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Note: This series begins in late 2001/early 2002. Some events and characters
have been altered to fit this story. Hey, it's my story, I can do what I damn
well please!

The True Life Of An Indy Wrestling Star Part 1
by Foley Fan

Derek hit the mat hard. He looked up to see the flying form of Steve
Corino vaulting off the turnbuckle and planting an elbow right square on his
chest. Derek's body convulsed in "pain", an effect he continued to last by
grabbing onto his chest when he got up. Steve Corino came in and nailed the
6'1 wrestler with a few quick jabs, then Irish whipped him into the opposite
ropes. Derek came shooting back at Corino. The King of Old School swung a
clothesline, but Derek ducked. When Corino turned around, he was greeted
with a hard kick to the stomach. Derek then grabbed the doubled over Corino
by the waist, raised him over his shoulder, spun his body around 180 degrees,
and slammed Corino onto the mat with a variation of the Pump-handle Slam.

"Make the count!" Derek shouted at the referee as he went for the cover.

The bell sounded and Derek got up to his feet, the referee raising his
hand. Derek wiped the sweat from his eyes and looked around at the cheering
fans. He had just won the main event at the latest Turnbuckle Championship
Wrestling show.

The 26 year old Derek Creel was in the third year of his professional
wrestling career. Hailing from Minnesota, though trained at the legendary
Hart Bros. Wrestling Camp in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Derek has wrestled in
the United States, Canada, and Japan. He had learned a great deal in his
first three years, and he was making a good name for himself. He was now
regarded as one of the indy`s top wrestlers. Though he was fairly tall at
6'1 and preferred technical wrestling, his weight of 230 lbs allowed for
some high-flying spots to be at his disposal as well.

Derek's latest U.S. show ended in the main event of the Georgia based
Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling school. Not only did Derek wrestle in the
promotion's main event, he also trained with some of TCW's students, offering
pointers and advice.

As Derek entered the backstage area, the promotion's owner Dusty Rhoades
came up to him.

"Hey Derek, good match out there," said the American Dream while shaking
Derek's hand, "Thanks for coming by and helping out the young `un's too.
You ain`t no Al Snow, but you did help them."

"No problem Dusty, any time," said Derek with a chuckle.

Derek ran his hand through his long blonde hair and headed toward the
shower room. As he walked another figure came over to him, though this one
was more pleasant to look at than Dusty Rhoades. Wearing her trademark black
leather pants and black tank top, Daffney Unger walked over to Derek. Over
the past few days, Derek and Daffney had gotten to know each other a bit.
Daffney was training at TCW, and had also taken part in Derek's tutoring of
the students.

"Hi Derek. Great match."

"Thanks Daffney."

"Listen, if you're not doing anything afterwards, a couple of us are going
out. Wanna tag along?" she asked with a hopeful look.

"Sure," said Derek with his trademark grin, "sounds like fun."

"All right, get washed up, then come out to the parking lot. We'll be

As Daffney headed off, Derek's took a few seconds and admired Daffney's
rear. Though he didn't show it on the outside, Derek did find Daffney
attractive. He was actually thinking about asking her out to a drink after
the show, but decided against it. With him being on the road all the time,
he always thought it best to not get involved with anyone.

"It's just a drink with a few co-workers, that's all," the indy star
repeated to himself.

* * *

The after party went very well. Everybody from the show was there: Derek,
Steve Corino, Daffney, Dustin Rhoades, Lodi, Scotty Anton, and all of the
wrestling students. Derek and Daffney spent most of the night talking and
dancing. They talked about their experiences in the wrestling business. Derek
paid close attention when Daffney talked about her time in WCW.

"So do you hope to make it in the WWF?" asked Derek as he sipped his beer.

"Hopefully. I've really learned a lot from Dusty. And don't get me wrong,
being a valet and participating in mixed tags are great, but I really want
to be a singles competitor."

"So you don't want to be a piece of eye candy?"

Daffney's face frowned a bit, "Well, I'm no Stacy Keibler, let's put it
that way."

"Oh come one, you're just as sexy as Stacy, Torrie Wilson, or any of those

Daffney blushed a bit, "You think so?"

"I know so."

Daffney smiled at Derek. Her right hand went to his thigh. "Thanks Derek,
I appreciate that."

Derek shrugged, "Hey, no probl-"

Daffney abruptly kissed Derek on the mouth, her tongue like a snake. It
took Derek all of two seconds before he responded. His right arm wrapped
around Daffney and drew her in to deepen the kiss. Suddenly Daffney broke
off the kiss. She looked around to see if anyone saw them.

"Perhaps we should continue somewhere else. My place?" she asked.

"Sure," panted Derek.

* * *

As soon as they entered Daffney's apartment, Daffney jumped into Derek's
arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist as the two began to make out again.
Derek had no problem holding Daffney up. The two were like animal's,
viciously attacking each other's mouths. Derek finally broke the kiss and
began to nibble on Daffney's neck.

"Take me to the bedroom," the petite girl panted.

Derek carried Daffney into her bedroom and laid her down on the double
bed. Daffney immediately took her t-shirt off, exposing her bra-clad breasts.
Then she reached back and unhooked her bra, exposing her small mounds. They
were barely a b-cup, but her nipples were erect and looked positively yummy.
Derek bent down to lick them, but Daffney wouldn't have it.

"Not yet," she said in a mock scold as she removed her pants, leaving her
in only a pair of black cotton panties, "first, I want you out of those
constricting pants."

It was then that Derek realized he had quite a hefty hard-on that was
straining against his jeans. Derek quickly got out of his shirt, shoes,
socks, and pants, leaving him only in his boxers. With a hungry look in her
eyes, Daffney grabbed the waistband of the boxers with her teeth and pulled
the undergarment off. Daffney licked her lips when she saw Derek's thick

"Is it fully hard?" she asked.

"As a rock."

Daffney was impressed. Derek's tool was nearly 10" inches long and as
thick as her wrist. She began to stroke the shaft with her small hand.
Derek's breathing got ragged. Daffney then took the head into her mouth and
began to suckle on it. Within minutes she had over half of the stick in her
mouth. Her left hand began to tickle Derek's nuts.

"Oh good god! Damn, that feels great!" groaned Derek.

Daffney smiled up at him as she continued to suck away. Derek's hand
went behind the girl's head, guiding her. Daffney nearly gagged when she
deep-throated him, but just remembered to breath through he nose. After ten
minutes of oral pleasure, Derek was ready to blow.

"Here it comes honey, it's coming!!"

Daffney felt the salty liquid squirt into her mouth, she felt it hit the
back of her throat and go down. When Derek was done, Daffney gave Derek a
few more sucks. Derek smiled down at her.

"Lay down Daffney."

Daffney did so. Derek immediately tore her panties off and began to lick
her neatly shaven clit. He took a few nice long licks, followed up by
nibbling at her folds. Daffney's hips bucked in pleasure. Only a few men had
ever eaten her out before, and she had to practically beg them to do so.
Daffney was on cloud 9.

"Oh jeez, Derek! This is g...great! Good GOD eat me!!!"

Derek smiled to himself. He loved eating girl's out, especially ones that
gave fantastic blowjobs like Daffney. For nearly twenty minutes Derek ate
Daffney, licking, sucking, and lightly biting her sweet pussy. Daffney was
about to cum when Derek took his cock and shoved it in her pussy. Daffney's
let out a loud groan as Derek began to push his meat into her tight pussy.

"You ok?" asked a concerned Derek.

"Y-yeah, just haven't taken a big one lately," panted the goth goddess,
"Go ahead, please. And don`t worry, I`m on the pill."

With a sigh of relief, Derek began to pump in and out of Daffney, slowly
working his entire penis into her. Daffney's cunt adjusted the more he pumped
into her. Soon, he was slam-fucking the girl. Daffney loved it. She got a big
smile on her face and began to hysterically laugh and scream.

"Oh yeah, slam me, slam me HARD!! OOHH YEAHH!! GIVE IT TO ME!! NOW!! JUST

Derek's could hear and feel his balls slapping against Daffney's ass as he
began to fuck her. The bed began to furiously squeak as the two went at it
like rabbits. Derek took the chance to suck on Daffney's breasts, flicking
her erect nipples with his tongue. Daffney's hands dug into Derek's back, her
nails lightly raking his skin. Finally, the two of them simultaneously came.
Daffney was screaming wildly as she came.


When the two finally came down from climax, their bodies were covered in
sweat. Derek looked over at the panting Daffney, a grin on his face.

Daffney saw the look.


"It's just in WCW, you were the `Scream Queen.' I see now that it's a
title that's well-deserved."

Daffney smiled sheepishly and playfully slapped his chest. "Very funny."

Daffney got up to get a glass of water. Derek watched as her naked ass
left the room. He instantly got hard watching those perfect as cheeks. He had
to get some of that. Derek followed the also nude Daffney into the kitchen.
Daffney heard his footsteps and turned around. She saw his erection.

"Boy, you're in the wrong business with a tool like that. Lemme guess: my

"How could you tell?"

"Why do you think I always wear tight jeans? Gotta play the sex card all
I can in this biz," Daffney winked at Derek and bet over a nearby table, her
ass sticking out at him, "Well come on big boy, don't keep a girl waiting all

Derek lined up with Daffney's fabulous buns and shoved his prick right
into her.

"UGHHH!!" exclaimed Daffney at the hard penetration.

Derek began to pump his piece in and out of Daffney's anal opening. He
worked his shaft in and out, getting bit by bit more inside of her. Her ass
held Derek's cock very snugly, it was like wrapping it in a blanket on a cold
day. Daffney loved getting anal from men, she began to rock back and forth to
allow better penetration. Derek took this opportunity to caress the best ass
in wrestling today. He felt the firmness of Daffney's bottom, giving it a
nice pinch.

"Oh!" squealed Daffney.

Derek then began to massage her buttocks, feeling every inch of the
well-rounded flesh. He could feel Daffney melt in his hands. He then gave
her a swift smack on the ass with his right hand.


Daffney was startled.

"Mmmm, that's feels sooo gooooood Derek," cooed Daffney with a giggle.

Faster and faster the indy wrestler slammed the petite girl. The sound of
moaning and balls hitting flesh echoed throughout the apartment. Daffney was
very grateful that the apartment was very soundproof. Soon, the two were
ready to cum. The Scream Queen was holding onto the kitchen counter, using
all her might to steady herself while being anally pleasured. Daffney was
screaming once again as she came.


Daffney's screaming made Derek cum all the harder. He shot several spurts
into Daffney's buttery ass. The semen felt warm inside of Daffney's buns.
Derek left his tool inside of her a few minutes after he came, just savoring
the feeling of her. Finally, Derek pulled out. After he did so, Daffney
turned around and gave him another passionate kiss. When she was done, she
just smiled up at him almost shyly.

"Thank you," she whispered.


* * *

Derek and Daffney both cleaned up. Derek ended up staying the night at
Daffney's, getting a good-morning blowjob as a thank you for last night.
Eventually, Derek had to leave to catch his flight. Before Derek went out
the door, Daffney gave him her address and phone number, along with a long
French kiss.

"If you're ever in town, look me up," she said.

Derek smiled at her, "That's not an offer I can pass up."

* * *

As Derek opened the front door to his Minnesotan home, he made sure to
write Daffney's address and phone number down in his address book. He'd make
sure to look the goth goddess up again. He smiled as he hit his answering

"Hello Derek! This is Jimmy Hart with the XWF. We're going to be running
some tapings next month and would like you to be a part of them. You have
my number, let me know if you're interested."

Derek immediately looked up Jimmy Hart's number and began to dial it up.
"This could be interesting," he thought to himself.


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