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This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or
people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any
feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u
liked, didn't like, my email is All characters storylines
situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really
happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn't This was
a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas
from wwekiller.

The Trish/Mickie James Saga Part 1: What Dreams May Cum
by The Pac, WWEkiller & Darkdefender85

We are live at another action packed Monday Night Raw and in the ring
fighting it out are two of the WWE's toughest Divas. Trish has the crowd
rocking as she forearms Victoria back into a corner then hooks the brunette
in a headlock before bouncing off the ropes delivering some Stratusfaction.
She gets the cover and the win over one of her biggest rivals, Trish
celebrates raising her Woman's title high in the air as the fans takes
hundreds of pictures of her sweat soaked body. Trish has her arm raised one
more time by the referee when Victoria forearms her hard from behind sending
Trish tumbling down to the canvas. The crowd boo Victoria for sneak attacking
the 3 times Babe Of The Year and the boos only get louder as Victoria picks
up the solid gold championship belt. Staggering to her feet Trish slowly
turns around only to be blasted in the head with her own title belt, which
sends her backwards into the corner. Trish knows she is in trouble and
defenseless as Victoria slowly moves towards her belt in hand ready to cause
more damage to Trish. The fans suddenly start cheering and Victoria looks
round to see a tiny brunette running down to the ring, her face a temple of
concentration as she slides into the ring. Victoria swings the belt at this
new girl but she ducks under it sending her hair flying around as she smacks
Victoria in the face with a forearm making her drop the belt. Even though
they have no idea who this girl is the crowd are cheering her as she punches
Victoria back into the corner before spinning around for a low spin kick
catching Victoria clean in the jaw. The dark haired vixen falls to the mat
and rolls out of the ring holding her jaw in pain and surprise as she stares
at this new girl who stopped her from attacking Trish.

Trish is as amazed as everyone else as she looks up and down this brunette
who has a huge white smile on her face as she passes Trish back her Woman's
title. Grinning at a confused Trish the brunette spins around and leaves the
ring to the cheers of the crowd who really like her for saving Trish. As she
walks up the entrance ramp Trish can't help but notice how sexy she looks in
her little outfit. She is wearing a little red top struggling to hold her
boobs inside and gives Trish a view of the white bra she is wearing
underneath her shirt. The brunette's bottom half is covered by a tiny white
mini skirt showing off a lot of her tanned legs, which really grabs Trish's
attention and as she leaves Trish can only think about how sexy she looked
standing in front of her. Trish feels a slight dampness creeping into her
black thong so quickly she bails out of the ring and goes up the ramp hoping
that she will meet this mysterious brunette again and hopes she is single.
Backstage Trish is talking to road agents; fellow wrestlers and even security
guards to find out where her sexy little savior had gone but no one had seen
her. Frustrated Trish turns a corner heading to her locker room when the
brunette jumps out and runs towards her.

"Oh my god IT'S YOU. I mean your Trish Stratus and oh god this is so amazing
I mean I'm a big fan of you and I saw you in real trouble and I just decided
to get out there and save you," the brunet says talking faster than most
people while hopping from one foot to the other in front of Trish.

Trish just in awe in front of this woman who looks about mid twenty's but has
more energy than a 6 year old. She is still babbling at Trish but the blonde
is to distracted with her chest as she bounces up and down chatting at light
speed her tits are bouncing up and down nearly spilling out a few times.
Trish is totally blown away by her quite large tits, which suit the
brunette's tiny frame so well as they move around inside her top and it is
taking all of Trish's self control not to reach out and grab them. Also
taking Trish's attention away from her ultra fast talking are her amazing
tanned legs, dark brown in color and so smooth Trish is sure she must have
shaved them this morning. With all the bouncing she is doing Trish sees her
skirt is moving up her legs exposing a lot of her bare thighs that has Trish
nearly licking her lips. She hadn't seen a body look this innocent yet sexy
since the first time she had stripped Molly Holly naked in her hotel room and
spending the rest of the night licking every inch of that pale white virgin
body. Catching herself Trish turns her head up and looks the jumpy brunette
in the eyes hoping she didn't just catch her checking her body out but with
the massive grin on her face Trish was sure she didn't see her.

"So thanks and all for saving my ass back there but I didn't quite catch your
name," Trish asks her while she sneaks another look at the Brunette's amazing
cleavage that is rising softly with each breath.

Her eyes light up again as she starts bouncing up and down on the spot like a
child ready to go and see Santa, "I'm Mickie, Mickie James and Trish I'm like
your number one fan I have all your videos, I've seen all of your matches and
photo shoots cause your like the greatest wrestler ever!"

Trish hears the name and the fan part but she just can't take her eyes off
Mickie James's body, which looks so inviting to Trish. She's not a stick
insect like Torrie or Lillian and isn't as butch as Victoria. The only
problem for Trish is she has no idea if Mickie even swings towards girls and
Trish finds herself praying that Mickie is like her. Trish found out she was
a lesbian when she first arrived in the WWE, during her Muscle Magazine
shoots she liked looking at the girls all looking amazing posing in tiny
bikini's. During the last few years Trish had slept with some wonderful woman
in the company but this woman Mickie had taken her breath away. She looked in
Mickie's eyes but sadly only saw the star struck look on her face and hears
her body relax with a deep sigh.

"Mickie it's very nice of you to try and help but you're a fan you can't
attack WWE superstars on our TV shows, you will get arrested," Trish says
with a sigh as she looks longingly at this totally unavailable body of

"No no no Trish you see that's the even better news, I got signed up with a
WWE contract and I'm drafted to RAW so we are going to be seeing more of each
other isn't that awesome," the fast talking Diva finishes staring at her

Trish just stands there shocked at the sudden revelation and her pussy gets
wet very quickly at the thought of spending more time with this hot looking
Diva. All that running though Trish's mind is taking Mickie back to her hotel
room tearing her clothes off and fucking her all night but looking at Mickie
she can see her looking at her like a fan amazed to meet their idol and Trish
doesn't want to force her to do anything that might upset her and make her
loss her near worship for Trish.

"Urrr that's great Mickie I'm sure we will make a good team," Trish says
hoping the bubbly brunette doesn't hear the lust in her voice but Mickie is
blissfully unaware of her tone of Voice as she squeaks with excitement.

To Trish's surprise Mickie jumps into her and wraps her arms around her back
squeezing her in a hug. Trish is unsure what to do as Mickie's tight body
presses against her and her soft hands rub her back. Fighting the urge to
moan or grab Mickie's tight ass Trish is nearly relived when Mickie lets go
off her, gives the stunned blonde a big smile and a wave before skipping off
down the corridor. Trish is confused, Mickie excites her that she is sure of,
as her thong is so wet it is nearly sticking to her skin but in the back of
her mind a fight is going on. Half of her wants to run after Mickie and tear
off the teasing brunette's reviling clothes and lick ever inch of her near
perfect body but the other half of her mind is telling her Mickie is far to
innocent and trusting of Trish to be taking advantage of her. Instead Trish
just watches on in wonder as Mickie skips away sending her tiny mini skirt
flying upwards giving Trish an amazing look of her big ass and a hint of her
bright red panties. Trish suddenly realizes she has been stood on the stop
for the last few minutes not moving so the blonde pulls her woman's title
back up onto her shoulder and walks off to her locker room trying to shake
the image of Mickie out of her head. She has a quick shower, gets changed
into her street clothes and goes out of the arena straight to her car and
back to her hotel room. Up to her room and locking the door Trish moans as
she falls backwards onto her bed thinking about the newest RAW diva Mickie
James and how much she likes her.

Thinking no more Trish sits up and pulls off her red t-shirt and pulls off
her white bra before kicking off her shoes and sliding down her pants. Trish
pulls down her panties and again throws herself backwards onto her
queen-sized bed totally naked. Taking a few deep breaths Trish grabs onto her
right breast softly massaging it in-between her fingers as she lets all the
day's events wash away until it's just her and her bed. Trish's thumb moves
up her soft tit flesh and starts to rub on her quite large pink nipple and
it nearly instantly becomes rock hard. Cooing quietly Trish's unused left
hand moves down her chest past her rock hard abs and onto her damp pussy. She
groans in pleasure the second her index finger touches outside of her pussy
lips bringing a shock of excitement running though her body. No longer
content to tease herself, Trish slips two fingers inside her pussy instantly
getting the tips of her fingers wet with her pussy juices. Trish's other hand
has stopped acting soft as she digs her fingers into her boob feeling all of
the silicone she had put in her boobs. Trish's breasts are so sensitive to
touch that the slightest amount of pressure on them makes the blonde scream
out like a porn star. She slides a third finger into her cunt as she starts
to pump her fingers into her well lubricated pussy as she throws her head
back crying out, while her fingers work over her clit. Rocking her hips into
her fingers Trish slowly starts to increase the pressure on her pussy, which
has been aching to be touched all day and is now getting all the attention.
Trish's expert fingers moves fast in and out of herself and Trish knows the
exact place where she gets the most pleasure from and she quickly finds her
G spot. The second she hits her special spot the woman's champion lets out an
almighty scream that can be heard all along the hotel floor making people
open their room doors wondering what that noise is.

In a world of her own Trish rocks back stuffing her fingers deep into her
pussy feeling her juices lubing up her cunt allowing her fingers in better
and deeper. Screaming out loud Trish adds her little finger into her pussy
she is able to nearly get her whole hand inside of her as it brushing the
tips of her fingers rub against her clit taking her to the edge. Her forehead
is covered in sweat making her long blonde locks cling to her face and when
Trish opens her eyes to look up she sees a full length dress mirror directly
in front of the bed showing her reflection. Trish slows down her finger
fucking as she looks at herself in the mirror completely naked fucking
herself and she looks like such a slut. Just the thought of what wrestling
fans would think of seeing her self pleasure herself totally naked on a hotel
bed. Thinking those dirty thoughts has Trish grinding her back into her soft
bed sheets as her fingers plough deeper into her pussy. Hitting her throbbing
G spot hard Trish's eyes roll back into her head as her scream nearly brings
the hotel walls down. She cums all over her fingers and wrist as her huge
body shaking orgasm clears her mind of all worry as she enjoys the feeling of
her cum covering her fingers. She finally stops shaking and the tired blonde
removes her fingers and wipes her own cum onto the bed cover before rolling
onto her side curling up into a ball. Giggling at the huge screaming orgasm
makes Trish glad she is the only member of the WWE in this hotel as she yawns
and stretches out her tired body. She is so sleepily that she doesn't have
time to clear up her mess as her eyes close and the blonde drifts off into a
deep sleep.

Fast asleep Trish wakes up with a jump as her hotel room door bursts open
and Mickie James walks in. Not only is Trish shocked at seeing Mickie in her
hotel room but also Trish is also shocked to see that Mickie is totally
naked. Trish sits up on the edge of the bed drinking in the site of Mickie
James stood in front of her totally naked. Her big tits just hang out in
front of her petite body, perfectly tanned so the light brown shade of her
boobs almost light up the room. Her eyes move down to Mickie's mid section
also a deep shade of tanned brown but while being less toned than Trish seems
to suit her body down to the ground and Trish can already feel her pussy
juices leak out onto her bed. Mickie grins at Trish's reaction to her naked
form before teasing the awestruck blonde by lightly rubbing her fingers over
her brown nipples making them stand out erect in front of her. Trish's mouth
is hanging open as her hunger eyes scan over ever inch of exposed flesh
looking totally perfect in the woman's champion eyes and she nearly cries out
in excitement as Mickie slowly spins around a full 360. Eyes now full wide as
Trish gets a up close look of Mickie's big booty, which is far bigger and
perhaps less tight than her own but there is nothing Trish wants to do more
than bury her face in-between those big buns of Mickie and licking out her
ass. Mickie stops turning and starts walking towards Trish as the blonde
somehow turns her gaze away from Mickie's free flowing tits which bounce ever
so slightly as she strides forward and stares at the naughty, slutty look
plastered on the face of Mickie James.

Sat on the bed Trish is unmoved as Mickie moves right in front of her leaving
Trish with a eye level view of Mickie's exposed pussy which is already wet
with her own juices. Licking her lips at the sight of Mickie's pink pussy
Trish moves her own face closer to her new ally's snatch smelling the
wonderful scent of female arousal. Mickie grins at the lustful look of
wanting on Trish's face before teasing the already over excited blonde by
tracing her middle finger over the light brown strip of hair covering her
pussy. Trish groans as Mickie teases herself with a finger before taking
Trish by the stand and helping the stunned blonde Diva to her feet. That big
childish grin is on Mickie's face as she takes her turn in looking Trish
Stratus up and down before wrapping her arms around her. Without warning
Trish is pulled into Mickie's body planting her lips on the brunette and
instantly that contact sees Trish nearly melt in Mickie's strong arms. Trish
just holds onto Mickie's hips as she puts all her effort on kissing the sexy
brunette in front of her. After what seems like hours of lip on lip contact
Mickie's tongue pushes it's self inside Trish's more than willing mouth and
Trish quickly follows the younger girl's example by moving her own pink
tongue inside of Mickie's mouth. Both Divas stand there locked in this ultra
passionate tongue kiss but while Trish's hands are on Mickie's hips and her
hands are on Trish's well toned back before slipping lower down the blonde's
body. Trish groans in anticipation as Mickie's warm, soft hands slide down
her back before reaching her world famous ass and Mickie is quick to sink her
fingers into her asscheeks. Moaning into her fellow Divas mouth Trish is just
at the mercy of Mickie James sublime touch which is making her tremble in the
embrace. Mickie's hands are now touching the very bottom cure of Trish's ass
lifting her cheeks up before squeezing them in her hands listening to Trish's
loud moans of pleasure at the sensitive contact of her fellow female
wrestler. Teasing her more Mickie gives her ass a few swats with her hand
making the blonde jump and giggle as Mickie rubs Trish's big butt.

Breaking the kiss both Divas look at each other, they eyes brimming over with
sexual energy and Trish steps to the side so that she is face to face with
Mickie before the brunette grabs her by her rosy red cheeks and pulls her in
for another kiss. Her juices are flowing down her inner thighs, as Trish gets
totally lost in the kiss and the now added move of Mickie slowly grinding her
large tits into Trish's puppies. Both Divas hard nipples touch sending shocks
though both their bodies but nothing will make them break their long tongue
kiss. Trish moves her body around but lets Mickie do most of the work rubbing
her tits into hers and already Trish feels her orgasm building up inside of
her. Mickie breaks the long tongue kiss and steps back licking her cherry red
lips while grinning at Trish who is stubbing around. Her legs have gone weak
and there is a rather large amount of pre cum that is on her thighs gleaming
under the lights of the hotel room. Once again stood in front of her idol
Mickie puts her hands over Trish's large tits giving them a quick squeeze
before pushing Trish backwards. She lands on the bed and Trish is sick of
this teasing foreplay and as she lands she spreads her legs out as wide as
she physical can temping Mickie with a unbelievably view of her pussy.
Shining wet with her own already split uses Trish puts on her best begging
face and Mickie who flashes her bright white teeth before knelling on the
bed. Slowly Mickie crawls in between Trish's legs and is now only a few
inches away from a place so many people have wanted to be and Mickie says
nothing but simply lowers her head into her snatch.

Trish groans as she can fell Mickie's breath on her very sensitive pussy
before she can feel Mickie's tongue lightly touching her cum stained thighs.
Mickie is taking her time in licking up all of Trish's spilt juices making
the blonde thrash around on the bed as she tongue lightly probes her body.
She cries out in pure pleasure as Mickie pushes her tongue inside Trish's
soaking wet pussy immediately making Trish scream and moan. Propping herself
up on her knee Mickie pushes her own face further into Trish's crotch
allowing her skillful deep inside Trish touching the most sensitive area's of
the blonde. Trish is in tears of joy as Mickie James laps at her cum soaked
pussy and Trish is able to get out of her mouth are loud, long moans letting
Mickie know she is doing a good job. Looking down her body Trish can see
Mickie's head in between her legs bobbing away as her tongue hits unknown
pleasure points inside Trish's cunt making her scream out louder than anyone
else had ever made her scream. Trish's nails dig into the bed sheets and her
body shakes and Trish starts panting as her orgasm builds up inside her tiny
frame. Right on the edge of total satisfaction Trish shuts her eyes in
anticipation for her orgasm but then Mickie stops licks her. Trish looks up
at Mickie who is sat in between Trish's legs with a massive grin on her face
and some of Trish's pre cum on her upper lip. Widening her eyes Trish puts on
her best begging face at Mickie but that only makes the brunette laugh as she
starts to crawl up Trish's body. Forgetting about Mickie teasing her aching
pussy Trish relaxes back and groans as she feels Mickie's hot body crawling
up her own planting the occasional kiss on her brown skin. More high screams
from Trish come when Mickie takes one of Trish's erect nipples in her mouth
and slowly sucks on them making Trish feel lightheaded.

Mickie also sucks on Trish's other breast leaving both of the blonde's boobs
coating in a layer of salvia from Mickie's mouth. Trish is so lost in a world
of her own pleasure from the amazing way Mickie sucks on her breasts, her own
hand moves towards her pussy hoping to give her the climax she has been
building towards. Mickie slaps away Trish's wandering hand and wags her index
finger at the blonde making Trish blush in embarrassment at being caught by
the dominating brunette sat on her chest. Grinning at Trish Mickie crawls all
the way up to Trish's pretty face before sitting her shaved pussy right on
Trish's lips. She moans from the unbelievable sweet scent from Mickie's pussy
and Trish knows exactly what Mickie wants her to do. Using her tongue Trish
quickly parts Mickie's bulging pussy lips desperate to taste Mickie James for
the first time and as the first drop of her pre cum rolls down Trish's tongue
she is in heaven. Mickie's pussy tastes better than any other pussy Trish had
ever tasted, it is so sweet on her tongue and hearing the woman on top
groaning in approval is even better for Trish. Her tongue pushed in deep to
Mickie's pussy Trish starts licking like never before hoping to be rewarded
not only by tasting Mickie's sweet girl cum but maybe Mickie will repay the
favor and make her cum. Trish is using ever tongue trick she had ever learnt
to make this the most pleasurable experience of Mickie's life and by the
sounds of her loud moaning Trish is well on the way to making it an amazing
night for her number one fan. Mickie starts to grind her hips and hairless
crotch into Trish's face as the blonde's tongue is hitting all the right
areas. Trish stops licking and starts using Mickie's grinding hips to push
her tongue in and out of her pussy like a cock.

Feeling Trish Stratus tongue fuck her sends Mickie over the edge as she
grinds her hips into Trish's face before screaming out in pleasure as she
cums. Trish tires to swallow as much cum as she can but Mickie's orgasm is a
big one and Trish's entire face is covered in the sticky, white goo. Mickie
roils off Trish before lying next to her on the bed trying to catch her
breat5h and stop her well-built legs from shaking. She looks at Trish and
starts to laugh as she see the blonde ex model with cum all over her face
making her look like a cheap porn star not a multi time woman's champion.
Using her fingers Trish wipes the stream of cum off her face and seductively
licks it off her fingers making Mickie smile at Trish acting like a slut.

Rolling onto her side Trish stares deep into Mickie's eyes before asking,
"Please Mickie I really need to cum help me out please."

To her shock Mickie shakes her head but still grins at the Diva Of The Decade
so Trish begs again.

"Oh god Mickie please eat me out, I really want your hot tongue inside of me
please I want to cum'" Trish begs her dark haired counterpart who says
nothing but smile.

Trish looks at her with pleading in her eyes as Mickie rolls off her back and
gets back on top of Trish. Even the simple thing of feeling Mickie's bare ass
sat on her washboard stomach has Trish getting wetter and wanting Mickie to
make her cum. Mickie however has other ideas using her hands to rub Trish's
big boobs bringing yet more groans from Trish's lips and makes Mickie giggle
at Trish's pleasure. Moaning Trish tries to beg Mickie to move down to her
pussy but the way Mickie is rubbing her tits she is content to lay back and
let Mickie's skilled hands work over her. Slapping her palms down flatting
Trish's tits back into her chest sending the excess of tit flesh spilling out
as Trish cries out in a near orgasmic trance. Lightly squeezing Trish right
breast Mickie loves the look on Trish's face, which is so peaceful until the
blonde opens her mouth groaning and moaning without a care of who hears here.
Mickie is letting her soft fingers slide over her amazing breasts making
Trish arch her back throwing her chest out further forward at Mickie who
takes the invite. Tilting her head down Mickie sticks her tongue out flicking
the very tip of it against Trish's nipple making her shiver. Like a newborn
baby Mickie sucks on Trish's nipple, while her other nipple is tended to by
Mickie's left hand. Trish is in heaven as her tits are lovingly cradled and
licked by Mickie who is doing an amazing job in sucking and rubbing her big
tits. Trish's pussy is so damp with her own juices and Trish is grinding
around on the bed trying to build the feeling of orgasm inside of her. To
excite Trish even more Mickie starts slobbering and sucking back hard over
Trish's nipple in a rough way that has Trish screaming in a high pitched tone
like she's trying to shatter the glass windows.

Trish's sensitive nipples are really bringing all those pent up feelings of
lust and Trish starts bucking her hips while yelling her head off forcing
Mickie to stop sucking on her tits. Mickie stops Trish's screaming by cupping
her hand around the back of Trish's neck and pulls her head forward for a
kiss. Instantly as there lips touch Trish stops screaming and lets Mickie's
tongue invade her mouth as she lies back letting Mickie control the kiss.
Breaking the kiss Mickie lays her naked body on top of Trish stroking her
long blonde hair as Trish again puts on the big puppy dog eyes at her.

"Please Mickie I'll be yours, forever just let me finish please I'm begging
you Mickie please let me cum," Trish begs the smaller Diva for her sexual

Mickie grins at the dominating blonde begging for her orgasm underneath her
and to Trish's relief/delight Mickie slides down until she is in between
Trish's legs again. Trish's pussy lips are soaked in her own escaping juices
and Mickie knowing that Trish is watching her every move rubs 3 of her
fingers into the little puddle of pre cum lubing up her fingers. Without a
word Mickie shoves her freshly lubed fingers up Trish's cunt making her
scream louder than ever before waking up the entire hotel. Mickie leaves her
fingers inside Trish for a while letting Trish calm down from the force of
her shoving her fingers hard inside of Trish's pussy. Soon she calms down so
Mickie slowly thrusts her fingers in and out watching in delight as Trish is
soon moving her hips back and forth in the same motion as her fingers. This
allows Mickie to pick up the pace of her finger fucking as her wrist pumps
inside of Trish faster. Her fingers are like a soft feeling battering ram
hitting Trish clit every time making the blonde cry out. Trish is in a state
of pure ecstasy as Mickie's fingers plough deep inside of her hitting all the
right spots and Trish knows that it won't be long before her body gives up to
Mickie James amazing touch. Mickie grins looking up at Trish's face, which is
masked by pure pleasure and listening to Trish low, soft moans of joy make
Mickie pump in and out faster. Her fingers are moving back and forth very
quickly making Trish cry out for More which Mickie does by pushing her
fingers in as deep as she can. Trish gasps in shock as Mickie's 3 fingers are
jammed so hard up her pussy they connect right with her G spot making her
scream out like never before.

Trish screams as Mickie's fingers hit her pleasure centre.

As Trish nearly screams herself along to an orgasm, Mickie has spotted
Trish's hips have lifted up off the bed. Exposing her perfect ass to the
excited brunette who quickly sucks the middle finger on her other hand and
slides her wet finger along Trish's thigh. Trish is in tears, she is so close
to an earth shattering orgasm after all that painful teasing from Mickie
James but being so close Trish is angry Mickie has stop thrusting her fingers
into her pussy. Just as she's about to shout at her brunette lover she feels
sometime sliding up her thigh then tracing around her tight ass cheeks and as
Trish realizes it's a finger it moves to her ass hole and sinks itself
inside. Another loud scream from Trish shakes the lights in the room as the
added anal invasion finally takes Trish over the cliff as she cums hard.
Mickie feels Trish's clit throbbing on her fingers as Trish cums all over her
hand and up her arms as Trish climax's with loud shouting and tears. Letting
Trish's shaking body go it's course Mickie simply holds her fingers in tight
to Trish's cunt as the blonde moans though the biggest orgasm of her life.
Trish can feel her cum flowing out of her body like a title wave and in her
mind she can see her cum covering Mickie James's pretty face before dripping
down onto her perfect tits. She sees all this and wants to carry on fucking
Mickie all night, maybe tomorrow and the day after that but as she thinks
these thoughts her second orgasm strikes her body. Trish jumps in shock as
she sits up on her bed, totally naked and alone she is all-alone there is no
one else here. Pulling her hair back behind her bed Trish groans as she
realizes she has just been dreaming about Mickie and by the stains on her
sheets it's wasn't just a normal dream. Trish stands up and looks at herself
in the mirror wondering what this means as she's sure having a sex filed
dream about a co-worker who she had only just met a few hours ago.

"I must like her," Trish says to herself out loud, "She is just so sexy and I
bet she's got a boyfriend and will never want to jump in bed with me."

Confused and feeling slightly lonely and wondering if these feeling for
Mickie are real and if maybe one day she could persuade Mickie into her bed.
Sighing Trish pulls up her bed covers and drifts off to sleep with a slight
smile on her face hoping that the dream Mickie has a few toys to play with.


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