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a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas
from wwekiller.

The Trish Stratus/Mickie James Saga Part 2: She Makes Me Feel Wet
by ThePac, WWEkiller and Darkdefender85

It has been nearly a month since Trish's world was turned upside down when a
young Diva called Mickie James burst into her life. She is the sexiest woman
Trish had ever seen and for the last month she had been having some intense
wet dreams about the bubbly Diva. Trish had found herself staring intently at
Mickie's perfect looking body but knew she could do nothing about her
addiction to Mickie as Mickie was probably 100% straight and was also Trish's
number one fan and making an advance on her would break Mickie's hopes and
dreams. So Trish is stuck being best friends with a girl she deeply desired
and could no nothing about it. What Trish didn't know is that Mickie really
loved Trish and she knew that the busty blonde liked her. Mickie had been so
scared as a young woman learning to wrestle when she started to lust after
girls. Sure she liked men ask any boy in Virginia who Mickie fucked hard
hoping this lusting for woman would go away but her life was changed one day
at a autograph signing. Mickie had gone along to a shop opening in the town
she was wrestling, which was being opened by WWE Diva Terri. After talking to
Terri for a bit Mickie let slip she liked girls and to her shock and wonder
Terri told her lots of women liked both sexes and used Trish as an example.
Mickie had always lusted after Trish but hearing that Trish was just like her
was so uplifting and since then Mickie has been working hard towards getting
herself in the WWE and to hopefully getting Trish into bed.

She could not have been happier debuting in the WWE by saving Trish and on
that first night she saw something in Trish's eyes that looked a lot like
lust and when she followed Trish back to her hotel room Mickie was walking on
air and hearing Trish cry out her name in pleasure. For the last month Mickie
had been teasing Trish hoping the blonde would act on impulse and make a move
on her but sadly the current Woman's champion wouldn't make a move so Mickie
decided to make the first move. After another action packed Raw Divas match
Trish and Mickie teamed up to beat Victoria and Candice and they are both
backstage walking to their locker room.

"Oh my god Trish that was awesome we like totally kicked butt out there you
were like POW and WHAM man you were awesome," Mickie rambles on kicking out
at invisible bad guys before grabbing Trish in a one-arm hug.

Trish quickly tensed up and tried not to moan as Mickie softly hugs her arm
and she can feel her thong getting damper and damper. It had been so hard to
watch Mickie wrestle and not stop the match and take her right there on the
arena floor. Seeing Mickie all hot and sweaty, her big chest heaving and
every time she jumped up or took a hit her little skirt would flip up
exposing her big ass in a pair of tiny silk panties. Trish was still amazed
she had not slipped a hand into her pants and fingered herself off to the
sight of Mickie wrestling. She is walking with Mickie hanging onto her arm
thinking and preying that her TV recorded Raw tonight so she can watch Mickie
wrestling again in the privacy of her own home. Mickie is still babbling at
super speed talking about everything and nothing as they both step into the
Divas locker room. Trish takes a seat on a chair and runs her fingers though
her long blonde hair, while her head is in a big fight of whether to fuck
Mickie or walk away. Her choice gets much harder when she looks up and sees
Mickie kicking off her boots and pull up her shirt. Moaning softly Trish
can't help but watch, as Mickie gets undressed. This is the first time Trish
could really watch Mickie stripping as the hyper Diva normally picked the
locker next to Trish and she had not felt brave enough to check Mickie out
when she stood right next to her.

Mickie hears Trish try and suppress a gasp as her lacy white bra pops out and
her big cleavage is soaking with sweat making them look good even in Mickie's
eyes. Teasing Trish more Mickie drops her little purple skirt giving Trish
and unblocked view of her light purple panties cut to show off the bottom of
her ass cheeks. Trish is getting hot as her panties start to drown in her own
flowing pussy juices at seeing Mickie James stood a few feet in front of her
in just her bra and panties. Turning round Mickie looks at Trish's wide eyes
but pretends not to see it as she comes up with a naughty idea to tease Trish

"Hey Trish are we going to be doing a bra and panties match soon cause I'm
going to need new underwear soon," Mickie asks not looking at Trish's
reaction but is pushing and pulling at her bra making her sweat covered tits
jiggle around even more than normal.

Trish is breathing very hard as Mickie is a few feet away from her playing
with her big breasts and it is taking all of her will power not to lean her
hand out and grab Mickie's boobs.

"I mean look at the waistband of my panties I mean one big pull and they are
off," Mickie says to Trish turning around and pulling her panties up and out
showing a visible shocked Trish a lot of more of her tanned asscheek.

Panicking Trish gets up trying to avoid eye contact with her sexy super fan
and simply pats her on the shoulder and says she is going to Vince and will
be back in a bit. As she walks past Trish touches Mickie's shoulder to
reassure Mickie she is still her friend when a shock of energy rushes though
both of there bodies making them both jump. Trish quickly bolts out of the
door and takes off up the corridor as Mickie is left standing there thinking
how close she was to getting her some Trish when she looks down at the chair
and sees a small wet patch on the chair left by Trish's wet panties. A few
yards away Trish hides down an unused corridor panting like mad having only
just got away from Mickie and a few stupid ring hands that think they can
fuck her by just perving and asking. Holding her head in her hands Trish
curses herself at nearly spoiling her friendship by letting these dumb
feelings of lust to the small brunette get in the way. In the back of her
mind however she is replaying Mickie's striptease and underwear modeling and
Trish is sure she could smell some female arousal and it wasn't her. Taking
the chance at no one being near her Trish pulls her tight pants out and looks
at her creamy pre cum glistening on her plain black thong and Trish's mind
once again splits to a fantasy of her and Mickie fucking the hell out of each
other but she soon snaps out of it and decides it's safe to head back to the
locker room. Trish is sure she scared Mickie away by touching her shoulder
and sending an electric bolt of passion though both of their bodies.

No one wants to find out their idol's dirty little secret and Trish is sure
if Mickie finds out she likes to fuck woman and men Mickie will go away never
to speak to her again and as much lust Trish has for her she really likes
hanging around Mickie. They both like the same music and enjoy hanging out
with each other and Trish is so upset with herself at ruining something she
really liked for some dumb fantasy of sleeping with Mickie.

Trish walks back into the locker room to find Mickie's bag is still there and
her eyes are quickly drawn to the big pile of her clothes in the corner. They
are Mickie's clothes and when Trish looks around and doesn't see Mickie
anywhere so she starts to walk towards the pile of Mickie's wrestling
clothes. Trish's heart skips a beat when on top of the clothes pile she spies
Mickie's white bra. Picking it up in her hands Trish can still feel the
warmth of Mickie's amazingly big boobs in the cups and Trish can't help but
groan as she runs her fingers across the lace of Mickie's bra. Looking down
Trish sees Mickie's purple panties and nearly instantly her pussy starts to
leak even more as she looks at the very bit of material that covers Mickie's
pussy. Suddenly Trish jumps up as the sound of water running and quickly she
works out that Mickie is naked and in the shower. Just as Trish drops the bra
she has been holding her eyes are drawn a few feet away from Mickie's pile of
clothes to a small black object a few feet away from the shower and Trish
can't help but move towards the object curiosity taking over her movements.

Picking it up Trish nearly cries out in delight as she has picked up Mickie's
black thong and Trish has never felt more turned on holding this tiny pair of
panties. The thong is so small Trish is struggling to think of how's Mickie's
thick booty would fit inside it but to her even bigger surprise she sees a
tiny wet spot on the crotch area of Mickie's thong. Trish can see steam being
to grow from the shower area and Trish looks down at Mickie's little thong
and at the wall hiding the shower where her ultimate female fantasy is
totally naked. She knows this is a key moment where a relationship could be
ruined forever but Trish after holding Mickie's panties feels a bit stronger
and thinks to herself all she has to do is catch a quick look at Mickie naked
body then leave. Peaking her head around the wall Trish's jaw drops, as
standing in the middle of the shower room is Mickie James completely naked.
The way the water hits her golden brown body has the blonde nearly drooling
as she abandons hiding and stands out in the open giving her a clear view at
Mickie. She knows Trish is there looking at her she had heard Trish come in
and Mickie had been waiting for the right moment to start her last throw of
the dice of seducing Trish. As the water hits her body Mickie closes her eyes
but keeps the quick glancing image in her mind of Trish looking at her body
while holding a pair of her panties in her hand.

Mickie's mind is running at 100mph at all the things she wants to do to Trish
like see her naked, suck on those big tits of her, have a taste of her pussy,
maybe even tap that tight ass or just wake up in the morning with her lying
next to her. That though enters her head and Mickie jumps at the sight of her
in bed with Trish acting not like sex mad passionate people but like lovers,
a couple even two people who could be married. Forgetting that she is in a
shower or that Trish is staring at her Mickie is fighting the confusing
feelings in her mind, she had always liked Trish and after lusting after her
for years but she had never though of anything past sleeping with Trish and
thanking her for the big changes Trish had made in her life but she had never
thought of Trish as her lover. Did she love Trish? Over the past month she
had been very close to Trish but she had never though of Trish as someone she
might want to spend the rest of her life with. Mickie liked Trish every time
she saw the blonde her pussy did feel hot and turned her on but now thinking
about it under the piping hot water of a shower Mickie thinks back to the fun
times she had with Trish and maybe she did love Trish. The water is really
hot now and it takes all of Mickie's will power not to yell out as she jumps
back into the moment and remembers she has a hot crowd of one who needs to be
pushed thought the door.

Trish has been unmoved for the last few minutes memorized at Mickie's amazing
looking body. All her life Trish had gone for the skinny handsome model type
of boy or girl but there was something about Mickie's curves that just made
Trish melt. Those breasts, those amazing breasts Trish is still not sure if
they are real or fake but it doesn't matter because they look amazing. Her
dark pink nipples seem to just blend into the background of her brown skin
and the size of her breasts suits that tiny frame of her. Watching the water
hit her chest has Trish nearly cumming in her pants but somehow she stays
still and watches Mickie's amazing tits being washed clean of sweat.
Mickie holds back a grin as she watches Trish's eye line which is totally
forced on her boobs and as much as Mickie bought her big boobs for people
like Trish to stare at and play with Mickie is sure a lot more of her body
could make Trish wet. Slowly Mickie turns around running her fingers though
her wet hair and then exposes her back to the warm shower water allowing
Trish to get a close up view of her bare ass.

If her boobs took Trish's breath away then nothing could prepare Trish for
the perfect site of Mickie's big ass totally naked. Seeing a booty that big
and perfect takes Trish back to Molly Holly and how Trish used to fuck her
ass in so many ways. Not a week went by without Trish sticking something new
into that tight hole of Molly's stuff like vibrators, butt plugs, dildo's,
strap on's and of course her own tongue which always made Molly cry out in
pleasure. As Trish stands there her clothes wet from the steam and her pussy
nearly swimming in it's own juices Trish's mind wanders to what sort of
pleasure she could get by fucking Mickie's big ass. Chancing a glance over
her shoulder Mickie watches as Trish is taken in by the sight of her big ass
and as the water hits her body Mickie can feel herself getting more and more
horny. When she gets horny Mickie loves to be naughty and do things that
shock people and right now Mickie really wants to put on a show for her idol
Trish so she gives her ass a little shake making the blonde behind her moan
even louder Mickie leans forward picking up her shower gel. Squishing out a
good load of blue gel Mickie applies the gel to her back and slowly starts to
rub the gel into her bronzed skin. Trish is rocking back and forth on her
heels watching Mickie rub herself with gel and every single pleasure point on
Trish's body is tingling with anticipation. Her hands move lower down her
back before her gel-covered fingers reach the top of her ass cheeks.

Hearing a sigh from her blonde observer Mickie grins to herself and moves her
soapy hands across her backside. Mickie loved her big ass she used to get
teased about it all the time but that all changed a few years ago when she
met Tanya who was English and during one very long summer they did everything
together and even though neither of them truly fell in love they both shared
a deep bond. It was Tanya who told Mickie she had such a sexy body and always
made her look at the nude pictures she did telling Mickie she looked so
beautiful. Mickie always remembered that and was now using her BFF's advice
in teasing her ultimate fantasy girl. Soapsuds cover her ass before Mickie
slowly rotates her ass under the shower letting the water slowly clean the
suds off her ass. Doing a slow grinding booty shake in the shower is making
Mickie's pussy juices run down her legs as she hopes Trish behind her is
enjoying the show. Trish thinks she must have died somehow because this is as
close to heaven as she could imagine as Mickie slowly shakes her ass cleaning
it off and Trish is having to nearly hold onto herself to stop her from
jumping in and taking Mickie's ass right here and now. Once her ass is clean
Mickie closes her eyes again and turns round showing off the front of her
body to a dripping wet Trish. Mickie gives her super clean ass a few last
rubs only while watching Trish out the corner of her eye.

She nearly cries out in delight as Trish has one hand on her thong rubbing
her finger over the damp spot on her thong while her other hand is stuffed
deep into her pants and by the look of pleasure on Trish's face she must
really need to get off. Trish's hand is working overtime inside her soaking
wet thong as Trish watches Mickie's naked body though the steam like a naked
silhouette and in Trish's eyes she has never seen anyone more beautiful.
Mickie tilts her head back under the water pushing her chest out further as
she listens to Trish's breaths getting shorter and shorter before hearing a
stunned yelp and she knows Trish just came. Trish's eyes are tight shut as
she rubs Mickie's worn panties all over her face making sure to get that
amazing smell of Mickie's pussy in her nostrils as she cums hard into her own
wrestling tights. Removing her hand Trish's face glows a bright red but when
she looks up and sees Mickie didn't hear her and is still showering away
Trish picks up Mickie's panties and uses the tiny thong to wipe all her cum
off her finger. She is sweating harder than when she was wrestling as Trish
finishes cleaning up and checking out the front of her pants that are wet
right though with her own juices. Mickie nearly gasps she can see Trish
turning away and going away Mickie is so horny and her mind is screaming at
her to stop and let Trish go so she can come over and ask herself but
Mickie's damp pussy and all her shower thoughts of falling in love with the
busty blonde lead her to make a spilt second decision.

"TRISH OH MY GOD I'M SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW," Mickie pretends to turn around so
she can see Trish and acts embarrassed her hands quickly covering her boobs
but leaving her bare pussy uncovered for Trish to see.

Trish nearly jumps out of her skin and the shock of Mickie catching her makes
her drop Mickie's cum soaked panties and when Trish slowly turns around to
look at Mickie she can see juices running down Mickie's well-formed thigh.
Now Trish's head is spinning did Mickie know she was there? Did she like
girls? Quickly Trish looks into Mickie's eyes and tries to think of the words
to explain her complex life, how she had loved woman since her first Muscle
Mag shoot and how here in the WWE she had sex with so many different and
amazing women. The words don't come to mind but Mickie is looking down at her
pants to see the wet patch then to Trish's horror the wet brunette walks past
her and picks up her thong. Mickie knows she has become the dominate one in
this scenario but is sure once Trish knows the real her they will both get
some time on the top and bottom. Swinging the cum soaked thong around her
index finger Mickie moves up close to Trish nearly making their big chests
touch while she dangles the panties in front of Trish's face. She is totally
speechless at Mickie catching her but is slightly put off my the fact Mickie
isn't crying or mad but instead seems to be teasing her with the offending
item of clothing. Mickie flicks her panties around the corner before giving
the blonde a sexy little giggle and walks back into the shower but to her
amazement Trish is just stood there dumbstruck. Shaking her head in wonder
Mickie decides not to tease Trish anymore as the poor champion seems to be
miles away from the plotline so Mickie stands under her shower before staring
Trish dead in the eyes.

"Trish I want you and I want you right now so take off those clothes and get
in here and fuck me," Mickie says in her sexist voice as she watches Trish's
eyes nearly pop out of her head at Mickie's demand.

It's like something out a dream Mickie naked in a shower nearly begging for
Trish to fuck her and Trish shakes her head a bit as if she's trying to wake
up before seeing she is still here and Mickie is still in the shower naked
and motioning for Trish to come over and fuck her. Quickly Trish kicks off
her wrestling boots and damm near tears though her black spandex top
revealing her breasts incased in a small black bra. Now it's Mickie's turn
to moan in anticipation as her fellow Diva strips in front of her. After a
wrestling match and a powerful orgasm Trish's cleavage is glazed with sweat
making her tits look better than ever. Licking her lips Mickie's hand slides
down her wet stomach and slips inside her aching pussy lips touching her clit
for the first time in what seemed like an age. It doesn't take Trish long to
tear though her bra letting those world famous puppies out to play and
quickly after throwing away the remains of her tattered bra Trish goes to
work on her bottom half. Sliding her tight pants down her thick legs Trish
curses the fact these are skintight and a real struggle to get off but one
look up to see Mickie masturbating away to the sight of her perfect tits
gives Trish a greater sense of lusting. Tearing though her custom made pants
Trish also makes light work of her cum soaked thong until she is standing in
front of her fantasy girl completely naked. Mickie's reaction to seeing Trish
naked is a near mirror image to the look on Trish's face when she first saw
Mickie naked.

With Mickie looking at her like she had never seen a naked woman before Trish
steps into the shower and makes a beeline to the showerhead Mickie is stood
under. Trish feels like a moth drawn towards flame as she approaches Mickie
she has no idea what will happen and that little voice of reason normally
telling her to stop isn't there at all there is a deathly silence apart from
the running water. Standing in front of Mickie Trish looks up and down
Mickie's incredible body and breaks out into a big smile and when Mickie
returns that smile Trish pushes herself onto Mickie. Their lips meet and as
soon as they do nothing else matters to either of them not their jobs, their
families or any thing else near and dear to them all either of them want to
do is stay in this moment and kiss each other. Their hands wrap around each
other's backs pulling closer to each other allowing their lips better
contact. Trish can't believe this is happening as she is stood in the woman's
showers with her dream girl naked kissing her and her excitement only gets
higher when Mickie forces her tongue into Trish's mouth. Mickie giggles
inside Trish's mouth as she can feel Trish's soft hands moving down her back
and softly cups her asscheeks. Wrapping her tongue around Mickie's, Trish
starts to suck on Mickie's lips making the young brunette groan. Opening her
eyes Trish looks at Mickie then softly pulls away and looking up
sympathetically at a stunned Mickie.

"I'm sorry Mickie I didn't mean to pressure you or make you feel bad I have
to go," Trish says turning to leave.

Mickie is more than stunned, here she was offering herself up on a plate for
Trish and the blonde is batting her away. She is so mad at the blonde she
grabs out taking hold of Trish's arm and spins her around. Pushing her back
against the wall Mickie pushes her body into Trish's keeping her back against
the shower wall. Just as Trish opens her mouth to complain Mickie gets onto
her tiptoes and kisses Trish hard pushing her adventurous tongue down her
throat. Trish is more than shocked that she wants this but she feels like
she is forcing Mickie to do this. Trish had made all the moves nearly
manipulating the brand new Diva into sleeping with her. The more Trish thinks
about leaving the more Mickie's touch and amazing tongue kissing ability is
slowly lowering Trish's defenses and soon the blonde throws away her
inhibitions and decides to live for the moment. Mickie could have screamed as
she feels Trish stop fighting her and instead grabs hold of Mickie's arms
keeping hold of her. So knowing Trish is now accepting the fact she wants the
Woman's champion Mickie breaks the kiss and starts to run her fingers though
Trish's wet hair listening to Trish moaning softly to Mickie's touch. Both
divas stare into each others eyes and both seem to be looking at each other
in a different light like their `oh we only like men' masks seem to have gone
and both women look at each other as they truly are.

Trish sees the fire in Mickie's eyes and knows that the young Diva really
wants her and in Trish's eyes Mickie sees Trish is nearly screaming out
for a chance to fuck her. So tilting her head down Mickie lightly flicks the
tip of her tongue against Trish's light pink nipple making it erect almost
instantly. A big smile breaks over Mickie's face as she watches her idol's
body reacting to her touch and she moves her hands slowly down Trish's body
while she kisses Trish's washboard abs. Trish is in heaven as Mickie's hands
grab onto her big boobs and starts to squeeze them between her fingers making
Trish's pussy wet with her own juices. She can't help but moan louder as
Mickie's very talented fingers stroke her sensitive tits making her nearly
beg the rookie to fuck her. She is totally under Mickie's power as she softly
kisses some of her exposed skin of her tits making Trish's head spin and
wonder how many tits had Mickie played with to be this good at foreplay.
Mickie is delighted every time her hands and tongue makes Trish moan and
brings yet more pre cum trailing down her thighs. Using her legs Mickie
forces Trish's legs apart slightly and uses her thick thigh muscle and rubs
it into Trish's sensitive pussy lips. At the first pussy on leg contact the
blonde gasp and nearly brings up her second orgasm and Trish is amazed at how
Mickie is playing with her much fantasized about body. Her thigh is so big
yet between her legs feels so good and Trish starts to buck her hips in
response to Mickie rubbing.

Moving her face into Trish's tits Mickie flicks her tongue upward at Trish's
nipples sending a shock down Trish's spine making the blonde shiver against
the wall. Mickie is bucking her leg faster and faster against Trish's pussy
making Trish bounce higher and higher before she cries out Mickie's name and
in response to that Mickie starts rubbing her fingertips around Trish's light
colored areola. Trish's head is moving at 1000mph as Mickie attacks her two
most sensitive arenas and Trish's pussy is more or less soaking in her own
juices. She has never felt so wet in her life and all she wants is to stay
here against the wall and let Mickie pleasure her time after time after time
again. Mickie can feel how wet Trish is as her own thigh is caked in Trish's
cum and as Mickie sucks and licks Trish's big silicone filed tits Mickie has
never been happier.

She had never in her wildest dreams though she could please Trish Stratus
this much and to her delight she is also dripping wet just from sucking on
Trish's boobs. Having never been with a girl with fake boobs but now sucking
and sobering all over Trish's world famous cleavage making Mickie so horny.
As her bright white teeth slightly nip at Trish's ultra soft tit flesh making
Trish jump with sexual passion Mickie wants to taste Trish but wants her idol
to ask her.

"Trish what do you want me to do to you?" Mickie asks stepping back into the
showerhead looking directly at Trish waiting for an answer.

Trish nearly screams at Mickie for breaking off her amazingly sexy contact
and like a child is asking her what she wants and Trish is sure she would act
like a diva and storm away if anyone else teasing her like that. Her body
however wants Mickie to touch her again and in her heart Trish wants Mickie
to eat her out as her mind already thinks about how good Mickie's tongue
would be in her cunt. Looking at Mickie's beautiful face Trish feels all
kinds of emotions but somehow steps forward and looks straight at Mickie's

"I want you to lick me Mickie, I want you to eat me out," Trish mumbles as
she has never liked dirty talking normally her naked body is enough talking
for her lovers to handle.

Mickie looks at this normally powerful woman standing in front of her talking
like a first timer and she wants to see the real Trish Stratus, "Tell me
Trish shout it out you teasing blonde slut WHAT DO YOU WANT!"

She has never seen anyone dominate her like this before and as much as Trish
liked to be in control these moments of pure submission are making her so wet

This is the best present Mickie has ever been given; her idol Trish Stratus
is naked under a shower nozzle begging her to fuck her. Mickie can feel her
own juices cascade down her legs as Trish stands back against the wall
spreading her legs out wide giving Mickie a teasing look at her pretty pink
pussy. Walking slowly towards a waiting Trish, Mickie starts to suck on three
fingers on her right hand and from the wide-eyed lustful expression on
Trish's face she knew what was going to happen. Bending over slightly Mickie
pushes Trish's legs further apart giving her clear access to Trish's
throbbing pussy and just the sight of it makes Mickie's mouth water. Seeing
Mickie looking in lust at her pussy has Trish feeling very lightheaded and
almost cumming at just the amazingly erotic sight of Mickie James naked in
the shower room softly rubbing Trish's inner thigh. Mickie stands up but
leaves her finger rubbing Trish's strong legs before grinning at the teased
blonde before slowly pushes her fingers inside of Trish. The cry that escapes
from Trish's lips is one of the most beautiful sounds Mickie had ever heard
as Trish arches her back allowing Mickie's fingers deeper inside her. Moaning
louder than she had ever moaned before Trish's nails scrap against the tiled
wall hoping to hold on to anything that would keep her standing up as
Mickie's fingers slowly move around inside of her. Mickie's fingers feel so
good Trish thinks as she closes her eyes and gasps out as Mickie plunges her
fingers in deeper making her well bitten nails scrap gently against her clit.

Trish's entire body is on edge as every single time Mickie's touches her she
feels like her body cannot hold in all the passion and wanting she has for
the smaller Diva. Seeing Trish's body losing it's balance Mickie quickly
presses her wet body against Trish keeping her on her feet as her fingers go
to town on Trish's cunt. Hearing her idol moan and groan makes Mickie use her
fingers more twisting and probing them inside the blonde's wet snatch making
Trish's body shake and brings yet more heavy moans from her sexy lips.

"Mickie please don't stop, never stop more I need your fingers, they are soo
GOOD OHHHHH FUCK ME MICKIE," Trish yells louder and louder as the brunette
uses every trick she knows to make Trish's pussy react even more.

All this teasing with her angelic tongue and now her divine fingers has Trish
at near breaking point and when Mickie curls her fingers along her G-spot
Trish yells so loud she thought her eyes were going to pop out of her skull.
Having a firm grip on Trish's body Mickie knows Trish wants to buck her hips
to get more pleasure but Mickie isn't finished with giving Trish her thank
you orgasm but to help her along Mickie moves her head down slightly so her
eyesight is only on Trish's amazing breasts. Sweat is already starting to run
down her fantastic breasts as Mickie's near perfect finger play has Trish
moaning and groaning like never before but when her brunette lover starts to
suck on her nipples Trish screams herself into paradise. Being held back
against a shower wall while having three fingers slowly teasing her dripping
wet pussy and her big tits sucked by a girl who up to an hour ago Trish
hadn't even thought of as being a lesbian but here she was licking and
fucking Trish's body like a natural. Mickie's fingers and tongue both pick up
the pace sensing Trish is very close to cumming and Mickie is determined to
drain every drop of pleasure from this intense and very personal fucking. Her
tongue darts quickly between both of Trish's mountainous breasts giving both
of them a firm licking while spending a lot of her time sucking on her pink
nipples. Mickie can't help herself she loves licking and sucking Trish's rack
and wants to do nothing more than rub her face in-between her boobs like her
own personal pillow.

As her fingers start teasing Trish's throbbing clit Mickie finds herself
thinking how much she wants to fuck Trish again and again, she was also sure
unless Trish said so she would get plenty of chance to but after all that
fucking what would be left. Mickie nearly stops in her tracks there she is
again thinking far off into the future when her present wasn't even finished
yet and she knew that wasn't like her to worry about the future. On one long
road trip A.J Styles had actually called her the most live for the moment
person he had even met and these thoughts of a future with Trish is worrying
her. Before she can panic herself anymore Trish's loud moan wakes her up and
with extra intensity Mickie pushes her fingers into Trish's soaking wet pussy
making her scream her lungs out. Her body can take no more of Mickie's
incredible touching and teasing as her tanned frame convulses and Trish
screams out the most powerful orgasm of her life. Trish's legs give away and
had it not been for Mickie holding her up Trish is sure she would have
dropped to the floor as her orgasm weakening her body and clouds her mind
with peaceful thoughts. Mickie holds Trish's body tight as the blonde's
entire body shakes like mad from the madly powerful orgasm she had just given
her idol. Feeling Trish's juices running out of her and down her arm has
Mickie feels her own pre cum flowing but before she can get her first taste
of Trish she must first take care of her blonde haired lover.

Slowly lowing an exhausted and panting Trish till she is sitting on the floor
Mickie removes her cum covered fingers from inside Trish's drenched pussy.
Mickie giggles at the amount of cum on her arm and how pretty Trish's pussy
lips looked coated in her own juices. Sucking Trish's cum off her fingers
Mickie closes her eyes and savors the taste of her idol's cum which seems to
taste very sweet, sweeter in fact than any pussy she had even tasted. Mickie
was also shocked at how nicely her fingers had got into Trish because most of
the women Mickie finger fucked had very tight cunts but to Mickie's delight
Trish must have had a few women fucking her pussy making it nice and easy for
Mickie to get at. After she finishes cleaning herself off making sure to
taste as much of Trish's pussy juices as possible Mickie steps back into the
shower head's path letting the cool water hit her slightly sweating body
cleaning her off and also giving her time to reflect on what she had just
done. She had just made love to Trish Stratus the woman who had really
convinced her of her bisexual tendencies, the wrestler who inspired her to be
better and fight the lookist promoters who always wanted her in some slutty
clothes and now a woman she could call a friend. Just the thought of this
amazing interaction of her and Trish has Mickie moaning softly when she
stands back a jet of water catches her sensitive feeling pussy and she moans
in response. Lazily Trish opens her eyes her breathing still not yet back to
normal after her intense orgasm to see the naked figure of Mickie James
standing in the shower letting the sprays of water hit her pussy.

Trish hadn't noticed how wet Mickie was as she could see a fair bit of pre
cum shining off her golden thighs and Trish wants to get up and eat Mickie's
leaking pussy out but her last orgasm has taken a lot out of her so all she
can do is sit here and watch the brunette's sexy body tease her again. The
water feels great against her pussy but Mickie's mostly ignored pussy needs
far more physical attention to get off. So Mickie slides her hand down her
soaking wet body before curling her fingers inside of her own pussy and
nearly instantly moans at her touch. Watching in awe Trish looks at her tag
team partner touching her most intimate area and tilts her head back moaning
and groaning to the feel of her own hand. Mickie's other hand moves up and
grabs onto her surgically enhanced breast squeezing it hard making a gasp of
sexual frustration escape from her lips. Moving her fingers over her slit
faster and faster Mickie groans and feels up her own tits as the water beats
off her body. In awe of Mickie masturbating a few feet in front of her and
Trish can't help but moan with Mickie lightly rubbing her own breast. Opening
her eyes Mickie catches Trish staring at her in the shower for the second
time tonight and much like the first time Mickie grins and starts to put on a
sexy show for the blonde making her rest her head back against the wall to
watch. Removing her fingers from her wet pussy lips Mickie starts to slowly
gyrate her body in the shower before rubbing her hands all over her big boobs
watching the reaction of Trish who is looking at her big tits with nothing
but lust in her eyes.

Mickie keeps rubbing her dark pink nipples until they become erect and
prominently stick out from her chest. Turning round Mickie teases Trish with
her big ass by bending over slightly giving Trish a amazing view of her
asshole and her thick pussy lips that Trish thinks look so slutty on Mickie
yet she loves looking at them and the thin strip of hair just covering her
pussy. After giving Trish a more than close up view of her ass and pussy
before standing back up and walks towards Trish listening to the blonde gasp
at her suddenly moving towards her. A few feet away from Trish's model like
face and sticks her fingers out lightly stroking them against Trish's pink
lip-gloss. Understanding her role in this erotic show Trish opens her mouth
wide and lets Mickie put 3 fingers into her warm mouth and starts to gently
suck on her fingers. Once her fingers are wet Mickie pushes her fingers
inside her once more and starts to moan very heavily making Trish drool as
Mickie's pussy is just a inch away from Trish's nose meaning she can smell
Mickie sweet feminine scent making Trish feel horny once again.

"Oh yeah mmmmm you like this Trish do you like seeing little Mickie finger
herself," Mickie says in a deep sexy tone remembering she likes to dirty talk
and she also keeps up her domination of Trish who still looks amazed to even
be sitting here.

"YESSSS YESSSS Trish I wish these were your fingers you would fuck me good
wouldn't you Trish you would fuck your number one fan so good yes," teasing
her blonde friend, Mickie's moves her head back shutting her eyes as her
fingers probe deeper into her damp pussy.

Trish is more than shocked as the normally hyperactive Diva is no longer
acting like a 8 year old who's drunk to much Sunny Delight but like a woman
working on a phone sex line. The dirty things coming out of her mouth has
Trish both shocked but turned on, she has already admired other woman talking
dirty but she has never really done it herself and seeing Mickie doing it so
well Trish really wants to learn how to talk like a proper slut.

Mickie loves the look on Trish's face that is masked with pure pleasure and
knows her dirty talk is getting to her, " Come on Trish you like watching me
fuck myself don't you, seeing my fingers banging my tight pussy makes you so
hot and wet doesn't it."

Trish nods her head and starts rubbing her palm over her sore pussy lips but
somehow is getting wet again. Mickie is amazed that Trish is still horny and
wants more and that thought of Trish being able to go all night makes her
feel so good as her fingers dig deeper inside her pussy and moans become
bigger as her juices flow down her wrist. Rubbing her damp pussy Trish grins
as Mickie is moaning louder and louder trying so hard to bring herself off
for the first time in a long while but Trish doesn't want her to finish. She
wants a shot at making Mickie cum after all that has been her fantasy for the
past month eating Mickie out and making her cum. Grabbing Mickie's wrist
stopping her Mickie moans in frustration and looks down at Trish who has a
fired up lusting look in her eyes. For the first time today Mickie gives away
the control in this relationship Mickie lets Trish pull her hand out of her
throbbing pussy and pushes her back against the wall. Spreading her legs out
wide Mickie points to her pussy and looks steely into Trish's eyes trying to
silently beg her to eat her out. This is the moment she had been waiting to
happen for nearly 4 years Trish on her knees in front of her pussy and was
going to lick her out. Crawling towards Mickie Trish can't hide the happy
feeling in her heart Mickie was opening herself up to Trish and maybe she
could turn Mickie into a bisexual like her. No teasing foreplay from Trish
who flicks her tongue into Mickie's pussy making the dripping wet brunette
gasp out at the feeling of Trish's hot tongue entering her.

Trish's tongue feels so soft as the blonde laps away at her leaking pussy
juices making Mickie grind her ass into the wet shower wall in frustration as
her pussy is licked by Trish Stratus. Lapping away at Mickie like her
favorite brand of ice cream Trish pushes her own hand in between her legs
giving herself some gentle encouragement as she sucks away on Mickie's clit
trying to repay Mickie for the pleasure the Diva gave her. Mickie has never
had such an intense feeling as Trish is between her legs licking away at her
pussy making Mickie wetter and wetter and Mickie can hear Trish loudly
slurping and drinking up all her pre cum. Her moans get louder and louder as
Trish's tongue forces it's way deeper and deeper into her pussy and the
blonde is not letting up. She starts rocking her head back and forth using
her bright pink tongue like a penis thrusting it in and out of Mickie's cunt
making her scream out in pleasure. Mickie has never been eaten out this good
and she is loving this as Trish is even better than in her constant wet
dreams and to now have the real Trish eating her out is the best moment ever
in Mickie's life. Digging her manicured nails into the flesh of Mickie's hips
Trish keeps up the pressure on Mickie's pussy pushing her tongue right into
her sensitive clit making her cry out loud. Mickie's scream nearly broke
Trish's eardrums and nothing is turning her on more listening to Mickie
yelling and crying out in pleasure from Trish's tongue.

Mickie can feel herself getting more and more lightheaded as Trish's amazing
tongue brings her to the very brink of sexual pleasure as Mickie slaps her
hands into her large tits flattening the flesh in her hands making her cry
out at her own touch. Moving her tongue at lighting pace over Mickie's clit
Trish feels her starting to shake so Trish pushes her face deeper into
Mickie's pussy lips hoping to get a taste of her friend's cum. Mickie's hands
crunch down onto her big tits as a powerful orgasm starts building up inside
of her. Looking down Mickie gets the amazing picture of Trish Stratus between
her legs eating her out while lightly touching herself and that sight is
enough to push Mickie all the way into her orgasm. Trish is amazed at the
amount of cum flowing out of Mickie's pussy as the tiny brunette's body
shakes as she screams her head off. Lapping up every last bit of Mickie's
juices Trish keeps hold of the Divas hips making sure she doesn't fall down
while she licks her lips feeling good that Mickie tasted better than she ever
thought possible. Trish's thighs are now shining wet with her own juices that
were flowing like mad during Mickie's very loud and in Trish mind very tasty
orgasm. Mickie is running her fingers though her wet hair moaning softy as
her pussy stops throbbing and feeling so hot as she tries to recover from one
of the best orgasms she had ever been given. Once Mickie has regained some
control of her legs Trish lets go and starts to lightly lay soft kisses on
Mickie's lower abdomen.

Hearing her lovers low moans of approval Trish starts to move up Mickie's
body laying soft lip gloss kisses all up her belly even giving Mickie's
sliver tummy stud a quick kiss making Mickie shake with delight. Kissing all
the way up Mickie's pretty stomach Trish rests her forehead against the
bottom of Mickie's breasts making her gasp at how slowly and erotically Trish
was able to tease her. Mickie groans in anticipation as she watches Trish's
face hovering a few inches away from her left nipple and Mickie can't help
but get more turned on when looking closely at Trish's face she can see some
of her own cum around the blonde's mouth. Gently Trish uses her index finger
to trace around the outside of Mickie's breast and when she lays her palm on
it and lightly squeezes her breast Trish is nearly disappointed when she can
feel the unmistakable feel of silicone. Trish could have cried at being
deceived by a plastic pair of tits but the doctor who did them had done a
very good job as it was only when she has very close up could Trish see the
marks of surgery on Mickie's rack. She rubs the tips of her fingers all the
way across Mickie's boobs making the brunette's skin break out in Goosebumps
as Trish's soft touch relaxes her body. Pushing her face into the softness of
Mickie's bosom Trish lightly flicks her tongue along the inside of Mickie's
breasts listening to her loud moans and groans of pleasure. Trish still can't
take her eyes off Mickie's dark pink nipples, which are still sticking right
out and the blonde moves her face towards them taking her right nipple all
the way inside her mouth.

Mickie nearly loses control right there as Trish sucks and licks at her
nipples making her rock from side to side trying to hold in the loud
screaming she normally does when someone sucks on her tits. Moving her hands
further up Mickie's body Trish forces two of her fingers into Mickie's
gapping mouth and now it's her turn to hold in a moan as Mickie sucks on her
fingers like she's giving a blowjob. Feeling her fingers move around inside
Mickie's mouth gives Trish so much mind blowing pleasure that she can feel
her overacting juices once again flowing out of her hot body. Trish is still
somehow able to keep up her focus on Mickie's breasts sucking away on both of
her erect nipples leaving traces of saliva on her tits as Mickie continues to
suck on her two fingers as erotically as she can. Mickie has never felt more
in touch with one person before during sex, she and Trish knew exactly where
to touch each other to get the most pleasure out of it and as Mickie spits
out Trish's soaking wet fingers she can feel the heat from Trish's pussy on
her legs. She can also feel some pre cum dripping onto her leg and in a spilt
second she moves her hand down Trish's well-built body. Trish moans at
Mickie's hand sliding down her body as she gets to her full height and kisses
the brunette on the lips the first time she had done it of her own accord.
She was about to whisper something into Mickie's ear when the bubby Divas
hand reaches her aching pussy and pushes three fingers inside her.

Trish's scream is so loud that it makes the shower head shake as her fist
curls up into a ball and she smacks it against the wall hoping to let some of
the unbelievable pleasure building up inside of her out. To her part Mickie
keeps pushing her fingers deeper and deeper inside Trish while reaching
forward and planting several soft kisses on her neck hoping she will calm
down and stop screaming the place down. Trish's eyes flood with tears as
Mickie's fingers plough deep inside of her and they only thought rushing
though Trish's mind is how much she loves this girl. Rubbing her two middle
fingers gently into Trish's burning clit Mickie looks around Trish's shoulder
her eyes drawn to Trish's perfect ass. She had always wanted to fuck that ass
and Mickie was now silently swearing to herself that she had left all her fun
toys in her hotel room. She had been too scared to bring them to the arena in
case the other wrestlers found them and in fairness Mickie had no idea if
Trish even used toys or not. Trish was rocking her body into Mickie's making
her fingers go deeper into her wet pussy making her cry out on each thrust
but is also crushing her breasts against Mickie's and every time their
nipples touch both Divas get a shock of energy running thought them.

"Turn around Trish," Mickie pants out tired from the high octane sex they had
been having as she pulls herself off the wall and spins herself behind Trish.

Trish is full of disappointment when Mickie removes her hand from her cunt to
argue with the younger diva and lets Mickie go behind her but when she turns
and lays her back against the wall Mickie stops her.

"No no no Trish the other way round I wanna see that cute little ass of
yours," Mickie teases her blonde counterpart rubbing the flesh on her arm.

Trish flashes her white teeth in a naughty grin before turning around placing
her hands on the wall and sticking her ass out. It's Mickie's turn to giggle
like a schoolgirl as Trish shakes her ass a little bit while doing her best
to stick it out as far as she can manage. Getting onto her knees Mickie rubs
her hand up Trish's well-toned thigh up to her soft asscheek. Trish rests her
head against the cold shower tiles letting them calm her down as Mickie's
golden touch is making her so wet. She had never had a lover who had touched
her in quite the way Mickie did and Trish nearly cries out in joy when she
felt Mickie's soft lips touch her asscheeks giving them a kiss. One of
Trish's earlier lesbian experiences had been with a fitness model who had
just loved her big round ass and would spend hours caressing and stroking her
perfect ass. Mickie is laying loads of soft kisses on Trish's ass as she
moves her hands over Trish's large cheeks feeling up every inch of her butt.
In Mickie's eyes there is no better part of Trish's body than her incredible
ass and Mickie has always loved watching Trish wrestle in those tight spandex
pants she was always sticking her ass out. Those bits of Trish's matches
always had Mickie pushing her hand down her panties to finger herself out to
a loud climax. She really wanted to bang Trish's butt hard but her wonderful
pink strap on was lying uselessly in her bag a few miles away.

So instead Mickie opens out Trish's asscheeks exposing her asshole to
Mickie's hungry eyes and she uses her pink tongue lightly stroking it up her
spread out crack. Trish's entire body shivers as Mickie's jaw dropping tongue
skills work on loosening up her ass and Trish thinks of how good Mickie's
tongue will be in her asshole digs her fingers into the wall holding herself
steady. Feeling Trish's body tense up Mickie knows Trish is done with her
intense teasing so she takes a deep breath and pushed her entire tongue into
Trish's ass.

top of her lungs as Mickie starts working her tongue quickly in and out of
Trish's tight asshole.

Mickie is amazed at how tight her ass is Mickie was sure from just looking at
Trish that she took a lot of fucking up her fine ass. Mickie moves quicker
nearly fucking Trish's ass with her tongue and from the loud screams of joy
coming from the mouth of Miss Stratus Mickie was more than sure Trish took it
up the butt. Just the thought of Trish bent over with a strap on buried deep
between those meaty cheeks of hers has Mickie extremely wet and horny.
Squeezing her fingernails into Trish's ass Mickie moves her face forward as
far up Trish's ass as it would go making her tongue go deeper and deeper into
her butt nearly licking against her sphincter. Trish's eyes rock back into
her head as Mickie's tongue pushes deeper and deeper inside her and is the
best pleasure she has even had and she wants more from her brown haired
lover. Pushing her ass backwards Mickie nearly chokes when her face becomes
engulfed between Trish's cheeks and she has to withdraw her tongue to get a
breath of air. Moaning in complaint like a small child Trish is quickly
silenced when Mickie's hand spanks her ass cheek making the flesh shake. A
few more spanks and Trish is once again putty in Mickie's soft amazing hands
as she feels the brunette locking her arms around her waist. Trish can fell
the heat coming from Mickie's crotch as her hairless pussy rests against her
ass cheeks and to Trish's surprise Mickie slams her hips and pussy into her
ass. Mickie so wants to bang Trish in the butt the only problem is she has no
strap on so this is the only way for the moment she can live out her wildest
fantasy is to just hump her idol's butt.

She is scared that Trish will laugh off her humping as stupid and dog like
but when she hears a moan escape from the blonde's lips Mickie smiles to
herself before driving her hips back hard into Trish's ass. Trish is moaning
hard once more as she can feel Mickie's wet pussy lips smashing into her
toned ass cheeks making a loud flesh slapping sound that is sending a river
of Trish's own juices rolling down her legs. Mickie wished she had a cock
maybe not forever but even though she was getting so much pleasure out of
slamming her bare hips into Trish she found herself wanting to put something
big inside those huge cheeks of Trish Stratus. Her hand holding onto Trish's
hips slips and the brunette feels the warmth from Trish's pussy against her
hand. Sending her fingertips lower Mickie nearly explodes with delight when
she feels how wet and aroused Trish is and in Mickie's mind that means her
little blonde goddess liked it in the ass. Mickie could have sung with
delight but instead she starts bucking her hips faster and faster into Trish
ass making the blonde howl as her ass shakes on each impact. Without warning
Mickie thrusts four fingers inside Trish's soaking wet box nearly hitting her
clit in the first thrust. Trish nearly falls from her bent over poison as
Mickie's fingers work over her near climaxed pussy as the feisty brunette
continues slamming her own wet pussy into her ass. Trish could have burst out
crying at the amount of pleasure Mickie is giving her body but what is
surprising Trish most is the loud groans and cries of pleasure from Mickie.

Water splashes from the shower head down onto their naked and sweating
bodies as Mickie picks up pace with her fingering and dry humping moving at
different speed keeping Trish on the edge of pleasure. Mickie's pussy lips
bouncing off Trish's hard ass sending a rush of pleasure though Mickie and
leaves a stain of pre cum on Trish's big tanned ass. She can't believe she
has Trish bent over in the showers moaning and groaning from her hips
thrusting into her ass and her fingers stretching out her soft pussy lips.
Mickie has never been happier as she leans forward and gives Trish a soft
peck on the back of the neck. It is all to much for Trish as she relives all
her wet dreams then watching Mickie teasing her in the shower and as she
looks behind her Trish sees the look of fierce passion and lust on Mickie's
face as she gives it everything in her body to make Trish cum. Staring deep
at the concentration in Mickie's eyes Trish feels Mickie's fingers hit her
much used G spot and the 3 time Babe Of The Year surrenders to Mickie touch
once more. Trish body shakes as the blonde screams out another powerful
orgasm coating Mickie's fingers in a thick wad of cream before out of breath
and energy Trish collapses into Mickie's arms. Her cum stained finger rub
over Trish's abs as Mickie fights to keep hold of Trish's hips one to stop
her hitting the hard floor but more for the fact Mickie wants to keep banging
Trish's butt.

Nothing was giving Mickie a better thrill than humping Trish's butt she had
wanted to do it for so long and now here in the Divas locker room with no
toys or fake cock inside Trish Mickie was just humping her idol's butt and
loving it. There was something so strange about two women trying to fuck like
a man and woman but at this exact moment Mickie though there was nothing
better in the whole world than banging her hips into Trish big butt. Trish
could barely stand on her own two feet and her hands were no longer on the
wall but hanging limply beside her pleasured out body as Mickie holds her up
and starts rubbing her sensitive pussy lips into the crack of Trish's ass.
Feeling the soft flesh of her pussy rubbing gently into Trish's ass cheeks is
making Mickie moan louder and louder as she pushes her face forward in the
long locks of golden hair in front of her kissing Trish softly on the head.
The Woman's champion blinks a few times as she feels Mickie's soft lips
touching the top of her head and somehow she finds a bit of strength in her
tired body to stand on her own two feet again. Her hands relax from around
Trish's tight waist Mickie thinks Trish is tired and ready to go but as she
moves Trish moans softly and grabs Mickie's shoulders.

"Get on the floor Mickie," Trish says holding the Divas hand before she obeys
Trish and lies on the cold floor.

Trish redirects the nozzle on the shower meaning the water is pointing away
from Mickie body. Moving to Mickie Trish slowly lowers herself down onto
Mickie sitting her ass down on Mickie's big chest. The contact of skin on
skin makes Mickie howl with joy as her hand quickly moves to her pussy to
relieve herself Trish swats her hand away.

"Bad Mickie don't do a thing just lie back and relax," says Trish as she
slides her body down Mickie's sticking her ass up in the air for Mickie's

Mickie can't help but watch Trish's big ass hovering a few feet in front of
her almost teasing her like Mickie did to Trish. As Mickie is distracted
Trish sucks on her fingers and slowly slides them up Mickie's wet passage
making the brunette scream out loud. Her eyes roll back into her head as
Mickie feels Trish's fingers inside her pussy making sure to rub her soft
fingers over ever inch of her hot cunt. Mickie has never felt a woman touch
her this good before and she loves every awesome second of it. Trish can hear
Mickie cries of pleasure and Trish can't hide the big grin on her face after
being the sub in this little fantasy Trish had Mickie right where she wanted
the sexy brunette on her back and with her legs spread. Working her
spit-covered fingers deeper into Mickie's pussy making her arch her back as
she cries out louder and louder. Mickie looks up in her pleasure haze to see
Trish's big ass over her shaking slightly and Mickie lifts her hands up and
slaps them into her big cheeks. Trish jumps forward a bit after that hard
double spank but quickly gets control by adding a fourth finger into Mickie's
soaking wet pussy making her number one fan cry out in adoration of Trish.

STOP," Mickie yells at her blonde lover as she digs her fingers into Trish's
meaty asscheeks as her orgasm hits her hard.

Even Trish is surprised at the amount of cum covering her arm and hand as
Mickie shakes herself though a big release all over Trish. Getting off Mickie
Trish sits in a puddle of water for a second using her long tongue to lick
all of Mickie's cum off her fingers and wrist like a stick of candy floss.
Mickie pulls herself to her knees shaking her head and holding her sore pussy
in a hand before finding herself embraced by Trish who pulls her back until
they are both relaxing back against the wall. Both Divas look at each other
as the cold shower water cradles their hot sweaty bodies cooling both of them
down. Their eyes met and neither of them say a word but lean forward to kiss
each other softly under the shower. The kiss lasts for a few seconds but as
they are both in each other's arms it feels like hours as they sit there on
the tiled floor of the shower room holding each other tightly and thinking
about the amazing experience they both had.


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