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The Time I Met Stephanie McMahon
by Phil Esposito (

Last night, I was sitting back watching some t.v, and remembering the time
I met Stephanie McMahon. It was at the RAW from the Air Canada Centre, back
in September, 2001.

Steph looked so incredibly sexy that night. She had on this super TIGHT
dress, which showed A LOT of leg. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra, as you
could see her hard nipples right threw the top. I was sitting in the first
row, and when Steph came out to do her bash Canadians promo, she noticed me,
and winked. The next thing I knew, there was a security guard coming towards
me, and he handed me a peice of paper that read "Here's your backstage pass
baby. Come to my room, and we'll discuss a possible contract."

That's all the motivation I needed! After the show was over, I walked
backstage. I was stopped by security, and I showed them my pass. They didn't
by it, and they were ready to kick me out. Stephanie came to my rescue, and
told them that I was her guest. They let me go, and Stephanie told me to
follow her. As she lead me to her room, I could not help but stare at her
gorgeous ass sway back and forth, and she walked so incredibly sexy.

We got to Stephanie's room, and she told me to make myself comfortable,
and grab a drink if I wanted. I grabbed a coca-cola, and sat in one of the
chairs as she instructed me to. Steph sat right infront of me, and she
crossed her long, sexy legs. She saw me stare, and just smiled a wicked
smile. My cock began to come to life underneath my jeans, and Steph noticed
right away.

She giggled "Hehe, I see your friend is up, hehehehe." I blushed, and she
said "Ahh, don't worry about it baby. I'm POSITIVE that I could take care of
that, k? Don't worry".

Steph noticed how worried I was, and she got off her chair, and got on
her knees in front of me. She looked up and me, smiled, and said, "Oh Phil,
you're so cute. Don't worry about your big, hard friend woody, k? I'll take
good care of him." With that, she took off her top, to reveal her two new
purchases. My cock twitched once again, and she licked her lips. She grabbed
my cock and put it between her GIGANTIC melons, and I humped and bumped away.
After about 30 seconds, I could not hold out any longer, and I exploded all
over her chest. She giggled and said "Hehehe, awww, you must really like me."
I was so embarassed, but she told me that she's positive she could get me up
and running again. :)

Steph grabbed my cock and gave it a huge kiss. I felt the blood begin
to rush back there, and she did too. She said "See, I told you, you aren't
finished yet baby. Not by a long shot." My cock came to life once again,
and this time, Steph wanted it in her mouth. I had NO problem with that
what-so-ever. Steph swallowed my member whole, and began sucking it like a
pro. All I could hear was "Mmmmmm", and alot of slirping sounds. After about
a minute of Steph blowing me, I couldn't stand anymore. I absolutely BLEW a
gigantic load into her mouth and she swallowed ever last bit of it. She
looked up at me and said "Geez baby, that's twice. :) hehehe, I guess you
really have a thing for me, eh?".

She said, "Well baby, I think you deserve to cum at least one more time.
I mean, it's so adorable when you do." She straddled me, and began kissing me
all over. My cock got hard right away, and she said "Hehehe, I see our friend
is up and running once again." She began to bounce up and down on my cock
like a wild animal. She continued this for a couple minutes. I was surprised
I held out this long, but I was exhausted after the other two times. She
continued riding me, and then I guess she felt my cock tighten, so she
stopped. She got off me, and got on her knees once again. She looked up at me
and said "Make a wish baby". I closed my eyes, and wished that she would
swallow my last huge load. She blew some hot air on the top of my cock, and I
EXPLODED with the biggest load ever. It was shooting out like a fountain, and
Steph licked up ever last bit. Once we washed up, and got dressed, Steph
looked over at me and said "Hey, you coming to SmackDown! tomorrow night?".

I smiled, and nodded. She told me to meet her same time, same place, and
she gave me a little kiss on the cheek goodbye.

The End

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