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The Taking Of WCW 7
by Foley Fan (

It was a very happy time for CSBN. The Slutbrawl 2000 pay-per-view was a
tremendous success. Teri "Fyre" Byrne was the winner and had the opportunity
to sign a contract with whichever CSBN wrestling organization she wanted. The
people were even treated to some of their favorite superstars get in on the
action. And that means literally. Jess orchestrated the whole thing with
fellow ECW CEO Paul Heyman at his side. The CEO of the WWF and Jess's
longtime buddy Matt Williams would have been there but he mentioned something
about a jacuzzi party with his staff or something. Anyway, a good time was
had by all. After witnessing the stunning performances of both Diamond Dallas
Page and his wife Kimberly, Jess decided to rehire the two back to their home
of WCW. Jess also hired the buxom blonde Strawberry Fields to his personal
office staff.

But despite all the happiness, not all was pleasant in the CSBN empire.
The notoriously hated group Right To Censor had crashed the show. Although
they were put out of commission and lost the support of the Godfather, it
was still annoying as hell to listen to Steven Richards. Jess called Matt
about it. Matt told him not to worry that he would deal with the RTC one way
or the other.

But for now, everything was good. Nitro was live on the air, Strawberry
was riding Matt like an expert whore, and Leia was in the corner spanking a
hog-tied Vincent Cochran.

"Please ma'am, may I have another?" whimpered Vinny.

"Not yet you pervert. I want you beg mistress more. NOW!"

Jess chuckled at the sight. He licked Strawberry's large tits and slammed
into her again. She had proven her expertise in numerous "Ladies of WCW"

Meanwhile on a live Monday Nitro, the goth goddess Daffney Unger had just
lost a Women's Title match to Madusa and was being interviewed in the back by
the busty Pamela Paulshock. Daffney's boyfriend Crowbar stood beside his
woman, his hand on her shoulder.

"Daffney, you put up a tremendous effort here tonight. You and Madusa
competed in a match that may be considered match of the year. I just have one
question: How do you respond to the rumors that in your private life you're
nothing more than a second rate dominatrix like Leia Meow?"

"WHAT????" screamed Daffney and Leia in unison.

"Oh shit." muttered Jess as he slapped himself on the forehead.

"What the hell is your problem bitch?" asked a pissed Daffney.

"Hey, I'm just asking the questions the people want asked. Don't get
snotty at me you slut." said Pamela.

"Excuse me, who's calling who a slut here?"

"I'm calling you one. Do you have a problem with that you skank?" sneered

Daffney gave one of her blood-curling screams and jumped on top of Pamela,
grabbing her by the hair. Crowbar quickly jumped in and tried to pull Daffney
off the blonde interviewer.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS YOU BITCH!!!!" screamed Daffney.

"You and what army, skank?"


The next day, Jess was laying on a massage bed in his office. Ms. Hancock
was behind him massaging his lower back muscles. Standing in front of Jess
was Leia, Daffney, and Misfits In Action member Major Gunns. All three of
them were not happy ladies.

"You heard what she said yesterday." said Daffney, "The bitch has to go

"I agree. She's been talking shit about MIA too. Just let me at her." said
a determined Major Gunns.

"Ok, ok. I can understand your ladies frustration. I've gotta admit, since
the Slutbrawl Pam has gone onto a power trip. But as of this second I'm
giving you ladies carte blanche to do with her as you please. You have the
authority to do whatever you want with her. Just make sure that she doesn't
cause the company any more trouble, ok?"

The three ladies smiled evilly. This was going to be fun.


Before the Wednesday night Thunder taping, Pamela was in her dressing
room getting ready for the show. So far, not a lot was revealed about what
her part would be. It was just said that she'd do a few odd segments for the
show. Which suited her just fine. She was sick of interviewing, she felt that
she should have a much bigger role than just that.

"All those other sluts don't have nearly the talent I do." she said while
primping in front of the mirror.

Suddenly Pamela heard the door close. She turned around to see Daffney and
Crowbar in her room, both looked very pissed. Pamela was scared shitless.

"Uh, hi guys. I-is there anything I can do for you?" she asked nervously.

Crowbar reached out and grabbed her by the arms. Pamela tried to get free,
but he was too strong. Then Daffney reached into a black bag she was carrying
and pulled out a ballgag.

"What are y-"

Daffney shoved the gag into Pamela's mouth. The two then proceeded to
strip Pamela down naked. They then handcuffed her hands in her front and tied
a leash around her neck. Daffney held the other end of the leash in her hand.
Now Pamela was very scared.

"Thanks baby. Now let's go." Daffney said to Crowbar.


The crowd was in the arena anxiously waiting for the bonus match that was
announced earlier. Suddenly, Daffney and Crowbar's theme "Crazy Train" by
Ozzy Osbourne hit the PA. Down the ramp walked Leia Meow and Daffney, both in
leather corsets, garters, thongs, and knee-high boots. Daffney was dragging
the bound Pamela behind her by the leash while Leia carried a large bag. The
three women got in the ring, Leia with a mic in hand.

"Well Pamela, congratulations are in order. Not only have you pissed us
off, but you've also pissed off the network. Now does anyone remember what
happens when you piss off the network?"

The crowd cheered crazily, remembering what happened to Tammy a while

"So now Pamela, we get to do whatever we want to you, BITCH!!!"

From the rafters above, a cable with a hook at the end was dropped.
Daffney and Leia lifted Pamela up and lopped the handcuffs on the hook.
Pamela's feet were about a foot off the ring mat. Leia and Daffney reached
into the bag and retrieved two large paddles. The audience cheered when
Daffney bent over, showing off her fine ass.

"After you." said Daffney.

Leia used her paddle to spank Pamela's ass.


With each wack Pamela yelped in pain. Leia hit her at least twenty times.
Then Daffney took her turn.


Again, Pamela received twenty wacks from the wooden paddle. By now
Pamela's ass was growing red, tears running down her cheeks in pain. Daffney
walked over and stroked her face softly and tenderly.

"Awwww, did we hurt you Pam? Well TOO BAD BITCH, WE'VE JUST STARTED!!!"

Daffney pulled a ten inch long vibrator from the bag Leia carried out. She
shoved the vibratory into Pamela's swelling ass and turned to "high" right
away. The sudden wave of pleasure made Pamela groan happily. Seeing this,
Leia slapped the blonde across her face.

"No groaning, slave! You do what we say when we say. Now for that little
discretion, I'll have to punish you."

Leia reached into the bag and pulled out a bullwhip. Pamela's eyes went
wide with fear, she had never been in anything like this. Daffney giggled
sadistically. Circling around Pamela, Leia gave her half a dozen lashes with
the large whip. Each lash left a red mark on Pam's back. This feeling mixed
with the vibrator Pamela was torn between pleasure and pain.

"Why don't they stop? It hurts so much." thought Pamela.

Daffney was jumping up and down excitedly with each lash, her tits
jiggling as she did. When Leia was finished, Pamela's entire back was covered
in red marks left by the whip. Pamela was crying from the pain and
humiliation she was being put through. Leia decided to take this even to
another level.

"Let her down." she told Daffney.

Daffney unlocked the handcuffs, letting Pamela fall to the mat with a
thud. Pamela didn't try to get up, she just laid there with tears down her
\face. Daffney walked up to her and took the blonde's pretty face in her

"We're sorry Pam, but you do deserve this. You're just going to have to
do what we say."

Daffney took out Pamela's ball gag and gave her a deep french kiss. Both
women made out for a few moments, letting their tongues explore each other's
mouths. When they broke apart, Daffney slapped Pamela across the face.

"That was good, but it won't save you." giggled Daffney.

Leia smiled brightly. Daffney was really getting into the femdom thing.
Daffney slid off her thong and exposed her fine plump ass. She shook it at
the crowd, causing the people to go nuts. Daffney got a big grin on her face.
She bent over all the way, her full ass pointing up in the air. Now the crowd
started to deteriorate into an orgy (which was growing very common for CSBN
crowds, go figure). Leia couldn't resist and playfully swatted Daffney's
plump butt. Daffney giggled like a little girl. Then she squatted in front
of Pamela.

"Eat my asshole you cunt!" she said.

Pamela knew it would be pointless to resist the two women. So she shoved
her tongue inside Daffney's firm asscheeks and started tossing her salad. Not
being used to eating ass, Pamela pretended that she was eating a woman's
sweet pussy. Daffney was in heaven from the attention her anus was getting.

"Good slave. Veeeeeery good slave." she cooed.

Although Pamela felt humiliated, a small part of her liked it. As Daffney
began to approach orgasm, Leia took out two-way twelve-inch dildo. She shoved
one end into her then slammed the other into Pamela doggystyle.

Between the dildo in her pussy, the vibrator still in her ass, and her
face in Daffney's ass, Pamela was putting on quit a show. Both Leia came
twice and Daffney came three times within ten minutes. Pamela even got to
come. Finally, Daffney withdrew from Pamela's mouth, a very satisfied look on
her face.

Leia was just finishing her third orgasm when "American Woman" by Lenny
Kravitz hit the arena PA. Down the ramp came the Misfits In Action with the
voluptuous Major Gunns in the lead. Pamela saw the smiles on the Misfits
faces, knowing that the night wasn't over yet. She was still on her hands and
knees as General Rection strode over to her. He had a grin on his face.

"Mrs. Paulshock, you have disgraced the Misfits In Action!" barked Rection
in Pamela's face, "You will pay reparations to the MIA for your slanderous
remarks. Do you understand?"

Pamela submissively nodded her head. Rection turned to the Misfits and
told them to take their reparations from Pam. Corporal Cajun dropped his
pants and let free his 8-inch cock. He pulled the vibrator out of Pamela and
started to plow her doggystlye. Pamela groaned as he gave her asscheeks a
firm slap.

"Ahhhh, that's it. Nice and tight." he said.

Lieutenant Loco got on front of Pam and whipped out his modest 6-incher.
With one swift movement he slid it into her mouth. Pam began sucking away at
him immediately. She figured that she might as well get what's coming to her
anyway. Sergeant AWOL wanted in on the action too. He whipped out his long
12-inch cock and started towards Pam's.

"Oh please not there again." she thought.

But it was no use, AWOL began to slam-fuck her shapely buttocks. With all
three of her holes filled, Pamela felt degraded yet turned on by it all. She
tightened her throat, pussy, and anal muscles as best she could. All three
Misfits were in heaven.

"Damn baby, you give good head for a civilian." said Loco through clenched

Pam smiled up at him. Meanwhile, General Rection stood before the now
naked Daffney and Leia Meow, Major Gunns at his side. Although the tent in
his pants was clear, he was still all-business.

"Ladies, the MIA thanks you for all you have for us tonight."

"Actually General, I think I can do more for you." said Daffney sexily.

Daffney dropped to her knees and fished out General Rection's 10-inch long
five-inch thick cock. She immediately took the General's schlong into her
mouth and started to suck him off. Using her tongue she licked all over
Rection's hard shaft. Her small hands were tickling his balls.

"Ahhhhh yes. Very good Mrs. Unger, very good." sighed the General.

Lieutenant Loco shot his wad into Pamela's mouth, filling it with his
salty cum. Pamela swallowed it all like a true slut. Corporal Cajun had came
three times in Pam's tight cunny and Sergeant AWOL was approaching his second
orgasm. Not wanting to be left out, Major Gunns walked over to the
cum-covered blonde. Major Gunns took off her top, exposing her rotund DD's.
The crowd went wild. After taking a moment to pose for the crowd, Gunns took
off her hotpants, leaving her naked. She grabbed Pam's face and shoved it in
her cunt.

"Eat me out you blonde bitch!" she ordered.

At this point Pam knew that resistance was futile. She might as well try
and enjoy this as much as possible. She used her thick tongue to eat out the
lovely Major Gunns. Gunns was in heaven, she was never eaten out his good

"Oh fuckin' A you blonde bimbo! You eat pussy so damn good! Holy SHIT EAT
ME OUT!!!"

As Pam ate out Major Gunns, Corporal Cajun started to suck Gunns large
breasts. He used his tongue to lick and suck her soft tit-flesh. Major Gunns
was very wet now. She used one hand to steady Pamela's head and another on
Cajun's. Cajun bit down on one of her nipples, causing her to groan loudly
in pleasure.

"Oh god this soooooo gooood!!! Don't stop, either of you."

Meanwhile, General Rection had already shot a load into Daffney's mouth.
He know had her on her hands and knees, slam-fucking her ripe ass. His large
cock was snugly fit in to Daffney's large asscheeks. Daffney was moaning with
a large smile on her face.

"Oh General, fuck me, fuck my ass! I need it sooo baaaaAAAAAAAA!!!"

Daffney broke into one of her banshee screams as she came. Rection had
multiple orgasms and filled Daffney up to capacity. He slid his tool out of
Daffney with a loud pop. During all this, Leia was being DP'd by Loco and
AWOL. Both men got off at least four times. Leia, of course, loved every
second of it. Major Gunns was cumming hard, her girl juices soaking Pamela's
pretty face.

"Oh god yes, that feels so good you little slut! You're a born
pussylicker." said Gunns between moans.

When she was finished, Gunns bent over and gave Pam a long french kiss.
The rest of MIA got their clothes back on and began to head backstage. Major
Gunns walked back naked, ready to service her comrades all night is she
needed to.

"Well Pamela, did you learn your lesson?" asked Leia forcefully.

"Yes, yes I did. I won't say anything about any of you again, I swear!"
said Pam with fear in her voice.


Before she left, Leia wacked Pamela over the head with the dildo she
used earlier. Pamela was knocked out cold. Daffney waved goodbye to Leia as
the Asian dominatrix went backstage as well. The goth goddess retrieved her
boytoy Crowbar, who was fucking a hot redhead college girl at ringside.
Crowbar threw Pamela over his shoulder and carried her back to his and
Daffney's dressing room. Tonight they'd enjoy the sexual services of the
blonde bombshell all night long.


In his office, Jessup Wade has his rod speared into Gorgeous George's ass.
George, in turn, was eating out Strawberry Fields. Both women were in the
throes of their ninth orgasm.

"I love a happy ending, don't you?" he asked as he slammed into George

George gave a loud grunt.

"I thought so."

Do I REALLY have to say it? Not the End.
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