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The Truth Comes Out
by Bronx Bomber

It was the end of Invasion and Lita was waiting for Matt toget ready. Lita
was changing and hadnothing on expect the bra and thong that she had on
during her bra and pantiestag team match. She was bent over untyingher shoes
and Matt walked in. Lita didn't realize Matt was in there until she felt his
hand spank her ass.

"DAMN Matt, tell me when you are going to do that, that one hurt."

"I can't help it Lita, you are so damn hot and sexy. Plus your ass is so
tight." said Matt. "Come on Matt lets go to the hotel room and do it, I don't
want anyone to see us doing it."

"Its ok. We wont get caught."

So Matt slowly started to kiss Lita's neck and then started to kiss Lita's
lips and then Lita shoved her tongue down Matt's throat.

Then Matt started to take off Lita's bra revling her fairlybig and firm
breast with her tits fully grown out. Matt started to suck on her breasts and
Lita moaned. She loved the way he tickled her tits withhis tongue. Then Matt
threw Lita downon the ground and took off her thong reviling her neatly shaved
pussy. He started to eat Lita out. He moved his tongue around and around
OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O matt, I am going to cum. And she came all over Matt's

"Now its my turn you bastard" screamed Lita as shove gotdown on her knees
and took Matt's pants off. She started to suck his cock. Lita seemed like she
was very good at sucking cock. She loved the taste of it. She teased his cock
with her tongue andmoaned to make Matt cum faster and harder. Matt came all
over Lita's face and then Lita took the cum off her faceand licked it all up.

Matt asked, "How extreme are you really Lita?" Lita said watch me. And she
got on all four waving that tightass of hers in Matt's face. Matt wastedno
time getting his cock in that ass. Lita started to rock back in forth making
Matt's cock go deeper.

HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE! MORE!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Matt was so hard and told Lita he was going to cum. Lita told him not to
stop and unload his load in her ass. Matt came so hard it took him 5 minutes
to stop.

Lita was so happy. She started to shove her hand up her ass to get the
cum out and Matt started tojerk off while she did. Lita shoved her hand as
deep as she could and then putting her hand in her mouth every time she got

Matt said her couldn't fuck her pussy because his cock hurtand Lita said
"O no you don't, you are going to fuck me right here right now!!!" Then Matt
said fine and started to fuck theneatly shaven pussy. It didn't takeLita to
make Matt cum long cause she was so good and moaned so loud. "COME ON YOU
SON OF A BITCH FUCKME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!! RIGHT

And Lita and Matt both came. They got dressed but right before they left
they say a light inthe door. Someone was recording what heor she had done.
They started to chasethe person but Lita said no, they still had more fucking
to do.

And that was the night Matt found out how Extreme Lita really is.

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