave her an ultra
wedgie. She kept pulling and suddenly a loud ripping sound was heard and
Paula's bikini came totally free. The crowd went absolutely berzerk when
Paula's bald pink pussy and perfect ass were uncoverd. Flashbulbs went off
everywhere when Tammy pulled her up into the piledriver position and her head
was between Paula's splayed legs, only centimeters from her pussy. Tammy
brought Paula down hard into the orange and green jello. Tammy stood up and
put a foot between Paula's abundant jello covered breasts for the three

Tammy climbed up on the entranceway and grabbed a mic, "That's right,
another skank bites the dust! I am STILL your Woman's champion! Wanna' know
why?!? Because I am the best woman in this buisness! I am the best female
wrestler, and I'm ceratainly the hottest chick in the biz! And I don't HAVE
to give you the whole package to be the most lusted after! A bikini top here,
a thong there, and all you fanboys and girls start drooling your hearts out!
I don't have to give you the whole show! Unlike some of these OTHER bitches
around here! I don't have to splay my stuff for some porno mag! I don't have
to finger myself and spread the pictures all over the net to get noticed! I'm
not one of those cheap porno sluts from that fifth rate fed in California!
And I certainly AM NOT one of those sluts in the front office who fucks
anyone who asks!!!! I am YOUR Woman's Champion!! And you love me!!!" Then
Nitro went to commercial.

Wade's jaw had dropped to the floor at Tammy's shoot interview. Then he
took his eyes off the commercial for Shaft and realized that he was in a
locked room with five super-pissed women.

"What?!?!" he yelped, "I didn't tell her to say that! It was a shoot!"
Then he saw his phone light up with incoming calls. "Oh...shit," he said.

****One Week Later****

Jess Wade sat in his office on a cold, grey Monday morning. It was Nine
AM and Wade was not used to being up this early. His staff was lounging
around his spacious office. They hadn't fucked either him or Vince in a week
and they said they wouldn't until he did something about Tammy. Just as Wade
was pouring himself another Tequila Sunrise Miss Hancock's voice came over
the intercom.

"Mr. Wade, your guests are here," she said.

"Send 'em in" Wade replied.

The big oak doors of Wade's office opened and in walked Kimberley Page,
Gorgeous Georg(ia), Jasmin St. Claire, Kristi Myst, and Chastity. Wade
started, "Ladies, let me be blunt. You all have beef with Tammy Lynn Sytch.
Nitro is going totally live and uncensored tonight from the MGM Grand.
Basically, what I'm giving you is the chance toget even with Tammy in ANY
way you see fit. You have Carte Blanche ladies, use it well."

They left and Jess turned to his staff, "You happy now?" They were all
smiles. "Good," he said, "Now everyone get naked and take turns blowing me.
A week without any poontang... I don't believe this shit... honestly, like I
had something to do with it..." Wade kept mumbling until Liz deep-throated
him. Then he just sat back and muttered under his breath, "Damn straight."

Nitro came alive when smoke and fireworks filled the MGM Arena. Tammy
Sytch walked onto the enteranceway in a white t-shirt and jeans. She got to
the ring and grabbed a mic, "I'm tired of all this oil and jello wrestling
bullshit! It's time for the women's division to go hardcore!"

In the back Kim, Chastity, and George were huddled just behind the
jumbotron. Jasmine ran up to them, "Candido's been secured. Kristi's got him
screaming like a baby and Wade's guards have the door. Tammy must not let
him get ANYTHING off her!"

"Not surprising," said George, "That heartless bitch is probably so tight
you could make diamonds from coal if you shoved some in there."

"Alright," said Chastity, "Does everyone have their gear? Then lets get
the bitch!"

"Come on!!!" screamed Tammy into the mic, "Don't any of you whores have
any guts?!?!?!?"

Then the four angry women ran into the ring and beat the shit out of her.
Chastity was carrying a black bag with her and while the three other women
held Tammy, Chastity pulled handcuffs, a ball gag, some scissors and four
leather paddles from the bag. First Tammy had her hands handcuffed behind her
back. Then, She had the red ball gag shoved in her mouth.

"What're you bitches doinghmrglphrfrminfimhingin!" she mumbled. Then the
ladies threw Tammy in a corner.

Chastity picked up the mic, "Well Tammy, Tammy, Tammy... it appears as if
you're at a loss. Let me make it simple. You've been very, very mean to my
associates and I. And you've also managed to piss off the front office. As a
result, WE have full legal rights to get positively medevil on you skank
bitch ho ass! And it's in your contract, we checked. Never piss off the boss,
bitch. Anyway, no one is going to save you, not even your fiancee, blah,
blah, blah. If you'll turn your attention to the jumbotron little miss
slutbag, you're in for a surprise.

The screen lit up with an image of Tammy's dressing room. Chris Candido
was slam-fucking Kristi Myst in the ass while moaning, "Oh shit Kristi you're
SO much better than Tammy!!! She never lets me get anywhere near her!! That
frigid bitch!! Said she was waiting for our wedding night!! Ha!! Screw

Candido came loudly for an audience of thousands and a viewing audience of
millions. Tammy dropped to her knees crying.

"Awwww," Kim said, "Did the little bitch's boytoy find someone new? Awww."

Tammy's eyes flared and the bound woman tried to tackle Kim. Jasmine and
Gorgeous George were right there to pick her up and slam her down.

"Guess what bitch? WE are going to do the same thing that Chris is doing
to Kristi..tooooo...YOU!!!" George said giddily and jumped up and down.

"Alright ladies, let's do this!" said Chastity pulled off her ever-present
hockey jersey and dropping her baggy jeans. She was naked underneath and her
brown nipples were hard, her pussy was EXTREMEly wet.

George stripped off her white top and skirt to reveal the body that so
many people had downloaded. Jasmin had come down in a one piece black gown
that had effortlessly slipped to the mat leaving her nude as well.

Kimberly had been more dramatic with getting naked. First she stripped her
tube top, her breasts jiggled and the cameras that weren't already going off
were now. Then she unzipped her purple leather pants and bent over towards
the audience. She inched the tight leather over her thonged posterior and
slappedd her ass cheeks when the pants were past them. She kicked off her
pants and started doing a bump and grind with Jasmin.

Then Jasmin dropped to her hands in knees and grasped Kim's black thong
panties with her teeth and pulled them down her slender legs. Kim was tempted
to just sit on Jasmin's face right then and there, but that wouldn't hurt
Tammy. She picked up her panties, rubbed them against her wet cunny, and
tossed them to the crowd. A riot started.

Chastity grabbed the scissors and advanced on Tammy. She cut off Tammy's
jeans, leaving her bottomless save for a lacy red thong. Then Chastity cut
off Tammy's t-shirt and the breasts thatmillions of men and women had lusted
after were exposed on national TV. Chastity fingered Tammy's slit through her

In spite of her self, Tammy began to get wet. Soon her panties were soaked
as Chastity worked two fingers into Tammy's cunt. Then Jasmine removed the
ballgag and Tammy's moans filled the arena.

Meanwhile Kimberly and George had started kissing and fondling each other.
Chastity pulled off Tammy's panties and shoved them in her mouth. Tammy was
shocked to taste her own juices. She tried to spit her panties out but the
ballgagwas replaced.

"How do they taste, slut?" chided Jasmin, "More importantly, how does it
feel to be moaning in front of millions of people you little cocktease!"

Chastity uncuffed Tammy and pulled her over to a turnbuckle and re-cuffed
her hands around the ring post so that her huge ass was facing the ring. The
four vengeful women held their mighty leather padles high and then...


Tammy's huge plump ass was red and bruised. Tears were coming down her
face in buckets. The crowd was going nuts. Practically everyone was
masturbating or fucking. Some willingly and some not so willingly.

"That's about enough of that," said Chastity.

Thew women uncuffed Tammy and dragged her to the center of the ring. They
got rid of the ballgag and threw the panties to the audience. Chastity broke
out three nine inch two-way dildos (Nine in. both ways.) and distributed them
to George and Jasmin while keepin one to herself. Jasmin shoved her dildo
into her soaking wet pussy and laid on her back in the center of the ring.
George and Kim lowered Tammy's ass onto Jasmin's dildo.

"'ve never had one there..." Tammy said weakly.

Kimberley and Gorgeous George mercilessly drove Tammy down on the dildo
to the hilt. Tammy screamed until Kim shoved her wet pussy into her mouth.
Kim jumped on Tammy's head and forced her back so she was reclining against
the bucking Jasmin. Kimberley moaned and felt herself up as she humped her
cooch across Tammy's face.

Chastity shoved her dildo into Tammy's pussy and slammed into her like
mad. Despite the pain and degradation she felt, Tammy felt her nipples
getting hard. She felt her pussy spasm around the nine-inch fuck tool in her
cunt. And, with great trepidation, Tammy stuck out her toungue and licked
Kimberley's clit. Kimberley came for the second time. (Once when they were
spanking Tammy.) Her girl goo splashed all over Tammy's face, hair, and tits.
There seemed to be a gallon of girl-cum. Tammy sampled a sip or six.

George shoved Chastity's ass forward so that Chastity was grinding the
dildo directly against Tammy's clit. Chastity was shoved up so high she could
easily suck on Tammy's hardened nipples and ream out Kimmy's asshole with her
experienced toungue. Then George shoved her dildo in right under Chastity's.
Tammy screamed again and Kim came again.

Jasmine had come three times and was now being smothered so she rolled out
from under the mass of girlflesh and rammed the dildo into her self in the
corner. Chastity came hard from the sensation of of fucking Tammy in front of
millions as well with all these hot women surrounding her. She crawled away
from the erotic scene and walked to the back to see if Nash was as good as
she remembered.

Jasmin stood up on wobbly legs and grabbed the mic, "Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present to you our special guest-cocks, my boytoy Blue Meanie and his
pal Stevie Richards!!!"

The Meanie and Stevie came out to the tune of The Doors "Back Door Man."
Meanie and Stevie slowly weaved their way through the naked, writhing bodies
that covered the ramp. In the time it took the Blue World Order to get to
the ring, Kimberley had passed out from her eighth orgasm. Meanie kissed his
girlfriend Jasmin St. Clair before he and Stevie dragged the unconcious
Kimberley Page to her husband Dallas who was fucking some DDP-groupie bitch
at ringside.

Meanie rolled the still pounding Gorgeous George and Tammy Sytch over so
George was on bottom. The Meanie whipped out his fat fifteen inch dick. (If
anyone wondered why a porn star would date the Meanie, they knew now.)

Stevie pulled out his lean ten inch dong and tapped Tammy on the nose with
it. Tammy was beyond caring at this point so she deep-throated Stevie with no

The Meanie lined up his fifteen inches with her asshole. Jasmin licked and
sucked his dick and covered it with her own cum to provide some lube. Meanie
then charged his cock into Tammy's barely used rectum. Tammy's eyes went
stark white and she screamed around Stevie's dick. The scream was so loud you
could hear it in the back.

Meanie only had ten inches of his EXTREMEly large dick in Tammy's ass. He
pulled out all the way and powered it in till his baseball sized nuts hit
both George and Tammy's pussies. They went on like that till Stevie emptied
his load down Tammy's throat fifteen minutes later.

Meanie emptied his ballz at the half-hour mark. The cum ran out of her
abused asshole in rivers. George had one mind-shattering orgasm at 45
minutes. She was the only one left in the ring with Tammy. She turned and
saw an arena-wide orgy worthy of Caligula's Rome.

She started to leave, but then she looked back at the abused, cum-covred,
crying Tammy Lynn Sytch. She was in the fetal position in the middle of the
ring, clutching her championship belt. She hadn't even had one orgasm. George
took pity on her. She kneeled beside Tammy and said, "I'm sorry Tammy but
you had to be taught a lesson."

With that she spread Tammy's legs and licked her battered pussy to two
mind-racking orgasms. When George left, Tammy was still holding her belt. She
had fallen asleep in the cum-covered ring. Their was a contented smile on her
face. Then Nitro faded to black.

****Wade's office****

"Next on Movies for Guy who Like Movies, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro
Man," said the tv wall. The orgy continued and Wade's dick was buried in Ms.
Hancock's ass.

"Miss Hancock?" he said.

She replied, "Yes sir?"

"I want Gorgeous George as my personal cook, make a note," Jessup said.

"Yes sir," she said as she had her eleventh orgasm.

Jessup Wade looked out the window and into the dark Nevada night. Yes,
life was good.

The End?

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