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The Ultimate Nidia Rape
by Nidia's Bitch

This whole thing started a few minutes after Nidia and her boyfriend Jamie
Noble did their attack on the Hurricane. Nidia and Jamie walked back to their
locker room feeling confident that the Hurricane would never beat them.

Nidia said, "That sorry super hero got what he deserved!!"

Jamie added, "THAT BOY HAD IT COMIN GIRL!! I showed THAT punk what
...before he could finish."

Nidia began to kiss him in that fast and nasty way.


In the other side of the arena, a maskless Hurricane held a towel next to
his mouth. He was however talking to someone strange...

Hurricane: Now I know I could beat them up any day...but I'll let you handle
that wild nasty girl Nidia.....I'll get Noble in the ring!!

MASKED MAN: I'll handle this Hurricane...I'll make sure that she won't be
able to even speak when I show her how to handle things!!

This masked man was muscular, wearing a black ski mask, black leather
jacket, black pants and boots.


Nidia hugged Jamie Noble and said, "I'll see you tommorow hun...and I'll
bring this." Nidia then bent down exposing her sexy ass in the air bumping
it into his body.

Jamie left with a smile on his face.

Nidia however began walking the other way with her bag. Still wearing
those short tight blue jean shorts from Smackdown. She loosened a botton from
her red tank and continued around the corner. As she was five feet from the
door to the garage. All that was around was the exit and a closet next to

As she pushed the door to leave, she suddenly felt two muscular arms move
in tight around her chest and hips. Howvever she did not scream as the Masked
Man pushed her into the nearby closet. Nidia tried to get out of the tight
lock but only made it worse.

Nidia: HEY you stupid creep.. don't you understand who i am?

The man let go as he locked the closet door.

Nidia: OH actually think you scare me? What are you gonna do to a
girl like me? Rape me? Beat me? Well, I don't care...cause I am better than

Nidia poked his chest with her finger and just froze in her sentence?
She exaimined his chest as she placed her finger in her mouth giving a sexy

The man said, "Well, we'll just see who is better. You listen or you will
be punished!! I have a gun in my you will follow me out to the
car without any interuptions."

He continued, "Listen to me and you will be safe! Otherwise...well the
next time you open those eyes," the man said as he raised her chin. "You will
be in the hospital!"

Nidia smirked, "I understand could you not resist to beat me? I
mean I know a man like you I can give you hot sex all
night baby!"

Nidia placed her hand on his stomach and stuck out her tongue about to
lick him. The man took out the gun and she immediately stepped away.

The man yelled, "Get your bag. We are leaving! Now!"

Nidia bent over and didn't know her red thong was showing a little as she
grabbed her stuff and the man led her outside.

As they walked calmly, Nidia whispered, "I hope you have a bed, if not
we'll do it doggy style on the floor right?"

The man paid no attention. He thought, "This girl has issues...I will show
her how its done. After all I have to acomplish this job for Hurricane and
shut the little bitch up.'

The man stood next to a black tinted RX-7, which Nidia replied, "Nice
ride, you would look better with me in the passenger seat though!"

Nidia showing no sign of stopping her remarks continued as she bent into
the back seat. The man cuffed her and locked the door. As he got in, he
started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.

Five minutes later the man said, "You must think your a my land
you are a slave's slave!"

Nidia acted angry, "Well, in my stable I ride the horses, which is why I
never noticed a pony lke you!"

The man said, "Your mouth is bigger than your head."

Nidia laughed and said, "Your lucky my pussy is smaller."

The man laughed, "How do you know I want to fuck you?"

"Why the hell are you going to kidnap someone as hot as me and not have

The man said, "We will see Nidia, you will cry and be in bigger pain than

Nidia paused and then replied, "No one ever got me to cum or even sqirm!!
You will be the same."

The man looked at the rear view mirror and noticed nidia rubbing her fully
exposed legs with a sexy smile.

The man pulled down an old road to a hotel with barely any residents
except the owner, him and an old man. He stopped the car and said as he got
out, "There has been WAY to much talkin', now I will show you pain."

Nidia got out and the man grabbed her arm and led her to the building.
They walked upstairs and into room 828. The man opened the door and threw her
bag down. As he led Nidia in, he locked the door with four locks! Two key
ones, one combination and a padlock. He closed the curtains once and added a
layer with a blanket.

The room was a one room beat up room. It had a table, large bed, a tv and
four lowered poles from the roof where curtains use to surround the bed. The
man turned around and noticed Nidia sitting cross legged on the bed. The
front of her red thong exposed.

She smiled, "Well, are you gonna rape me or..are you a virgin?"

The man took off his jacket and shirt keepig the mask on. He took off his
boots and socks. Now staring at nidia's body, he then uncuffed her and put
her hands over the pole on the roof. He then re-cuffed her making her stuck.
She shook her hips around acting like a stripper. Nidia had no idea what she
was in for.

The man put his hand in the front of her shorts. As Nidia smiled and
yelled, "Do it babe!! Do it babe!!

The man place his fingers on her botton to her shorts. He undid it...he
then pulled down the zipper. Nidia was so excited..the man walked around her
examing her body. He then walked behind her where she couldn't see. Waiting
for something to happen.

Suddenly Nidia's shorts flew to the ground as nidia gasped in amazement.
Her small red thong finnally revealed. The man examined her sexy puffed ass.
He went to face her, "I don't know whether to get your ass or pussy first."

Nidia said, "Please let me go!! I will show you!"

The man thought about it. She couldnt escape. He then said, "I'll let you
go, but you have to deal with pain."

He took out a paddle and began to smack her ass hard. She yelled in pain
as the man joyfully watched the girls tan butt cheeks jiggle after every
smack. She begged to stop but he smacked away on her ass. Smacking it in the
same place one after the other. Her entire butt was sore red that he just

What fueled him not to stop was all those damn remarks she delivered. He
smacked hard watching her whole both twitch as she began to sweat on her back
and face. Nidia closed her eyes and begged all her life for him to stop.

The man attacked her with even fiercer smacks and the paddle grew loose.
He smacked her ass hard and nidia could barely contain the pain. No time to
breathe, she soon felt woozy and the man stopped when he noticed a part of
her left cheek was turning blue.

He then stared her in the face and kissed her. Her face showed pain and
her eyes were barely open. She then closed her eyes taking in deep breaths
and holding it in.

The man continued his assault on the wwe diva/slut. He placed his thumbs
on the elastic string and whacked down her thong. He smiled and exaimined her
sweatfilled pussy. He rubbed it feeling its curves suprised at how fine it
looked kissed her on the vagina.

Nidia didnt notice she was butt naked from her stomach down.

He grabbed two chairs. As he uncuffed her, he lay her sore ass on the bed.
He cuffed her hands to the headboard. He then tied each of her feet to a
chair on opposite sides of the bed which now spreaded her tan legs apart.

The man then got on her and began to lick her smooth legs. He then stared
at her legs spread apart and rubbed the top of her pussy. Fully shaven with
the smell of strawberry and a girl's vagina smell mixed.

He undid his pants to release his 8" penis. He picked up her legs and
slowly inserted his dick into her pussy. She sqirmed alittle was still to
dizzy to realize what is happening. The man sqirmed as he stuck his dick all
the way up her tight and small pussy. He then took a deep breath as to hold
it in and began to thrust back and forth watching nidias big boobs jiggle
which were still covered up. He yelled as he fucked Nidia up her pussy. She
began to push in as he pushed out which made him yell out loud.

He fucked Nidia up her tight ass vagina holding in his cum as much as
possible. After thrusting back and forth and in and out of Nidia, he finally
yelled as his dick shook and exploded in her pussy.

At first Nidia was woozy but when that blast blew, she yelled hard and
loud, "OHHHHH MY!!!" Soon the cum flowed out onto the outside of her pussy
and leaked onto the sheets.

He fucked her up faster and stronger holding back before releasing again
into her sexy body.

He took out his penis and pulled his head down smelling her sweaty pussy.
He then went down and deep in her, licking her out. Tickling her with his
tongue. Loud moans came out of Nidia's mouth as she just let it go. Her
juices exploded on him and he just spread her legs farther out letting it
leak out into his mouth. When he got enough juices, he spat it out on her

Nidia soon got back into it and was so sore she could not move. She was
distgusted at the site of her own cum on her sexy stomach.

The man got up still rubbing her legs and grabbed a cup of water. He
poured it on her face to fully waken her. She awoke and yelled, "Wow, that
was the best penis I ever fucked!" She just gasped in approval.

The man then took off her red tanktop and glimpsed her huge breasts in the
white bra.

She yelled, "They're real! Real enough to look fake."

The man quickly tore off her bra and stood there watching. Her huge tan
boobs jiggling, two huge cannons. Her nipples were huge and real hard. He
began to suck on them tasting and smelling her bra. He licked and let his
spit flow over her hard as rock nipples. He played with her huge breasts as
if they were toys. Sucking and grabbing the whole jug.

She had extremely sexy tits. She moaned as he attempted to give her a
hicky on her chest. Showing joyfulness, she began to hump his body as he was
atop of her and her pussy could feel his dick. She looked so hot and happy.

Their little party continued all night as he licked her tits fast. Cum
shots flew all over their bodies and the smack of skin went on and on. He
fucked her twice again and exploded twice as much.

He stopped and soon said, "You had your fun, but I have to do what I'm
paid for."

He reached under the bed and pulled out a box. He placed all her wet and
sticky clothes in it and pulled out a camera. He took snaps of her wet sticky
NUDE body. He got closeups of her breast and stomach, her pussy and legs and
saved the last for her red and sore butt. He then was about to speak when a
cell phone rang from her bag.

The man pulled out the cell phone and said, "ANSWER!" is if 'You tell
where you are, I will destory you!'

He put the phone on speaked and placed it next to her ear.

Nidia: Hello?

jamie: Hey girl what ya up to?

Nidia: Nothing, here at my know.

Jamie: I know. Well I have to tell ya something. Vince he gave me the week
off to heal my back, so I'm gonna visit family, but ah...I asked for you to
come and he said he needs you for tv.

Nidia: But I want you. I need your butt.

She paused and stared at the man's huge penis in shock.

Nidia: I understand. I will miss ya.

Jamie: When I come back in one week. I'll jump right back into your ass...
don't worry darlin!!

He hanged up.

The man put on shorts and grabbed her cell. He then jammed a vibrator in
her pussy and let her moan and cum.

He called Hurricane.

Helms: Yeah.

Man: She's doing fine Hurricane. This plan is working.

Helms: That brings good news to me.

Man: Her ass is so sore, that she will have to stand up for the next month!!

Helms: I see... Well, finish her and then I'll talk to her in about five you just feed her, watch her or something. With Jamie out for one
week this gives us the advantage!!

Man: She'll be fine boss...its all about how its done.

Helms: Report tommorow junior.. I must get some sleep to think about how to
attack Noble. Peace!

Man: Sure thing!

The man paid attention to nidia. She was enjoying the vibrator. He pulled
the sticky thing out and threw it down.

He said, "Looks like you will be here for one week. Tommorow you will call
Vince and tell him you have family problems to tend."

He untied her and she stood up holding her boobs. She stretched and got on
the bed doggy style. As she did she shoke her ass around. The man got on her
and jammed his dick in her pussy once more. He fucked her till she came and
he stopped. As he turned off the light he said, "Time to sleep its 3:00 am...
you have to get up at 6:00 am to jog."

Nidia confused said, "What for?!?

The man said, "Do you think that you got fucked for free?"

As that was said, Nidia went to sleep slowly. She was nude, sticky and
confident. The man however tricked her and as she closed her eyes, she felt
his dick jam up her ass.


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