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The Ultimate Stephanie McMahon Sexual Experience
by Revolution (

I had fantasized about the buxom brunette known as Stephanie McMahon for
the longest time. There was just something about her that did it for me more
then any woman in the world. This attraction grew to an obsession to an
uncontrollable desire. Now I know what you're thinking and don't. I didn't
want to TAKE her, I wanted to experience her. At the very least, I wanted to
get close to her. For weeks on end, different plans swirled throughout my
head but I didn't have the guts to go through with it. Finally, as I grew
aroused watching Stephanie on an episode of Smackdown, I had to go for it. I
took two weeks off of work and flew out to Greenwich, CT. The first step in
my plan was complete. Now all I had to figure out was where Stephanie lived.
I checked the phone book and of course she wasn't listed. I called the WWE
Offices and tried to get her address but that wasn't working. Next, I asked
several people in town if they knew where she lived. They knew where Vince
lived but not Stephanie. My plan wasn't going quite as expected. I came up
with a new idea. Early the next morning, I drove my rental car to the WWE
offices and parked across the street. I watched employee after employee
arrive. Finally I saw Stephanie arrive in Corvette. I left and returned later
in the day. Now I watched employees leave. Finally Stephanie got in her
Corvette and drove off. I started following her at a fair distance behind as
not to cause suspicion. I memorized the route and sure enough Stephanie was
heading right home. She had a rather large and extravagant looking home which
was covered off by walls and a gate. Now was not the time for me to make my

The next morning, I parked far away from Stephanie's house and pretended like
I was just out for a morning jog. Just as I expected, Stephanie left for work
in the morning. I watched her car drive around the corner and then I slipped
in just before the gate closed. Now came the hard part of the plan, getting
inside. Lucky for me, Stephanie forgot to close her garage door. However, the
door to the house was locked. I was sure she'd have an alarm so I had to get
in and out fast. All I wanted was a glimpse of where my Billion Dollar
Princess lived. I cracked the lock and the door opened up and no alarm went
off! I opened the door and saw the alarm panel. She must have been in a hurry
and didn't set the alarm. I had hours of time before she'd come back from

I walked through the kitchen to the living room which was setup with a huge
flat screen television and all the latest electronic equipment. I looked
through the stack of video tapes but they were all tapes of WWE television.
There were notes on her coffee table about storylines. I opened the curtains
to see a nice sized backyard with a pool. She was definitely living the good
life. As I moved through the house, I found no signs that Triple H was living
with her. I crept upstairs and opened two big double doors and inside was a
luxurious master bedroom! A big king sized bed, a love seat, a big
television, a walk in closet and a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi. I lay down
on the bed, fantasizing about the place where Stephanie sleeps. I walked into
the huge closet and there were all of the outfits she's worn on TV and many
more clothes. There were also some sexy swimsuits hanging up. How I would die
to see that full voluptuous body in a swimsuit. The next thing I did was
start opening drawers until I found the one I was looking for - the underwear
drawer. I grabbed a bunch of Steph's panties and held them in my face,
smelling her scent. I looked at my watch and saw that I'd been there for a
long time. I stuffed a white thong in my pocket and put everything back the
way it was. I went downstairs and found a laundry type room. There was a
small window in it. I opened the blinds and unlocked the window then closed
the blinds. I left Stephanie's house and it looked exactly the way it was. I
jogged back to my car and headed back to my hotel, that stage of my plan

Back in my hotel room, I reached into my pocket and pulled out Stephanie's
thong. I started imagining it flossing in her ass crack, deep in that big
luscious booty of hers. That was all the inspiration I needed to go through
the final part of my plan. Late that night, I returned to Stephanie's home.
The gate was closed so I had to hop over the wall. I made my way to the small
window and just like I had planned, it was still unlocked. I opened the
window and made my way inside as quietly as possible. There wasn't a sound
at all in the house. I slowly crept up the stairs, trying not to make a
noise. The doors to the master bedroom were slightly ajar. I peered inside
to see Stephanie fast asleep on her bed.

I entered the room and watched as Stephanie slept on her stomach under a thin
sheet. I sat on top of Stephanie and before she awoke, I wrapped a blindfold
around her face. Still in a haze, the half-asleep Stephanie asked what was
happening. I grabbed Stephanie's wrists and tied them to the head board of
the bed.

"Is that you, Paul? Paul, what are you doing?" Stephanie asked, thinking it
was HHH.

"Shhhhhhh," I whispered in Stephanie's ear and kissed it.

I pulled the sheets away and there she was in all her glory. Totally naked
with her fat tanned ass right there in front of me. I rubbed her ass, feeling
all of that flesh between my fingers. I whipped out my rock hard cock and
rubbed it against her butt.

"Ohhh Paul, this isn't like you at all," Stephanie sighed.

I grabbed onto Stephanie's thick hips and entered her love tunnel. I almost
came right there, my ultimate fantasy fulfilled. I started slowly pumping
into Steph's warm pussy.

"WHAT THE HELL? That's not you Paul, that cock is too big," Stephanie

"I can make all your fantasies come true," I said.

I untied Stephanie's hands and pulled off her blindfold, revealing myself to
her. She looked at me with a blank expression on her face. I couldn't tell if
she was angry or afraid. Stephanie's hand went back and she slapped me hard
across the face. She then grabbed my head with a firm grip and planted a big
kiss on me! Stephanie rammed her tongue right down my throat. She grabbed
onto my hair as she continued with a long, sloppy kiss.

"Finally, a man that listens to what I want," Stephanie said.

"I want to please you, Stephanie, I worship you," I said.

"You come over early Saturday morning and we'll make all of each other's
fantasies come true," Stephanie said. She shushed me and motioned for me to
leave as she laid back down to sleep. I did exactly as she wanted and left
her house. I wanted to pinch myself but I didn't because if this was a dream,
it was one I did not want to wake up from ... ever.

Early Saturday Morning...

I returned to the house, through the same window that I had left open and
found Stephanie drinking some coffee and reading the newspaper. She was
wearing a grey business suit. Steph put down her newspaper and smiled at me.

"You look like you're going out," I said.

"Oh no, not for a long time. We've got all day alone," Stephanie replied.

"What's with the business suit?" I asked.

"I love thinking about how guys fantasize about me when I wear different
outfits. I wanna know what they're thinking about so when I put on an outfit
for you, you do what it makes you want, ok?"

"That sounds like the best idea ever!"

Stephanie took me upstairs to her massive master bedroom. She was all covered
up in that business suit but I knew the delicious body that was underneath.
Shes at me down on the edge of the bed and stood in front of me with a sexy
smirk on her face. "What does this outfit make you want?" She asked. I looked
her over and for some reason, my eyes were drawn to her hands. "A hand job,"
I responded. Stephanie leaned towards me and kissed me on the cheek. "Just
sit back and let me take care of everything," she whispered. She undid my
jeans and pulled off my pants and boxer shorts in one motion. Her presence
alone already had me chubbed up. Stephanie sat down next to me and began to
jerk me off. With each stroke of her smooth hand over my cock, I groaned. I
could feel myself approaching climax and then she stopped, stroking
slowly ... very slow. She didn't want me to cum just yet.

I was in a daze, my eyes half closed as I enjoyed being jerked off by
Stephanie McMahon. Steph's eyes were fixed on my long hard cock. She turned
her face towards me and smiled. She then unbuttoned her black dress shirt,
showing me just a hint of her massive cleavage. She grinned as my eyes locked
on the tease of her huge breasts. I sat back, feeling my body tense up then
release with each stroke. I was almost shaking, waiting to explode but
Stephanie kept bring me closer to the edge then stopping. "Ohh Steph, just
go ahead, make me cum," I moaned. "Whatever you want," she smiled. She
started stroking even faster than before and soon I could feel myself tense
up. I was getting ready to blow. I let out a big groan as the sticky white
cum exploded from my cock, up into the air. It splattered down on my cock and
all over Steph's hand, wrist and forearm. She kept jerking my slippery cock.
My hips bucked uncontrollably as the last bits of semen oozed out.

"Look at this mess," Stephanie said with a grin as she looked at her cum
covered hand and arm. She then proceeded to clean it off with her tongue! She
licked every single drop of cum off her wrist and forearm. She sucked it off
her fingers nice and slow. There was still the cum left on my cock. Stephanie
rubbed her fingers against it, transferring the cum from my shaft to her
fingers then sucked it off. I sat there, watching her smack her lips with
every lick of the cum. Steph brushed her hair back from her face and laughed,
"Well that's one outfit done, and you just wait here while I go change." She
seemed very happy as she went into her huge closet and shut the doors.

I sat there with great anticipation of what the next outfit would be. Several
minutes later, the closet doors opened and Steph walked out wearing a tight
red sleeveless dress that went down to mid-thigh. It also had a sexy slit up
the side. She wore a pair of strappy black heels which showed off her
gorgeous feet. I couldn't take my eyes off her long, slender legs, they were
magnificent. "What does this dress make you want to do to me?" Stephanie
asked. "Those legs..." I said. She walked towards me lifted her left leg up
onto the edge of the bed. She pulled her dress up, showing me a lot of thigh.
I began rubbing her thighs and all the way down her legs. Then she pulled
away and walked into the bathroom. She returned momentarily with a bottle of
lotion in her hand.

"My legs are a little dry, you wouldn't mind rubbing some lotion on them
would you?" She asked. I took the bottle of lotion and got Stephanie to hold
up her dress. I squeezed a trail of lotion down each of her thighs and began
rubbing it in with my hands. I felt her juicy thighs get warm as I rubbed
them. I looked up and Steph had her eyes closed and was breathing deeply,
enjoying me rubbing her thighs. I moved down her legs, squirting on more
lotion. She had nice calves and thin ankles. When I was done rubbing the
lotion all over her legs, I lifted Steph up and sat her down on the bed. I
pulled off each of her shoes and took her left foot in my hand. I started
massaging her pretty good and sucking on her toes. Stephanie moaned quietly
as I ran my tongue across her toes. "You have such nice feet," I commented.

Stephanie smiled and she saw that I was beginning to chub up again. She got
me to sit down on the edge of the bed while she lay on the floor. Stephanie
lifted her legs up and gripped my cock with her feet. She toyed with my rod,
rubbing her toes against it. "Ohh wow," I moaned, "That feels so good." Steph
continued this awesome foot job for several minutes. She'd gently rub my cock
with her toes at times then grip it with both feet and jerk it hard. I
groaned as a small amount of cum oozed out onto her toes. Stephanie pulled
her foot up to her face and licked the little bit of cum off her toes. I
lifted Stephanie up to her feet and got down on my knees in front of her. I
kissed all the way up her legs to her thighs. "I love these legs," I said a
bunch of times. I began to slowly stand up, rubbing my cock against her
calves, all the way up to her thighs. I slapped my dick against her meaty
thighs and watched them jiggle. That gave me an idea. I laid Stephanie down
on her side, with her legs pressed tightly together. I kneeled down next to
her thighs and pressed my cock between her soft thighs. The warmth of her
soft thighs felt so good as I pumped in and out of them. I ran my hands
across her sweet legs until I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled out from
between her tan thighs and sprayed my load up and down her legs. Stephanie
rubbed the cum all over thighs, making them shine. "I didn't think they could
look any better but they do know," I said.

"I agree," Steph said grinning. I loved the sound of my cock slapping against
her thighs and watching them jiggle so I did it a few more times until I went

"I'm going to go clean up and change into my next outfit," Stephanie said.

"I can't wait," I replied.

"I can't wait to see what you think of next," she laughed.

Several minutes later, Stephanie came out wearing a black mini-skirt and a
tight pink shirt which struggled to contain her enormous breasts. I could
even see her white bra through the shirt, it was stretched so tight. I went
right for those big titties! I pushed my face right into her breasts,
feeling them through her shirt and bra. "I figured that's where you'd go,"
Steph chuckled.

I unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Stephanie then started to
pull her shirt over her head. I licked my lips watching her expose those
beautiful double D bombs! There they were, staring me right in the face. A
beautiful pair of gigantic hooters! I needed two hands to feel all of each
breast. I rubbed them all over then bit her nipples, making them spike. I
licked her areolas and sucked those nipples for what seemed like an eternity.
Stephanie looked on with excitement as I worshipped her huge cans.

Steph told me to get down on my knees and I obliged her. She leaned forward
and swung her huge tits from side to side, hitting me in the face with them.
Those big tits had made me hard as a rock. "Give me a tit fuck, Steph, wrap
those big ass titties around my cock," I said. "You've got a nice big one but
even it's going to disappear," Stephanie replied. She sat me down on the edge
of the bed then knelt down so her tits were around my shaft. She pushed them
together and started moving them up and down - up and down - up and down. I
groaned loudly, I'd fantasized about those big tits countless times and now
I was feeling my dick between them.

"Those huge tits really deserved to be fucked hard," I said. I picked Steph
up and laid her down on the bed. I sat on her chest and stuck my dick between
her tits. She squeezed them together as I pumped in and out - in and out.
Faster and faster I went, pounding my dick between those giant breasts.

"Oh yeah FUCK MY TITTIES! Come on I wanna feel your cum all over my big
tits!" Stephanie screamed.

My body began to shake, the feeling was so incredible. A small squirt of cum
shot out and landed on Steph's upper chest and I knew I couldn't hold out any
longer. I pulled my dick from between her tits and backed up a little. Steph
held them together and smiled wickedly as I emptied my load all over her huge
breasts! I rubbed the head of my dick around her cum covered nipples, playing
with her tits even more. Steph then pushed her left tit up to her mouth and
licked some cum off of it. She did the same with the other. "You're too much
- too much!" I laughed.

That tit fucking alone would have been enough but Stephanie wasn't finished
as she went to clean off again and change outfits. What would she wear next?
And what would I do to her next? Stephanie came out wearing a black
turtleneck shirt, a grey mini-skirt and black knee high boots.

"So now what?" Stephanie asked with her sexy smirk.

"That mouth," I said, "I want those lips wrapped around my cock."

Steph didn't hesitate to get down on her knees in front of me and start going
to work. She took half of it into her mouth and gave it short wet sucks. I
ran my hands through her brown hair as she took more and more of my cock into
he mouth. She then took it all deep into the back of her throat. Steph gasped
for air as she took it out. She grabbed it by the base and worked over the
head with her tongue. Short licks, long licks, she did it all. Then she
started taking it deep again.

"Oh god Steph, you suck that cock so good," I moaned.

Stephanie worked over every single inch of my cock, switching up her
techniques. Just like with the handjob, she'd bring me close to climax and
then slow it down, torturing me.

"Take a deep breath," I said. I grabbed Steph by the hair and started pumping
my dick deep into the back of her throat, fucking her pretty face. She gagged
as I deep throated her. I pulled out and she smiled as she gasped for air.
She loved my dick being pushed down her throat. I gave her mouth a few more
fucks before letting her go back to work. And back to work she went, now
playing with my balls. "Ohh fuck, ohh god, I'm almost there," I moaned.
Stephanie sucked faster and harder, bringing me right to the edge.

I pulled away and came all over Steph's face. The cum dripped down her cheeks
and splattered against her nose and eyes. She licked up what she could and
wiped some away from her eyes.

"That feels good," Steph giggled, her face covered in hot white jizz. "Do you
want to see another outfit?" she asked.

"Hell yeah I want more!" I said.

"Just checking," She chuckled.

It really didn't matter what outfit Steph chose next because I knew what I
wanted next. Stephanie came out wearing a VERY short white mini skirt and a
black suit jacket. I picked Steph up and threw her down on the bed. I hiked
up that skirt, and went to pull down her panties but she wasn't wearing any!
I lifted those gorgeous legs in the air and slid my dick into Steph's warm
pussy. She wrapped her legs around me as I humped her hard and fast.

"Oh! Oh! Oh god! I've been waiting for this!" Steph moaned.

"Me too! Ohh fuck Steph, I'm gonna fuck you good and hard!" I moaned.

"Yes! Fuck me! Yes!" She shouted.

I laid down on top of her and held her tightly then bucked madly into her
with my hips! She screamed loud as I gave it to her as hard as I could. My
balls smacking against her asshole and my pelvis crashing into her thighs.
I slowed down to catch my breath and returned to my knees. Stephanie opened
her jacket, letting me watch her tits jiggle each time I thrust into her. I
pulled out for a moment to pull her skirt all the way off. Steph was
completely shaved down there. I re-entered her cunt and fucked that dripping
love canal.

"Riiight there, ohhh you're hitting the spot, FUCK!" Steph screamed.

Her body shook and her eyes rolled back into her head. Soon she stopped
shaking and a smile came onto her face. She looked like she needed a
cigarette! Seeing and feeling her orgasm was just what I needed to bring
me back to the brink of climax. I gave her billion dollar pussy a few more
thrusts before pulling out and painting her twat white. It wasn't a huge
load but I squeezed out all I could onto her bald pussy.

"Whew!" Steph sighed, "My heart's still pounding that was great."

"I guess you want to sleep now huh?" I asked.

"Oh no, I've got one last outfit. Let's see this thing all the way through,"
she said.

Stephanie slowly got up and went to go change. It had all really been about
me before that and Stephanie enjoying watching me get off. But that last
fucking was just what she needed to put her on cloud nine. I wondered what
outfit Steph could pick out next and how much gas I had left in the tank.
Stephanie walked out in her last outfit, a pair of tight beige pants and a
black shirt. I was expecting something a little more skimpy but then she
turned around. I saw her bulbous ass stretching out those tight pants and
I knew what was left. In all the wildness, I had forgotten to get a piece
of that big booty!

I got Steph to walk around for me as I watched her big butt jiggle and sway
side to side with each step. "Oh god yes, look at that ass," I commented.

Steph rubbed her butt, squeezing it. I leaned her forward and gave her ass a
few light smacks. I could feel its thick flesh through those tight pants. I
slowly began to peel down Steph's pants, halfway down her butt. She was
wearing a tiny black g-string that disappeared into the crack of her ass. Her
big meaty buns flopped out over the edge of her pants.

"Oh yeah, look at that fat butt, oh god," I groaned, staring at all that
flesh. I squeezed her right ass cheek and it filled my hand with soft flesh.
Steph started shaking her tight pants, making her butt flesh jiggle for me.
"Oh my god yes, holy shit, keep doing that, oh you're making me so hard," I
creamed. Steph shook and jiggled that big ass all around. She bent forward
and pulled her pants down past her ass. I slapped her ass cheeks a little
more, loving the way they just jiggled. "Crawl around for me," I asked.

Steph got down on her knees and crawled around. I could now see that black
G-string that was flossing her beautiful booty.

I got down behind Steph and spread her ass cheeks apart. I buried my tongue
deep in her asshole, licking it all up. I then licked every inch of her fat
cheeks. "Sit on my face," I asked. I laid down and Stephanie did just what
I wanted. She sat her big booty down on my face. It squished down and she
moved around in circles, rubbing her asshole against my nose. She bounced up
and down on my face and I loved every second of it. Steph got up and I pulled
off her shirt. She turned around and swayed her butt from side to side as she
took her tight pants all the way off. Now Stephanie McMahon stood before me
in nothing but a TINY black g-string! I made her walk around for me some more
just so I could watch that sweet ass move. I bent Steph down on all fours and
it was time. "I wanna fuck that ass so bad," I said.

"Go ahead baby, give it to me," Steph replied. I pushed my cock deep into her
asshole and pulled it out with nice long thrusts. Steph's butt was so nice
and tight and I watched my dick penetrate that backside. Steph cooed and
moaned softly. I began to pump a little faster. I gave her booty a couple
good slaps to see it jiggle again. "Ohh that ass is so fucking good," I
moaned. I grabbed her hips and really pumped at a good tempo into her butt.

"Ohhh fuck my ass, ohh pound that big booty! Yeeah! I like that cock in my
ass!" Steph moaned. I went deeper into her ass, all the way, making it jiggle
with each thrust. Her big round ass looked so good being penetrated by my
cock. "Let me get on top, let me give you a real show," Steph said.

She stood up and I just took a moment to look at her in all her glory. Her
beautiful face, her massive jugs, her thick tanned thighs and legs, and a big
ol' butt! I at down on the edge of the bed and Steph stuck her rump out. She
lowered it down onto my waiting erection. Steph leaned all the way forward
and began moving her butt up and down on my dick.

"Oh shit, look at the fat fucking ass, oh shit," I groaned staring at her

"You fucking like that don't you? You like what you see?" Steph asked.


I smacked her ass until it was pink. I grabbed two handfuls of her butt and
felt it jiggle between my finger. Steph sat back, sitting right on my lap and
wiggling around, feeling my cock deep inside of her anal cavity. I grabbed
her big jugs and held them as she wiggled around, grinding her butt into my
lap. I picked Steph up and laid her on top of me in a 69 position. She sucked
the taste of her own ass off of my cock while I played with her booty a
little more.

"I want you to finish me off real hard," Steph asked. I put Steph back on her
knees but pushed her face down into the bed so just her big backside was
sticking up. I stood over and squatted down, almost sitting on her ass. I
pushed my cock all the way in, held on and jack hammered into her asshole as
hard as I could. "Oh god yes fuck my ass! Fuck that ass so hard! YES!" Steph
screamed out in ecstasy!

"I can't believe I'm fucking this big ass! Fuck it's so good Steph! It's so
round and juicy!" I moaned. I pulled back on Steph's long brown hair as I
nailed her extra hard. She screamed and screamed in joy, her pussy dripping
down her thighs. "Oh oh I'm gonna blow!" I shouted.

I pulled out and saw the pussy juice on Steph's thighs. I licked it all up,
loving every inch of those thick thighs. I then jerked off all over that fat
butt! I covered it all in with cum! I gave it some hard SPANKS and let Steph
lick the cum off my hands.

"Thank you," Stephanie said.

"No, no no, thank you. You're out of this world," I responded.

"This was great, I want you to remember this for the rest of your life but
remember, if you tell anyone, I'm a very powerful person. So this stays
between us, ok?" Steph threatened.

"I understand," I said.

"Well you better get going, it's getting late," Steph said.

I picked up my things and headed out. It was tough to leave but I'd forever
have the one true ultimate sexual experience courtesy of Stephanie McMahon.

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