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from wwekiller.

The Trish Mickie Saga Part 4: Drive-By
by ThePac and DarkDefender85

Mickie James and Trish Stratus are driving down a dark highway early in the
morning on their way to Monday Night Raw. Their car is a rented green Nissan
and Trish is behind the wheels trying hard to concentrate on the dark road.
Trish is dressed in a black tank top with her black bra strap visible under
the straps of her tank top. She is wearing a pair of bright blue jeans and
black boots and next to her is her newfound lover Mickie James. After their
amazing dinner at Trish's house the last 3 weeks had flown by with them
barely leaving each other's side. The WWE knew about their new relationship
but the Mc Mahon's had been very understanding with the two Divas and as
Trish drives down this long boring highway she could not be happier. Mickie
James is sat on the passenger seat with her legs crossed playing with the
radio trying to find a decent channel. She is dressed in a yellow top and
white skirt and brown furry boots and she looks up and smiles at Trish. The
last few weeks have passed in a love filled blur for Mickie as she has her
dream girl Trish Stratus as her girlfriend. From the time spent at Trish's
expensive house to the long nights in hotel room Mickie has loved every
second of it. She is starting to relax more around Trish the first few times
they slept together Mickie was running on fear and adrenaline but now she was
growing more confident around her blonde lover. She was acting more like
herself and to her utter delight Trish really did love her and all her odd
and quirky ways because it turned out Trish was just as odd and joke filled
as she was.

"I love you Trish," Mickie says looking deep into Trish's eyes making the
blonde smile.

"Love you to Mickie," Trish answers back smiling at her brown haired lover.

Mickie reaches over and places her hand on Trish's jean covered thigh making
her giggle. Mickie slowly runs her hand up and down Trish's legs stroking it
softly thinking back to one of their hottest moments as a couple. They had
been in a fast food restaurant and Trish had teasing her all throughout the
meal. Touching her legs, rubbing her boobs and teasing her with her soft sexy
talk. Now Mickie sees a great chance to get her own back at the teasing

"Hey Trish," Mickie starts talking softly still rubbing her leg, "What are we
going to be doing on Raw tomorrow?"

Trish tries to ignore the cute pout on Mickie's face and the brunette's hand
on her thigh as she really doesn't want to crash the rental car, "Dunno Mick
I think Vince was talking about maybe a Divas tag match why?"

"Well I heard that they were going to put me and you in a bra and panties
match," Mickie says leaning forward as far as the seat belt with let her
whispering into Trish's ear.

Trish moves around in her seat knowing what Mickie is trying to do but as she
is driving is unable to escape. With Mickie whispering in her ear suggesting
dirty things is making Trish very hot.

"Really normally Vince tells me if I'm in a bra and panties match a few weeks
in advance," Trish says trying to distract Mickie from stroking her leg.

Mickie smiles and rubs Trish's leg her hand going higher and higher up her
thigh making Trish gasp. Tickling Trish's leg lightly Mickie's hand goes
higher and higher till it's rubbing the waistband of Trish's jeans. Trish is
trying everything to keep her mind of Mickie's soft wandering hands but as
she feels the brunette's fingers stroking around her jean waistband. Mickie's
finger's slip under the waistband touching Trish's tanned skin and Mickie
grins as she feels Trish shift around trying to stop Mickie from making her
feel good.

"You know Trish I hope we are in a bra and panties match cause think how hot
it will be for you to strip me in front of all those people," Mickie moans in
her sexiest voice.

Trish moans and nearly lets go of the steering wheel as Mickie's hand rubs
the gold button on Trish's jeans.

"No Mickie stop please I'm getting wet stop teasing me," Trish asks her lover
who simply grins at her and with a flick of her wrist unbuttons Trish's

The top of Trish's black thong is now visible and clashes beautifully with
her brown tanned skin. Mickie giggles at seeing Trish's thong for the first
time since this morning when she watched Trish getting dressed. She runs her
finger across the top of the cotton thong and Trish lets out another light
moan while trying her hardest to keep her eyes on the road.

"Why do you want me to stop Trish is the idea of you ripping all my clothes
off in front of a live crowd turning you on?" Mickie teases while her soft
fingers move up and under Trish's black top rubbing her flat stomach.

Trish is grinding her ass into the soft leather car seat as Mickie teases
her. Just the thought of the brunette standing in the ring with that cheeky
grin on her face in just her underwear has Trish's panties soaking wet.

Mickie can smell Trish's sweet scent as her fingers trace around Trish's
belly button, "I might even go underwear shopping later today if we have a
bra and panties match maybe get a nice pink thong, I know how much you like
to see my big ass in a tiny thong Trish."

Teasing and torturing the blonde Mickie leans her head down and kisses the
bit of exposed flesh in between Trish's jeans and vest top. Trish almost has
to force her eyes to stay open, as there is nothing she wants to do more than
to grab Mickie and fuck her but she has to keep driving. She tries driving
very slowly but nothing she does to remind Mickie they are in a car stops the
horny brunette from playing with her body. Mickie removes her hands from
under Trish's top but now pulls on Trish's seat belt pushing it between her
massive tits making them stick out even more.

"Think of me in just my underwear Trish standing their in front of you I bet
you would fuck me right there and then in the middle of the ring wouldn't
you?" Mickie says her hands now on Trish's shoulders slowly massaging them.

Trish bites down on her ruby red lips not wanting to cry out in fear of
losing control of the car but the idea of Mickie in a pink thong stays in her
head distracting her from the real world.

"C'mon Trish I know how much you love stripping me of my clothes I can see it
in your eyes when we get changed," Mickie moans as her hands move down until
they touch Trish's cleavage.

"In the locker room I watch you watching me get changed into those tight
little tops with those tiny micro skirts, do you like my wrestling outfit's,"
Mickie says a burningly sexy look on her face as Trish is clearly sweating
and having trouble looking at the car's headlights.

"I wear those outfit's for you Trish," Mickie moans her hands now groping
Trish's big boobs though her vest top, "I pick every outfit cause I know how
much those outfit's I wear make you wet."

Trish gasps and groans as her knuckles go white as she clamps hold of the
steering wheel in sexual frustration.

"And every time I get slammed down my little skirt fly's up exposing my cute
panties do you like my panties Trish?" Mickie loves this teasing as she can
see and smell how turned on Trish is.

Mickie's expert fingers now pull the vest top down a little bit exposing
Trish's lacey black braw and already Mickie can see Trish's rock hard nipples
pushing into the black lace.

She grins and pokes her pointing out nipples, "Am I making you horny Trish?"

Trish can't hold back any longer letting out a large cry, "God Mickie please
stop I'm so turned on I'm going to crash this car please stop teasing me
Mickie please," Trish begs her girlfriend.

Mickie has a huge grin on her face showing off her brilliant white teeth as
she leans forward and kisses Trish on the cheeks.

"I love hearing you beg Trish it makes me so wet look my little white panties
are soaking wet," Mickie says flipping up her skirt showing the crotch of her
panties is soaked in her own juices.

Trish can't help but look down at Mickie's panties and gasps loudly nearly
slamming her foot on the brake as well as nearly skidding the car of the
road. Mickie's white panties have become see though as the juices from
Mickie's pussy soak though the fabric and a few inches away from her Trish
can clearly see Mickie's pussy lips though her panties. Trish is so horny at
seeing Mickie's bald pussy she is sure she is going to crash the car and
those feelings get worse when Mickie's hand moves down her body and slips
under her jeans. Trish moans moving her head into the headrest and Mickie's
fingers move inside her wet panties and slowly circle around her pussy.

"Trish is very, very wet isn't she," Mickie giggled at just how wet her
lovers pussy has become just from her teasing.

Looking up Trish's eyes snap to a dirt track a few feet away from the town
and without thinking Trish turns the car left and hits the gas pedal sending
the green Nissan off the road and onto the dirt track. Mickie screams a
little bit and quickly removes her hand from the inside of Trish's jeans as
she thinks they have crashed. Under the high beams of the headlights Trish is
easily able to follow the tire tracks into the mud and drives on for a few
hundred yards before coming to a stop just behind some thick thorny bushes.

"Trish what the hell did we crash, are you all right?" Mickie asks worried
that she might have caused the crash.

Trish says nothing and instead unclips her belt and opens the car door and
steps out into the cool night air.

Quickly Mickie takes off her belt and opens her passenger door, "Trish wait
I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you crash.

Mickie only gets a few steps out of the door when Trish grabs Mickie and
kisses her. The brunette is in shock as Trish kisses her hard pushing Mickie
back into the backdoor of the car. Her tongue forces it's way into Mickie's
mouth and it's not long before the brunette is groaning. Mickie's big tits
rub against Trish's and her jean-clad crotch is rubbing hard into her own

Breaking the kiss Trish stares at Mickie, "You wanna tease me Mickie well now
I'm so horny I might burst so no right here and right now little missy you
are going to follow up on all your pussy teasing."

Mickie smiles as Trish orders her around in that same commanding voice she
uses on men who perv at her body. She is so happy Trish isn't mad at her she
stands still for a second and Trish gets bored of waiting grabbing Mickie by
her white top.

"Wait Trish wait stop stripping me," Mickie says giggling as Trish pulls her
top up and over her head exposing her white bra to the cold air.

"If we are going to have a bra and panties match Mickie you will need the
practice," argues Trish as she tugs Mickie's white skirt down her thick
tanned legs.

In less than a minute Trish has stripped Mickie down to her bright white bra
and panties and it's only then does Mickie realize she is standing outside.

"Trish can this not wait till we get to the hotel I mean where outside
someone might see us," Mickie says a slight touch of panic in her voice as
she rubs her cold arms looking around to see if anyone is watching them.

Trish lifts her eyebrow at Mickie, "So fucking me while I'm driving is fine
but you don't wanna do it out here because you think someone will see us at
half past one in the morning in the dark on a dirt track off a highway and
hidden behind some bushes."

Mickie is more or less dumbstruck by Trish's statement but has no time to
answer the blonde back as Trish has once again grabbed her in a passionate
embrace. Kissing her softly Trish reaches for the backdoor door and flings it
open. Without warning she pushes Mickie backwards onto the comfy backseats
and right now Mickie works out why Trish wanted the car to have four seats.
Looking around Trish picks up Mickie's top and skirt and tosses them into the
passenger side before walking back over to Mickie and grabs her legs. Mickie
has never felt Trish being as sexual dominate before and she is loving every
second of being under the blonde's control as Trish rips off her boots and
throws them into the front seat with the rest of Mickie's clothes. Laying on
the back seat in just her underwear is really turning Mickie on and that
feeling gets better when Trish shuts the open passenger door and gets into
the backseat with Mickie.

"Ready to be fucked in the backseat of a car like a little prom night slut,"
Trish says to a wide eyed but very horny Mickie James.

"What like you Trish," Mickie says as sweetly as she can drawing a quick
smile across Trish's face before it sets back into that hard steely look that
is really turning Mickie on.

"Never you mind who I did on prom night this is your turn you little hussy,"
Trish commanded rubbing her hands all over Mickie's bra strained chest.

Mickie moans as Trish rubs her big boobs and it's not long before Trish has
her bra undone and soon Mickie's white bra joins the big pile of clothes on
the front seat. Mickie lies back on the soft leather and pushes her big boobs
together knowing how much Trish admires her tits and Mickie is soon rewarded
when Trish moves her head down and starts sucking on Mickie's hard pink
nipples. Trish's hungry tongue flicks against her rock hard nips when Trish
starts to move her fully clothed body down Mickie's naked one. Grabbing the
waistband of Mickie's panties Trish doesn't waste time teasing the brunette
as she yanks Mickie's panties down her strong legs. As space in the back seat
is so cramped Mickie has to kick her panties of herself but the second she
does Trish jumps right between her legs.

"Do you want be to eat out your wet little cunt Mickie," Trish says her hands
on Mickie's inner thighs spreading her legs out as far as the flexible Mickie
will bend.

"Please Trish eat out my slutty pussy," Mickie answers back her legs so well
spread her right foot is nearly touching the roof of the car, "I was such a
bad, bad girl for teasing you while you were driving I need to be punished."

"And you think me eating you out for an amazing orgasm will somehow be a
punishment for you," Trish barks out totally enjoying ordering the little
brunette around looking at sexy looks on her dominated face.

"Oh god yes Trish it will if you eat me out so very good I will forever be in
your debt and I will have to spend the rest of my life trying to make you
happy," Mickie moans as her pussy juices leak out on the backseat.

Trish is taken aback for a second; it was the first time either of them had
mentioned spending the rest of their life with each other and Trish had never
even thought about it. She loved Mickie a lot and she knew Mickie loved her
but the rest of their lives seemed like a long time. Looking down at Mickie
Trish took a second to think if she wanted anyone else in the position she
has Mickie in right now. Old crushes, ex girl and boyfriends flash though
Trish's mind but none made them as happy as Mickie did and there was no one
in world she wanted to take the place Mickie James was in right now. Mickie
smiles at her and Trish smiles back this is the right woman for her and she
never wants anyone else. Diving in-between Mickie's legs Trish's tongue
thrusts itself in between Mickie's wet pussy lips taking it's first lick of
the inside of Mickie's cunt in over 24 hours.

around on the backseat as Trish's amazing tongue licks her wet pussy.

Mickie's screams wake up all the wildlife in the surrounding area as Trish's
near perfect tongue picks out the most sensitive spots on her pussy and
attacks them with a concentrated fury. Hearing Mickie's joy filled screams
drive Trish on as she pushes her face deeper into Mickie's snatch. Licking
and sucking on Mickie's tasty pussy juices is the reward for Trish as her
tongue moves right for Mickie's clit lightly tapping it making Mickie howl
with glee. Her well-bitten fingernails dig into the soft leather seating as
Mickie tries to hold on as Trish Stratus eats out her wet pussy. Mickie loves
it when Trish eats her out, as Trish is an amazing pussy licker. Her tongue
almost becomes a third arm as it hits every arena and touches place no finger
or cock could ever reach. Mickie could even see Trish's tongue in her dreams
licking out every single inch of her and right now her constant dream is
being played out in the back seat of a rental car. Having been with many
women Trish was almost a master at pussy licking she can clearly recall the
nights she had people like Torrie and Lita begging for her magnificent tongue
and now she had her lover Mickie James crying out in love and admiration for
her tongue work. After 3 weeks of nearly constant sex Trish knew exactly how
to make Mickie cry and moan by just twisting her tongue around and flicking
her twisted tongue into Mickie's clit. It was the one big move Trish had that
without fail made Mickie cum but for now Trish was happy with just licking up
every drop of Mickie's sweet tasting pre cum. Mickie's soaking wet pussy lips
are also rubbing up against Trish's face giving Trish a sexy feeling to have
Mickie's juices dripping from her face.

KEEP GOING," Mickie cries out in ecstasy as Trish's tongue ploughs deeper
inside her.

Trish loves Mickie's cries and the brunette starts bucking her hips into
Trish's face desperate to get Trish's tongue at her clit. She has to dig her
fingertips into Mickie's large tanned thighs to stop the young Diva bucking
but she does push her tongue further in licking Mickie's clit. The car is
rocking from side to side as Mickie's body moves and twists around on the
backseat as she moans and cries out. Balancing on her knees Trish lifts
Mickie's legs up in the air pushing her head deeper into Mickie's pussy.
Hearing Mickie's moans and cries makes Trish twist her tongue around and
starts to lick Mickie's hard throbbing clit. Mickie gasps as Trish does the
very move that always makes her cum and tonight is no different. Closing her
eyes Mickie throws her head back and cries out Trish's name out as loud as
her little lungs can manage. Trish holds Mickie down as she cries out and
cums hard coating Trish's face in her hot sticky cum.

"God Trish you are the best I swear you are the fucking best," Mickie cries
as her big orgasm calms down and she stops shaking with joy in Trish's arms.

Sitting up Mickie gets an extra treat as she sees Trish's pretty face soaked
in her own girl cum, "You are a dirty sexy girl Mickie," Trish says with a
large cummy smile.

Tired and panting Mickie lays out spread across the backseat as Trish cleans
her face with her fingers before licking Mickie's cum off her fingers. In a
few minutes Trish's face is clean and Trish has a massive grin on her face as
she looks at Mickie's tired but very happy post orgasm face. Turning round
Trish climbs out of the car and takes a big lungful of air. It was very hot
in that car and Trish is sweating as her vest top is sticking to her large
chest. Trish is so horny not just from all of Mickie's teasing and touching
before but now eating out her pussy while she was naked, moaning and groaning
has Trish's thong almost drowning in her own juices. Looking down Trish can
see Mickie is still tired and panting flat on her back so Trish decides to do
something she hasn't done since that first night she met Mickie. She was
going to pleasure herself and soon she slips her hand down into her jeans and
touches her wet pussy lips. Under the dark night's sky Trish slowly starts
rocking her hand back and forward in her jeans slowly pleasuring her much
ignored pussy. Trish rubs her aching pussy with her hand moaning as her own
juices soak her thong. Mickie sits up to see Trish rubbing her own pussy and
Mickie feels guilty at getting all the pleasure from their backseat encounter
without giving anything back. The pleasure Trish had given her in that
backseat had been so good and one of the best sexual moments of her life that
Mickie knows she has to give back. She wants to give back she wants to give
Trish as much amazing pleasure as she got and as Trish finger fucks herself
Mickie stands up and moves behind Trish.

"Hey babe," Mickie moans kissing Trish on the back of the neck as her groans
grow louder and louder, "I know you have to get off so badly but I was such a
bad tease to you and you gave me such mind blowing pleasure I have to give
some back."

Trish moans as Mickie whispers into her ear and she feels Mickie pulling her
hand out of her jeans.

She tries crying out for Mickie to leave her alone but Mickie kisses her neck
softly and whispers, "Trust me Trish I will make you feel so good I have to
thank you for my amazing orgasm and I will Trish but I want to please you."

Her resistance broken an on the edge horny Trish groans and lets Mickie
remove her hand from her pants and Mickie quickly pulls Trish's jeans and
thong down her tanned legs. Impatient Trish kicks off her own boots before
kicking the collective jeans and thong off and into one of the dark bushes.
Not caring Trish spins around and kisses Mickie the two wrestlers getting
lost in a sea of their own pleasure. Breaking the kiss Mickie pulls up
Trish's vest top and unclips Trish's sweat stained black bra. Trish is now
stood in the middle of a dusty dirt road in the middle of the night
completely naked. The cold air rubs against her erect nipples and her bare
pussy is drenched in her own pre cum. A massive grin on her face Trish moves
towards the backseat of their rented car but as she does Mickie reaches out
and grabs her wrist.

"No, no Trish bad girls get fucked in the backseat good girls get a much more
special place to be fucked," Mickie says with an evil, sexy grin Trish knows
so well.

The blonde allows Mickie to walk her away from the backseat and over to the
front of the bright green car. Mickie spins Trish around and then bends the
horny blonde over the front bumper of the car. Trish's big tits squash down
against the hood of the car and the cool metal makes Trish moan with joy.

"You like this Trish," Mickie uses her most dominating voice, "do you wanna
be fucked over a car bonnet like a proper little slut.

ME," Trish screams her sexual frustration gets the better of her as she
spreads her legs as wide as she can in the dried mud.

The sexy thought keeps running though Trish's head here she is outside in the
middle of nowhere ready to be fucked by her lover Mickie James. Mickie loves
having Trish bend over making her stick that big ass out and Mickie can't
stop herself in running her hands all over the Canadian's thick booty. As
much as Trish loves Mickie's ass, Mickie adores Trish's big ass. Mickie could
send days groping and spanking Trish's big ass as for Mickie it is the most
perfect ass in the world. Nice and round with a lot of flesh in her ass
cheeks and like all of Trish's body it has been tanned and toned to the peak
of physical perfection. As Trish lives out her fantasy of Mickie fucking her
outside the feisty brunette moves onto her knees her hands all over Trish's
ass her aim on Trish's soaking wet pussy. Flicking her tongue out Trish's
sweet taste slides down Mickie's gullet and Mickie moans in satisfaction at
how sweet Trish's juices taste. Moving her tongue around Mickie licks the
outside of Trish's pussy cleaning up the blonde's private areas hearing
Trish's lust filled moans as Mickie's wet tongue rubs her pussy lips draining
them of Trish's pre cum. Sliding her tongue into Trish's cunt Mickie wastes
no more time in going for Trish's clit but the very horny Trish won't stay
still. Trish wants to see Mickie she wants to see the brunette with her
tongue halfway inside her pussy but being bent over is a drawback to watching
your partner and the other problem is the rental car has been freshly waxed
so every time Trish moves left or right her sweaty body slides down the hood
like a cartoon character.

With Trish slipping and sliding around it is very hard for Mickie to get into
a rhythm of tongue fucking the blonde. Thinking quickly Mickie gets up and
pushes Trish right onto the hood so her entire body is lying on the green
bonnet. Before Trish can complain Mickie leans over and kisses her so all of
Trish's pain and complaining disappears under Mickie's soft sensual lips.
Balancing herself on the radiator Mickie is able to press her body against
Trish's meaning Trish can see what Mickie is doing from the moonlit
reflection in the front window and Mickie is holding the blonde down so she
can't slide off the bonnet. In Trish's mind she imagines the odd picture
someone would get if they drove down this dark road to find two naked women
lying on the hood of a car fucking each other senseless. One problem has come
up from this new position of Mickie's as there is no way she can reach
Trish's pussy as her hips are flat on the cold hard metal car bonnet. This
would be a problem and in a normal relationship Mickie would have got up and
told her lover but being with Trish had opened up a new more dominating and
forceful persona Mickie never knew she had. She guessed being round a cool
and dominating Trish Straus all day every day had worn off on her and now
once again Mickie finds herself taking control of a sexual situation with
ease. Pushing her hand forward towards Trish's mouth and with such a mystic
connection Trish opens her mouth the second Mickie's fingers move near her
face. Taking three fingers in her mouth Trish sucks on Mickie's fingers
making them nice and wet because Trish knows where Mickie will be pushing her
now lubed up fingers.

"Are you ready Trish I've not lubed you up so this might hurt a little,"
Mickie says worrying she might hurt her blonde lover as she now removes her
wet fingers from Trish's mouth.

"No babe I trust you do whatever you want to be Mickie I know you will make
me cum," Trish says confidently lifting her hips up slightly preparing
herself for the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Mickie raises her spit-covered fingers and she shoves them into Trish's
asshole making her cry out in pain. Trish closes her eyes hoping that the
sudden shock of pain will soon subside and slowly Mickie starts rocking her
fingers in and out of Trish's asshole. Soon the blonde is moaning and
groaning as her big ass is fucked hard and Mickie's expert fingers are really
turning her on. Her pussy leaks out onto the car's bonnet leaving a nice
little puddle on the rented car. Mickie starts pumping her saliva coated
fingers in and out of Trish's ass. Her wrist disappears between Trish's meaty
ass cheeks as Mickie is in heaven finger fucking Trish's booty. Even though
Trish has had far more lesbian lovers than Mickie her ass is still very tight
mostly because Trish was more the aggressive butt fucking type in all her
relationships but with Mickie's amazing touch Trish is more than happy to let
the brunette pound her asshole. Trish's sweaty naked body rubs against the
cold, hard steel and that extreme contact of hot verses cold is making Trish
even wetter and her pussy juices are leaking onto her rental car making a
small puddle just under her. Mickie is now knelling on the hood her hand
drilling Trish's ass hard her fingers working overtime bringing Trish wave
after wave of pleasure. Smiling as she sees Trish's joy filled face and hears
the blonde's cries of ecstasy.

"You love all this don't you Trish you bad little slut," Mickie taunts
flicking her head to the side moving her sweaty hair out of her face.

Trish groans as Mickie talks to her just how she likes it. She never knew how
much of a closet submissive she was until Mickie came alone. Mickie is the
only girl Trish has even been with who has dominated her but the awesome
thing about Mickie was the fact she also liked to be dominated. So the two
changed roles of on top and in control and after only a few weeks together
they both found themselves changing roles so fast and so in time with each
other. Now Mickie was the in charge person so far and hearing that bossy tone
in her cute Virginia accent makes Trish's knees weak and adds a fresh cum
puddle onto the bonnet of their car.

"Come on you little slut tell me how much you like me fucking your tight
ass," Mickie says crooking her fingers inside Trish making her eyes blurt out
and brings a low groan from her sexy lips.

AND I NEVER WANT YOU TO STOP MICKIE," Trish screams as Mickie's fingers pound
her tight ass.

Leaning forward Mickie whispers into a sweating Trish's ear, "Not only are
you getting your big ass fucked but we are outside where any one could see us
imagine that Trish if a fan comes over and see you now lying on a car bonnet
having your ass fucked by me."

Mickie taps into Trish's sub conscious and hits her darkest fantasy right on
the head and just the thought of it makes Trish scream out so loud that birds
in the nearby trees scatter into the night skies.

MAKE ME CUM PLEASE," Trish finds herself begging with her fellow wrestler.

Tears form in Trish's eyes as every inch of her body explodes with pleasure
and she groans and wails with joy as Mickie's fingers fuck her ass. Trish's
asscheeks shake as Mickie's wrist slides in and out between them and Trish
can feel Mickie's fingers go deeper and deeper into her rectum. Trish pushes
her legs up kneeling a bit on the hood her feet use the front bumper as a
rest and she does this to show Mickie James her dripping wet pussy lips.
Mickie sees her pussy throbbing and dripping with pre cum and the brunette
responses by placing her left hand over her pussy lips cupping her softly.
Trish groans as Mickie's soft hand touches her on fire pussy Trish's head is
moving at a thousand miles an hour, as she has never wanted to cum so much in
her life. Mickie rubs her palm against Trish's pussy lips making her shake
and squeal with joy before Mickie pushes three fingers into Trish's wet cunt.
Now Mickie has 6 fingers inside her lover Trish 3 in each hole and now
working in time Mickie double fucks Trish's two holes. Trish shouts out with
utter joy as Mickie James amazing fingers fuck both her soaking wet pussy and
her tight ass. The brunette is really pumping her fingers in and out like a
wild woman desperate to make Trish cum. Mickie sits down her back to Trish
but her fingers working like pistons slamming Trish's two holes making the
blonde cry out and scream like she never has before. Trish's mind is a blank
numbed by the jaw dropping pleasure Mickie James is giving her and Trish now
understands why Mickie wants to spend the rest of her life with her as Trish
never wants to be with anyone else other than Mickie. She knows no one will
give her body more pleasure than Mickie, no woman knows just what to do to
turn her on and Trish has loved no one man, woman or even childhood pet more
than she is totally in love with Mickie Laree James.

FUCKING SEXY SLUT MAKE ME CUM," Trish screams her heart and soul out into the
normally silent dirt track.

Mickie follows Trish's screams driving her fingers deep into Trish's love
holes and Trish knows it won't be long before her body gives her what she has
been begging for. Mickie fingers power their way into Trish's cum soaked clit
smashing into Trish's love button making her love filled screams even louder
and Mickie's finger all pushing in at the same time is the final trigger that
sets Trish off.

FUCK," Trish yells before she explodes sending cum shooting all over Mickie's
hand and up her wrist.

Trish orgasm lasts several minutes before she passes out sleeping like a baby
on the hood. Mickie smiles and removes her fingers from Trish's holes and she
licks her fingers clean of Trish's sweet tasting juices. As Mickie picks
Trish up she looks down at the hood to see Trish's figure sweated onto the
hood with a large puddle of cum right slap bang in the middle of the bright
green hood. Smiling Mickie decides to leave the sweat figure there as she
carries Trish to the backseat. Lying Trish on the leather seats Mickie finds
a blanket and wraps it round Trish's naked body. Mickie now has to look
around for Trish's clothes and after 5 minutes she finds all of Trish's
clothes and a little naughty streak of Mickie kicks in as she puts on Trish's
cum soaked thong and sweat coated black bra and giggles as she is wearing
Trish's underwear. Throwing the rest of Trish's clothes and boots into the
back Mickie puts back on her top and skirt before getting into the driver's
seat. Flicking on the engine Mickie takes one look back at the sleeping Trish
and smiles, as she is the luckiest woman in the world.

Mickie drives off saying, "I love you Trish."

"I love you to Mickie," A very tired but happy Trish replies.

The two lovers smile at each other before Mickie turns her eyes back onto the
road and the two Divas drive off into the night having both really enjoyed
their little rest stop.


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