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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Troubles Of Being PC
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Several hours prior to the start of the August 30, 2005 SmackDown television
tapings taking place at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in
Jacksonville, Florida, a highly pissed off Christy Hemme is walking right
towards the office of Network Representative Palmer Cannon. One week ago,
Christy faced Stacy Keibler in a Lingerie Match that Palmer prevented from
airing on the August 25 edition of SmackDown. Christy pushes the door to
Palmer's office open and the arrogant, conservative Network Representative
looks up from a file he's reading and raises an eyebrow when he sees the
very ticked off redheaded Diva, "Can I help you?" Palmer asks as he's dressed
in gray slacks a white shirt and black business jacket.

Christy Hemme places her hands onto her nicely curved, sultry hips and nods
her head red haired head "Yeah...maybe you can!" The spunky and feisty 2004
Diva Search Winner replies, dressed in a very tight pair of black pants and a
very revealing, tight black top.

Palmer closes the file and lays it on his desk, "Ms. Hemme don't raise your
voice in my office," Palmer says before leaning back in his chair, "What do
you want?"

Christy raises an eyebrow as she presses her pouty, luscious lips together
and takes a step toward Palmer Cannon's desk. "I want to know what the deal
is with you knocking my Lingerie Match against Stacy off of SmackDown last
week!? Totally unfair!"

"Ms. Hemme as I explained to Ms. Keibler earlier today, SmackDown has to
become PC..." Palmer explains, "I'm here to make sure that happens by
introducing new concepts such as the Minis Division and new stars like The
Boogeyman and getting rid of out of date, tasteless elements like Lingerie

Christy Hemme removes her hands from her curved hips and folds her arms
against her large, juicy chest "Is that so...Mr. Cannon?" Christy slightly
snaps and says in a sarcastic tone. "Because if I am correct, the fans seem
to love seeing me and the other divas in lingerie..."

"It is not PC friendly," Palmer says with a smirk, "And to be on SmackDown,
you have to be PC friendly.

Christy Hemme rolls her eyes and sighs as she moves to step around the desk
of Palmer Cannon. "Oh please...nobody wants to be PC..."

"If you want to be seen on this network, you have to be PC..." Palmer says as
he raises an eyebrow as he watches Christy Hemme walk around his desk. "And
what the network wants is what the people wants..."

Christy presses her lips together and once again rolls her eyes as she steps
completely around his desk and stands behind the desk, in front of Palmer
Cannon as he sits on the office chair. "Lame..." Christy Hemme replies. "The
people don't want to be censored...they want to have fun and enjoy
themselves..." Christy replies.

"Ms. Hemme if you do not play ball with the network, we would have to move
you off of SmackDown... and since the other brand felt you couldn't handle
things there..." Palmer smirks.

"Psssh...that's all bullshit!" Christy replies back at Palmer and then
seductively smirks at the Network Executive. "You know...if you ask me, Mr.
Cannon..." Christy says as she takes a sly step toward him as he remains

"Yes Ms. Hemme?" Palmer asks as he again raises an eyebrow as Christy takes
another sly step towards him.

"I think you just need to loosen up a bit..." Christy says as she reaches
forward and places her hands onto his glasses, before removing them from his
face. "You know...kick back...relax..." Christy says with a smirk as she
twirls the pair of glasses with her fingers before tossing his glasses over
her shoulder and onto the floor behind her.

"What do you think you are doing?" Palmer asks after Christy Hemme removed
and discarded he glasses. Palmer squints his eyes and starts to get up, but
Christy easily pushes him to lean back on his chair.

"Mr. just need to loosen up..." Christy Hemme says with a sly
and seductive smirk on her face as the feisty 2004 Diva Search Winner leans
forward and slides her hands against his buttoned shirt covered chest,
sliding her hands underneath his business jacket to slide to jacket off of
his shoulders.

"This is not PC Ms. Hemme..." Palmer says with an annoyed tone of voice as
Christy pushes off his business jacket before she starts to unbutton his
shirt, revealing his surprisingly well-toned chest.

Christy raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks up at Palmer Cannon as she spreads
open his shirt to expose more for his surprisingly toned chest. "Like I give
a fuck..." Christy replies with a flirtatious laugh as she moves her hands
and proceeds to unbuckle the belt around his slacks.

"Ms. Hemme if you do not stop this..." Palmer starts to say as Christy
unbuckles his belt and jerks it through the loops of his slacks after a few

"You'll do what?" Christy asks with a sly, mischievous smirk before replying
"I bet you'll do nothing! Because I don't care how fuckin' PC you are, no one
can resist a redhead..." Christy replies as she hungrily drops down onto her
knees in front of the Network Executive and proceeds to unzip and unbutton
his slacks.

"Ms. Hemme I'm warning you..." Palmer says as Christy Hemme grabs the waist
line of his slacks and with one pull, jerks them down from his waist, freeing
his nearly twelve inch long and very thick cock.

Christy licks her luscious and sultry lips as she glances up at Palmer
Cannon. "You can keep on warning me..." Christy says with a laugh as she
takes her left hand and places it around his shaft, beginning to smoothly
move her hand, while teasingly slapping her tongue against his hardening

"Ahhhh..." Palmer lets out a moan as Christy Hemme moves her left hand up and
down on his cock as she slaps her tongue against the head of his shaft.

Christy slyly smirks as she opens her hot and wet mouth before lowering her
red haired head and taking Palmer's cock into her mouth. "Mmmmmm..." Christy
lustfully moans as she wraps her sultry lips around his cock and begins to
bob her head.

"Ahhhh... awww..." Palmer grips the arm rests of his chair as Christy Hemme
bobs her red-haired head up and down his thick, rock hard cock. Christy's
moist and pouty lips brush back and forth against Palmer's stiff cock as she
expertly moves her feisty red haired head on his cock. Christy slaps her
tongue lustfully against the thick meaty shaft of his cock while grinding her
left hand on the base of his cock.

"Ohhhhh..." Palmer grits his teeth as Christy Hemme twists her left hand
around the base of his cock as she bobs her head at a quicker pace. Christy
presses her moist lips tighter around Palmer Cannon's cock as she continues
to swiftly maneuver her red haired head on his conservative cock. Palmer
tilts his head back and closes his eyes as Christy sucks and slurps on his
long and meaty cock.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm..." Christy Hemme seductively and lustfully moans as the
feisty and spunky, seductive 2004 Diva Search Winner moans her red haired
head rapidly on Palmer's cock, taking him incredibly deep into her hot, wet

"Ahhhh aww god..." Palmer moans as he puts his right hand on Christy Hemme's
red-haired head as she attempts and easily succeeds in taking every inch of
his cock into her hot, saliva dripping mouth.

"MMMMMMMM!" Christy deeply groans as she holds Palmer's cock deep within her
spunky, seductively talentedly mouth and lightly grazes her teeth against his

"Ahhhhh awww.... mmmm..." Palmer groans as Christy turns her head on his
thick and meaty cock. The conservative Network Executive looks down at
Christy as she grinds her nose against Palmer's crotch while she slobbers on
his shaft. Christy presses her moist lips even tighter around Palmer Cannon's
shaft and suddenly turns her red haired head on his cock, before lowering her
head back down.

"Ahhh that's.... quite... enough... Ms. Hemme..." Palmer moans loudly.
Christy Hemme raises an eyebrow and smirks around Palmer Cannon's cock before
the lustful Diva begins to lift her head.

"You.... do not.... belong on this..." Palmer starts to say but he trails off
when Christy pulls her very tight and revealing black top up over her head to
reveal her large juicy tits.

Christy presses her pouty lips together and narrows her eyes as she
seductively glares at Palmer Cannon as he seem transfixed on her juicy,
large, tanned and completely exposed tits. "You were saying?"

"Ummm..." Palmer licks his lips slightly as he looks at Christy's large tits
that bounce slightly as she gets up from the floor. Christy smirks and tosses
her fiery red hair back as she places her hands onto her waist and pushes her
tight black pants down from her waist to expose a tiny black thong that
barely covers her smoothly shaved pussy.

"Ah Ms. Hemme I think..." Palmer Cannon starts to say but again he trails off
as Christy starts to grind her hips as she grabs string of her black thong to
tease as if she's going to lower it right there.

Christy licks her lips and narrows her eyes at Palmer Cannon. "I think you
want to fuck me..." Christy replies as she playfully snaps her black thong
completely off.

Palmer swallows a bit as he looks at Christy's hot, perfectly shaved pussy,
"You are...." Palmer starts to say as Christy cuts him off when she grabs his
saliva coated cock.

Christy grits her teeth seductively and smoothly moves her left hand up and
down his saliva coated cock. "You want to...I know it..." Christy says before
she removes her hand from his cock and moves to straddle his lap as he sits
on the chair.

"Oh God..." Palmer groans as Christy Hemme grinds herself on his lap and she
pushes her pussy against the bottom side of his cock. The feisty redhead
places her hands on Palmer's shoulders and lifts herself upward, causing her
pussy lips to grind against Palmer's cock until she reaches the head of his
dick. Palmer grits his teeth as Christy brushes her pussy against the head of
his cock before sharply dropping herself downward on to his meaty shaft.

"Ohhhhhhhh...." Christy Hemme groans and licks her lips as she feels Palmer's
cock entering her pussy after lowering herself sharply on his cock. Christy
smirks as she moves her hands to his toned chest and begins to quickly and
expertly rock back and forth on his shaft, immediately grinds her hips as she

"Ahhhhh.... awww...." Palmer groans as he starts to thrust his large cock
upward into Christy's hot cunt while she rocks back and forth on it.

"Ohhhhh yeah! You like it!" Christy moans and laughs as she smoothly grinds
her incredibly hot and sultry, tanned body on his cock.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm...' Palmer nods his head slightly as Christy laughs and moans
while she grinds herself on his upward thrusting cock. Christy closes her
eyes and leans her red haired head back as she rocks her body back and forth
on Palmer Cannon's cock, feeling his shaft thrusting upward into her pussy.
The conservative Network Executive places his hands on Christy's slender
waist and begins to lift her up and down on his cock as he drives it up into
her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yeah...mmmm..." Christy Hemme moans loudly as she rocks back
and forth on his shaft, grinding her nicely wet and tight pussy on his cock
as he pumps up into her pussy.

"Ahhhh.... ahhhh...." Palmer grits his teeth as turns the chair so that
Christy's back is towards his desk. Palmer pushes himself up from the chair
and towards the desk, which results in him laying Christy on it as he stands
thrusting his meaty cock in and out of her pussy. Christy licks her sultry
lips and leans her head back on the desk as she smoothly slides against the
surface as Palmer Cannon rapidly pumps his cock into her pussy.

"Ahhh... awww.... ahhh..." Palmer grunts as deeply thrusts his cock into
Christy's hot pussy as she raises her legs to lock them around his waist.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhh yeah! Mmmmm" Christy moans as sweat starts to drip off of
her stunning, seductive body as with her legs hooked around Palmer's waist,
she begins pulling deeper into her pussy with his shaft deeply and quickly
penetrating her. Palmer licks his lips as he hammers Christy's tight and wet
pussy with his thick and long shaft. Palmer places his hands on Christy's
large juicy tits and firmly squeezes them following each of his firm, deep

" just need to loosen up...." Christy groans as
she feels Palmer's shaft deeply hammering into her tight pussy.

"Awwww.... ohhh ahhh..." Palmer grunts as he slams his entire cock into
Christy's pussy. Palmer's surprisingly hard thrusts catch Christy a bit by
surprises and she lowers her legs from around the Network Executive's waist.
Palmer pulls his cock out of Christy's cunt, "You're going... to do... what
the Network wants..." Palmer says before he grabs Christy's legs and pulls
her slightly before turning her over on the desk.

" you're seeing it my way!" Christy moans with a laugh as she
slyly glances over her shoulder, bending over the side of the desk as Palmer
Cannon steps behind her. Palmer grabs Christy's waist with his left hand as
he uses his right hand to guide his cock between her tanned, round ass
cheeks. Once the head of his thick and meaty cock is pressing against
Christy's asshole, Palmer firmly shoves his shaft into her.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm" Christy moans and grits her teeth as she suddenly and
sharply rocks forward against the desk as Palmer firmly thrusts his cock into
her juicy, sultry ass from behind.

"Ahhhh.... ahhh..." Palmer Cannon grunts as he thrusts his large cock in and
out of Christy's asshole as he fucks her.

"Mmmmmm...ohhh that feels so good..." Christy moans as her tanned ass smacks
against Palmer Cannon's toned waist as he deeply pumps his cock into her
juicy ass. Palmer puts both of his hands on Christy's lower back as he firmly
drills Christy's round ass with quick and hard thrusts.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah..." Christy moans louder as she feels Palmer's cock
swiftly moving in and out of her tight ass.

"Ahhhh.... ahhhh...." Palmer groans as his cock starts to throb inside of
Christy's tight asshole as he hammers her ass with repeated deep and swift
thrusts. Christy slyly glances over her shoulder and licks her lips as she
lustfully glares back at Palmer Cannon as she rocks back against his cock,
firmly smacking her juicy ass against his waist.

"Mmmmm ahhhh.... awww..." Palmer Cannon moans as he starts to cum inside of
Christy's asshole following another deep thrust.

"Ohhhh...yeah...mmmm" Christy moans and seductively laughs.

"Ahhh... mmmm.... ahhh..." Palmer groans as he pulls his cock out of
Christy's cum filled asshole.

Christy presses her pouty lips together and smirks "See...just loosen up a
bit more..."

Palmer sits down in his chair and looks at Christy, "Ms. Hemme...." Palmer
starts to say.

Christy turns around and faces him with a smirk on her face. "Yeah?"

"You are a whore.... and you just happen to be the type of woman that's
perfect for this Network..." Palmer smirks.


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