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The Ultimate Jail Rape Part 1: Trish Stratus
by Tweedy61

The Divas were on their way to the Women's Jail Facility in the bus. They
were new comers, so they had *no* idea what was in store for them. As soon
as they got to the jail, they were greeted by police officers. They were
ordered to strip down to nothing. The fact was, these were all women
officers. The Divas that stripped down were: Gail Kim, Lita, Trish Stratus,
Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Dawn Marie, and Miss Jackie. As soon as the
women stripped, the officers began inspecting. There were two officers, so
the first two women were Gail and Lita. The first officer had a flashlight,
and bent down in front of Gail's pussy. She had on a glove, so she opened
Gail's pussy lips with her index finger and thumb, and looked inside her
pussy with the flashlight. Gail shuddered when she felt the officers
glove-covered finger slide into her pussy.

"Oh," Gail said, getting smacked on the ass for saying something.

"Did I tell you to say something?" The officer asked, as she continued her
inspection on Gail's pussy. She slid another finger in as Gail tried hard not
to moan outloud. The officer added another finger, this one being her third
and last. The officer used her thumb to start stroking Gail's clit in a
circular motion.

"Oh please," Gail breathed, earning herself another slap on the ass.

"Next time you say something, I'll be sending you to the...Private Room,"
The officer said. Gail smiled, and kept her mouth shut. A while later, all
the Divas were done with their inspection, they sent the Divas to shower.
As soon as they finished, they gave the divas cells with their cellmates.
When Trish got to her cell, she saw that she was mates with two large women,
who were obviously bigger than her.

"Hello," one of the women said to Trish, as she gave a half smile. As soon
as she turned around to put her things on the top bunk, she was grabbed by
both arms.

"Hey!" Trish yelled, as she was thrown on her stomach on the bottom bunk.
The women suddenly began shredding Trish's clothes, and when they finished,
Trish was lying naked on the bed, trying her best to cover herself up. One
of the women took a pair of handcuffs, a dildo, and a piece of tape from a
bag, and she put the piece of tape around Trish's mouth. She handcuffed
Trish to one of the bars on the bed, so Trish couldn't move. Suddenly,
Trish glanced at the dildo. She now knew what the women were going to do
to her.

"Now that we've got this little sexy cunt with us, we can have some fun,"
one of the women said, leaning down to taste some of Trish's cunt. She
nodded, and smiled.

"Mmm, this bitch has some nice tastin cunt, you might wanna get over here
and taste it," she said to the other woman, who was too busy pinching Trish's
hardening nipples.

"That's okay, I'm good with pinching and licking these large tits and nipples
of hers," the other woman said, as she went down to suck Trish's left nipple.
She began munching down on it, biting it and licking it all at the same time.
She flicked her tongue over it, and continued doing it. Meanwhile, Trish's
cunt was getting a fast good licking. The other woman was sucking the juices
out of Trish's cunt, flicking her tongue fastly over her clit. She stuck her
tongue into Trish's cunt, feeling the warm and wetness inside. She darted her
tongue in and out of her pussy, and suddenly stuck a finger inside. She began
roughly thrusting the finger in and out, loving the way she was torturing
Trish. Suddenly, Trish shuddered, as she felt herself cum. The woman laughed.

"This bitch just came!" she yelled, licking the juices up from Trish's
leaking cunt. She took the dildo from the bed, and let Trish look at it.
Trish's eyes bulged in horror at the size of it. It was going to rip her
apart! The woman slammed it into Trish's cunt, and began fucking her

"Yeah bitch! Take it! Ram that shit up there! You stupid bitch! You like your
tight cunt being licked and fuck whore?! Well here it is!" the woman yelled,
she forced Trish to have a second orgasm. Trish shrieked out from behind the
tape, as she was forced to have her orgasm. The women stopped violating
Trish's body, and took the tape off. She licked Trish's cunt once more,
sliding her tongue in and out of Trish's cunt making her cum more and more.
They let Trish go, and she put back on her clothes...

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