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Yes, it was been a long time between chapters. I know and I'm sorry but I
always wanted to do more of this series and not let it die even if this
chapter took an almost Star Wars prequel age to appear. And I know how much
people do really enjoy this saga so hopefully I will keep it going with
better timing between chapters. Huge thanks to DarkDefender85 for the
original saga idea and many ideas for this chapter too, good or crappy
feedback can find its way to email Hope you enjoy reading.

The Trish And Mickie Saga Part 5: Staying on the Farm
By The Pac

"Trish wake up, we're here," Mickie says breathing softly into a sleeping
Trish's ear.

Trish groans opening her eyes to see her lover Mickie James leaning over her
grinning, "Wake up lazy bones we're home."

Sitting up in the backseat of Mickie's rented car the first thing Trish sees
out the window is green. Mickie and Trish have been dating for a month now
and as they were both given a week off TV Mickie decided to invite Trish to
her home. Mickie's home was once a farm with a couple of acres of bright
green field and Trish's eyes open wide as she stares on Mickie's farmhouse.
The blonde can see the barn in the distance and the big dull yellow farmhouse
standing out as Trish gets out the car walking on the dusty drive way.

"So what do you think," Mickie asks, fingers crossed inside her jeans hoping
a big modern city girl like Trish likes her little out of the way farm.

Trish looks round wide eyed amazed at everything, she has never felt so out
and free with no one around for what seems like miles, her and Mickie's own
little world.

"It's beautiful Mickie," Trish says turning to her lover with a big smile on
her face.

Mickie grins, "Thanks Trish I was hoping you would like it, it's my quiet
place a chance to get away from the world."

"Well we could all do with that," Trish says, "Though I see it less as a farm
more like a love palace."

"MMMMMM I like it a Mickie and Trish love palace and what would we do in your
love palace," Mickie asks walking over giving Trish a one armed hug.

"Whatever the hell we want," Trish whispers her hand moving down cupping
Mickie's firm jean clad ass making her giggle when she squeezes her large

"Stop it Trish I gotta give you the tour first before we have the chance to
enjoy it," Mickie giggles batting Trish's groping hand away from her butt.

"Awww come on Mickie baby, you brought me to your love nest the least you can
do is let me lick you over the car bonnet again," Trish teases with a smile.

Shaking her head Mickie gets their suitcases from the boot wheeling them
across the dirt, "I would have never fallen for you if I knew you were a

"Yeah you would have you are just as bad Ms James, who wakes me up each
morning kissing my boobs begging for morning sex," Trish says walking in step
with Mickie taking her own suitcase.

"So I like morning sex anyway tour first, hot steamy lung screaming sex
afterwards," Mickie says.

"Promise," Trish flashes a tiny puppy dog look making Mickie laugh.

Inside Mickie's house she shows Trish her large comfy living area and her
rather large kitchen and huge fridge freezer than Trish nearly hugs with joy.

"You're a grown woman Trish," Mickie sighs as Trish raids her fridge looking
though all her food.

"Erm which curvy brunette stripped naked and jumped into my sauna the first
time she saw it," Trish counters.

"Are you gonna keep bringing moments like that up that could get annoying
after a while," Mickie teases as Trish closes the fridge door and gives
Mickie a surprise hug.

"I only tease you because I love you so much," Trish whispers lightly kissing
Mickie's earlobe.

"Good I though you only wanted me for my amazing big ass," Mickie giggles.

"Well there is that reason too," Trish quips back her hand quickly around
Mickie groping her jean clad ass again.

"Hands missy," Mickie giggles moving back away from Trish's groping hands, "I
think I better show you the bedroom now before you get too horny."

Trish nods in agreement and the two head upstairs with Trish walking behind
Mickie watching the brunette's big ass jiggle as she climbs the stairs.
Mickie's bedroom is large and painted in a light cream colour with a stunning
view out the large window of big open fields. Her big queen sized bed
dominates the room with its plain white sheets and Trish smiles across to

"Wow this is so perfect," Trish says looking round as Mickie puts her
suitcase down and places Trish's next to her.

"Thanks do you wanna see the guest room," Mickie jokes making Trish turn
round and put on a sad face.

"Don't you want to be in bed naked with me," Trish whimpers her bottom lip
shaking like she is going to cry making Mickie laugh harder.

"Oh you are so cute I can barely resist you," Mickie says wrapping her arms
around Trish's healthy waist giving her a little peck on the lips.

"I know so can we test out your new bed now," Trish says with a sexy little
look cuddling Mickie.

"MMMMMM maybe but first do you want to see the horses," Mickie says as
Trish's eyes grow wide.

"Oh my god your horses yes I'd love to oh god Mickie that would be amazing,"
Trish says hopping from foot to foot like an excited schoolgirl.

Mickie takes Trish by the hand and leads her from her bedroom, downstairs and
out the back door and starts to lead her across the field. She leads Trish
down and over to her small brown timber barn a few hundred yards away from
the house. Inside the barn Trish squeaks with delight when she sees the 3
light brown Morgan horse. Even Mickie laughs at Trish girly reaction as she
goes and pets the nose of the nearest horse.

"Oh Mickie they are so beautiful," Trish says a big smile on her face as she
looks over the three horses Mickie owns.

"I can see that's Rhapsody, Bunny and the one your petting is Casanova,"
Mickie says happily naming off her horses.

"They are so perfect," Trish says, "I've never been this close to horses
before they are so pretty."

"Wanna go for a ride on one," Mickie suggests.

Trish's face drops a little, "I don't know Mickie it looks hard and I've
never ridden before."

Mickie shakes her head opening Casanova's stable door, "Come on Trish it's
easy just a small ride I'm not asking you to race her."

Trish is still a little unsure as Mickie leads Casanova out and carefully
slides the saddle onto her back and pulls the reins around her head then
holds her hand out to Trish.

"Are you sure it's safe," Trish says looking a little nervous.

Mickie smiles back to Trish tightening the reins, "Of course I'll be right
with you and we will go slowly at first to get you used to it."

Trish thinks for a few seconds then finally nods her head and moves next to
Casanova and tries to jump up onto her. Mickie stands behind Trish and
playfully places two hands of Trish's big ass giving her a final push up onto
the saddle.

"I think this horse riding thing was a ploy to feel my ass," Trish giggles
grabbing the reins and looks to Mickie for advice.

"You wish," Mickie says leaning the horse and Trish out of the barn and walks
her round in a circle a few times getting Trish used to the horse.

Trish is still very nervous of the horse bolting and throwing her off but
grows more comfortable as Mickie leads her round a small patch of grass.

Mickie looks up, "Ok I'm gonna go saddle up Rhapsody so I can join you."

"Ok hurry back," Trish says a little scared as Mickie disappears back into
the barn and she is left in control of the horse for the first time.

Trish tries to control Casanova but the horse has a mind of its own spinning
in circles as Trish ineffectively tugs of the reins trying to control her. A
few minutes later Mickie trots out on top of Rhapsody and tries not to laugh
as Trish is doing slow 360 turns on Casanova.

"Need any help," Mickie call sarcastically.

"Yes please teach me how to steer this stupid thing," Trish cries going round
and round on the spot.

Mickie rides over grabbing Trish's horse leading her into a straight line and
teaches Trish the commanding way to control the reins so the horse knows
where to go. After 20 minutes of spinning and riding the wrong way Trish is
finally getting the hand of horse riding so they move from out in front of
the barn and out riding onto a field. Trish loves the smile on Mickie's face
as her horse gallops ahead showing how much the brunette really enjoys horse
riding. Trish also likes how bouncy horse riding is making Mickie's big chest
wobble up and down in her tiny top and when she is in front Trish finds
herself drooling at Mickie's bouncing booty stretched bent over in a saddle.

"You look so sexy riding that horse," Trish shouts to Mickie staring at her
bouncing chest.

Mickie laughs and they ride a little longer until near the edge of the filed
they come to a pond where Mickie has been before as there are some posts set
up allowing Mickie to tie up her horse.

"This place is amazing," Trish says coming to a stop admiring the fact she
can barely see Mickie's house from the pond.

Mickie ties up Casanova but Trish has trouble climbing off and finally falls
right on top of Mickie.

"Ouch Trish," Mickie grunts hitting the earth with Trish on top of her.

"It will be like this when we face each other in the ring," Trish giggles
lying on top of Mickie.

"Yeah well the ring will be softer than this earth now get off me sexy,"
Mickie moans as Trish carefully rolls off her.

The tied up horses nibble at the ground while Mickie and Trish hold hands and
go for a walk around the medium sized pond.

"It was here when I bought the place I think some locals come over and fish
in it once or twice a year but there are far more productive fish filled
ponds and rivers around here," Mickie says.

"So it's an abandoned pond," Trish jokes, "ever gone swimming in it?"

"No," Mickie says shaking her head making Trish's grin even wider.

"Ever gone skinny dipping in it," Trish teases.

"No never I'm a bit country but not that country, I don't own a banjo either
before you ask," Mickie says with a bright white smile.

"Can I go skinny dipping then," Trish questions and Mickie slaps her arm.

"You never give up do you? But we gotta get back it's getting late and I'm
tired from all that driving," Mickie says turning and walking back round the

Mickie notices after a few feet Trish isn't walking with her so she turns
around to see the blonde by the water edge splashing cold water on her face
and neck. Deciding Trish just stopped for water Mickie turns and walks away
but again feels Trish isn't following her. Turning round again Mickie is
shocked as Trish is taking her boots off and unbuttoning her shirt. Mickie
gasps in horror as the blonde pulls her shirt off exposing her big tits in a
tight white bra. Trish had never really been much of a show off or that open
in public before Mickie started dating her and now suddenly Trish Stratus
comes out of her shell in public where normally her big exhibitionist
displays are kept to inside a wrestling ring. Trish doesn't look at Mickie as
she unbuttons her jeans and tugs them down her toned legs and Mickie's mouth
drops open at the tiny white thong underwear Trish is wearing. Kicking her
jeans away and adding them to the growing pile of clothes by the lake side
Trish looks out onto the pond unclipping her bra as she does. Mickie wants to
say something but the sight in front of her is so erotic she can't stop
herself watching Trish strip like some tongue tied teenage boy. The bra drops
down and Trish's big boobs are exposed and Mickie gets more and more turned
on as Trish grabs the waistband of her panties and slides them down. Mickie's
eyes focus only on Trish's amazing ass not thinking of being in public and
maybe someone seeing, nothing matters now but Mickie and the naked Trish
standing in a field next to a pond. Completely naked Trish pretends to
stretch but is really putting on a show for her spellbound audience of one as
she bends over she can almost hear the gasp escape from Mickie's lips.
Leaning down near the water edge Trish splashes more water onto her body
making sure to soak her big tits and rub some of the soft water across her
strong thighs. Trish rubs and works the water into her firm chest as her body
glints in sunlight.

"Enjoying the view," Trish says as Mickie shuts her eyes and tries to shake
herself out of her stupor.

As she reopens her eyes Trish is gone and Mickie quickly looks round to see a
fully naked Trish running back towards the horses. Mickie picks up Trish's
clothes and starts to jog over but Trish has already untied her horse and
completely naked gallops away waving at Mickie. Watching Trish's naked
breasts vigorously bounce as she rides away Mickie stands there beaming for a
second them remembers she needs to follow Trish. Still shaking her head in
shock at Trish stripping off in public Mickie is soon on her horse chasing
after Trish who is little more than a speck on the horizon. Mickie races on
across the filed until she is back near the barn where Trish has clumsily
tied up Casanova. It doesn't take Mickie long to tie both horses securely to
a fence and then slowly makes her way into the barn. Mickie has watched too
many horror movies to call out Trish's name so carefully creeps around until
she can hear some low moaning. Walking towards a corner of the barn where a
large hay bale is sitting Mickie hears the moan again and knows its Trish.
Looking round the hay pile, Mickie grins seeing Trish completely naked lying
in the middle of the hay. One hand running across her breasts Trish moans
with joy as her other hand slides between her legs teasing her pussy. Mickie
just stands their and watches the sexy show put on by her girlfriend lying in
the hay.

"MMMMMM hi Mickie," Trish says opening her eyes working her hand across her
pussy a little harder.

"Hey Trish you forgot your clothes," Mickie jokes smiling as she takes a long
look at Trish's nude body.

"I know mmmmm I was going to go in your house lie on your bed but ohhhhhh I
just couldn't wait, I'm so horny," Trish moans squeezing her own large

"I can see that, nice you found the hay bale you know my horses have to eat
that," Mickie says.

"MMMMMM I know I'm sorry just stripping off in public just for you made me
feel so good," Trish moans again stroking her wet pussy lips.

"You should have seen how horny it made me," Mickie jokes.

"Yes I want to see," Trish groans spreading her legs wider, "Show me strip

Mickie blushes a little, "Strip off in my own barn what if someone comes in
and sees."

Trish stops moving her hand and sits up, "Mickie James you are one of the
horniest, dirtiest little sluts I have ever been with, don't lie and say you
haven't stripped off in this barn and fingered yourself to orgasm."

More blushing from Mickie, "Good point Trish ok," She says kicking her boots

Trish makes a little squeak of joy as she sits up a little more resting
against the hay watching her girlfriend. Mickie unbuttons her top showing the
lace of her white bra and slowly she slides the shirt off. Spinning round
Mickie shakes her hips like a dancer throwing her shirt away before bending
over and Trish clearly gasps at Mickie's denim clad booty bend over and right
in her view. Trish's hand is back over her pussy rubbing and sliding her
middle finger into her slit feeling her own wetness. Mickie spins round
squeezing her breasts inside her bra and Trish's eye widen as Mickie's
cleavage is pushed forward and is nearly hanging out of her bra. Her hands
going down Mickie unbuttons her tight jeans and carefully tugs them down. The
tight blue jeans are yanked down her massive thighs and Trish moans again
seeing Mickie's underwear. A light blue thong that is already wet with the
patch visible on the crotch of her panties. Mickie's jeans drop down by her
bare feet and she looks up watching Trish finger and rubs her pussy harder.
She can barely contain a grin at seeing Trish Stratus acting like a porn star
sat down legs spread rubbing her soaking wet pussy. Now standing in her barn
in just her bra and panties Mickie shakes her hips again dancing to no music
but gets little cry from Trish as her bra is unclipped. Both Divas have seen
each other naked a few times but out here in Mickie's barn almost public and
almost in full daylight has both Divas hot. Mickie throws her bra away and
covers her large tits with her hands spinning round and making Trish drool.
Running her hand faster against her pussy Trish begs Mickie with her yes to
show a pair of breasts almost as well made as hers. Smiling Mickie drops her
hands and Trish smiles staring at Mickie's bare tits with her pink nipples
rock hard. Trish pushes her middle finger deeper pleasuring herself as Mickie
grabs the sides of her panties. She pulls them down quickly to show off her
shaved cunt, the cunt that Trish loves and adores licking, kissing and
touching. Mickie James and Trish Stratus are now both horny and naked inside
Mickie's barn.

"Need a hand with that," Mickie grins crawling into the pile of hay staring
at Trish's hand.

"MMMMMM yes please I need you Mickie," Trish groans pulling her hand away.

She lies back and thrusts her hips forward offering her perfect wet pussy to
Mickie who is grinning. She crawls forward and moves on top of Trish pressing
her big tits into Trish's making both Divas moan. As their massive chests rub
together Mickie leans her head down and lightly kisses Trish on her lips.
Mickie's hand trails down Trish's body and slides down across Trish's wet

"You're the best girlfriend ever Trish," Mickie moans nuzzling her nose and
mouth into Trish's neck.

"OHHHH no babe you're the best," Trish moans with pleasure as Mickie presses
her hand down onto her wet cunt.

Trish moans loudly and Mickie loves the noises of intense pleasure coming
from Trish's mouth. She always dreamed of making Trish make sounds and groans
like this and when she did and still does Mickie's heart just sings. Moving
down Mickie leaves kisses down Trish's body in between her boobs and across
her perfectly flat stomach.

"No baby," Trish moans grabbing Mickie by the hair pulling her back up and
Mickie makes a sad face.

"No kissing, no pussy licking I want your fingers I wanna look at your face
as you fuck me," Trish moans her eyes almost teary.

Trish has been fighting her growing feelings of love for this tiny brunette
but Mickie shows all her emotion, it's always written across her little face
like a book. Trish has always kept her emotions in check fixing her face to
show the emotion she wants people to see rather than the emotion she is
feeling. It was perfect and got her all the money, job and worldwide
adoration that she always wanted. Now with Mickie, Trish finds she doesn't
want to be that woman anymore; she wants to be more like Mickie. That means
looking at Mickie's amazingly sexy face while her amazing fingers touch her
but Trish isn't sure if Mickie wants that.

"So controlling and dominating mmmmm Trish wants my sexy fingers in her tight
hole," Mickie teases enjoying Trish telling her what she wants.

"Yes Mickie please your fingers are so good on the drive down here I was
dreaming about then I want your finger," Trish moans nearly begging.

Mickie can't resist her blonde goddess begging and moves her right hand
against Trish's pussy and moves three fingers inside her. Trish groans hard
feeling Mickie's fingers push inside her wet pussy and slowly rocks them in
and out. Giggling Mickie moves her hand faster pumping with three fingers
inside Trish's pussy making the blonde cry out with joy. Leaning her head
down Mickie wraps her lips around Trish's soft nipple and slowly sucks on it.
Trish gasps with joy leaning her body up pushing her chest into Mickie's
mouth. Mickie slams her fingers in a little harder really pumping them into
her lover's wet pussy while her tongue licks and sucks Trish's big tits.
Driving her fingers in harder Mickie loves the feeling of Trish's body
bending and pushing back into her. She clamps her mouth down a little firmer
on Trish's nipple tracing her tongue around the soft areola. Trish screams in
ecstasy as Mickie's perfect tongue teases her nipple and laying the soft hay
Trish twists bucking her hips wanting to milk every second of pleasure from
this moment. Mickie turns to Trish and her other breast kissing and sucking
her nipple as her hand pumps deeper against Trish's crotch. Her fingers slide
further and further up Trish's tight hole as the blonde leaks juices down
right onto Mickie's wrist as she is being pleasured.

with joy tilting her head back letting Mickie's touch enlighten her body.

There is no better sound in the world for Mickie than having her lover Trish
screaming for her. She moves her mouth and plants soft feather like kisses to
Trish's tit flesh. Curling her fingers inside Trish's pussy she is rewarded
with more screams and Mickie has never felt more in control. Mickie has
always been controlling in bed always teasing and playing but no girl she has
ever played with is an easy to control and as fun to make cry with pleasure
than Trish. Thinking back Mickie remembers the only other woman she ever
brought into the barn for sex games was Allison Danger an Indy wrestler like
Mickie but even her moans of pleasure are nothing to Trish's almost pleading
cries and screams.

FUCK ME MMMMMM MAKE ME CUM," The blonde screams at the top of her lungs happy
no one can hear her for miles.

Mickie starts kissing in between Trish's big tits and the blonde's hands come
down and start stroking her hair. Giggling as Trish strokes her hair Mickie
kisses the bottom of Trish's massive breasts but soon finds Trish's hands are
trying to push her head down her body.

Lifting her head up Mickie asks, "Does Trish now want me to lick her pretty

Trish groans in frustration, "MMMMMMMM yes Mickie please I need that tongue
inside me."

Mickie pulls her fingers out of Trish making her gasp, "So are you begging me
to get down and eat you out."

"Yes I am Mickie please oh sexy, sexy girlfriend lick my pussy make me cum,"
Trish begs the brunette without shame just more lust growing inside her.

Mickie smiles moving down and placing her mouth right up to Trish's pussy
lips and experiments taking a long soft lick across her wet pussy lips. Trish
scream nearly frightens the horses as Mickie's tongue brushes her sensitive
pussy and Trish cries again as Mickie licks across her pussy lips. Groaning
and screaming in pleasure the great and powerful Trish Stratus is crying and
wailing from Mickie's perfect tongue. Mickie's pussy is almost as damp as
Trish's as she have never bedded a girl this sensitive or so willing to be
teased and almost used by her fingers and tongue. Trish screams again and
Mickie can see she is on the brink and pushes her tongue right into Trish's
wet cunt. Lights pop in front of Trish's eyes as yet again Mickie raises her
game and gets her even closer to orgasmic bliss. Trish is constantly amazed
that every time she sleeps with Mickie the curvy brunette seems to get better
and better. Mickie's tongue is now pumping in and out of Trish's pussy
licking the blonde wrestling champion out and Trish can do nothing but hold
on for dear life. Her hands grasps and pull at the hay bales she is lying on
as Mickie is working her tongue deep inside her pussy licking her out.

pushing her hips up trying to get more from Mickie's tongue.

Mickie's hands grip onto Trish's hips and she really pushes her face deep
into Trish's snatch and licks her pussy out. Licking and sucking hard Mickie
loves hearing Trish's moans of pleasure as her tongue moves deeper inside her
pussy. Another loud scream from Trish as the blonde is getting closer and
closer to finally cumming as Mickie is really using her perfect tongue to
tempt and tease Trish.

shaking and finally Mickie's tongue presses up against her G spot.

Moaning Mickie pushes her face deep into Trish's pussy licking her out. Her
tongue really pushes inside Trish's pussy letting the blonde feel a huge
amount of pleasure. Mickie giggles into Trish's pussy as she kisses Trish's
damp pussy lips feeling Trish shake with pleasure and the blonde keeps her
hands pressed on Mickie's head. Her thighs squeeze tighter round Mickie's
head as Trish can feel her long overdue orgasm building. Mickie pumps her
tongue in and out driving it in and out of Trish's cunt tongue fucking the
Diva into huge realms of pleasure. Trish lets out a howl as Mickie's tongue
pounds into her and finally she lets go and cums hard. Mickie holds onto
Trish's hips as the blonde shakes cumming hard and the orgasm overflows her.
Her body shakes and Mickie's tongue laps away at Trish's juices as they flow
out of her pussy. Panting and sweating Trish screams again as Mickie's tongue
pushes and licks the last few bits of Trish's orgasm out of her. Mickie loves
the taste of Trish's cum and eagerly laps it up from her soaking wet pussy as
Trish moans. Her whole body finally stops shaking and calms down from her
massive orgasm as Mickie pulls her tongue out and licks around her wet lips.
Mickie giggles her lips coated in Trish's juices lifting her head up and
smiles at a panting Trish.

"You ok Trish," Mickie asks nearly in a taunting tone.

"MMMMMMM no I think that blew my brains out, my god Mickie you are the best
at making me cum," Trish says gasping for air.

Mickie blushes, "I try my best your moans and screams are really sexy too

Trish lifts her head up looking at Mickie who is licking her lips clean, "If
I ever get my strength back then I'll give you an orgasm even better than
that one."

"Really you can barely get up I made Trish cum so hard she can't stand up,"
Mickie teases.

Trish tries to make a comment back but she can't and just lies back down
breathing in hard. Mickie rolls off the piles of hay and she goes over to a
tap. Pouring some water into a bucket Mickie carries it back over and pours
some over Trish's sweaty body then gets the blonde to drink some. Trish takes
a couple of gulps of water then sits back up and stares at Mickie smiling.

"So what sexy dirty things do you normally get up to in this barn?" Trish

Mickie grins, "Well I do have a toy I like to use after a long ride."

Trish watches Mickie roll away grinning and as she finishes her drink of
water she looks up to see Mickie walking back with an 8 inch purple strap on
in her hands.

Trish's eyes widen with shock, "Do you like it Trish, it's one of my
favourite toys ever."

"Yeah I bet you do horny little bitch so do you want me to use the big toy,"
Trish asks smiling.

"I'd love you too," Mickie says throwing the strap on to Trish.

Trish quickly steps in the straps of the strap on and pulls it up round her
hips making the big cock stick out as Mickie climbs back into the big hay
pile. She moves near one of the sides resting her hands on the top bar of the
wooden fence sticking her massive ass out. She gives her ass a shake bending
over further making sure a strap on wearing Trish has her full attention on
her meaty asscheeks.

"Your amazing Mickie," Trish says rubbing her fake cock head as she walks
towards her, "No one has ever been this dirty and kinky with me and it feels
so amazing."

"I kinda feel the same about you Trish," Mickie says gasping as Trish stands
behind her and kicks her ankles a little further apart.

Mickie faces forward waiting with anticipation as Trish slowly rests a hand
on Mickie's big cheek squeezing the flesh hard bringing a groan from the
brunette. Trish loves Mickie bent over, there is something about the way her
big ass dominates her whole small frame in a way Trish's never could is
intoxicating to her. She runs her hands all over Mickie's tanned rump giving
her a little spank making the flesh jiggle a little making Trish grin. Moving
her hand down she slides it between Mickie's spread legs making the little
brunette shiver and grip tighter onto the fence. Trish hand brushes and rubs
her girlfriend's shaved slit rubbing her wet pussy is getting a small moan of
pleasure. Gripping harder onto the fence Mickie moans as Trish runs her hand
across her pussy then pushes two fingers inside her. Trish only keeps her
fingers in for a few seconds swirling them around inside Mickie collecting as
much of her juices as she can before pulling out. Her fingers soaked in
Mickie's juices; Trish now rubs the wetness across her strap on shining the
cock head lubing it up. Grabbing Mickie's hips she can feel the little
brunette relax and Trish doesn't tease or make her wait as she pushes
Mickie's strap on deep into its owner's pussy.

"OHHHHHH FUCK ME," Mickie screams pushed forward as Trish pushes in getting
half the strap on inside Mickie on the first thrust.

Trish pulls carefully out before pushing in hard again watching the purple
dildo disappear up Mickie's cunt. Another loud groan comes from Mickie who
closes her eyes and deals with the intense pleasure pushing though her body.
Somehow Trish was always able to bring her so much pleasure like she knew
just where to fuck Mickie to have her screaming out in unbelievable pleasure.
Trish pushes in hard and soon starts to slide the big strap on easily into
Mickie's pussy and starts to fuck her sexy girlfriend. Mickie moans loudly
closing her eyes concentrating on the pleasure as Trish's uses her favourite
toy to fuck her wet pussy. Sliding in harder and faster Trish starts to pick
up the pace, her fingers squeezing Mickie's soft hips gripping the flesh
really allowing her to fuck Mickie hard.

FUCK ME," Mickie screams starting to rock back and forth with Trish's

Feeling Mickie moving her hips back into her Trish can let go of her hips.
She moves her hands up and guides them towards Mickie's big tits giving them
a soft squeeze as she touches them. Mickie moans, using the fence for support
as she pushes back impaling herself on Trish's fake cock. She can feel the
thick dildo shoved deep inside her wet pussy further than Mickie could ever
force it in her solo masturbation in this barn. Trish hips pump too as her
hands start to squeeze and play with Mickie's big chest lightly flicking her
nipples. Nothing feels better to Trish than having Mickie's thick ass
bouncing back into her hips and her sexy cowgirl moans as she plays with her
big boobs. Mickie moans loving every second of this fucking hoping she
doesn't have any trouble with her horses after they hear her scream.


Trish giggles hearing Mickie's dirty talk and rewards her by clamping down
hard squeezing Mickie's boobs tight nearly breaking Mickie's voice box as she
screams out with pleasure. She rocks her hips pounding into Mickie's pussy
fucking the horny female wrestler making her screams grow in volume. Trish
squeezes Mickie's soft boobs hard again before pulling all the way out them
slamming her fake cock hard into Mickie's pussy.

ME, POUND MY FUCKING PUSSY," Mickie screams fighting down her orgasm which
has been building for what seems like hours since Trish started stripping off
by the pond.

Trish pumps her hips harder really driving her strap on deep inside Mickie
knowing one trick she used over the past week of quick hotel fumbles that
could make Mickie cum hard. Moving her hands away from Mickie's tits, Trish
keeps pumping but lifts three fingers up to her mouth and slowly licks on
them. Mickie is too busy bent over eyes closed groaning in pleasure to notice
Trish sucking on her own fingers. The little brunette cries out with
pleasure, her own wetness running down her legs as she knows she is close and
trusts Trish to bring her to a stunning climax. Trish takes her wet fingers
and without a single wasted motion shoves them between Mickie's asscheeks.
Mickie screams the second Trish's spit coated fingers push against her tight
asshole and once they force their way in and pup inside her ass Mickie lets
out a barn breaking scream.

at the top of her voice and Trish pulls her fingers out.

Mickie shakes and Trish wraps her arms around the Diva as she moans out a
powerful orgasm. Moaning and groaning Mickie's juices flood and soak the
strap on still pushed deep inside her pussy. Trish giggles at the powerful
surge of Mickie's orgasm and kisses her girlfriend's sweaty back as she
carefully pulls out and helps Mickie rest down on the soft hay. As Mickie
moans curling up cum still dripping out of her pussy, Trish pulls off her
strap on and can't resist licking Mickie's juices off it before putting it
down. She goes over and curling up behind Mickie wrapping her hands around
the brunette's body spooning her.

"That sounded almost as good as mine," Trish joked kissing Mickie's neck.

"If yours felt anything like that I'll be amazed that was one of the most
intense orgasms of my life," Mickie purrs back her voice still breaking from
her loud screaming.

"What was your most intense orgasm?" Trish asks cuddling Mickie tighter.

"When Lita tore your panties off in that bra and panties match, you had such
a great meaty ass in that tiny thong," Mickie cheekily answers.

Trish leans a hand down and spanks Mickie's ass a few times bringing a sexy
little moan of pain from the brunette.

"None of that Mickie," Trish says, "I don't want to think about you using
that big strap on as I got stripped in the ring."

"Why not I think it's hot," Mickie says back.

Trish sits up a little allowing Mickie to roll over and look her lover in the
eyes, "Because I've not had the chance to masturbate while you do sexy things
in the ring, fair is fair."

Mickie giggles, "Yeah I'm not as big a show off as you all though my Indy
days I fought to keep my clothes on."

Trish's face drops in a sad puppy dog face, "So Mickie has never been
stripped in ring for the wanking pleasure of her fans."

"Once or twice," Mickie shrugs, "But you didn't see much my gimmick back that
was that I was trying to be a proper female wrestler not some cheap clothes
rip off artist."

"That what you think I am," Trish asks sounding a little hurt.

"No of course not baby," Mickie says hugging the small blonde, "That was only
the excuse the real reason was no one wanted to see me in a bra and panties
style match."

Trish laughs, "Bullshit Mickie I bet they were begging you to be stripped
down to a tiny bra and thong you have an amazing body."

Mickie smiles, "Do you really mean it or do you just want to think of me
looking as embarrassed and stupid as you standing in my panties in the middle
of the ring?"

Sticking her tongue out at Trish like a child tips the blonde over the edge.
She attacks Mickie ticking her sides and back making Mickie scream as Trish's
skilled fingers find all her ticklish spots. Mickie rolls onto her front
trying to push Trish away but Trish now sits on Mickie's big thighs pinning
her down in the hay.

"Bad, bad little girl," Trish teases and starts spanking Mickie's ass, a few
light and playful slaps has Mickie moaning in pain.

"You love my big ass don't you Trish," Mickie says looking round as Trish
runs her hands across her fat asscheeks.

"MMMMMM I do your ass is so big and perfect Mickie anytime we wrestle I have
to turn away or I will be like all the guys in the audience transfixed by
your giant booty."

"You know if we are gonna be dating and splitting and each other's housing
and being all couple like," Mickie says casually loving the idea of living
and spending every minute of the day with Trish.

"What you thinking of sharing stuff like what's mine is yours," Trish says
drawing little circles with her finger into Mickie's ass.

"Yeah I was thinking clothes, CD's and my booty," Mickie grins looking back
at Trish.

"So this ass now my ass, to do whatever I want with, my play toy," Trish says
trying not to laugh and daydreaming of the possibilities.

"Yes anything you want to do to or with my ass I have no choice but to let
you do it," Mickie says feeling her sore pussy getting wet with the mere idea
of her idol having full permission to fantasize about her big ass.

"I wanna taste it," Trish says with little thought, "I wanna taste your
sweaty horse riding ass."

Mickie raises her eyebrow and pretends to be shocked about Trish's choice,
"My ass you wanna stick your tongue down my big ass."

"MMMMMM you know I do babe," Trish smiles lowering her face into Mickie's
tanned ass.

Mickie loves it as she can feel Trish's strong hands spread her fat cheeks
and her blonde goddess breathing softly on her asshole. Pushing her pink
tongue out Trish feels Mickie's rectum relax allowing her to easily push her
tongue up Mickie's butt. Mickie moans as her little anal girlfriend has her
tongue up her ass and is slowly licking and tasting her butt. Mickie
struggles on the itchy hay trying to get into a relaxed position to let Trish
explore and eat out her ass. Trish pushes her face deeper into Mickie's ass
feeling her large butt cheeks rubbing against her face as she probes her
tongue in deeper. Mickie moans in pleasure but her sensitive front is still
moving around trying to stop the hay from rubbing against her soft skin. All
her moving from side to side is starting to stop Trish from really giving
Mickie's ass a good licking so finally Mickie reaches back with her hand
lightly pushing Trish away.

"What's wrong?" Trish asks confused sitting up on her knees a little annoyed
at not getting longer to eat out Mickie's perfect ass.

Mickie stands up brushing the hay off, "It's uncomfortable lying in all that
hay," she says.

Trish laughs, "What the little country girl can't take a bit of itchy hay."

"Nope that's why I want a new position and if you like it so much you lie
down in the hay," Mickie says walking over and picking the strap on up.

Reluctantly Trish slides closer to Mickie flat out on her back looking a
little sad, "But I really wanted to lick your big booty," She moans.

"You will I just want a more comfy position and the chance to pleasure you
again," Mickie grins moving and standing over Trish's body.

Kneeling down Mickie takes the strap on and pushes in hard into Trish's wet
pussy making the blonde cry out as the massive fake cock slides deep inside
her. With the big cock filling up Trish's pussy Mickie slides herself up
Trish's body bringing her ass closer to the blonde's smiling face and Trish
giggles feeling Mickie's weight pressing on her. That massive tanned booty
slides closer to her face and Trish licks her lips as Mickie sits down on her
face. Trish doesn't waste a second pushing her tongue and starts pushing it
against Mickie's tight asshole. Mickie yells out with pleasure as Trish's
tongue quickly goes up her ass and starts eating her out. She presses her ass
harder into Trish's face cutting off her air but Trish is too busy forcing
her tongue further up Mickie's ass to notice. Mickie moans louder as Trish's
tongue starts pushing in and out fucking her tight asshole and Mickie's own
hand moves to her pussy. Rubbing and pleasuring her Mickie lifts up to give
Trish air and waits a few seconds before the blonde's hands wrap round her
legs and force her back down. Mickie's hips are pulled back down and her ass
lands on Trish's tongue again and Mickie cries out as Trish's tongue really
pleasures her tight asshole. She can already feel a second orgasm building
and she can't let Trish fuck her ass and please it so quickly. Twisting her
body Mickie lies down on Trish's body and her hand reaches up and grabs the
end of the strap on. Mickie now starts to pump the strap on in and out
matching the pace of Trish's tongue fucking her ass. Trish feels Mickie
starting to fuck her with the strap on and it takes all her strength not to
moan as Mickie expertly fucks her wet cunt.

"MMMMMMMM god yeah Trish fuck my ass stick your big dirty tongue up my big
ass mmmmm fuck me," Mickie moans pushing her ass back into Trish's face.

Trish pumps her tongue in and out of Mickie's butt making sure to swirl it
around tasting the brunette's big sexy ass and loving the moans she is
making. Mickie starts pumping the strap on faster into Trish's pussy amazed
at how easy it looks for the blonde to take the thick 8 inch cock. She works
the plastic dick deeper up Trish's pussy feeling her body quiver underneath
her but nothing stops Trish's tongue licking out Mickie's fat ass. Both Divas
groan with pleasure as Mickie runs a hand across Trish's mid-section pulling
the strap on all the way out them slams it back. That massive thrust knocks
all the air out of Trish and her head falls back from Mickie's ass into the
soft hay.

"You fucking bitch Mickie mmmmm that feels so good don't stop fuck my pussy
fuck it hard ohhhhhh," Trish moans.

With no teasing tongue pleasuring her ass Mickie can fully concentrate on
fucking Trish's pussy with her sex toy. Mickie pumps her hand fast and
Trish's already damp pussy makes it so easy to get a real pace up driving the
strap on into her cunt. Working faster Mickie loves the moans coming from
Trish and is allowed a little squeal of her own as Trish places her hands on
Mickie's round asscheeks squeezing them for support. Her hand almost becoming
a blur Mickie fucks her girlfriend's pussy with her own strap on loving the
moans and purrs coming from Trish as the fake cock fills up her tight pussy.

GOOD OHHHH I LOVE YOU MICKIE," Trish screams the familiar feeling of lust and
ecstasy building inside her.

"You love it don't you sexy little slut me and my big fake cock fucking your
sweet pussy," Mickie taunts back her own juices leaking as Trish's fingers
dig a little harder into her ass.

Trish moans louder as Mickie is hand pumping the strap on into her so well
Trish isn't sure she can last much longer. In a desperate bid to distract
Mickie Trish leans up and again presses her face into Mickie's ass pushing
her tongue deep inside the brunette's asshole. Mickie leans back a little
letting Trish's tongue attack her asshole moaning as she loves how anal
fucking based Trish is. If Mickie didn't know any better she would swear
blind Trish Stratus was only put on this earth to pleasure girl's assholes.
Trying to keep up she thrusts the strap on in harder wishing she had one of
her many vibrators as Mickie's wrist is starting to hurt as she tries to give
Trish the hard pussy fucking she knows the blonde loves. Trish's legs wriggle
and move around on the bed of hay she is lying on as Mickie's every thrust of
the fake cock sends a shockwave though her body. She tries to keep her face
in Mickie's ass but that big booty needs all her attention and she is in no
position to give that giant ass the tonging it so richly deserves.

Dropping her head back down Trish just moans letting Mickie fuck her body,"

Mickie grins hearing Trish's cries, "What's in it for me Trish?" She asks

CUM," Trish screams with a hint of desperation.

"Well when I make your sexy ass cum I want you wearing this big strap on
again fucking my big ass," Mickie says.

MICKIE PLEASE MAKE ME CUM," Says a screaming, sweating Trish.

"Good girl," Mickie says pushing the entire strap on inside Trish making the
harness press against the blonde's wet pussy lips.

Trish gasps loudly as the strap on fully penetrates her and somehow she finds
her voice, "Mickie ohhhhhh Mickie babe I need to tell you a fetish mmmmm
something I love."

Mickie tilts her head round to stare at Trish's sweating face and grins, "Not
another fetish Miss Stratus you have far too many fetishes," She jokes.

Trish ignores Mickie's playful joke, "My feet, my feet are so sensitive I
love having them touched and licked please Mickie do whatever you can play
with my feet."

Mickie is a little surprised but smiles knowing yet another area of Trish's
perfect body is sensitive and worth touching during love making. Keeping the
strap on pressed inside Trish's pussy Mickie grabs the back of Trish's knees
pulling her legs up. Trish is surprisingly flexible Mickie thinks until
remembering her idol does yoga and even has a wrestling move call the Matrish
where she completely bends over backwards. Getting Trish into this almost
pinning predicament Mickie lets go of Trish's legs but the blonde keeps them
in the air. Mickie's left hand moves down and starts moving the strap on
while her right hand takes hold of one of Trish's ankles. Leaning her head
forward Mickie lightly kisses the top of Trish's foot getting a loud groan of
pleasure from the blonde. Mickie has never done foot fetish or any kind of
foot kissing with a lover before so this is totally new territory for her but
she likes the soft soapy smell of Trish's feet. Flicking out her tongue
Mickie traces it across the bottom of Trish's foot and yet again Trish moans
loudly with pleasure. Mickie is amazed at how sensitive Trish's feet are and
armed with that information she knows she can take her playful teasing of
Trish to a new level. Mickie kisses the sole of Trish's foot and starts
planting several more kisses across the bottom of her foot. Trapped under
Mickie this could be no better moment for Trish as her brunette lover's dream
lips and tongue now pleasure her feet. Mickie kisses and licks Trish's foot
only stopping when Trish's other foot pushes against her face begging for

"My Trish your feet are so sexy," Mickie purrs now licking Trish's other foot
while massaging her other.

Trish doesn't have any strength to answer Mickie back; she just lies back
moaning as Mickie teases her feet. The brunette's soft lips brush against her
skin and then that ultra-talented tongue dances across her sole making Trish
cry out with joy.

"MMMMMMM I wonder what will happen if I suck on Trish's delightful little
piggy's," Mickie says eyeing up Trish's toes.

Lying beneath her, Trish gasps and nearly cums from the teasing thought of
Mickie touching her toes. Trish's toes are the most sensitive parts of her
entire body, most days she can barely put nail varnish on her toes from the
warm good feeling she gets. Mickie brushes her lips against Trish's big toe
and Trish moans twisting her head from left to right. Carefully Mickie kisses
down the line of Trish's wiggling toes making sure all ten get a little peck
making Trish sweat harder. Her pussy flows with even more pre orgasm juices
and the pure horny washing over could send the blonde insane. Nothing could
make Mickie happier than having the woman she loves more than anything
moaning and groaning in incredible pleasure, just the feeling of Trish's
happiness is a powerful drug for Mickie. Sticking her tongue out Mickie
attacks Trish's toes licking her sensitive toes sliding and twisting her
tongue around. Trish cries out in mounting pleasure and like it was the cue
she was waiting for Mickie's free hand starts to buck and move the strap on
fast and hard into Trish's pussy. The sudden attack of pleasure sends Trish
smashing over the edge and the blonde's eyes close.

CUMMMING AHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES," Trish screams her voice echoing
though the barn.

Mickie keeps up the pressure pumping the strap on deep inside Trish's pussy
making sure to pound every last drop of pleasure from the blonde's orgasm.
Trish kicks her feet and howls even louder feeling her cum soaking the thick
strap on all over and leaking out onto the hay. Mickie pulls the strap on out
and has to lean down and lap her tongue at Trish's soaking wet pussy to taste
her blonde lover. Trish's sense take yet another pounding as Mickie's tongue
now attacks her pussy already overloaded with pleasure. Lapping up all the
sweet pussy juices from Trish's pussy Mickie licks out the remaining pieces
of Trish's orgasm. She rolls off Trish letting the blonde groan as she takes
the long glowing aftershock of such a powerful orgasm.

"You are so sexy when you moan," Mickie tells a panting sweaty Trish.

"Get used to it only you make me scream like that," A panting Trish says flat
out trying to recover from her second big orgasm of the day.

"Want another drink, I'll let you get your breath back before trying to fuck
me," Mickie teases turning to get up when Trish's hand shoot out grabbing her
by the ankle.

"You're not going anywhere get into position you little slut," Trish growls
pulling herself up to her knees.

Mickie squeals with delight dropping down to all 4's in the middle of a hay
pile shaking her tanned booty for Trish. Picking the strap on up Trish
decides not to clean her juices dripping off the massive plastic shaft. Tired
and a little weak Trish pulls the strap on, on as fast as she can before
getting behind Mickie. One hand fly's out slapping her lover's big ass and
Mickie groans shaking her ass harder as the sound of palm on cheek echoes
around the barn.

"You ready to fuck my big ass Trish," Mickie teases feeling Trish's hand
rubbing her ass.

Trish is too tired to speak and simply spreads Mickie's big asscheeks and
pushes her cum soaked strap on into her tight asshole. Mickie grunts loudly
as Trish pushes her way into Mickie's asshole the thick strap on invading her
ass for really the first time as Mickie never had the guts to fuck her ass by
herself. Trish puts all her weight and energy left in thrusting her hips into
Mickie letting the brunette moan loudly as the fake cock goes deeper inside
her. Trish's pussy juices soaking the strap on the near perfect extra lube
for Mickie's already well licked asshole. Pushing in hard Trish fucks
Mickie's big ass doggy style grabbing her hips hard while pumping her own
hips as fast as she can.

MY FAT ASS," Mickie screams pushing her hips allowing Trish to push the strap
on even deeper inside her.

Mickie's ass almost swallows the strap on and Trish loves the way her cheeks
jiggle after each hard thrust. Trish is driving the cum soaked strap on into
Mickie's hole giving the brunette the hard ass pounding Trish knows she
likes. Moaning louder Mickie grabs a good handful of hay and groans
beautifully as Trish pounds her big ass. Trish loves the feeling of having a
big fake cock up Mickie's near perfect ass as she holds onto her shapely
hips. Mickie moans again as Trish pumps harder and faster using whatever
strength she has left wanting Mickie to feel the same kind of pleasure she

HARDER," Mickie howls rocking backwards to feel more of Trish's strap on.

Mickie is getting her fill of anal stimulation as the big thick cock fucks
her tight hole. Her pussy juices leak down her legs and Mickie can only
imagine how good it looks having the naked blonde Trish Stratus kneeling
behind her pumping inside her fat ass. Trish pumps harder, her own body tired
and sweaty but she knows Mickie needs her. Fucking her fat ass harder Trish
suddenly moves her right hand reaching around Mickie and touches her wet
pussy. On her hands and knees Mickie shivers as Trish touches her pussy and
then she cries out as Trish pushes two fingers inside her. Trish quickly
pumps her fingers in and out of Mickie's wet pussy while she keeps thrusting
into her ass. Mickie groans loudly as now both her holes are being pleasured
by Trish Stratus. She pumps her hips harder and works her fingers in and out
of Mickie's pussy making the Diva scream and moan bringing her closer to her
own second orgasm.

eyes then lets out a ear cracking scream.

Trish holds Mickie tight as the sexy brunette cums hard and her cries and
screams probably wake people up in farms many miles away. Pulling her fingers
out of Mickie's pussy and feels her wetness trickle down her legs. Carefully
Trish pulls the strap on out and without Trish holding her up Mickie falls
landing face first into the soft hay. Mickie breathes hard, panting and sweat
dripping off her whole body and now the whole barn must smell of sex and cum.
Sleep starts to overcome Mickie when she feels Trish's warm body press
against her.

"God you have worn me out," Trish whispers.

"Lucky we are on holiday then isn't it," Mickie moans back grabbing Trish's
arms wrapping them around her body.

"Think we should get to bed I mean horse riding is very tiring," Trish jokes.

"You got more tired out from Mickie riding than horse riding," Mickie shoots
back making Trish laugh.

"I love you, you know that," Trish says lightly kissing Mickie's neck.

"I know I love you too Trish," Mickie moans cuddling back against Trish and
the two Divas lie naked in the hay curled up close together tired but well


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