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The Taking of WCW 6
by Foley Fan (

Jessup Wade was very happy. The new "Ladies of WCW" video line was
selling like hotcakes. Everybody wanted a copy, or three, of his videos. He
was making money, which always made him happy. There was just one problem he
faced. He was informed that due to the female wrestlers high salaries, he
would have to fire some of them. After much deliberation, he narrowed the
list down to five female superstars that he felt could be fired. The list
consisted of Missy Hyatt, Paisley, Torrie Wilson, Mona, and Midajah. The
five women were all gathered in his office, all of whom were royally pissed.

"What do mean you're firing me? I've been very loyal to this company!!!"
exclaimed Torrie.

"I can understand firing these bitches, but I was the original eye candy!!
I know what the fans want and give it to them!!!" said Missy

All the others were protesting as well. Jess just sat behind his desk,
becoming very bored from all their shouting. Even the lovely Gorgeous George
sucking him off underneath his desk wasn't helping. He then got an idea.
"Ladies! Ladies! Listen, I'm going to fire ALL of you. You'll each have a
chance to keep your job with your already high salaries."

Missy immediately ripped off her tube top, exposing her bra that barely
covered her tits. She was about to unsnap the bra when Jess held up his hand
for her to stop.

"Not exactly THAT way Missy, but you're on the right track. In a little
over two weeks is our next pay-per-view, Warzone from Madison Square Garden.
The main event for this pay-pre-view will be you five lovely ladies in a hot
oil bikini elimination match. The winner of this match will get to keep her
job here at WCW and be the lead star in the next Ladies of WCW movie."

"All we gotta do is pin each other in an oil match? Sounds good to me. I
can take on all four of these bitches at once." said Mona with a smirk.

The others nearly tore Mona apart right there, but Jess stopped them.
"It's not gonna be that easy Mona. You see, you eliminate your opponent by
making them cum by any means necessary. The last woman to cum wins." finished
Jess with a smile.

The ladies immediately broke out in protest, but Jess was going to keep
his ground on the matter. They all grudgingly agreed and left. Jess leaned
back in his chair and enjoyed George's blowjob. This would be a pay-per-view
for the ages.


It was the night of the big pay-per-view. For the past two weeks, WCW had
been hyping up the main event. Madison Square Garden had sold out in less
than two hours. The entire crowd was anxiously waiting for the main event.
The pool of hot oil was ready to go. The announcer walked over to the head of
the pool.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following is the hot oil bikini slut match!!!"

The crowd went nuts. Each female made her way to the ring, each in a
bikini. Missy Hyatt was in a particularly low-cut thong. Before the match
started, each of the contenders oiled up their bodies. The crowd, men and
women, were ready to see the five stunning women go at each other. But just
as the bell was about to sound, Ms. Hancock's theme played over the Garden's
sound system. Up at the arena entrance was Ms. Hancock, a wide smile on her

"Excuse me ladies, but there's one last stipulation to this match. The
office feels that we need some special talent to referee this event. And so
without any further ado, please welcome the special guest referees of the
main event: Kevin Nash, Booker T, Stevie Ray, and Buff Bagwell."

All four men came out wearing black shorts and referee shirts with the
sleeve's cut-off. They made it down to the pool and Nash said to ring the
bell. The five women sized each other up for a moment. Missy made the first
move by spearing Paisley to the floor. Buff got in close to the action,
mainly to see if anyone had snapped off their top yet. Missy bitch slapped
Paisley several times; Paisley had a large red spot on the right side of her

"If you bitches think you're gonna beat me, you got another fuckin' thing
coming." she hissed. Missy ripped off Paisley's top and began sucking her
tits. She used her teeth and lightly bit Paisley's nipples. Paisley hated to
admit it, but it did feel nice. Paisley let out an in voluntary moan. Buff
was cheering Missy on, pumping his fist in the air. Getting back on track,
Paisley grabbed Missy's head and threw her off. She stood up, inadvertently
giving the crowd and cameras a great shot of her rack. While Paisley and
Missy were duking it out, Mona and Torrie had double-teamed Midajah. The two
blondes tackled Midajah and tore off her bikini.

"You bitches!!" spat Midajah.

"Yes, that we are. But with you gone, one of us will be the bitch with a
job." Torrie smiled evilly.

With that, Torrie stuffed Midajah's bikini bottom into the naked woman's
mouth. Mona slid two of her fingers into Midajah's cunt. Mona started slow
at first, wanting to torture Midajah a bit. As Mona finger fucked Midajah,
Torrie used the top of the torn bikini to tie Midajah's hands behind her
back. Torrie then began to use her hands to maul Midajah's tits. She felt
Midajah up like a sixteen year old schoolboy, pawing away at ever inch of
Midajah's jugs. Midajah tried to hold back the pleasure, but she was really
getting turned on. She moaned through her gag and closed her eyes.

"This whore is getting wet." said Mona with a smile.

"Maybe you should give her another finger or two." suggested Torrie.

Mona slid four fingers into Midajah's wet pussy, increasing the pumping
motions. Midajah was starting to squirm from the pleasure that the two
blondes were giving her. Torrie used her tongue and licked each of Midajah's
tits. Nash and Booker were watching the whole thing with smiles on their

"Can't buy seats like this, man." Booker said.

"Fuck no." replied Nash.

While Midajah was being dominated, Missy and Paisley were rolling around
on the ground, screaming obscenities at each other a mile a minute.

"FUCKING BITCH I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" screamed Paisley.

"TRY IT YOU PIECE OF TRASH!!!" responded Missy.

Buff was watching the fight. He looked over at Stevie, who just shrugged.
Buff shook his head and walked over to the two ladies. He liked a catfight as
much as any other guy, but he wanted to get down to some fucking. He finally
separated the two women.

"Ok that was just unladylike. I'm afraid I'm going to have to penalize
both of you ladies." Buff took off his black referee shorts, revealing his
thick eight inch cock. "Now Paisley, you will suck my cock and Missy will
attend to Stevie over there." he ordered.

Never able to turn down some cock, Paisley dropped to her knees and
hungrily sucked on Buff's long shaft. She used her tongue and licked the
purple tip of his hard shlong. Buff got a big smile on his face.

"I'm Buff, and baby, I DO got the stuff!!"

Missy walked over to Stevie. She hated to have to do this, but these jerks
were the referees. Her mood changed however when she saw Stevie's 12 inch rod
spring out from his shorts. Missy stood with her mouth watering, it was one
of the biggest cocks she'd ever seen.

"What're you waiting for? Get the hell over here." ordered Stevie.

Missy walked right on over to him and got down on her knees. She was about
to suck him, when he grabbed her by the hair.

"Uh-uh. You're gonna get down on all fours and take it doggystyle."

Missy knew that she'd cum if Stevie fucked her with his large shaft, but
she couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. She got down on her hands and
knees, shaking her firm ass at Stevie. He inserted his large cock into
Missy's wet cunt slowly. Missy groaned at the sensation of his large cock
sliding into her pussy. Stevie began to pump into Missy's cunt, fondling her
asscheeks with his large hands.

"Damn bitch you have one nice ass." said Stevie.

Missy just moaned at Stevie inserted his eighth inch into Missy's
sopping wet cunt. She rocked back and forth on Stevie's cock to get better
penetration. As Missy was fucking Stevie, Torrie and Mona were getting
frustrated with Midajah. The blondes almost had Midajah cum twice, but the
bound "freak" had somehow managed to evade orgasm. Mona had her whole fist
inside Midajah's pussy, but it still wasn't enough. Torrie got so mad she
actually smacked Midajah across the face. She pouted for a second, then saw
Booker and Nash watching with raging hard-on's beneath their shorts.

"Excuse me boys, but could you help us over here?" she asked with a smile.

Nash and Booker looked at each other with a knowing look. They walked
right over and tore off their shorts. Booker was a solid 12 inches like his
brother Stevie. But Torrie gasped when she saw Nash's 14-inch monster. The
women in the audience screamed at the sight. Those who weren't getting some
dick were ripping guy's pants off and begging to be fucked.

"I think you ladies have your answer. Now let us through to do our jobs."
said Booker.

The two blondes stepped aside. Booker stood above Midajah's face. Her eyes
went wide when she saw his large black cock. Booker pulled out her gag and
shoved his cock into her mouth.

"As the ref, I'm orderin' you to give me the best damn blowjob you can
give me. And if you don't, then you're out of this match right now."

Midajah had little choice. She started to suck on Booker's long shaft. He
groaned at the feeling. Using her unbound hands, Midajah cupped Booker's
balls. She rolled them around in her hand. Booker pumped his rod into her
mouth, her saliva covering every inch of it. Nash and got down in front of
her pussy. His eyes bugged when he saw her shaved pussy covered in juice.

"Damn, she DOES shave!"

Backstage Midajah always was a tease to all of the superstars. Now Booker
and Nash were getting full permission to fuck her senseless. Nash gripped his
large shaft and started to inch his way inside of her. Midajah moaned around
Booker's cock. Nash shoved nine thick inches into her, stretching her cunt.
Midajah groaned, she never had a cock this big or thick inside of her. Nash
grunted as he started to pump into her.

"God DAMN is she tight!!! Must be used to banging some of the smaller
dicked fanboys."

Nash was ramming eleven inches into Midajah now. The naked woman was
squirming on the floor, sweat and oil running all over her body. She was
greedily deepthroating Booker's hard shaft. Booker couldn't remember when he
got a blowjob like this. Nash was slam-fucking Midajah with twelve inches.
Her cunt was stretched to the limits around Nash's cock. With each thrust,
Midajah yelped. After a few more minutes, Midajah was moaning constantly.

"Damn Kevin, this bitch is gonna blow." laughed Booker.

Booker came, filling Midajah's mouth with a huge load. She swallowed as
much as she could, but a bit came dribbling out of her mouth. Right she
swallowed that, Nash was about ready to come. Not able to hold out any
longer, Midajah came loudly.

"Oh fuck Nash!!! You're fucking cock is so big!!! I can't take it, I'm

Midajah screamed at the top of her lungs as she came. It was so loud half
the people in the arena heard it and cheered. Nash pumped four solid loads
into the convulsing Midajah. She had never came so hard in her life. Torrie
and Mona high-fived each other, one of their combatants was down. Nash slid
out of Midajah, raising a fist into the air at the crowd's cheer.

"You're done baby, pack your shit and get outta here." said Booker.

A panting Midajah walked out of the arena, winking at Nash as she walked
away. Before she left, she saw two fifteen-year-old boys jacking off in the
front row. She grabbed both of them and went into the back to fuck their
brains out. At the other side of the ring, Paisley was jumping up and down on
Buff's cock like she was a bullrider on a crazy bull. She wrapped her smooth
legs around his waist and held on for dear life.

"Ohhh Buff Daddy, fuck me!!! FUUUCCKK MEEE!!!" she shouted.

Buff's had a huge smile on his face as Paisley rode him. The Nitro Girl
was screaming at the top oh her lungs as Buff's rock hard cock impaled her
tight pussy. Buff was sucking her tits as she came. Paisley was eliminated.
She grabbed Buff and dragged him into the dressing room to fuck him some

"Guess it's down to three." said Mona.

"Maybe not, take a look at that ho Missy." said Booker.

The group looked over to see Stevie slam fucking Missy Hyatt doggystyle.
Missy's eyes were tightly shut, a look of pure lust and pleasure on her face.
She was groaning for Stevie to keep on fucking her pussy. Stevie grunted in
response and slammed her again. Missy's entire body shook each time he
slammed into her.

"Oh Stevie, keep fucking me with your big black cock!! I need it, I need
it SOOO fucking BAADDD!!!!"

Stevie, who was always a gentleman, gave the lady exactly what she wanted.
He began steadily pumping his cock in and out of Missy. With a squeal, Missy
shoved her ass onto Stevie's shaft to get better penetration. Wanting to get
in on the action, Booker shoved his cock into Missy's mouth. Missy was so
horny, she just started sucking on Booker's cock without a second thought.

"Damn woman you good!" exclaimed Booker.

"You should try her from this end, bro." said Stevie, "The bitch is

The brothers laughed and continued to fuck the hot babe before them.
Stevie reached out and grabbed Missy's tits, feeling their firmness. Booker
held Missy by the back of the head to guide her warm mouth on his throbbing
shaft. Missy used her right hand to grab Booker's nuts, tickling his soft
sack. Booker grunted at the erotic sensation and was ready to blow. He shot
his load into Missy's mouth, filling it to the maximum.

"That's it baby, take it ALL!!!!"

Stevie couldn't hold back anymore, his shaft shot off a huge load into
Missy's wet cunt. The bitch squealed in orgasm as the two large men blew
their loads. When it was over, Missy passed out on the floor, cum running
down her leg and a wide smile on her face. The crowd was roaring, half
because of the match and the other from the massive orgy that had erupted in
Madison Square Garden.

"She's out. Torrie, Mona, down to you two. Now let's get it on!" said

Mona instantly took action, tackling Torrie from behind. The two blondes
hit the floor of the oil pool. Mona grabbed the back of Torrie's bikini top
and ripped it off. Torrie threw her left elbow back and hit Mona in the jaw.
With a grunt, Mona was thrown onto the floor. The two blondes wrestled some
more, ending with Mona on top in a 69 position with Torrie. Mona snapped off
Torrie's thong and started lapping at Torrie's shaved pussy. Torrie tried to
knock Mona off, but the sensation was just too much. She started moaning as
Mona tongue fucked her wet pussy.

"Ohhhh Mona you bitch...OHH GOOODDD!!! I'm gonna CUMMM!!!!"

Torrie started to hump Mona's face. Nash, Booker, and Stevie were jacking
off at the two blonde women in such an erotic scene. As Torrie was thrashing
in orgasm, the three men all shot loads of hot cum onto the women's bodies.
When Torrie came, Mona jumped up and down in victory, her breasts jiggling
madly to the audience's delight. Booker raised her hand.

"And here's your winner, MONA!!!!"

The audience cheered at the sight of the naked, cum-soaked Mona.


In his office, Jessup Wade and Vinny Cochran were gangbanging Tammy. Jess
turned from the monitor to Vinny, who was screwing Tammy's ass.

"You owe me a fuckin' Coke." he said with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah." grunted Vinny.

Jess smiled and continued to enjoy the feeling of Tammy's soft lips
wrapped around his cock.

"That's right my little whore, keep it up. Next week you'll be in pop's
tournament, being the slut that you are." Jess grabbed her by the hair, "And
if you know what's good for ya, you won't screw anything up."

Tammy nodded as Vinny slammed her in the ass again. Jess hit the intercom
on his desk.

"Ms. Hancock?"

"Yes, Mr. Wade?" she said from her desk.

"Missy Hyatt is no longer with us. Tell pop that he has another entry,
she'll fit right in with all the other hot pieces of ass. And oh yeah, get
Matt on the phone. He wanted first dibs on Torrie when she was free agent.
From now on, she's all his."

"Yes sir."

Jess looked back to the monitor. He saw that Midajah was in her dressing
room, fucking those boys she took from the audience. One was sucking her tits
while the other had his five-inch dick shoved into her cunt. Midajah was
enjoying every second of it.

"Damn, what a nympho!"

You guessed it, not the end.

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