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The Torrie & Midajah Workout
by Mr. B.R.

(Backstage at a fitness convention, in a walled-off area of a concourse.
Torrie Wilson, in form-fitting blue shorts and a low-cut blue workout top,
is glistening...)

TW: Geez. You'd think these people would make sure that their AC worked. It's
SO hot....ooh!

(Torrie oohs because in this area, there are towels and water bottles and a
smoothie bar--yea, probably as amends for no AC. Torrie sets to the water
bottles and begins to towel off. Midajah O' Hearn sprints into the room in a
white bikini top and a pair of jeans.)

M: Hey, Torrie.

T: Hey.

M: Can you BELIEVE how hot is it out there?

T: I'm saying. My agent's going to catch such hell for this. (both laugh)

M: God, the crowd out there is just crazy. I mean, I'm used to obsessive
fanboys and everything, but...

Both: Since WCW it's gotten worse.

(Torrie drinks some of the water.)

M: How much break time is it, 15 minutes? Man, I'm sweating...

T: Let me get that for you...

(Torrie tosses Midajah a towel...)

M: God, I practically got molested out there.

T: What happened?

M: know how it is. Some guy reached over and grabbed me.

T: No! Did security get him?

M: Yeah, but it felt so dirty and everything...

T: How'd he grab you?

(M grabs Torrie's cleavage)

T: OW!

(Torrie grabs her back)

M: Hey!

(Torrie pulls them, a little slower this time. Midajah drops her towel and
makes a bit of a humming noise and uses Torrie's hands to guide her way
across her cleavage...)

T: No wonder. I can feel your hard nipples already.

(Midajah giggles and Torrie pushes back the top to reveal her breasts. Torrie
begins to suck away and Midajah pours water over them and Torrie's head...)

M: You're...not...helping to....mmmm....beat the heat...

(Torrie flashes a wicked grin and sticks one hand on Midajah's ass and undoes
her pants. Midajah's wearing the bikini bottom for a brief second. Torrie
takes it off and begins to finger her and they start kissing. Good ones too.
Someone knows French. Torrie is licking away and Midajah moans and begins to
help Torrie out with the masturbation while removing Torrie's clothes...)

T: taste like strawberries...

(Midajah takes another bottle and wets her top and mid-section. Torrie's lips
lose contact with the skin and she falls towards the floor, knocking the
smoothie onto her on the way down...)

M: I'm sorry. Are you hurt?

T: No, I'm good. It's so sticky, and it's all over me...

(Midajah drops down to her knees. Both girls are naked and Midajah's wet.
Midajah starts to lick up the smoothie while Torrie grabs her ass and pushes
it towards her...)

T: God, you have great glutes.

M: That's not the only great thing.

(Midajah takes a moutful of smoothie and begins to make out with Torrie
again. She sucks away at Torrie's neck, and makes Torrie eat some more
smoothie with her fingers. Torrie uses a free hand to reach around, and
finds a whipped cream can. Midajah sits up and Torrie sprays her cleavage.
Midajah laughs and moans as Torrie sucks away on her nipples and she sucks
away on Wilson's chest. Midajah takes the can and sprays Torrie's pussy,
and eats it out. Torrie fishes around in her bag and finds a banana she
uses to keep her nipples hard while Midajah gives her oral. Midajah sucks
Torrie's toes, giving her the chance to beat off.)

T: Mmmm...fuck...God....ahhhhhhh! (beating faster)

M: What do you want me to do, honey?

T: Turn...around...

(Midajah does as she's told. Torrie licks her calves, and begins to spank
her ass.)

T: You're gonna... love this...

(She begins to rub the banana on Midajah's exposed pussy, causing her to
moan loudly...)

M: Oh! Keep going...keep going...

(Midajah starts to grab her nipples as Torrie spanks her)

T: You like me behind you? (*spank*)


T: You like getting spanked, don't you? (another)

M: I love it, you know I love it, keep beating me!

T: You're so naughty...

(Torrie puts the banana in Midajah and starts to use it as a modified dildo.
Midajah begs Torrie to go quicker and she does...)

T: I'm in charge now, baby.

(Torrie puts it in her and begins to fuck Midajah with it. Both of them are
moaning away as Torrie pours some whipped cream on Midajah's ass and eats it
before going back to work. Their words begin to overlap at this point...)

M: Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass the way I like it!

T: I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, OHHHHHHHHHH GODDDD!

(Their bodies give out, exhausted. Midajah takes the banana in her mouth and
they eat it Lady and the Tramp style before another kiss.)

T: We still have 4 minutes.

M: Just enough time to get dressed.

T: Mmm-hmm.

(Torrie sprays some whipped cream on her tongue and jams it down Midajah's
throat. Midajah begins to hump her again, and reaches over her hand to lock
the door. Fade to black...)

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