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The Trish/Mickie Saga Part 3 - Having Something To Eat
by ThePac and Darkdefender85

Panicking Trish turns down the oven and flaps around the two pans bubbling on
her cooker. Trish had invited Mickie round to her house during their off time
from Raw and she was the most nervous she had ever been. The idea that her
dream girl was coming round for dinner was a lot for Trish to take in and
worst of all it was really Mickie's idea. She had said that they needed to
sit down and talk about what happened last week in the shower. Trish knew
what Mickie was going to say she would say she liked Trish but not in that
way. If Mickie said that to her Trish is sure that will break her heart
hearing Mickie tell her no. Being scared is not the best state to be in when
trying to cook a meal and Trish was rushing around her plush kitchen like a
mad woman or a very bad TV chef. Steam was leaking from her cooker and the
pans on the stove bubble and froth as Trish tries to make sure everything is
perfect. She wants this dinner to be great so great Mickie might love her, no
Trish shakes her head knowing tonight is the night Mickie breaks her dreams
and exposes her cheap school girl crush. Trish didn't want that she had hoped
after fucking her in the shower Mickie would come running into her arms but
she had held back and Trish knew what was up. She had forced Mickie to have
sex with her and the thought of forcing the young brunette to sleep with her
made Trish's heart hurt with sadness. To make her friend someone who looked
up to her to make her do something she didn't want to do had left Trish in
emotional turmoil all week. Every night crying herself to sleep Trish still
hoped Mickie felt the same way but knew in her heart that this was the night
Mickie would crush her dreams.

At 8 o clock just as the main course pinged in the oven the doorbell rang and
Trish jumped in the air in shock, she was here. Mickie stood outside the door
of Trish's expensive looking Richmond Hill house in awe. It must have cost so
much money and Mickie giggles at the little joke running though her head that
she is only in love with Trish for her money. Mickie couldn't believe she was
here at Trish's house ready to confess her long standing love for the blonde
wrestler. She had been waiting, hoping and planning for so long and now
tonight Mickie decided to play all her cards and tell Trish everything. She
could not play the game any longer she could not wait for Trish to make the
first move she had to do it. Mickie is past excited as she hops from one foot
to the other on Trish's door step adrenaline running though her like she's
just stepped out to wrestle. Nearly tripping over on her high heels Mickie
straightens herself up and looks down at her clothes hoping she looks good.
Wearing a light green top cut in a v just below her shapely breasts Mickie
was proud of her black push up bra nearly throwing her big tits out of her
tiny top. A white mini skirt used to show off her sexy legs and the light
color showed off Mickie's deep tan very well. Her 4 inch silver heels rounded
off the outfit and Mickie didn't normally wear stuff like this but for Trish
she would dress up and wear whatever the blonde wanted. Trish opens the door
and has to suppress a gasp as she sees Mickie's outfit mostly her big tits
nearly bouncing out at her. As Trish fights her moan Mickie holds back a moan
of her own as she looks at Trish's outfit.

She is wearing a black top that is very tight showing off the outline of the
blonde's large tits. Mickie licks her lips as she watches Trish's chest move
up and down with each breath. Trish also seems to have on a pair of black
jeans so tight they might as well have been painted on. On her feet were
little black pumps that just seemed to hug Trish's small feet nicely. Both
women just stand there for a second gazing at each other's bodies until Trish
wakes up first and leans forward hugging Mickie.

"Hi Mickie it's so great you came. I mean arrived," Trish stutters as she
feels Mickie softly hug her back.

"I would have come over so many times Trish if you asked," Mickie tries to
hide back a giggle as she rubs Trish's back.

The two Divas stand their hugging each other for a while neither one of them
wanting to let go when a beeper goes off in the kitchen. Trish breaks the hug
and runs back into the kitchen as Mickie lets herself in. she walks into the
dining room to find her and Trish's plates are at opposite ends of the large
wooden table. Shaking her head Mickie pushes her plate and cutlery up so they
are right next to Trish's. She sits down and watches Trish's face as the
blonde walks in to see Mickie sitting down right next to were she is sitting.
Trish takes a gulp and offers red wine to Mickie who seemingly just to annoy
her smiled at Trish making Trish's legs weak. Seeing Mickie sat there in her
house looking amazing made Trish want to forget the long planned out dinner
and just leap on Mickie and fuck her.

"I love your outfit Trish," Mickie says with a teasing tone as Trish pours
out the wine.

Trish mutters a thank you before racing back into her kitchen and takes a
deep breath. It had taken her hours to pick out an outfit for tonight nearly
an entire afternoon wasted on trying to find a perfect outfit. All Mickie
seemed to be doing in Trish's mind was to tease her and make what she had to
tell her tonight ever harder. Trish's head is spinning wildly out of control
as she severs the soup starter and watches Mickie and her cleavage sticking
out in front of her. Mickie had to fight with herself not to grin as she
watched Trish's eyes staring at her big tits. She had only bought them for
Trish and she is more than happy that Trish seems to like them. The main
course passes quickly both divas fill up the time with small talk about their
childhood, the up coming European tour everything but the real reason they
are there. In her large expensive kitchen Trish buries her head in her hands
as she stares at her feet wondering what she should do. Mickie was being
really nice ignoring her staring eyes and even making little puns and in the
back of Trish's mind the strange idea Mickie might like her keeps popping
into her head. She keeps trying to shake it off as a dream but the looks
Mickie keeps giving her is making Trish's mind race with the idea Mickie
might like her. Knowing that this is just a wild fantasy Trish picks up the
desert she made of chocolate ice cream Trish walks back into the dining room
knowing that now is the time to tell Mickie the truth. Mickie never takes her
eyes off Trish as she puts whipped cream and chocolate sauce over her ice

"Ok Mickie I need to tell you something," Trish starts to say when Mickie
leans forward and grabs her hand tightly.

"No Trish I need to tell you something," Mickie says gripping Trish's hand
looking deep into her eyes.

Trish looks up at Mickie knowing this is the moment Mickie will break her
heart and she can't take it and screams out.

"Mickie please no I'm sorry I should have told you I was a lesbian," shaking
with tears Trish sobs and carries on, "I should have told you how I felt I
never wanted to put you in this position and I'm sorry."

Mickie watches in amazement as Trish Stratus puts her head down sobbing as
she bares her soul in front of her.

"I really like you Mickie and I should have said something and I feel so bad
at making you have sex with me and I'm so sorry," Trish looks up at her
friend though tear stained eyes and sobs, "I never wanted to force you to do
anything you didn't want to and I feel so bad."

Trish goes to talk again but Mickie grabs her wrist and pulls her forward
till their lips are nearly touching.

"Trish I love you," Mickie says with tears in her eyes as she looks straight
into Trish's eyes.

"No I don't want to force you to do or say anything Mickie please," Trish's
hands clasp Mickie's and the two Divas are nose to nose both with tears
running down their cheeks making their make up run and leaving red marks
around their eyes.

"I love you Trish I've loved you for years and I've wanted this for so long,"
Mickie grins at her before pulling Trish forward and kissing her.

Trish jumps as Mickie's lips touch hers and the kiss feels so soft that Trish
kisses back her mind replaying the amazing moment when Mickie said she loved

Breaking the kiss Mickie smiles at a grinning Trish, "Tell me you want me
Trish cause I've wanted you for years."

"I know you love me Trish I could see it in your eyes the first time we meet
and hearing you cry my name in your hotel room made me so happy," Mickie says
fighting back her own tears as she tells Trish everything she has wanted to
tell her for years.

Trish is also fighting back her own tears as the love of her life confesses
her love for her and Trish smiles as all the happy thoughts she had about
spending time with Mickie now run though her head.

"Mickie I love you to and I want to spend days and days making love to you,"
Trish admits finally staring deep into Mickie's tear soaked eyes making her

Mickie has never been so happy as Trish finally admits her love for her and
Mickie can't wait or hide her true feelings any longer. Kicking off her heels
Mickie leans over the table kissing Trish's cherry red lips again moaning as
Trish moves her tongue inside the brunette's mouth. Mickie moves around the
table still caught in a lip lock with Trish making the blonde turn around so
her back is resting against the table. Wrapping her hands around Trish's
denim clad ass Mickie lifts her blonde lover up onto her own table then moves
her hands up Trish's tight top. Feeling her soft back Mickie breaks the kiss
and looks up at Trish and her hands move around Trish's bra. Getting a firm
hold on Trish's big boobs Mickie listens to Trish's loud groans of pleasure
as she rubs her tits. Rubbing her lovers boobs Mickie feels every inch of
Trish's bust though her bra making her cry and groan with pleasure.

"MMMMMM Trish I love your big boobs they feel so good," Mickie teases as she
runs her fingers over Trish's bra, "I want you Trish I want to fuck your
right here and now on this table."

Trish looks down at the sexy look on Mickie's face and answers by pulling
Mickie's face up and kissing her hard. She nibbles on Mickie's lips while
moving her hands around Mickie's back. Slowly she moves her hands onto
Mickie's big ass. Trish then slides her hands under Mickie's white mini skirt
and feels Mickie's big ass. She runs her finger down the tiny thong in
between Mickie's big ass cheeks and breaks the kiss giggling at the thought
of Mickie's sexy ass in tiny underwear. Gripping the flesh on Mickie's ass
Trish hears Mickie's load cries as she rubs her lovers ass. Mickie now stops
rubbing Trish's tits and is now working on pulling off Trish's top. Moaning
sadly Trish lets go of Mickie's ass and puts her hands up letting Mickie take
her top off. Mickie moans as she can see Trish's big tits tightly packed into
a tiny black bra that gives her a lot of cleavage. Trish slides backwards
till she is lying in the middle of the table watching Mickie crawling on her
hands and knees towards her. Trish can't help but feel like she is in a dream
as she sees the sexy look on Mickie's face as she eyes the button on Trish's
tight jeans. Mickie rubs her hands all over Trish's crotch making her moan
softly before unclipping the golden button on Trish's jeans. Mickie digs her
fingernails into the waistband and slowly starts to tug down Trish's jeans.
She yanks the jeans down Trish's strong well-tanned thighs before moving her
hands back up and grabs Trish's thong panties. Giggling as she runs her thumb
over the large wet spot in the middle of her thong Mickie pulls them down as
well. Getting a good look at Trish's shaved snatch Mickie groans and licks
her lips making Trish laugh before Mickie finishes removing her pants.

Mickie loves Trish's shaved cunt as she rubs her palm over her damp pussy
lips making Trish groan before she sits up and grabs Mickie's top. Pulling it
clean over her head Mickie shakes her brown hair back behind her before
unsnapping her bra sending it flying across the room. Trish moans softly as
Mickie's big firm tits bounce out in front of her and she cant help but lies
back grabbing Mickie's tits in her hands. Rubbing her fingers all over
Mickie's soft boobs Trish tilts her head up and gently kisses Mickie's rock
hard nipples.

"I love your big boobs Mickie they feel so good and so soft in my hands,"
Trish groans as she plays with her lover's boobs.

Mickie groans as Trish's soft touch makes her nipples hard making her moan.
She now reaches down and rubs Trish's big tits thought her bra.

"You like my big boobs don't you Mickie," Trish teases as she continues to
rub Mickie's tits, " I love your tits Mickie they are so big in my hands and
feel so good."

"Your tits are much better Trish," Mickie says as she nearly rips Trish's bra
off her body to get at her boobs, "They are so very big and taste wonderful."

Lowering her head Mickie flicks her tongue away at Trish's nipples making
them hard and making Trish moan in pleasure. Both Divas are now playing with
each other's large tits and both are moaning and groaning. Trish works her
fingers over Mickie's nipples making her arch her back as she groan as Trish
plays with her boobs. Looking down Mickie gets an amazing mental picture at a
naked Trish lying down on her own table playing with her tits. Mickie can
feel how wet she is just from Trish touching her boobs so Mickie slides off
Trish's body and moves across the table. Angry, Trish sits up ready to shout
at Mickie when she sees that the brunette is pulling off her skirt. Trish's
eyes light up as she looks at Mickie's big brown ass clad in a tiny white
thong really making her cheeks look huge. Staring behind her Mickie grins at
the awestruck look on Trish's face as she stares at her ass. Mickie does a
little booty shake for her blonde lover before turning around and spreading
her legs across the table. Trish stares right at Mickie's crotch, which is
leaking pussy juices all over her thong and her classy wooden table. Now it's
Trish crawling across the table totally naked towards Mickie crawling in
between her spread legs and pushing her face into Mickie's wet panties. She
takes a long smell of Mickie's dripping wet cunt before Trish sinks her
pearly white teeth into the small waistband of Mickie's panties. Groaning
Mickie watches her idol pulling off her panties using only her teeth and for
Mickie she has never seen a more erotic sight in her life.

Removing Mickie's panties off her feet Trish takes a long sniff of her wet
panties watching Mickie's shocked but turned on reaction. She goes back
crawling up Mickie's body kissing her strong legs. Once Trish reaches
Mickie's powerful thighs Trish rubs her hands over the muscles before softly
kissing them making Mickie's body shake. Resting her head back Mickie moves
her hands onto Trish's long blonde hair softly stroking her as she kisses her
thighs. Using her tongue Trish licks her way up Mickie's leg before reaching
her soaking wet pussy and Trish doesn't waste any time in taking a long lick
of Mickie's pre cum.

"OHHHHHH god Trish that feels so good please don't stop," Mickie begs the
blonde as her soft tongue flicks against her sensitive pussy lips.

After their encounter in the shower room Trish had wanted to taste Mickie
again as she had one of the best tasting pussy's she had ever licked. Trish
also loved Mickie's loud cries and moans of pleasure and she wants to do
nothing more than give Mickie so much pleasure for making her dreams come
true. Slipping her tongue in between Mickie's pussy lips Trish takes her
first slow taste of Mickie's pussy and it brings her so much pleasure that
Trish has to suppress a loud moan. There are so many things she wants to do
to Mickie's sweet tasting pussy Trish thinks of all the toys she has upstairs
that would look so good filling up Mickie's cunt. Thinking back Trish
remembers Gail Kim and her first time with Trish's toys and the joyful moans
the young Asian let out. Trish longed to hear those cries and moans from
fucking Mickie but for now she didn't want to break this moment and she
really wanted to taste Mickie's pussy. Pushing her tongue in deeper Mickie
cries out as Trish attacks her clit making her cry out with joy. Pushing her
tongue in deep Trish grabs Mickie's hips and holds the young Diva steady as
she tongue fucks her clit. Her tongue goes deeper and deeper inside Mickie
and Trish has pre cum running down her tongue into her mouth and she makes
sure to drink every single drop of Mickie's sweet taste. Trish has never
tasted a pussy this good the taste is so sweet and hearing Mickie's load
cries and yells only seems to make it taste even better. Sinking her bitten
nails into the wood Mickie rubs her big ass on the table trying to hold back
as waves of pleasure run thought her tiny body as Trish eats her out.

"OHHH OHHHH FUCK TRISH MORE PLEASE GOD MORE," Mickie cries as Trish's tongue
flicks against her throbbing clit.

She has never been so wet and just looking down and seeing the woman she had
loved for so long between her legs is such a rush for Mickie. Licking every
inch of Mickie's damp pussy Trish can feel the brunette's body start to shake
so she holds onto Mickie's thighs and pushes her tongue in even deeper. Her
eyes roll back into her head and Mickie screams out load before cumming hard
all over Trish's face. Mickie's cries and screams are turning Trish on more
and more as she licks Mickie's pussy licking up all her cum. One powerful
orgasm from Mickie has her shaking like a leaf while Trish keeps on licking
Mickie's cum soaked pussy. The blonde is making sure she licks up every drop
of Mickie's pussy juices before tilting her head up to look at Mickie.
Mickie's face is bright red and the brunette is out of breath but has a giant
smile on her face.

"That was so good Trish thank you thank you so much," Mickie moans before
looking down and sees Trish's model face dripping in her cum.

Trish flicks her tongue out of her mouth cleaning up some of the cum around
her lips but just one look at Mickie's face tells her that there is still
lots more cum on her face. Using her hand Trish slowly cleans up making sure
to lick the cum up in front of Mickie's excited face. Mickie cannot believe
this is happening to her not only does her idol love her but also she can act
like a total slut and that just turns Mickie on even more. Normally she is
the slut in a relationship thinking back to her love affair with the female
Indy wrestler Simply Luscious she acted like a total slut to try and turn on
the dark haired wrestler. Now she was in a proper relationship where they
were both in love and had some amazing sex and Mickie now wanted to repay
Trish. Getting to her knees Mickie pushes Trish back down onto the wood and
kisses her again tasting her own juices in Trish's mouth. Breaking the kiss
Mickie slides back down the table and picks up her bowl of ice cream.

"Still a little hungry Mickie," Trish teases rubbing her big boobs as Mickie
dips one finger into the ice cream and cutely licks it off.

Trish can feel her own pre cum leaking out onto her table as a completely
naked Mickie James slides across her table with a bowl of ice cream in her

"Yes Trish I'm still really hungry but I think I want a bigger bowl to eat
from," Mickie says looking down at Trish's big tits.

Trish can't believe it as Mickie scoops out a big chunk of chocolate ice
cream and splats it down on Trish's left breast. She groans as the cold ice
cream touches her skin but as soon as Mickie uses the back of her spoon to
spread it out Trish feels better. Never had a lover used food on her and when
Mickie adds another scoop of ice cream to her right breast Trish can feel her
juices flowing even more. Mickie puts her empty bowl down and picks up a can
of whipped cream and starts spraying it over Trish's wet pussy. Hearing the
can and feeling the soft cream touching her cunt Trish groans as she looks up
to see the ice cream on her boobs melting. A trickle of chocolate rolls down
her cleavage and down her flat abs where Mickie spots it and leans down to
lick it off her belly. Feeling Mickie's tongue makes Trish cry out but she
stays still making sure to stay covered in the sticky food. Mickie has now
picked up the chocolate sauce and is now squirting it all over Trish's mid
section. Drawing a big smiley face on her belly Mickie giggles, as Trish is
all covered in desert and now time for her treat. Leaning over Mickie flicks
her tongue out over the mountain of whipped cream on Trish's cunt. Trish
groans as Mickie's soft tongue touches her body and the feeling of the ice
cream melting on her tits and whipped cream on her hot, cum soaked pussy is
making Trish so horny. Leaning down Mickie keeps her head between Trish's
legs and flicks her tongue against the inside of Trish's thighs. Hearing the
blonde cry and shake makes Mickie smile even more as she licks Trish's strong

"Oh god Mickie you're so good lick me more please Mickie I love it," Trish
moans as Mickie's well-tuned tongue licks all the whipped cream from her
inner thighs.

Mickie's tongue gently brushes the skin on Trish's thighs making her nerves
tingle with sexual excitement. The ice cream is also melting on Trish's
breasts and the sudden coldness on her sensitive boobs has Trish in a near
orgasmic state. Mickie smiled as she looks up to see Trish with her eyes shut
moaning softly to her licking food off her body. Mickie loved to use food
during sex and some of the brunette's most naughty sexual experiences were in
restaurants. Moving up her legs Mickie smells Trish's cream covered pussy and
just groans at the sweet smell of Trish's sex. Rubbing her finger down the
middle of the cream Mickie hears Trish gasp as her index finger rubs against
her soaked wet pussy lips. Mickie looks at the cream on her finger and licks
it up grinning, as she can taste cum mixed in with the cream.

"You fucking bitch Mickie James stop teasing me and please lick my pussy,"
Trish begs her young lover who just props herself up on her knees and smiles
at the blonde.

"Oh so little Miss Stratus wants me to lick her pussy, does she want me to
eat out her cream covered, cum soaked cunt?" Mickie teases a horny Trish with
a Cheshire cat like grin on her face.

Trish growls and wraps her toned legs around Mickie big hips closing her in
tight, "Yes Mickie I want you so much now please, please, please lick my
fucking pussy."

Smiling at her frustrated blonde lover Mickie ducks down pushing her cute
face right into Trish's whipped cream covered cunt. Howling with joy Trish
digs her fingers into the table to hold her still as Mickie's tongue works
overtime licking up all the cream. Licking on every inch of the outside of
Trish's pussy has the blonde leaking pussy juices out all over Mickie's face.
Mickie doesn't stop licking Trish's pussy getting every bit of cum coated
cream in her mouth and it's one of the best tasting things Mickie has ever
eaten. Slurping up the last few drops of cream Mickie looks up at her fellow
wrestler with cream and cum dripping off her face. Trish could have cried her
ultimate fantasy the one woman in wrestling she really wanted to fuck is
knelling on her dinner table her face coated in her cum. Crawling around
Trish's body Mickie moves her face away from Trish's cunt but before the
blonde can utter a protest Mickie pushes two fingers inside Trish's pussy
lips making her cry out. Grinning at the moans and cries she is getting from
Trish's body Mickie slides alongside Trish's perfect figure before her head
is up to Trish's chocolate covered tits. Most of the ice cream has melted and
spilled all over Trish's body and the oak table but Mickie flicks her tongue
at Trish's nipple licking up some of the chocolate. Trish gasps as she
realizes what Mickie is now going to do and with her fingers also buried deep
into her pussy Trish braces herself for the waves of pleasure she knows is
coming. Mickie thrashes her tongue all over Trish's left breast licking up
all the melted ice cream making Trish moan from the soft touching of Mickie's
tongue. Loving the taste of Trish's chocolate covered boobs Mickie thrusts
her fingers deeper inside Trish making the blonde scream out in joy.

Grabbing Hold of Trish's boobs Mickie squishes it up making her tit like an
ice cream cone as she happily sucks the chocolate of Trish's nipple. Once her
left breast is completely clean Mickie slides her face across Trish's salvia
covered tit pushing her face into Trish's cleavage. Mickie licks up some of
the melted chocolate but is more in her own world of pleasure as she can feel
Trish's world famous breasts around her head. They are the softest, pillow
like breasts Mickie had every felt and as she raises her head she sees
Trish's head is back on the table as she groans with pleasure from Mickie's
sensual assault. Leaning her head up Mickie wraps her big lips around Trish's
right nipple and sucks all the chocolate off it. Having Mickie James sucking
her nipples is making Trish so horny and Mickie's fingers are doing such a
good job on her pussy. None of Trish's other lovers had ever teased her like
this none of them even came close to giving Trish this much pleasure.

"God Mickie I love you I love you so much you're the best ever please don't
stop never stop," Trish begs in a tired panting voice as Mickie takes her to
pleasurable places she never knew excised.

"I love you too Trish," Mickie says looking up at the panting face of her
blonde lover, "But if you really loved me Trish you would cum all over this
table you would soak this table in your hot, sticky cum if you really loved

Trish responses to this teasing by shouting and moaning even louder making
Mickie's pussy leak out all down her tanned thighs. Quickly getting back to
fully pleasing Trish Mickie starts licking away all the melted chocolate over
Trish's right breast. She keeps her fingers moving in and out of Trish at a
steady rate feeling just how wet the Diva of the Decade really is for her.
Mickie has never felt so much cum drip from one pussy Trish must have so much
cum to give out and there is nothing Mickie wants to do more than make Trish
cum time after time after time. Licking Trish's other breast clean of ice
cream Mickie starts to side down Trish's sticky body to her washboard abs.
They are covered in several line of chocolate sauce and as Mickie drives her
fingers into Trish's throbbing wet clit she starts to lich off the sauce.
Working her tongue all over Trish's mid section Mickie loves the feel of
Trish's 6-pack on her tongue. She's never been a lover of flat stomach's due
to her own slightly larger gut but right here tasting the sweat and chocolate
on Trish's mid section makes Mickie even hotter and wetter. Trish is sliding
back and forth grinding her own perfect ass cheeks into the table as Mickie's
two hard working fingers find every one of her pleasure points and makes them
feel so good and makes Trish so happy. Licking the last of the chocolate
sauce away from Trish's belly button Mickie curls her two fingers around
Trish's clit and starts thrusting her fingers in and out hard and fast. The
sudden change of pace catches Trish on the edge and the blonde Woman's
champion screams out so loud the whole of Canada must be able to hear her.

Trish screams nearly making Mickie's ear bled as her blonde lover screams as
she hits her peak.

Mickie uses her own body pressure to keep Trish from thrashing around on the
table and watches with glee as Trish soaks the table with cum. Trish finally
calms down and Mickie removes her damp fingers from inside Trish and licks
them clean of all Trish's cum. Looking down Mickie sees the big puddle of
pussy juices and she carefully slides Trish out of the way so she can clean
up Trish's mess. Still panting hard Trish uses her elbows to lift her head up
off the table to see Mickie cleaning up the large cum and melted ice cream
mess they had both made.

"Thank you Mickie," Trish is able to spit out still breathing hard but with a
huge smile across her red face.

Mickie takes a second to have a mental picture of Trish Stratus her idol sat
butt naked on her own table, blonde hair messed up with her face a bright red
but flashing a pearly white smile. Mickie could not be any happier than she
is right now but she still doesn't want this to end so she decides to tease
Trish a bit.

"I love you too Trish and now thanks to you I'm all full up I could not eat
another thing," Mickie says flashing her own bright white smile.

Catching on fast Trish crawls forward to Mickie and rubs her thumb under the
brunette's chin before leaning forward kissing Mickie. Mickie melts into
Trish's arms as the blonde's perfect lips meet hers and Trish even slips her
tongue inside Mickie's mouth. Moaning softly Mickie is shocked when Trish
spins her around and pushes her back onto the table. Breaking the kiss Trish
grins at her number one fan and lover before reaching over and grabbing her
own bowl of ice cream. Trish looks inside the bowl to find the ice cream has
melted completely and is now just a thick liquid. Without another second's
thought Trish pours the melted ice cream all over Mickie's torso making her
gasp as the sticky liquid flows all over her big boobs and down her chest.
Trish groans as Mickie's large boobs are covered in melted chocolate and it
drips all the way down Mickie's stomach. Wrapping her arms around Mickie's
back lifting her up slightly before Trish leans down and licks some of the
melted ice cream off Mickie's boob. Mickie's body shivers as Trish's tongue
flicks against her big boob licking off the chocolate as it continues to run
down her body. Trish slaps her hand onto Mickie's stomach and moves her hand
all the way up Mickie's upper body covering her hand in chocolate. Her hand
reaches Mickie's breasts and Trish gives her tits a long rub before moving
her hand over to her face. Trish drinks up most of the chocolate but some of
it drips off her hand and down onto her already sticky breasts. Mickie pulls
Trish into a loving embrace and both Divas groan as their breasts touch and
their nipples rub up against each other.

Mickie's chocolate covered tits rub against Trish's licked clean tits and
both of them grind their large busts into each other. Pleasure runs up their
spines as Mickie moves forward kissing Trish's soft lips before Trish moves
forward sending Mickie back onto the table. Once Mickie is lying down on the
stained table Trish lifts up and spins around so she is sitting on Mickie's
mid section looking at Mickie's pink pussy. Mickie grins as Trish slides down
onto her body in a 69 position and Mickie gets a great view of Trish's naked
ass sliding towards her. Trish can feel her thighs and hips getting covered
in the melted ice cream she poured over Mickie but the second she sees the
brunette's soaking wet pussy Trish turns all her attention back to it. Softly
brushing her hand over Mickie's hairless mound but as she tries to slide her
fingers inside Mickie she lets out a shudder and a yell.

"No Trish please not yet I'm still too sore," Mickie, says sounding upset at
not giving her lover what she wants.

Trish turns round to see Mickie's sad face glued to her large ass, "Don't
worry Mickie I'm sure I can find another hole where I can pleasure you."

Mickie bolts her neck up to see the grin on Trish's face before the blonde
turns her head round. Not being able to believe this Mickie slowly moves her
legs up into the air exposing her sore pussy and her very big ass. Spitting
on her fingers Trish feels herself getting damp as Mickie spreads her legs
out wide giving Trish a view she only got watching girl on girl porno's.
Mickie's asshole was nearly calling out to her and Trish could not wait
pushing her lubed up fingers inside Mickie's ass making her scream. Hearing
Mickie's scream of pleasure Trish pushes her fingers a bit deeper on the
second thrust and Mickie groans in lust. Trish can see Mickie's pussy leaking
with pre cum so Trish rubs her fingers in Mickie's pussy juices before
thrusting them back into Mickie's big ass. Crying and moaning Mickie never
thought about Trish anally fucking her, her fantasy had Trish firmly between
her legs but now the fact that Ms. Stratus liked to fuck butts make Mickie
feel even more in love with the blonde. Mickie loved having her big ass
fucked she thought back to all the woman who would lube up a strap on and
drive it deep in-between her meaty ass cheeks. Working her two fingers in
faster and harder Trish listens to Mickie's deep groans of enjoyment and she
leans down planting a soft kiss on Mickie's cunt lips. Mickie's hips jerk up
from that soft kiss by Trish and Mickie moans and wants to grab something, as
her hands are free. Looking up Mickie's entire vision is clouded out by
Trish's big booty and without thinking Mickie plants both hands on Trish's
firm cheeks. It's now Trish's turn to groan as Mickie grabs her ass and
starts rubbing her soft ass cheeks and Trish can feel her juices dripping out
all over Mickie's chocolate covered chest. Trish loves having her ass played
with ever since Lita first fucked her up the ass with a strap on in a locker
room Trish loved taking a good ass fucking. Mickie digs her fingers into the
flesh of Trish's ass feeling how soft her cheeks feel when Mickie spreads
Trish's ass getting a good look at her asshole.

As Trish works her fingers into Mickie's hole she is praying under her breath
that Mickie will play with her needy asshole and to her delight she feels
Mickie push her face right into her ass. Mickie buries her head in between
Trish's big ass and loves every second of it and she can smell Trish's sex
and knows her blonde partner wants a bit of ass attention too. Grabbing hold
of Trish's cheeks keeping them spread out wide Mickie's tongue slowly
ventures forward into Trish's ass. The blonde moans as Mickie's amazing
tongue enters her ass and Trish can't help but add a third finger to Mickie's
ass watching with delight as Mickie's big ass cheeks cover up her entire
wrist as she pushes her hand forward. Both Divas are now fucking the others
ass as Mickie works her tongue inside Trish's big ass while the blonde has
three fingers deep in Mickie's ass hole. Trish groans as Mickie's tongue
flicks her anus and Trish is so thankful that Mickie loves her but that the
brunette has a wicked tongue. Pushing her face further into Trish's ass and
Mickie loves the taste and the smell of her lover's ass. Feeling Trish's
fingers deep inside her Mickie cries out into Trish's ass and slaps her hands
into Trish's ass cheeks making the flesh shake and jiggle.

Pulling her face out of Trish's ass for a second Mickie looks over at Trish
and shouts, "God Trish I wish I'd brought my big black strap on with me I
would fuck this big ass good."

Trish giggles at she hears Mickie's dirty talk that makes her legs weak and
her pussy dripping wet, "I wish you had Mickie and I can't wait to use my
fucking huge double headed dildo on your sweet pussy."

Trish finishes talking then drives her fingers in deeper to Mickie's ass
making the brunette scream and slap her hands against her ass. Trish starts
grinding her body into Mickie's chocolate covered body feeling how good
Mickie's big boobs feel on her stomach. Mickie wants to Lick and play with
Trish's asshole but the blonde is pleasing her so much that she can't do
anything but moan and cry out. Trish is enjoying this so much her dream girl
is moaning and groaning and is taking a hard finger fucking up her ass. Their
sticky bodies are sliding up and down into each other squishing together and
the sweat also makes their skin slick and the smell of sex is in the air.
Mickie's groans fill up the whole house and her breaths are getting shorter
and louder as Trish's fingers fuck her big ass. Leaning down Trish kisses
Mickie's right on the pussy making Mickie howl loudly and sends pre cum
leaking over Trish's table. Another gently kiss by Trish has Mickie panting
and moaning before Trish leans down and French kisses Mickie's pussy pushing
her tongue softly inside Mickie's pussy lips. Mickie cries out and starts to
cum all over Trish's tongue and lips coating her face in her juices.

as Trish kisses her pussy tasting her escaping juices.

Dropping her legs down Mickie takes a deep breath as she has had another
orgasm only a few minutes after her first one. Trish licks up the rest of
Mickie's juices then wiping the cum off her lips before sucking her finger
clean. She's just about to get up off Mickie when the brunette digs her nails
into Trish's ass pulling her back down. Mickie now is taken over by lust she
has never cummed like the times Trish has touched her and she wants to repay
Trish. Flicking her talented tongue out Mickie drives it deep in between
Trish's cheeks and the blonde cries out as Mickie tongue's her prostate.
Trish rubs her hands all over Mickie's large thighs feeling how soft they are
as Mickie tongue fucks her asshole. Groaning loudly Trish is dripping cum all
over Mickie's messy chest as the bubbly brunette licks out her ass. Her
second orgasm of the night is building up inside her but Trish wants more
from Mickie as she is giving her so much pleasure.

"Wait Mickie wait I wanna try a new position please," Trish asks her lover
who removes her tongue from Trish's asshole.

A sticky Trish gets to her feet and lies down on her back but Mickie sits up
and shakes her head.

"Nhuh Trish I want your big ass and I know you want me to eat out your big,
fat ass," Mickie says in a childish, teasing tone that makes Trish giggle.

"Alright then Mistress James how do you want me?" Trish asks as a chocolate
covered Mickie slides across the table towards her.

Mickie grabs Trish's ankles and rolls the blonde over onto her front.
Reaching out Mickie slaps her palm against Trish's left ass cheek making the
blonde cry on in surprise.

"Get on your hands and knees Trish, I'm going to eat out your nice big ass
until you cream all over your own table," Mickie says in a sexy tone on voice
making Trish hot.

She quickly scoots up to her hands and knees making sure to stick her tanned
ass out at Mickie. The brunette looks around before picking up the chocolate
sauce bottle and squirting it onto Trish's ass. Leaving a nice trail of
chocolate on Trish's brown cheeks Mickie spreads Trish's ass cheeks and
shoots a blob of chocolate into her ass. Trish groans as the warm chocolate
sauce seeps into her ass as Mickie squirts more an more Sauce into Trish's
asshole. Finishing off the bottle Mickie licks her lips as a small drip of
sauce runs out from between Trish's cheeks. The light brown liquid is now
filling up Trish ass as Mickie reaches over the table and picks up the
whipped cream. Spraying a good amount of the fluffy white cream over her
lover's ass Mickie looks at Trish's ass covered in sauce and cream.

"MMMMM Trish your ass looks so tasty," Mickie says licking her lips as she
rubs the back of the blonde's thighs.

"Oh God Mickie," Trish moans, "I need you to eat my big ass I want to feel
your tongue all over my beautiful cheeks please Mickie."

There is no better pleasure for Mickie James than another woman on her hands
and knees sticking her ass out begging for it to be licked. Mickie knew she
had a gifted tongue she can still here the loud ear breaking screams of
Trinity a fellow NWA TNA female wrestler who loved having Mickie's tongue
inside of her. Now Mickie had her idol Trish in the most perfect position
covered in chocolate and cream her ass like a giant desert.

"I want to eat out your big ass Trish, I want to lick your brown creamy
cheeks, I'll make you scream make you cry I'm going to eat out your big ass
Trish better than anyone else," Mickie says hunger in her eyes licking her
lips at Trish's ass covered in food.

Trish shivers as her image of cute little girl Mickie is shattered as the
dirty, slutty Mickie speaks out making Trish leak juices all over the wooden
table. Giving her ass a quick shake Trish looks behind her to see Mickie
leaning her face into the whipped cream covering her ass cheeks. Pushing
herself face first into Trish's whipped cream covered ass leaving cream all
over her face. Flicking her tongue out Mickie touches Trish's strong ass and
starts lapping the cream up off Trish's cheeks. The taste of Trish's cream
covered ass cheeks is intoxicating to Mickie who's face is right up close to
Trish's ass making some of the cream stain against her face. Licking Trish's
ass clean of cream Mickie then spreads Trish's ass cheeks getting another
prize look at Trish's chocolate coated hole. Moaning softly Trish feels
Mickie's soft hands on her ass and her warm breath tickling her asshole.
Slowly Mickie slides her tongue into Trish's ass instantly tasting the
chocolate she applied to Trish's ass and both Divas cry out. Losing the soft
approach Mickie starts shooting her tongue in and out fast eating up every
bit of chocolate sauce inside Trish's ass. Trish digs her nails into her oak
table as Mickie hammers her wet tongue into her ass. Mickie has never tasted
an ass any better with Trish's loud passionate cries are making Mickie so
happy. After licking up most of the chocolate lube Mickie now presses her
tongue deep into Trish's anus making her shake as her sensitive asshole is
eaten out by Mickie. Holding onto Trish's thick hips Mickie sticks her tongue
out and moves her head back and forth pushing her tongue in and out of
Trish's puckered hole.

NEVER STOP," Trish screams out trying to make the whole neighborhood hear her

Mickie groans into Trish's ass as she hears her blonde lover scream like
she's in a horror movie. She loves this and Mickie loves this she has never
felt so complete and she has never felt so good tongue fucking anyone else.
Trish has nearly been brought to tears of joy as Mickie's perfect tongue
teases her ass to the point where Trish feels like she's going to explode.
Her juices flow down her legs as Mickie's tongue pleasures her ass in ways
Trish has never felt before. Moving her hand Mickie cups Trish's red-hot
crotch and slowly rubs her hand over her shaved pussy lips making Trish

two-pronged attack makes her explode into a powerful orgasm.

Mickie holds her lover tight as Trish shakes from the pure power of her
orgasm. Slowly Mickie lowers Trish onto the table then lies down next to her
blonde lover holding her tight. Trish opens her eyes to see Mickie lying next
to her cuddling her sweaty, naked body and Trish breaks out into a huge

"I love you Mickie I've wanted this for so long and I want this to happen
again and again," Trish blubbers with tears in her eyes staring deep into

Mickie feels herself welling up as she kisses Trish on the forehead, "This is
perfect Trish you are so good and I love you too."

Both Divas smile though teary eyes and embrace each other's sweat and food
covered bodies. The two girlfriends hold each other tight truly in love as
they fall asleep lying naked on Trish's dining room table.


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