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The Ultimate Jail Rape Part 2: Lita
by Tweedy61

Lita had dirtied herself up while she was working downstairs cleaning the
floors, so she decided to go and take a shower. Lita walked to the shower
area, and turned on some hot water. She left her hair in the ponytail that
she was in, and began to undress when suddenly three women came into the
shower area where Lita was.

"Can I help you?" Lita asked, as she took her hands from her shirt. The
women frowned, and advanced towards Lita. Lita took a step backwards.

"I asked can I help you?" Lita repeated, as the women stepped closer to her.
Lita began to feel a little bit uncomfortable, as the women just stared at
her and her body. Suddenly, without saying anything, the women lunged towards
her, and pushed her against the wall, where the shower was running.

"What the fuck! Get the hell off me!" Lita screamed, trying to fight back.
The two women pinned her up against the wall while the other woman grabbed
her face.

"Yeah, you can help us, by giving us some pussy," the woman said. Lita looked
at her in disgust.

"You bitch! Get the fuck away from me you pervert!" Lita yelled, as she spit
in the woman's face. The woman slapped Lita, and Lita's head went to the
side. She wiped the spit away, and grabbed Lita's face again.

"My name is Big Bone, this is Lady Bug, and this, is BabyG, and we run this
motherfucker. So either you give us pussy, or we're going to have to take
it," Big Bone said. Lita tried harder to get away.

"No! Get the hell away from me please! I don't want trouble! I just wanna
take a shower!" Lita yelled. Big Bone laughed.

"I got an idea," Big Bone said.

"How 'bout we fuck this little slut right here in this shower stall," Big
Bone said, as Lady Bug and BabyG nodded. They smiled, and held Lita tighter,
while Big Bone went to work on Lita's top.

"Stop it please!" Lita yelled. She was about to scream when she was punched
in the stomach by BabyG. They let Lita go, and she went to the floor, holding
her stomach. BabyG held Lita by both arms while Lady Bug took Lita's ponytail
down, and while Big Bone finished undoing Lita's top. Instead of unbuttoning
it, she just ripped it open, and stripped it off Lita. All three women smiled
when they saw that Lita had on a black bra. Lita's hair was beginning to get
wet while the women held her under the shower. Lita screamed, and was punched
in the stomach again. BabyG threw Lita on the floor, and began to corner her
along with Big Bone and Lady Bug.

"Your name is Lita right? Well Lita, welcome to jail," the women said, as
they grabbed at Lita's bra, and pulled it off. Lita's large tits flew
everywhere, her pink nipples getting hard from the hot water rushing against
it. Suddenly, Big Bone pulled a 10-inch dildo from her pocket, and smiled.
She wiggled it in front of Lita's face, as Lita's eyes went wide.

"Ever been fucked up the ass?" Big Bone asked.

"Oh please no! Please don't fuck me there!" Lita screamed, as the rest of her
clothes were torn off her body, along with her shoes. When BabyG and Lady Bug
got to Lita's thong, they slipped their fingers under the waistband of Lita's
thong, and pulled it off slowly, letting Lita's bald cunt come into view for
Big Bone. They stood Lita up, getting her ready for her big initiation to
jail, and held her.

"Hey, Lady Bug, put your finger in that pussy and see if it's wet," Big
Bone said. Lady Bug took two fingers instead of one, and jammed it deep into
Lita's cunt. She was extremely dry.

"She's dry like the Grand Canyon," Lady Bug said. She kept her fingers in

"Then, finger her until she gets slippery, then when she gets wet, put some
juices on that tight asshole of hers, and then rub it around," Big Bone said.
Lita shook her head no, as Lady Bug began jamming her fingers in and out
roughly in Lita's cunt. She masaged her clit with her thumb, making little
circles around it. Lita moaned.

"Oh please stop let me go, stop!" Lita yelled. Suddenly, juices began
dripping on Lady Bug's fingers, and she smiled. She reached her fingers to
Lita's ass, and then pushed her fingers to Lita's asshole. She rubbed the
juices onto Lita's asshole, getting it wet.

"Finished? If you are, hold her down, on the ground," Big Bone said, as
she walked over to Lita with the 10-inch fat dildo in her hand. Lita's eyes
bulged in horror, as she was shoved face-down to the hard floor, and was held
there. Big Bone kneeled down in front of Lita's ass, and slammed the dildo up
her ass. Lita screamed in agony.

AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!" Lita screamed, as her ass was being
penetrated roughly by the 10 incher. Lita could have died of the pain at
any moment. It was excruciating, and it didn't feel good at all. Big Bone
suddenly started fingering Lita's pussy from behind, to get her off.
Suddenly, Lita screamed, as she was about to orgasm. The redhead went limp
as her orgasm was finally over. But Big Bone still fingered Lita's pussy,
making Lita orgasm again and again, until she stopped fingering her. She
took the dildo out of her ass, and put it beside her. Lita couldn't move,
because she was being held down by Lady Bug and BabyG. Big Bone stopped
fingering Lita, and looked up at BabyG and Lady Bug.

"Who wants to go next?" Big Bone asked. Lady Bug smiled. Big Bone took Lady
Bug's place in holding Lita down, while Lady Bug kneeled down in front of
Lita's pussy and ass. She scooted up to Lita's pussy, and stuck her tongue
out. She began to lick it. She was delighted at the taste of Lita, and began
to lick inside Lita's dripping wet cunt too. Lita squirmed, finally, and
tried to move away, but she was being held down by Big Bone and BabyG, so
she was being forced to have her pussy licked and eaten out. Lita began to
cry, as Lady Bug added her fingers to the mix with her tongue buried deep
inside her cunt. The water was still running, and it was running down from
Lita's hair, to her back, to her ass, and to her cunt. It went inside her
cunt, while Lady Bug had her tongue and fingers in there, eating and
fingering her out. Lita was still crying, as Lady Bug grabbed the dildo and
slid it slowly into her pussy. She began fucking her faster and faster,
until there were juices leaking out of Lita's cunt. Lady But put her hand
where the dildo was fucking her, and began to rub Lita's wet clit.

"Yeah bitch, you like your clit being rubbed while your getting fucked and
eaten huh? Don't you bitch? You like my tongue all the way in your cunt don't
you? Well guess what? I like my tongue being in your nasty cunt whore! I love
licking your pussy! You might just become my little bitch so I can lick your
pussy any time!" Suddenly, Lita came, from being talked dirty to, and from
being fucked hard. She suddenly went limp, and passed out. The women left her
laying on the floor, naked, with water running all over her body...

Stay tuned for part three: Gail Kim!

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