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This story is complete fiction and in no way reflects the real lives of
characters involved. If you are under 18 you shouldn't be reading this, but
I forgive you.

In `The Torrie Wilson Show' Part 1 you were introduced to me and my family,
my wife Torrie Wilson and our 15 year old daughter Tiffany Wilson. You may
have realised we don't live what would be considered a normal family life.

In `The Torrie Wilson Show' Part 2, you heard about a typical day in the
lives of Torrie and Tiff, however, we had a surprise special guest, Stacy
Keibler. This is how we left Part 2 and will start Part 3, Stacy and Torrie
have greeted each other while Tiff in putting on some clothes. Get ready
viewers for the steamiest, sauciest, wettest, hottest episode of The Torrie
Wilson Show yet!!!!

The Torrie Wilson Show Part 3: Stacy Cums To Visit
by Cool Zero

"So its just us girls? This is going to be fun!" Stacy Keibler said

"God its good to see you babe" Torrie said before embracing Stacy.

"Its been so long since we've had some fun Torrie, but tonight that's all
gonna change" Stacy replied before planting a soft kiss on her best friend's
sweet pink lips.

"Tiff, its ok honey, you can come out" Torrie yelled out to her daughter.

The divas stood there waiting for Tiff's reaction. Tiffany stuck her head out
of her room and as soon as she locked her eyes on Stacy, a look of shock
spread across her face, quickly replaced by a huge smile. "Aunty Stacy!" Tiff
yelled as she ran down the hallway, her breasts jiggling free, to greet her
favourite play thing.

"Hey sexy" Stacy said back as Tiff reached her and gave her a big hug.
Immediately Tiff ran her hands down Stacy's back and gave her tight buns a
squeeze. "Damn, you just can't wait can you?" Stacy asked smiling.

"With you? Not a chance" Tiff replied before giving Aunt Stacy a quick kiss
on the lips.

"I haven't seen you in underwear...well ever!" Stacy told the sexy 15 year

Stacy looked Tiff up and down. She admired her shoulder-length blonde hair,
deep blue eyes and gorgeous facial features, just like her mother's. Her eyes
then roamed lower towards Tiff's now ample breasts and protruding dark pink
nipples. Stacy licked her lips at the thought of sinking her teeth into
those. Tiff was tanned all over, not a mark on her perfect skin, and had a
smooth, flat belly. But to Stacy's dismay, the show stopped at the waistband
of Tiffany's light blue cotton panties. Stacy had always seen Tiff nude, from
the day she was born, and she didn't like the change.

"What are you waiting for honey? Take off those panties!" Stacy told Tiff.

She was happy to oblige and turned her back to her mother and who she called
an aunt, and bent over. She slowly slid the panties down her long, smooth,
tanned legs until they were down around her ankles, where she kicked them
away. Stacy's mouth watered at the fine piece of ass right in front of her.
It was perfect in every way, it reminded her of her own famous ass. Stacy
could see the small clumps of black hair sprouting in Tiff's crack (see
episode 2).

"Looks like I'll be doing some grooming while I'm here with you Tiff" Stacy

"Uh...that. I've been meaning to do that, ha ha" Tiff said, a little

Tiff lay down on the floor, then rolled over and raised her legs. Stacy bent
over a little and spread Tiff feet apart. It was just how she remembered it.
Completely bald, juicy clit, soft lips and everything pink. Tiff was dripping
so much some vaginal juice actually ran to the floor. Stacy wiped it with her
finger and took a taste. "Mmmmmmmmm. Baby you taste better every time I see

Tiff got up and held Stacy's hand. While Stacy and Tiff were catching up,
Torrie had removed her clothes and had prepared coffee for the girls. The
trio walked over and sat down at the table. When they had finished drinking
and catching up on what they'd been doing, Tiff spoke out.

"Aunt Stacy, I'm naked and mom's naked, when are we going to see some of that
famous body?" she asked with a smile.

"Well if you want, we can do it right now" Stacy asked, standing up and
facing Torrie.

It was time to play the game that the girls always did when they got
together. Tiff was just crazy about Stacy, so Torrie and Stacy devised a way
to test her self control. Tiff sat on her naked mother lap and put her arms
behind her back. Stacy would do a trip tease for the girls, while Torrie
would rub her daughter's body, without actually touching any sensitive areas.
Stacy began the game.

Stacy rolled her head around then kicked off her shoes. She began running
her hands over her chest, then gave herself a light spanking. Tiff remained
still, but her pussy began dripping. Stacy slid her t-shirt off, letting her
petite yet suckable breasts fall free. She bent over and let them sway, the
cold air stiffening her nipples. Tiff began moving a little. This was
Torrie's signal to join the fun. She placed her hands on her daughter's hips,
and began rubbing them up and down her sides and her stomach, slowly and
softly. Then Torrie lightly cupped Tiff's breasts, then slid her hands back
down her belly. Tiff was getting extremely hot, being touched by her mother
and watching her aunt.

Stacy continued rubbing her now naked breasts and running her hands through
her long, blonde hair, before she finally used her thumbs to pull the
waistband of her short skirt down her legs. Tiff began shaking with delight
as Stacy danced in her white thong. Torrie began licking her daughter's ear
lobes when Stacy when bent over, revealing her mouth-watered cheeks. Tiff
began moaning, so Torrie rubbed her harder, even venturing down her clit,
but pulling away just before she made contact. Tiff was in hell, but loving
every second of it.

Finally, Stacy removed her thong, and the sight of her bald pussy and tanned
ass sent Tiff over the edge. She began convulsing on her mother's lap, while
Torrie rubbed her all over, without giving Tiff too much pleasure, and aunt
Stacy danced naked, rubbing her ass against Tiff's legs and even rubbing her
dirty underwear across Tiff's face. Stacy was laughing, Torrie was giggling,
while Tiff was so close to ecstasy, but was denied ultimate pleasure by her
mother and her aunt. Tiff began begging and moaning, shaking on her mother's
lap, all the while Stacy and Torrie laughing at her pain/pleasure.

Finally, Tiff broke. She let out a scream and urinated all over her mother's
smooth legs. The warm pee gushed from her vagina, spilling from between her
silky thighs and poured on her mother's lap. The river of piss went on while
aunt Stacy stared and rubbed her nipples at the sight. Torrie smiled at the
warm feeling of urine on her body. Tiff finally stopped peeing, a large warm
pool of urine at the bottom of the chair. Tiff and Torrie got up and stood
next to Stacy.

"Clean me off please Tiff" Torrie asked. Tiff did what she was told, fell to
her knees and licked her mother's thighs clean of her own piss. She savoured
the tangy taste in her mouth before swallowing.

"Are you thirsty Stacy?" Torrie asked sweetly.

"No I'm fine, but I will be later" giving Tiff a wink.

"I need to go to the bathroom too though. Where is it?" Stacy asked.

"Just go here" Tiff replied.

"No, I need to shit. And from what I heard you can't do that out here
anymore" Stacy said looking at Torrie.

"That's right. The last time you tried to shit on your father you missed and
we still can't get the stains out of the carpet" Torrie said with a stern
look on her face.

"Show Stacy where the toilet is while I clean this up" Torrie said to Tiff.

"Okay mommy" Tiff replied as she took aunt Stacy's hand and lead her down
the hall to the bathroom.

Torrie got on all fours and faced the puddle of pee. She took in a deep
breath, smiling at the stench on her daughter's bodily fluids and began
lapping away at the pool with her tongue.

Stacy sat on the toilet while Tiff sat on the edge of the bath tub and
watched. "Are you ready to get rough tonight sexy?" Stacy asked with a smile.

Tiff's face lit up. "It's been sooooooo long, I've been dying for it" Tiff
said hungrily.

"Well don't worry, tonight you'll get all you want" Stacy replied as a look
of agony came across her beautiful face. She began straining on the seat.
"Ohhhh, come here and help me babe" Stacy told Tiff. She lifted her butt off
the seat a little as Tiff came over and knelt in front of her.

Tiff wet her index finger then pushed it into Stacy's anus. She smiled as
the warm shit engulfed her finger. Tiff swirled it around a little then
pulled it out of aunty Stacy's ass with a soft PLOP. Stacy sighed as her
bowels loosened and several nasty pieces of shit fell from her puckered
hole and into the toilet. She got up and wiped her ass, gave the paper a
quick sniff, then threw it into the toilet and flushed. Tiff looked a
little grossed out at her finger, she never was a fan of scat, so aunt
Stacy solved the problem and sucked her finger clean.

Tiff and Stacy walked back out to Torrie, holding each other around the
waste. The pair entered the living room just as Torrie was getting off the
phone. "Pizza should be here in about 10 minutes" she told the girls.

"Great, I'm starving" Stacy replied.

Tiff sat on the couch and turned on a porn movie, College Cheergirl Babyoil
Orgy 2, one of the classics. She sat with her legs wide apart as she stroked
her large, round breasts. Torrie sat next to her and allowed Stacy to sit
between her legs. Stacy smiled as her best friend played with her hair and
occasionally gave her nipples a rub. Three gorgeous naked women, sitting
around completely comfortable, relaxing and watching a porn movie. All this
on the fucking day I'm not there!

There was a knock at the door, and an idea popped into Torrie's head. She
lay Stacy down on the couch, which was in full view of the door, and got into
a 69 position. She told Tiff to check if it was the pizza guy, and if it was,
answer the door. Tiff got up and sure enough it was the pizza guy. She opened
the door and the tired looking pizza guy became a shocked looking pizza guy.
Torrie and Stacy began screaming while trying to hide their laughter.

her best friends crotch, while her naked 15 year-old daughter talked to the
pizza guy.

"Um, we don't have any money. Can we take this one on the house?" she asked

The pizza guy was silent as he stared open mouthed at the naked pair on the

"Ok, thanks" Tiff said as she took the pizza.

"OHHHHHH MYYY GOODDDDDDD I'M CUMMMMMINNGGG!!!!!!" were the last words the
pizza guy heard as Tiff shut the door. As soon as she did all three of them
cracked up laughing. Stacy was nearly crying with laughter. Torrie was
worried that the pizza guy might tell what had happened, but there's no way
anyone would believe him.

The girls grabbed the pizza and kept watching the movie. Tiff was oblivious
to anything around her as she was so into the movie, so Torrie and Stacy
decided to have some more fun. Stacy took a piece of pizza and ran it up and
down her pussy, she them gave it to Torrie who rubbed it up and down her ass.
Torrie then gave the pizza to her daughter. Tiff took a bite into it and
looked at the sexy pair. "This is great! We should go to that place more
often". Torrie and Stacy gave her a blank look then started laughing again.

After finishing off the pizza, the girls went back to watching the porn
movie. The lesbian scenes were especially getting the girls hot, each one of
their pussies dripping with sweet juices. The phone rang and Torrie answered
it. It was me. I had decided to check up on the girls and I could barley hear
my Barbie doll wife over the moaning in the background, partly the movie,
partly my daughter and Stacy. I was pissed off that Stacy was there and I
couldn't fuck her, but Torrie said she'd make it up to me. Torrie was always
good at phone sex.

"Ooooooohhhh baby, I'm so hot, I'm rubbing my titties right now. I want your
big, thick cock in my ass." Torrie moaning to me over the phone.

"Looks like your mom's gonna be pretty busy darling. How about we get down to
some fun ourselves?" Stacy asked Tiff.

Tiff's face lit up and the girls walked down the hallway, Tiffany's eyes
glued to Stacy's tanned ass swaying in front of her. They entered Tiff's room
and Stacy sat on the bed.

"Get the box out, quick Tiff, I'm soooooo wet. That movie really turned me
on" Stacy said.

"Your tight ass got me turned on" Tiff said grinning, "You know mommy doesn't
like us doing this".

"Fuck her" said Stacy. "Besides, that whore moans so loud, she won't be able
to hear you when you scream".

Tiff began tingling with excitement. She had been waiting so long for one of
these session with her aunt Stacy. The first time she did it she was 6, and
it was the most painful night of her life, but she'd been hooked since. Tiff
opened her closet and pulled out a small chest, placed it on the bed, and
opened it for her aunt. It was stuffed with bondage gear. There was a whip,
a large black paddle, a leash, a studded collar, what aunt Stacy called her
'standard mistress outfit' and perhaps most terrifyingly an extremely long,
thick black dildo that had small, sharp silver spikes placed along the shaft.
It looked like it could really do some damage.

While Tiff emptied the chest, Stacy got dressed in her mistress outfit. Black
thigh-high leather boots with 9-inch heels, fish net stockings, black thong,
gloves that covered her entire fore-arm, a black bra with the cups cut out
and a studded dog collar as there were two in the box. Tiff admired her
mistress, standing tall and dominant. Stacy looked intimidating but still
incredibly sexy. "Let's start bitch".

Stacy sat on the bed and Tiff fell over her lap, her cute butt in the air.
"We'll go slow first, then we'll heat up" Stacy said. Stacy raised her arm
and brought it down on Tiff's ass with a loud SLAP. Tiff winced in pain.
"Do you love your aunty?" Stacy asked.

"Yes mistress" Tiff replied. SLAP, Tiff received another spanking.

"What was that slut?" Stacy said angrily.

"Yes mistress!" Tiff yelled.

"That's better. Now, do you like my ass. And my hot little tits." Stacy

"Yes mistress!" Tiff yelled.


Stacy had used the paddle that time. Tiff's cheeks had turned a little red,
and Tiff was in a small amount of pain, but was still enjoying the treatment.

"Tell me how hot I am bitch!" Stacy yelled.

"Oh mistress OW!" Tiff interrupted herself when Stacy belted her with the
paddle. "Mistress, you are so hot, you turn me on so OW! OW! Oh fuck that
hurt, OW! OW! OW!" Tiff's ass was completely red now.


Stacy was grinning. "Keep talking you dirty slut!".

"Oh aunt Stacy I want to lick your asshole, OW! OW! OW!, I want you to piss
in my mouth!"

Stacy was getting very angry now. "Hurry up you dog!".


Tears were growing in Tiff's eyes. "Ohhhh please Stacy, ppplease stop" Tiff
was sobbing now. "It really hurts"


Tiff was answered by three more punishing blows across her backside. Stacy
had turned into a evil, sexy demon, torturing her worthless slave. Tiff had
completely lost it now and was crying her eyes out.

"Ppplease mistressss, stop it! My ass is burning! Owwwwwww! Ahhhhhhhh!"

"Shut the fuck up you piece of shit!" Stacy screamed back.


Tiff felt like her cheeks were on fire. Stacy was laughing hideously while
15 year-old Tiff lay across her lap, crying like a baby.

"Please mistressss. I love you!! Stop hurting me!! I'll be a good bitch!!"
Tiff pleaded.

"What did you say?" Stacy asked.

"I'LL BE A GOOD BITCH!" Tiff yelled with deafening volume.

Stacy helped Tiff up and let her sit on her lap. Tiff winced as her burning
ass made contact with Stacy legs. "Okay baby. That's enough for tonight"
Stacy said sweetly. She pouted her lips and moved towards Tiff.

Just as the girls were about to embrace in a sweet kiss, Stacy balled her
fist and belted Tiff across the face. Tiff fell to the bed, holding her face
and crying. "You're my slut! You're my slut! We're finished when I say we're
finished. Now get the fuck up!" Stacy yelled.

She pulled Tiff up by the hair until she was on her hands and knees. Stacy
sat on her back like she was riding a horse. She grabbed Tiff's throat and
attached the dog collar, which she then fastened to the leash. Stacy pulled
back on the leash, choking Tiff. Tiff's face went red as she gasped for air.
Stacy raised the paddle and slammed Tiff's ass again.


"Are you my bitch?"

"Yes mistress!"

"Are you my bitch!?"

"YES MISTRESS". Tiff was crying out loud now. Her face was dark red and
soaked with tears.

Stacy continued to choke her like a filthy animal, while rubbing her pussy
against Tiff's back. After a few more minutes of the torture Stacy released
the leash, much to Tiff's delight, even though in the back of her mind she
wished Stacy would continue. It was like Stacy read Tiff's mind as she
immediately grabbed Tiff's long, blonde hair and pulled it hard.

"OWWWWWWWWWWW" Tiff screamed in agony.

Stacy pulling it again, this time for longer.

"ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" Tiff let out a blood curdling scream. She thought she
would pull the hair out.

Stacy pulled one final time, extremely hard, and took a clump of sweet
smelling hair out of Tiff's head. Tiff screamed one final time, then
collapsed on the bed, with Stacy still sitting on top of her. Then Torrie
entered the room, after finishing our phone sex session, and saw the scene.

"Stacy you bitch!" Torrie yelled. "I told you to tell me when you were doing
this so I could join in!".

The girls smiled at each other while Tiff let out a groan of dismay.

"No mommy, please, stop. I'm hurting real bad." Tiff pleaded.

"Shut up slut!" Torrie yelled back at her daughter.

Stacy laughed, then with the help of Torrie, pulled Tiff back on all fours.
Torrie grabbed the deadly dildo and the whip, while Stacy took another
handful of Tiff's hair and the paddle.

"Ready babe?" Torrie asked Stacy.

"Ready" Stacy replied.

"NOOOOOOOOOO, PLEASE!!" Tiff begged.

But her mother and her aunt didn't listen and the pain began.

Torrie placed the dildo at the entrance of her daughter's unlubricated ass
and pushed it in. Tiff screamed in pain. Torrie pushed it all the way in,
then pulled it back out, then back in again. She twirled it around the make
sure Tiff felt every spike shredding her anal tissue. Tiff's puckered hole
was bloody and red. She was barely conscious when her mother began whipping
her ass. The fire returned to her cheeks as Torrie brought the leather whip
across Tiff once perfect globes time and time again.

Torrie built up her rhythm and beckoned Stacy to follow. Stacy would pull
Tiff's hair hard when Torrie pushed the dildo into her ass, so Tiff's head
jerked up and the girls could hear her screams of pain clearly. They
continued on for about 10 minutes more when Stacy began belting Tiff's tits
with the hard, black paddle. Tiff's entire body was burning as her ass was
torn apart by a dildo, her ass cheeks getting whipped, her hair pulled and
now Stacy was swinging the paddle under Tiff's body until it slammed into
Tiff's brilliant chest.

Each time the paddle made contact with her sensitive nipples and ample
breasts, a wave of sharp pain washed over her body. Finally, Tiff lost
consciousness and collapsed on the bed one last time, not getting up.

"Fuck!" Torrie yelled. "It was just getting good!"

"You weak bitch!" Stacy screamed as she got up off Tiff, then kicked her in
the side, knocking her off the bed.

"Stacy!" Torrie yelled. "Let me have a kick".

Stacy lent Tiff against the wall and spread her legs a little. Torrie took a
small run up then swung her foot between her daughter's legs and smacked her
in the cunt. Tiff's body fell down again, limp. "That was fun" Torrie said

"Lets leave her a waking up present." Stacy said.

Torrie helped Stacy strip off her mistress gear then the girls stood over
Tiff, one leg each side, squatted, and squeezed out a sloppy turd onto the
15 year-old. Torrie's landed on her face while Stacy's landed on her stomach.

"She's gonna be so mad when she gets up" Torrie said giggling. "Now Stacy,
you've been here all this time and no one's paid you much...attention. Let
Torrie take over."

Stacy sat on the edge of the bed, her eyes closed in ecstasy, while her
lover Torrie knelt behind her and planted kisses along her slender shoulders.
Torrie took in a deep breath and savoured the smell of Stacy's hair. Torrie
licked up Stacy's left arm before sitting around on Stacy's lap and pressing
her lips to her lover's. Stacy was in heaven as Torrie, knees on either side
of her waist, parted her lips and pushed her tongue into her mouth. Stacy
responded and moaned at the sensation of their tongues touching and dancing
together in their saliva.

Torrie broke the sensual kiss and moved her mouth down to Stacy's chest. She
gently licked Stacy's left breast before circling the nipple with her tongue.
She passed her tongue over the stiff nipple and took it in her mouth, where
she continued the tongue massage in a pool of warm saliva. Torrie broke away
and gave the other breast the same treatment while massaging the left breast
with her hand. Torrie returned to Stacy's mouth and resumed the passionate,
womanly kiss, while her hands roamed back to Stacy's chest, massaging the
small but beautiful mammaries, and giving her nipples a light pinch.

While Stacy slowly sucked on Torrie's tongue, she caressed the Smackdown!
Diva's back with her fingertips before moving down and kneading Torrie's
buttocks. Torrie broke the kiss again and gently pushed Stacy down on the
bed. Stacy moved up so her head was on a pillow and spread her long, smooth
legs apart to reveal her snatch to her lover Torrie. Torrie was amazed, as
she always was, at the sight of Stacy's vagina. It was totally shaven, her
juicy clit sticking out proudly when Torrie spread her lips with her fingers.
Torrie's mouth watered at the sight of the pink honey pot.

She leant down and began feasting on Stacy's sex. Her juices were in
abundance and melted in Torrie's mouth. The sweetness of the juices drove
Torrie wild. She licked Stacy's innards then focused on the pleasure nub.
Torrie lightly licked Stacy clit, eliciting moans from the sexy Keibler,
who was in ecstasy. Torrie took the nub between her lips and sucked on it,
then rubbed her tongue over it, bringing Stacy to the brink. Stacy pulled
Torrie mouth away from her vagina.

"You know where I want it. Make me cum there." Stacy said weakly.

Torrie knew exactly what she wanted and pushed Stacy's hips towards Stacy's
head, exposing her brown, puckered hole to the ceiling. Torrie slowly, but
forcefully licked the length of Stacy's crack, the pushed the tip of her
tongue onto Stacy's asshole. Stacy was begging to cum, she was panting
heavily, and moaned at every touch of Torrie's tongue. Torrie finally pushed
her tongue into Stacy's anus and tasted the bitterness of her rectum. Stacy
moaned loudly.

Torrie pushed further in, then pulled out, but left the tip of her tongue
inside Stacy's anus. Torrie continued the motion, every stroke pushing Stacy
further to ecstasy. Stacy began bucking her hips in time to Torrie's tongue
lashing. Stacy wanted to go faster, but Torrie was in control, and kept the
pace excruciatingly slow, but every stroke was forced down hard onto Stacy's
asshole. Stacy was rubbing her breasts and pulling her nipples. She was
nearly there.

Torrie continued the assault on her lover's anus, then, when Stacy was about
to cum, Torrie pushed two finger's into Keibler's wet snatch. Stacy screamed
in pleasure and let loose a torrent of vaginal juices from her sex, which
slid into Torrie awaiting mouth. Torrie slurped up all the juices she could,
although some ran down her chin and onto the bed. The smell rising from
Stacy's rectum was foul, but both women were in heaven. Torrie gave Stacy's
puckered hole one last kiss when a loud fart erupted from Stacy's anus, right
onto Torrie's face. Both girls broke out laughing, then got up and walked
into Torrie's bedroom holding hands. The girls gave each other a sweet kiss
on the lips then fell asleep in each other's arms.

The divas awoke to a loud scream, followed by cursing then the sound of the
shower running. The girls giggled together, Tiff had woken up. They gave each
other a kiss on the lips then went into the living room. Tiff came out to see
the girls having breakfast at the table. As usual, every one was naked.

"Good morning sexy" Torrie said.

"Hi mommy, hi aunt Stacy" Tiff said cheerily.

After breakfast and a morning coffee, Stacy went to have a shower and get
dressed, as she was leaving that day. Tiff cornered Torrie in a corner and
began making out with her mother to pass the time. Their hands explored
each others bodies as Stacy emerged, to Tiff's dismay, dressed and ready
to leave. They said there goodbyes, gave each other kisses and a last flash
of tits before Stacy headed out to her car and drove to the airport.

Tiff went back to the couch and her favourite porn video while Torrie went
online to see her favourite porn site. She was also interested in a site
called CSSA. It had been book-marked. At first she was shocked, but then
aroused by the stories about her, her fellow divas and other celebrities.

I arrived home in the afternoon and was greeted by Tiff. She gave me a hug
and stuck her tongue down my throat. I was a bit worried about the bruises
on her body but she assured me she loved the whole evening. Torrie gave me
a hug and a kiss, as I ran my hands over her ass and pressed a finger
against her bung hole.

"Save it for tonight baby" she said with a sexy smile.

The girls sat me down and told me about their whole time, in extreme detail.
It finally ended with me coming home. "All that fun while you were away, too
bad babe. Well, what do you think?" Torrie asked me. I gave her my reply.



Well I hoped you liked the third edition of The Torrie Wilson Show. Remember,
feedback, whether good or bad, is always appreciated. If you would like to
see a certain diva or celebrity in a story, or see the girls do something to
your tastes, write me and tell me and I'll write it into the story. If I get
enough feedback, you'll see a lot more episodes of The Torrie Wilson Show.

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