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The 10th Wonder Of The World
by Formerly Ty

Caution: this story contains material that may be offensive. I am a
of gay stories but not gay, it's true, it's true. I only write stories for
the enjoyment of others. Enjoy this however you wanna. If you enjoy this
please email me at and tell me if i should write a

For years,Billy wondered what Chyna had under her garments. A cock,
pussy or maybe even both. Everynight he would dream of it and sometimes
thought of it while jerking himself. He was so curious of how a cock would
feel up his ass and one time begged a woman to bang him with a strap-on.
She thought he was gay and left. Luckily she didn't know who he was. Billy
kept thinking about Chyna in his fantasies until one day they had met up for
a storyline meetings. Billy saw Chyna and wanted to jerk off at the sight of

"Hello Billy, long time no see," said Chyna.

"Yeah, that injury really messed me up, but now I'm back and better than
ever," replied Billy. He glanced for a second at Chyna's neck looking for an

"What are you looking for?" said Chyna.

"Nothing, Joanie. Can I talk to you privatley?" asked Billy.

"Sure. What for?" said Chyna. Billy escorted Chyna over near the janitors
room and went inside the small room.

"So?" sighed Chyna.

"Here's the thing, while I was... well, when I was injured and at home,
I had a lot of time to think and...." said Billy.

"Go ahead I'm listening," interrupted Chyna.

"I was thinking about you," said Billy.

"Awwwww, baby" said Chyna. She rubbed his shoulder and he almost fainted
wondering what would happen next.

"Not that, I was thinking about you all day, masturbating thinking about
you..." said Billy.

"Well, I'm sorry we can never be a couple" said Chyna. She moved closer
to him still massaging his shoulder with her strong hands. She was wearing
some tight short shorts and a t-shirt. Billy couldn't see anything sticking
out beneath her short.

"I didn't say how I was fantasizing about you being a transsexual or a
hermaphrodite," said Billy. Chyna slapped the hell out of Billy, he fell
back against the shelves.

"What makes you think that?" said Chyna.

"Well, the way you talk, you're body figure and the fact that just
fantasizing about it looks good," said Billy.

"Let me ask you this, there's rumors about you going arund the locker
room that you're on the other team. Is that true?" said Chyna.

"If you weren't a woman I'd slap the hell out of you right now," said
Billy angrily.

"Now you know how I feel about what you just said," replied Chyna
"Ohhhh are you hurt" said Chyna as Billy moved away from her. Little did
Billy know, he was moments away from getting the sexual experience of his
life. Chyna looked at his bruised eye. They glared at each other. Ready
to reveal their secrets, Chyna started to move closer to his lips. Billy
wanted to taste her man lips and moved towards it kissing it. He kissed
her powdered lips and feeling her breasts. Chyna started to feel his ass
up fingering it between his tights.

"Joanie, I want you now baby," moaned Billy kissing her soft lips. Chyna
wanted his cock so bad she could taste it. She sat down on the janitors
chair, teasing Billy over to her. She slowly took off his green tight and
wanted Mr. Ass. She saw two purple balls begging for a BJ. She pushed up
to Billy's cock and jerked slowly.

"Joanie, suck me now," said Billy. Chyna licked her lips moving towards
his cockhead. She licked the tip and wrapped her lips around it. She
motioned her head back and forth sucking his white cock. She loved the
great taste. She never thought she'd get any cock inside her mouth as a
man and she had surgery to be a woman.

"OHHHH yessss that feels great you slut," moaned Billy with his mouth
watering. Chyna stopped and got up. Billy was unaware of what was to happen.
He slowly removed her shorts to find somehing well hung right next to his

"So it is true," gasped Billy with disbelief. He loved it, it was not
hard as his so he wanted to make it hard. Chyna forced him inot the chair
and demanded he suck her tranny cock. He was hesitant at first, but he got
used to it. Wrapping his gay lips around her cock, he sucked her off like
no one else has ever done. The more he sucked, the harder it got inside his
mouth. He loved the thickness inside his mouth and wanted it inside his ass
more than he ever wanted anything.

"Atta good boy, suck me harder!" said Chyna. Billy slurped over her
woman-cock,his mouth was watering for more,but his ass wanted it inside
him. Billy stopped sucking and he begged Chyna for her ass. Chyna couldn't
resist his throbbing cock with veins popping out. She sat on it right away.

"Ohhhh... yesss... Joanie" moaned Billy. Chyna wanted it all the way
inside her. She sat back up and dropped her ass down again,she was riding
his cock. She kept dropping her ass on his hard cock faster and faster
until he couldn't take her tight ass anymore.

"IT'S CUMMMING!!!!" yelled Billy. Chyna covered his mouth and kept
riding his lightening rod. Billy came inside her ass while she unstoppably
rode his dick. She kept riding,Billy saw the worn out cum dripping out of
her ass while she moaned in extasy. The cum was dripping all the way under
her scrotum on his stomach as he rubbed his cum on her tight.

"Joanie, fuck me please" begged Billy. Chyna got up with cum all on her
ass and told Billy to get into the position. Billy voluntarily leaned
against the shelves and spread his legs. Chyna wasn't in a hurry and she
rubbed his legs. She moved slowly to his scrotum and licked slowly.
Billy's ass was tingling and he wanted Chyna inside him right away. Chyna
started to lick his asshole.

"That's right eat my ass" moaned Billy. Chyna stuck her tongue in his
ass and bite his ass. Billy felt her dirty tongue inside him and imagined
her cock inside him. But there was nothing like a big piece of tissue
inside you're ass,Billy thought. Chyna was ready and she got up. She spread
his ass cheeks and penetrated slowly inside his ass.

"Oooo that feels good" said Billy. This was his first experience and
it was with a woman. Chyna slowly fucked his tight ass grabbing his
stomach for leverage. Billy held onto the shelves, getting his ass
pounded was a sure treat for him and he wanted this moment to last. So he
took one of his hands off the shelves and started to spank her ass. While
spanking, cum dripped out of her ass and he fed it to her while she
swallowed. Chyna kept pounding his ass, the shelves were about to fall off
as she fucked harder and harder.

"ITS CUMMMMMING!!!!" moaned Chyna loudly. She excreted her juices
into his ass. She kept fucking, Billy was really into it, backing his ass
up against her tranny-cock. She kept fucking his ass, only faster and
harder. Billy's ass turned red as she spanked him while cumming once
again inside his ass. Chyna was exhausted and stopped,her backside was
hurting. Billy put his tights back on licking his cum filled fingers.

"I guess our secrets are out," said Chyna putting her clothes on.

"Yeah, but I like it and I don't care," said Billy.

"We musn't tell anybody about this, swear to god," said Chyna.

"Not only do I swear to god, I swear on my grave," said Billy.

"So why did you get a sex-change?" asked Billy.

"Because I was gay when I was young and I wanted to cover it up, that's
why I was abused" said Chyna "Can we please not talk about this?"

"Sure,why don't we go back to the meeting, I heard they're thinking
of teaming us up," said Billy.

"As if we hadn't teamed up already" replied Chyna. They both laughed.

They both left the janitors room with cum inside their ass. After
that day, Chyna and Billy have had some ring time together, had a little
succes, but Billy is on the verge of getting transfered to WCW.

What will he do if they separate? I don't know but it could make a great

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