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The True Meaning of Number One Fan
by Sara B

I just had the night of my life.. I thought to my self as I smoke my
cigarette. I never knew, how much every male wrestling fan loved me until
tonight. It was quite the experience especially with a 19 incher. I just
couldn't believe it was my bosses' stepson, the tall lanky, built 19 yr
old, with the dirty blonde hair and the deep blue eyes. I lay there as he
watches me smoke while still covered in his tasty cream all over my huge
natural 46 D chest and all over my curly nest of dark red curls, that's
between my legs.

I lay their smoking, blowing clouds of smoke in the air, as the young fuck
stud, lays there getting hard again. I smile as he starts to stroke his
growing 19-inch prick. I started to rub my 46 D titties after I cleaned my
self off like the sexxxy cat I am, as I still smoke with that naughty long
thin cigarette in my sexy, haughty mouth. I hear a mix of my moans and his
own, as his cock finishes growing to its full potential. But to my surprise,
he wasn't the only one getting a little playful at the time being. I kept
putting on the show for him, using my haughty, sexy, mouth smoking the
cigarette, as he strokes his hard prick, slowly at first, then picking up
the pace when I decided to play with my titties using some of the ice from
the champagne he ordered. I keep smoking the lit cigarette and blowing the
smoke in his sexy face as he jerked to her hearts con tent. I lay there
loving the mixture of the moaning the both of us where doing, the smell of
the smoke from my cigarette, and the feel of his cream drying in some spots.

I couldn't help but try and talk to him, at the sight of his painful
throbbing errection while he was already precumming in almost gallons...
"Hmmmm, Donny tell mommy how much you love it when mommy plays with her big
fucking titties and smokes." He smiles and moans louder than the time before,
as he keeps jerking and breathing deeply he says, "ohhhhhhhh god mommy I
love your fucking wonderfully huge 46 D titties, and how you play with your
self, and smoke..."

I fake a few moans and get some ice from my drink as I rub it around on my
perky nipples and all over my clit moaning loudly, as I keep smoking taking
deep long puffs blowing it in his face. I see his eyes start to roll back
in his head and keep smoking taking nice deep puffs of smoke inhaling it
through my haughty warm wet mouth. then exhaling the smoke into smoke rings
in his face. I also I kept using the ice on my perky errect nipples and now
throbbing cold clit moaning loudly. I smile when he starts blowing his
creamy, thick, white, warm jizz all over my toned,tight and tanned stomach.
I always said my fans were the best and now I know I was right.

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