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The Taking Of WCW Part 5
by Foley Fan (

Note: I'd like to thank Crank Case for allowing me to continue this series.
Hopefully, I can do as good a job as he did.

Jess Wade was on top of the world. Ever since he took over WCW, the
network continued to soar up the rating charts. The last three pay-per-views
had broken all of the company's past records by over 200%. Tammy Sytch had
learned her lesson and Jess had hired her as one of WCW's booking agents.
Among her duties were daily "meetings" with Jess and his personal staff. She
was also on call 24/7 if Jess ever needed her for extra fucking. She became
quite a team player. And all of the porno videos made Jess a mint in sales.
Anyone who had doubts about the new boss had learned to eat their words.
Everybody was noticing how popular WCW had become, especially Vince McMahon
and the WWF.

Despite all attempts, the WWF just couldn't manage to beat WCW anymore.
They tried numerous angles and feuds, but nothing seemed to work. Also,
thanks to the push Jess gave ECW, WWF was beginning to face a war on two
fronts. Lawsuits had also been filed against McMahon recently. Vince hoped
that they would just die down, but it wasn't happening. Vince started to
become so desperate he tried to sell the WWF to WCW. Jess told Vince that
he'd think about the offer.

But right now Jess had other things on his mind. He realized that the
porn movies were doing very well and decided to make a "Ladies of WCW" line.
The women were happy to do it because they were getting paid well and it was
also in their contracts. Jess recently hired Madusa as head of female talent.
Right now her current job was to make sure that the ladies that were assigned
the first porno taping were properly coached.

Jess was in his office, the lovely Symphony sucking away on his hard cock.
Vincent Cochran was busy on the nearby leather couch screwing Leia Meow's
voluptuous ass. Leia was moaning for Vinnie to give her another inch of his
hard cock. On one of the office chairs, Ms. Hancock was getting her pussy
eaten out by Gorgeous George. Ms. Hancock was squealing at the top of her
lungs. Her long smooth legs wrapped around George's neck for support as she
brought to a fifth orgasm. Jess smiled at the sight. Office sex life had
defiantly improved with George's recruitment. And she was a damn good cook

Jess turned to one of the monitors on the wall behind him. This particular
monitor showed the women's "filming center". Madusa was talking to a group
of female wrestlers. The group consisted of Chae, Kristi Myst, XPW's Jessica
Darlin, and the newly hired Strawberry Fields from the LPWA (Ladies
Professional Wrestling Association). Jess hit the record button on the
monitor. Even if it was a practice for the porno, you never knew what would
develop. He turned his attention back to Symphony's warm mouth.

"That's it baby, suck me good."

Symphony smiled around Jess's thick shaft. Life could be a lot worse.


The women's filming center was a small studio made for the soul purpose of
filming the porn movies that WCW would be making. Madusa and Gorgeous George
designed the center themselves. The center included several queen size beds,
a Jacuzzi, a bar, and a stripper stage complete with dancing pole. Madusa
had brought along a bag of various sextoys. This was Madusa's first big
assignment, and she didn't want to screw it up.

"Ok, now girls I just want to remind you that is only a run-through. We
won't start shooting until tomorrow. Everybody understand?"

The girls all shook their heads.

"Ok, now this will be your girls first task."

Madusa unzipped her pink mini-skirt, revealing her shaven pussy. Her skirt
fell to the floor. She laid down on her back and spread her legs.

"I want each of you girls to take turns eating my pussy. Kristi, why don't
you start?"

Not wasting any time, Kristi got down on the floor and dove into Madusa's
pussy. She inhaled the sweet smell, then began to use her tongue to lap at
Madus'a cunt. Madusa let moan escape her lips, Kristi was doing a terrific

"Mmmmmm, that's very...very good Kristi." said Madusa between pants.

The other girls were starting to get horny watching the action going on
in front of them. Chae looked over at the stripper's pole and smiled. She
jumped up on the stage and started to pole dance. Chae was still in a Nitro
Girl outfit: red crop top, leather hotpants, and black boots. She swayed her
body seductively against the pole, caressing it like it was her lover's
body. Her hips gyrated against the pole's base. The other girls were
transfixed to the erotic sight, especially Strawberry Fields. She watched
with transfixed eyes as Chae licked the pole with her tongue. Chae noticed
Strawberry's gaze and smiled at her. She pulled her croptop off, exposing
her large breasts. Chae pinched her large nipples, causing them to harden.
She then wrapped her golden brown legs around the pole and humped it
erotically, smiling seductively at Strawberry the whole time.

"Damn this is hot." whispered Jessica.

Jessica had zipped open her pants and had started to rub her moist crotch.
She turned her head over to Kristi causing Madusa to orgasm. Madusa was
moaning like a madwoman. Jessica pulled her pants and tanktop off, revealing
her breasts. She walked over to Madusa and shoved one of her tits into
Madusa's mouth. At first Madusa was startled, but she soon gave in to the
arousal. She began sucking Jessica's tits like a greedy child.

"That's it you bitch, suck my tits like there's no tomorrow." encouraged

Kristi had pulled out a vibrator from Madusa's bag and was using it on her
own pussy. She had gotten very wet while eating out Madusa and needed some
relief. Kristi whimpered as she turned the vibrator onto its highest
setting, sending waves of intense sexual pleasure throughout her body.

"Damn, I'm glad I signed with this company." said a horny Kristi.

Chae continued to tease Strawberry, who was now rubbing her crotch. Chae
motioned for Strawberry to come up onto the stage. Strawberry walked up onto
the stage. Chae grabbed the back of Strawberry's head and passionately
kissed her. With a groan of pleasure, Strawberry returned the kiss. Chae ran
her hands over Strawberry's body. She peeled off Strawberry's body stocking,
leaving the blonde bombshell in only a black push-up bra and panties. One of
Chae's hands reached down the squeezed Strawberry's left asscheek. It felt
very firm.

"You have a fantastic body." panted Chae lustily between kisses.

"No so bad yourself honey." responded Strawberry.

Strawberry broke off from the make out session. She leaned down towards
Chae's breasts and began to suck on them. Chae groaned at the feeling, she's
never had a woman do things like this to her since college. Strawberry's
tongue flicked Chae's right nipple, sending a jolt of pleasure to Chae.
Chae's pussy was getting very wet and need attention. She took off her
leather hotpants. Strawberry began to shove her fingers in and out of Chae
warm pussy.

"Ooooo that feels so good." cooed Chae.

The Nitro Girl unsnapped Strawberry's bra, letting her large D-cups free.
Chae cupped the large breasts and began to massage them with her hands. That
just drove Strawberry to finger Chae even more. There were now four fingers
in Chae, pumping in and out with ease. Chae's hips were beginning to try and
ride Strawberry's hand. Strawberry smiled to herself at how much of a slut
Chae was becoming. Chae was moaning in the throes of passion now.

"Holy shit! Keep finger my wet pussy you slut. God DAMN that feels good!"

Strawberry continued until Chae exploded in orgasm. The chestnut hair of
Chae was bouncing all over as Chae was sent over the edge. She had never
came so hard in her life. Chae hit the floor, exhausted and satisfied from
the ordeal. Strawberry looked down at Chae with a grin. She slid off her
panties, exposing her firm body to the woman she just pleasured.
"Now it's time for you to help me cum." said Strawberry as she shoved her
crotch into Chae's face.

After one whiff of Strawberry's sweet pussy, Chae went after her sweet
fuckhole. Chae's tongue was doing such things to Strawberry that seemed
impossible. From Strawberry's point of view, Chae must have had a tongue
eight feet long.

"Damn baby that feels good." said Strawberry.

On the other end of the room, Madusa and Jessica had been in a 69 position
for several minutes and caused each other to orgasm several times. The
slurping noises had been nonstop. Kristi now had vibrators in her cunt and
ass and was ready to climax. This was her twelfth orgasm in a row. She was
now just writhing helplessly in orgasms, not paying attention to a thing
around her.

"Ugghhhh! UGHHhhh!! Fuckkkkyeahhhh!!! Ohhhh!!! NNNGGUUHHH!!!!"

With a mind-blowing orgasm Kristi passed out, the vibrators still on
Madusa and Jessica had their fourth orgasm in a row. Both women shouted into
the others cunt as their bodies shook with climax. Afterwards, they both
rolled off each other. Madusa went over to the bag that she brought in.

"I've got a special surprise for you, my little whore." she told Jessica.

Madusa walked over to Jessica, wearing a nine-inch, double-sided strap on
dildo. With smile on her face, Madusa shoved the dildo right into Jessica's

"Suck me like a man, bitch."

Jessica took the dildo in her mouth and suckled on it like she was really
giving a blowjob. She pushed the dildo back and forth, causing the other end
to slid in and out of Madusa's cunt. Madusa groaned to the feeling of being
fucked herself.

"Shit yeah baby! Suck on that big ol' cock of mine."

The dildo pumped in and out of Madusa's crotch. Madusa was loving her new
job more and more by the minute. Jessica brought Madusa to a mind-blowing
orgasm. After Madusa came, she laid Jessica on her back and began to fuck
her missionary position. The large dildo was slammed into Jessica's moist
cunt. Jessica was screaming for orgasm.


Madusa loved hearing Jessica scream her lungs out. Jessica was thrashing
all over as she came to a tremendous orgasm. After she came, Jessica laid
on the floor panting. With a pop, Madusa's dildo was removed from Jessica's
cunt. Madusa licked off the girl cum, loving every drop. She heard moaning
and turned her head to see Chae's face buried in Strawberry's cunt.
Strawberry was in the middle of another orgasm, her third courtesy of Chae's
hot mouth. As she came, Strawberry groped her large melon-sized tits.

"Oh shit baby you're good. Keep on sucking, that's it. More! MORE!!!" said
Strawberry with authority.

Strawberry was in the throes of passion, loving the attention the hot
Nitro Girl was giving her wet pussy. From under Strawberry, Chae's muffled
shouts indicated she too was having a wild orgasm. Madusa smiled at the sight
of it. She loved her job.


Jess Wade loved what he saw. That would definitely be on the first tape.
He pumped another load into Symphony's delicate mouth. Cum was now starting
to ooze out of her mouth. Damn, it was a hot sight!

"No wonder WCW's on top, I'm the only fucker crazy enough to do this

Jess thought to himself, "Too bad McMahon ain't. Hell, with the right
leadership that company could kick some ass. Or give me a run for my money

Then it hit Jess. His face lit up. Besides him, and maybe Paul Heyman,
there was another guy crazy enough. And Jess knew just where to find him. He
turned to the couch, watching as Gorgeous George had a vibrator shoved in
Ms. Hancock's cunt.

"Ms. Hancock?"

"Y-yes-oh gawd-sir?" asked Ms. Hancock in mid-orgasm.

"When you're done, I want you to look up an old buddy of mine; Matt
Williams. I have an offer that we won't be able to refuse." said Jess with a

What's Jess got up his sleeve for the WWF? Find out in the new series
The WWF's New Boss." And be here next time as Jess Wade adds a whole new
level to professional wrestling pay-per-view.

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