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Two Man Powertrip Strikes Again
by Andrew (

The last few weeks, the two man power trip of HHH and Stone Cold Steve
Austin have been running rampant through the WWF, literally destroying
everyone in their path, first destroying the Hardy Boyz, ending with Stone
Cold pounding poor Lita with a steel chair. Then putting the Big Red Machine
out of action by hurting his arm. They are riding on such a high now coming
into this week's Raw.

HHH and Stone Cold Steve Austin arrive together for once, three hours
early to the set of Raw is War for tonight's show. Both laughing, having a
great time knowing they have the WWF right where they want them. On their way
in, they pass their good buddy Mr. Mcmahon.

"Hi, dad." said The Game.

"Getting an early start tonight guys?"

"You could say something like that." Stone Cold stares down his new found

"Calm down, Austin." HHH calms his tag team partner down. "Dad, can I talk
to you for a second?"

"Yeah sure what's up?"

HHH asks his father in law, "Where is that little slut Lita's locker room?
We need to go talk to her."

"Talk to her? Come on now, I know you better than that, what do you really
want with her?" said Vinnie Mac.

"We figured we'd hit those punk ass Hardy Boyz right where it hurts. We're
gonna show that little slut girlfriend of Matt's who she really needs to be
with and fuck the shit out of her."

"Well, HHH, you know if the wrong people find out about it, bad things can
happen, but then again I've been fucking that little slut off and on since
the day she's been here. Wait till you get her on her knees. God what she
could do with that mouth."

"Ha Ha...gotcha...where's her locker room...down there?" HHH asked.

"Yeah, and the Hardyz aren't even here yet so hurry up with it. They ask I
will say I dont know a thing."

HHH and Stone Cold go down the Hall and find Lita's locker room kind of
isolated from the others. Maybe that was done for a reason.

HHH knocks briskly and hears the shower running and a voice saying "Just a

"Jesus, she's in the shower....and now shes gonna come answer the door you
think, how fucking stupid is that, Austin?"

"Who gives a rat's ass. Get that little bitch out here already."

"Oh, you think Debra and Steph will be mad if they find out we fucked

"I dont give a rat's ass about that blonde big tittied slut Debra either,
take a look at her, and you know why I married her. I just wanted a different
piece of ass for a change."

"Well, you're gonna get it soon, here she comes..."

Lita then comes to the door thinking its Matt. "You're kind of early Matt,
I didnt expect you for another....AHHHHHHH...what the hell do you to want..
I'm not even dressed."

HHH and Stone Cold force themselves into Lita's locker room, and Lita is
wearing nothing but a towel after just getting out of the shower.

"Did we catch you at a bad time," HHH asked.

"What the fuck do you two bastards want?" asked Lita

"OOO...such a mouth on her. What do you think of that, Austin?"

"I think someone needs to put her damn lights out."

Lita tries to hit Stone Cold only to be thrown to the floor.

"I'm sure you're dried off by now" said HHH (then grabs her towel from her
leaving Lita completely naked in front of HHH and Austin.

AAAAAHHHH. Lita tries to run only to be caught by HHH.

"You see what you're doing to us you fiesty little slut. Vince said hes
been fuckin you too, is he right?"

"Look at how hard your getting us." HHH grabs Lita's hand and forces it
to the massive cock of The Game, Lita struggles at frist, but acts a little
shocked one she touches it as to how big it is.

"So have you been fuckin' Vince or what. Nice ass by the way. Hell of a
lot better than Debra's," said Stone Cold.

"Well," said Lita in sort of a scared voice, "When I got here to the WWF,
Vince wasn't sure he could use me. I begged and pleaded with him that I
needed and wanted this job. He asked what I had to offer, and that was the
only thing i could think of."

"We thought you were a whore, does your pansy boyfriend Matt know who else
you fucked?"


"Well, he isn't gonna know we fucked you either."

Just then HHH takes Lita down to the floor, forcing himself on her,
completely pinning her down, with Stone Cold watching.


HHH covers Lita's mouth and says, "You wont fucking scream you little
bitch because youll make it a lot worse for yourself than it will have to

Lita still struggles to get out of HHH's grasp, only to have Stone Cold
join now.

"You need something to shut your fucking mouth bitch." Stone Cold exposes
his massive hard on thanks to seeing the sexy Lita naked and starts forcing
it towards her mouth, but she refuses to take it.

A huge slap echos through the locker room and Lita screams only to have it
muffled by Stone Cold's cock right down her throat, while HHH still lays on
top of her, about to force himself IN her.

Lita now feels the massive hard on of HHH penetrating her tight pussy,
pinned to the floor, with the cock of Stone Cold in her mouth, stopping her
from screaming.

"Yeah you fucking little bitch, I wish your precious Matt was here to
watch you get fucked like you deserve" said the IC champ

Lita continues to gag on Stone Cold's cock as he forces it in and out of
her mouth making her suck it, while HHH still has her pinned to the floor,
beginning to fuck her harder and harder.

"Austin, take it out of her mouth, I wanna hear the bitch scream for
mercy....and how she cant handle the game."

Austin takes his big cock out of Lita's mouth and they begin to hear her
scream and cry. "Please stop this, I didnt do anything to you two....OOOOOOO

"HA HA stupid little bitch. HHH pick that fuckin bitch up."
Austin said.

HHH picks up the helpless Lita, throws her to Stone Cold. Austin turns her
around and bends her over. "Get over here HHH, plug her fucking hole."

HHH now sticks his huge throbbing cock in Lita's mouth while Stone Cold
starts to fuck Lita from behind.

Lita continues to scream in what sounded like muffled pain and pleasure.

After a few minutes, HHH is struck with an idea. "Hey, let's really hurt
this fucking bitch and make her remember it, watch this.."

HHH tells Stone Cold to bring Lita over to him on the floor, still with
his cock inside her from behind.

"Fuck her ass now...give me her other hole." HHH said

Lita is now sandwiched on the floor between HHH and Stone Cold with their
two huge cocks in both her holes, fucking her to oblivion.


"Look at this shit..she likes it" said HHH while still fucking the shit
out of Lita.

"OOOOOHHHHH Please stoppppppppppppppppppp." Lita begins to cry in pain
because noone has ever fucked the shit out of her like HHH and Stone Cold
were doing.

"OHHHHH IM GONNA FUCKIN CUMMMM" HHH said in excitement, about to climax.
OHHHH lets just blow both our loads right inside this bitch...she needs it

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Lita couldnt stop herself from having the
biggest orgasm she has ever had in her life.. OHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOoooooo."
Lita pants heavily......only to be given 2 huge loads of cum in her ass and


HHH and Stone Cold finally let poor Lita up. "You better go put some clothes
on, dont want anyone else coming in here thinking you wanna fuck. HA ha ha
ha!" HHH said.

Lita still panting heavily, "You fucking assholes, im gonna tell Debra and
Stephanie what you bastards did to me."

HHH and Stone Cold both get anger in their faces never seen before...then
both go up to the helpless Lita still laying on the floor, cum starting to
drip from both holes. HHH picks her up by the hair

"Listen bitch, you ever mention a word of this....everything that happened
here is just gonna seem like a cakewalk compared to what we do to you, and
your little boyfriend Matt will feel our wrath this time too. His wrestling
career will be over in a hurry." said the Game in a stern voice.

Lita just lays on the floor still breathing heavily not being able to
believe she just got the shit fucked out of her by the two man power trip.
She begins to smile....did she like it?....................

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