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The Taking Of WCW Part 8
by Foley Fan (

Over the past year and a half, the CSBN Empire had grown by leaps and
bounds. The Wade family and their associates were unbeatable in the sports
entertainment arena. Their network was a dominant power, their shows were
outstanding in the ratings. The programming that many in the mainstream media
joked about where eating their words. There were the occasional roadblocks,
the Right To Censor in particular. After some serious counseling, Jess heard
that Steven Richards was actually making good progress thanks to the helpful
people at Betty Ford.

***Jess's Office***

Jess sat behind his desk, feet propped up. He held the phone to his ear in
one hand, a remote to his office big screen TV in the other. His surgically
enhanced bodyguard Asya was standing behind him, on the constant vigil. On
the TV screen, the classic cinema feature "Men at Work" was playing. Despite
the classic acting of Charlie Sheen, Jess was not a happy camper.

"Look, I'm going to say this one more time. I don't care how good of a
job Russo does mopping the men's room floor, he can't have his job back!!"
Jess slammed down the phone onto the receiver. He let out a sigh and rubbed
his forehead. "I swear that guy's bitching will be the end of me."

"Want anything to drink boss?" asked Asya.

"Yeah, scotch on the rocks."

Asya walked over to the bar. Jess admired the large woman's toned ass as
she walked. Jess knew that he didn't have time for nookie now, he had to
interview a few ladies for the position of Scott Steiner's valet (or "freak"
as Scott liked to call them). Asya handed him the drink, Jess was about to
take a drink when his office doors were flung wide open. Asya immediately
got in front of Jess, ready for anything. Jess look up to see a pissed off
Scott Steiner standing in the doorway.

"Wade!!!" roared Big Poppa Pump.

"Yeah, what is it, Scott?" asked Jess calmly.

"You know what I want!! You said I'd get a new freak three weeks ago, now
where is she?"

Jess calmly got out of his chair. He put a hand on Asya's shoulder, the
signal that he had everything under control.

"Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. Come on, this me, Jessup. You know that you can
trust me. I promised you a freak and you'll get one. Matter of fact, I was
just about to interview three ladies for the job. Tell ya what, since you're
here, why donít you test drive them yourself? You can decide which one you
want. Ok?"

Scott had calmed down and nodded his head. "Ok, I like that."

"I knew you would." Jess hit his comm button, "Ms. Hancock, could send in
Caryn Mower, Baby, and Spice now, please?"

Steiner smiled, he knew that he'd be getting some prime poongtang out of
this deal. Jess's office doors opened and the three women walked in. Spice
was wearing her classic catholic schoolgirl outfit (small white blouse tied
in a knot just below her breasts, plaid skirt that was thigh high, and
knee-high stockings). Baby wore the traditional Nitro Girl outfit of silver
croptop, shorts, and boots. Caryn Mower (UPW's Carnidge and WWF's Muffy)
wore a simple black mini-dress and pumps. Scott looked them over

"Yeah, I like this. All right, you three want to be my new freak? Well,
you gotta show Big Poppa Pump how freaky you can be. Part of being a freak
is being comfortable with other freaks. Nitro slut and Indy bitch, you two
get more familiar with each other. Spice, get over here for a personal
one-on-one session."

With that, Scott slid out of his trunks, revealing his 5-inch thick 16-inch
long monster. Spice got a greedy look on her face. She sexily walked over to
Scott. When she reached him, she dropped right to her knees and began to
stroke his giant cock with both of her small hands.

"Nice piece you got here, Steiner." she said as she took a nice long lick.
Spice's mouth widened to an unimaginable size as she took Scott's first 6
inches on the first bob. The petite blonde began to take more and more of
Steiner's pole with every bob. After a few minutes she had 2/3 of it in her

Baby and Caryn were getting wet watching the scene before them. They
looked at each other and passionately kissed. Baby's hands roamed all over
Caryn's body, finally finding her breasts. The Nitro Girl could feel the
indy babe's erect nipples.

"You have nice breasts Caryn." said Baby between kisses.

"Call me Muffy."

The cute blondes sat on the office sofa and began to strip each other
while making out. Muffy whipped off Baby's top, revealing her well-developed
B cups. Baby moaned into the other woman's mouth as Muffy began to pinch her
nipples. The nipples grew rigid with the touching. Wanting to take it a step
further, Baby began to slid the straps of Muffy's dress down her shoulders.
She softly kissed her lover's bare shoulder, lightly biting down.

Muffy cooed, "That feels great."

Jess was getting damn hard watching this. He signaled Asya to her knees.
The buff bodyguard responded and got down in front of Jess. She took off her
leather bustier, exposing her enhanced D-cups. Jess unzipped his pants and
whipped out his stiffening cock. Asya took it in her mouth, sucking on the
mushroom head with her pouty lips (another enhancement of surgery). As she
sucked, Jess palmed her ample tit-flesh.

Steiner now had Spice deepthroating him. His pubic hairs tickled her pert
nose. Her blouse was off and she was feeling up her perky C-cups. Steiner
was about cum when he grabbed her by the hair and took her mouth off his
cock. Spice looked up at him like he was nuts. No man, or woman, ever
stopped when she gave head.

"What's your prob-"

Spice was cut off when Steiner picked her up and threw her on Jess's desk.
He ripped off her skirt, exposing her bald cunny. Steiner knew that the
bitch didn't wear underwear. He then grabbed her by the hips and slammed her
down on his massive tool. Half of it went in on the first stroke.

"UUUGGHHHH!!!" grunted Spice in pain.

Steiner began to slam-fuck her pussy. It wasn't easy because her tight
pussy felt like a nice on his muscular tool. Big Poppa Pump was like a
jackhammer, slamming into her so hard that she was in an orgamsic daze. The
petite blonde held onto Steiner for dear life. The pain was excruciating at
first, but was moaning like a $5 whore soon enough.

"Oh Scott, w-wait-wha-h-oohhhh yeaah fuck me!!"

On the sofa, Muffy and Baby were totally naked. Muffy had been eating out
Baby's honeypot but wanted to get some penetration going. She saw a candle
on a nearby table, grabbed it, and shoved it into Baby's well-lubricated
snatch. Baby let out a loud groan of pleasure.

"You ok?" asked Muffy as she worked the candlestick in and out.

"Ohhh yeah. It's not a cucumber, but it'll do."

Muffy grinned and shoved the candlestick in further. Baby loved every
second of it. The smooth candle going into her already well-lubricated pussy
felt great. As she was getting fucked, she took her left nipple in her mouth
and began to suckle on it. Muffy wanted some too, so she began to suck on the
right nipple. The stimulation was too much for Baby and she creamed out in

"Oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh fucking yeahhh!! That feels sooo goood!!"

Baby's juices covered the candlestick. Muffy took it in her mouth and
sucked it like a lollipop. Babby giggled and took a lick too.

Steiner was fucking the shit out of Spice. She was gasping for breath, she
had never been fucked this hard. (Well there was that stallion one time at
camp, but camp never counts, right?) Anyway, Spice already had multiple
orgasms, but Steiner had yet to have one. He kept pounding away at Spice,
her girlish body convulsing with pleasure and pain.

"Scott!! St-stop!! Please I-OHH GOOOOOD I CAN'T T-T-TAAAAAAGGHHH!!!"
Spice had one last mind-splitting orgasm before she blacked out. Her eyes
rolled into the back of her head and her body went limp. Poppa fucked her
for another few minutes before he realized she was unconscious.

"Damn it!! Wade!!!"

Jess and Asys were both naked on the floor. Asya was on her hands and
knees taking Jess's cock doggystyle while she had a vibrator stuck in her
toned asscheeks. Jess slammed his foot-long one-eyed monster into his
squealing bodyguard. He had her by the hips and was giving it to her good.
"Kinda busy now Scott!! Do the other two!"

"Oh Mr. Wade!" said Asya in the throes of passion.

Steiner looked over to see Baby and Muffy in a 69 position. Muffy's ass
was stuck up in the air, an open invite. He walked over to the couch, lined
up his tool, and shoved it into her buttery cheeks. Muffy let out a loud
moan as the massive pole of Big Poppa Pump pierced her anal cavity. Steiner
hadn't cum with Spice, so let out all his frustration on Muffy. The indy
star was being assaulted by a cock and tongue and was loving it. Baby was
licking away with her long tongue. It was common knowledge that all the
Nitro Girls were skilled in the oral arts, which Muffy was finding out first
hand. Muffy was consumed by lust.

"Oh you two dirty fuckers!! Make me cum!! Make me cum now!!" hissed Muffy.

Baby was the first to make her cum. Muffy's cunt erupted, a torrent of
cum soaking Baby's pretty face. The blonde dancer licked it all with abandon.
She loved girl juice. Not sooner after the first orgasm, Muffy came again.
Steiner was slam-fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Muffy was moaning
in pain and pleasure.

"Come on you stupid bitch, you had better take it!!!" Steiner shouted at

Muffy's body was madly convulsing as she and Steiner had simultaneous
orgasms. When Steiner came it was like a dame was unleashed. Only a few
spurts were in Muffy when Baby pulled Muffy off Steiner's cock and laid her
on the couch. Ropes of sticky white cum erupted from Steiner's pisshole and
covered Muffy's body. The two blondes did all they could to get some in
their mouths. After swallowing a mouthful, Baby grabbed Steiner's shaft and
sucked down the rest. She was on his dick like a vacuum cleaner. Steiner
never had anyone suck him with suck force.

"Well aren't you the anxious one?" he asked.

Baby smiled up at him. She turned to see Muffy asleep on the couch.
Apparently Steiner's hammering was too much for her.

"So I guess I win?" asked Baby confidently.

"Not so fast. Hey Wade, I got a job for Asya.

The freshly fucked Asya as casually stroking Jess's balls. Steiner
whispered in her ear, Asya got a wicked smile on her face. She opened one
of Jess's desk drawers and pulled out a 14-inch long 5-inch thick two-way
ribbed strap-on. The muscular woman shoved one end inside of her and advanced
on the wide-eyed Baby.

"Lay down and spread 'em you prissy bitch." ordered Asya.

Baby did as she was told. With one savage thrust, Asya had six inches
inside Baby. Asya began to shove the rubber dong in and out of Baby. She took
deep strokes, working the whole phallus inside of her smaller lover. Baby was
no stranger to strap-on's, but this was bigger than any she had taken before.
"P-please be gentle." she said weakly.

Asya responded with a viscous slam into her cunny. Baby screamed in pain.


Baby saw that Asya got a strange glint in her eye. The large woman
continued to slam-fuck Baby, making the smaller woman whimper with each
thrust. After several minutes of merciless fucking, all fourteen inches of
the huge strap-on was inside of Baby. Asya had a huge smile on her face, she
loved dominating the Nitro Girl.

"Take it, take my cock you little bitch!! Fucking take it all!!"

Baby was constantly moaning now, she loved being fucked by Asya and her
strap-on. The large shaft slammed into her cunt with no mercy. Baby was
ready to cum. Her cunt erupted girl juice all over the place. Asya's shaft
was covered in cum. When Asya withdrew from Baby's freshly fucked pussy, she
took the strap-on off and shoved it into Baby's mouth. Like a hungry child,
Baby licked it clean. Asya kissed Baby fully on the lips. Jess and Steiner
gave the two a round of applause. Baby was fucked so hard she couldn't even

"S-so did I win?" she asked Steiner weakly.

"Yeah, you got the job." said Steiner. He then slung her over his shoulder
and left the office, giving her a slap on the ass as they left.

Spice and Muffy began to wake up. Although they were mad they didn't get
the job, Jess told them not to worry though. He, Asya, and her strap-on were
still up for some fucking.

"Which one you want?" he asked Asya.

"Nitro slut."

Jess and Asya bent Muffy and Spice over Jess's desk. The two began to fuck
the women with their large tools. Asya grunted as she forced her plastic
love piece into Spice's tight asscheecks. The burly woman grabbed Spice's
fabulous ass and gave it a firm squeeze. Spice wriggled to get more of the
strap-on inside of her, she just loved getting it up the ass. Jess was
really giving it to Muffy. He grabbed onto her blonde locks and gave her a
mighty thrust.

"Oh yeah honey, fuck me good." cooed Muffy.

Muffy's vaginal muscles milked Jess's cock. It was obvious that she was a
pro. Jess let one hand go from Muffy's hair and reached down to feel her
breasts. They were a solid C-cup and felt very good. He could tell by the
feel that she was all-natural. His fingers pinched one of her nipples,
sending a shiver of pleasure down Muffy's body. Finally the four had orgasms.
Jess popped his wad into Muffy, causing her to go wild.

"Yeah!! Yeah!! Oh HELL YEAHHHH!!!"

Spice was squealing as she had multiple orgasms. Asya gave her several
hard slaps on the ass as she came. Afterwards, Asya grabbed Spice by the hair
and forced her mouth onto her tits. Asya moaned happily as Spice sucked away.
Jess humped Muffy a couple more times before letting his long john out of
her oven.

"That was great." she said.

Muffy took a quick shower in the office bathroom, then left. She had an
appointment with Matt Williams tomorrow and needed to catch a flight to
Titan Towers. Jess sat down on his office chair. He turned to Asya, who
still had Spice suckling her nipples.

"So what do you feel like for lunch? Pizza?"

", I'm sick of pizza. Let's get deli."

"Sounds like a plan to me. I'll call George down at the kitchen. What does
the little hoover want?"

"Why don't we give her some sausage?" asked Asya, suggestively looking at
Jess's cock.

Jess smiled. "Sounds good to me."

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