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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Ultimate Test
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following his match with Scott Steiner during the August 18 2003 edition of
Monday Night RAW, Test is in his locker room, laughing at Stacy Keibler who's
services he won back after faking a knee injury. Test is dressed in blue
wrestling trunks, "Didn't I tell you Stacy? I told you I'd make you my
personal whore again. and that idiot Steiner fell for the oldest trick in the
book!" Test laughs.

Stacy Keibler folds her arms against her chest and narrows her eyes at the
viciously disgusting and bitter Test. Stacy frowns a bit before she looks
down, avoiding to even look at her former controlling boyfriend "And you had
to cheat to win..." Stacy says softly as she looks down, while dressed in a
short black skirt and a light blue tank top.

Test ignores Stacy's comment as he licks his lips, "And you know Stacy... I'm
going to make your life a living hell... for all those crappy ideas you came
up with to market me... starting right now... take off your clothes!" Test
says as smirks arrogantly at the long-legged blond beauty.

Stacy Keibler looks up at Test with a raised eyebrow and a disgusted look on
her face "What?" Stacy laughs and shakes her head "No...I don't think
so...not anymore! I'm not removing my clothes for you..." Stacy says as she
confidently and firmly looks at Test with her arms remain folded against her

Test narrows his eyes slightly. "Oh yes you are.... because you know what
Bischoff said... you're going to do what I want.. when I want... or else!"
Test snaps, "So you either do it... or lose your job in the WWE..." Test adds
as he calms down and smirks once again. Stacy unhappily looks down and
narrows her eyes as she glares down at the locker room floor, once again
avoiding eye contact with Test. Stacy takes a deep breath before she starts
to slowly lift her light blue tank top from her nicely curved, tanned upper
body to expose her petite, but firm tits.

Test licks his lips, "Yeah that's right.... now lose the skirt you little
tramp..." Test orders.

Stacy lifts her head and looks at Test with an offended look on her face
before she narrows her eyes "You're a jerk..." Stacy replies as she starts to
push her short black skirt down from her curved and juicy tanned hips,
leading the skirt down her long and beautifully smooth, tanned legs to expose
her sexy black laced panties.

"Shut up.." Test smirks, "Cause I got a better use for that little whore
mouth of yours..." Test says as he pushes down his blue wrestling trunks to
free his thick ten inch cock. Test steps out of his trunks, grips his cock by
the base and pulls it upward so that Stacy has a clear view of his ball sack,
"You said you fucking loved my testicles... made me ask to put it in my
Titantron video... so you know what... you're gonna fucking suck my damn
balls you little whore.

Stacy presses her lips together in refusal and shakes her head "No!" Stacy
says as she glares at Test before he roughly grabs hold of her left wrist and
jerks the long-legged beauty down onto her knees.

Test smirks as he forces Stacy down in front of him, "If you don't do it...
I'd make fucking sure before you're fired that you're gang fucked by every
fucking fat fuck I can find in this damn town!" Test says as he grabs Stacy's
head to bring her towards his large ball sack.

"Yeah... fucking suck on them balls..." Test moans as he starts to stroke his
cock with his right hand while using his left hand to keep Stacy from moving
her head from his large ball sack. Stacy closes her eyes as she feels Test's
balls pressing down against her soft tongue as Test starts to force Stacy's
head to bob against his ball sack, forcing her tongue to slap against his
large sack.

"Ahhh yeah... work that tongue you slut... yeah you love my fucking testicles
don't you!" Test moans as he strokes his cock firmly with his right hand as
he looks down at Stacy. Stacy Keibler shakes her head, protesting against
Test's ball sack inside of her hot mouth, however her efforts of protest only
cause her lips to grind against his balls.

"Mmm fuck look at you... sucking my damn balls... pressing those lips on them
like some cheap slut!" Test laughs as Stacy tries to pull her head away from
his balls, but he forces her to make her stay put.

"Mmmmmm! Ahhhhhh...mmmffff..." Stacy moans and gags against Test's large ball
sack as he pushes deeper into her mouth, causing Stacy's teeth to soothingly
rake back and forth against his sack, causing her to gag and suck on his

Test licks his teeth as he Stacy gags on his large ball sack before he jerks
her head away from his balls that are now dripping with her saliva, "Take off
your fucking panties you little whore." Stacy Keibler lowers her head with a
frown before she sits up on her knees and starts to lower her black laced
panties from her curved, rounded and juicy hips which she then lowers down
her long and gorgeous legs as she reveals her smoothly shaved pussy.

"Yeah you little whore....lift those legs back up... and spread them..." Test
says as he starts to get down on his knees.

Stacy narrows her eyes, glaring at Test, as she leans back on her hands on
the locker room floor, sitting on her gorgeous and juicy ass while she
spreads her long legs apart "You're disgusting Test..."

"You fucking love it whore... and you better act like it or else!" Test
smirks as he leans forward to puts his hands on Stacy's hips before he forces
his thick ten inch cock into Stacy's tight hot pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh you jerk!" Stacy moans and presses her lips tightly together as
she feels Test ramming his ten inch cock deeply into her warm and tight

Test smirks, "Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah..." Test smirks as he pumps his
thick ten inch cock in and out of Stacy Keibler's tight pussy. With each of
his thrusts, Test slams his cock into Stacy with harder thrusts.

Stacy closes her eyes and presses her long, gorgeously tanned legs against
Test's muscular waist as he roughly slams his cock into her tight, wet pussy
"Ohhh you're such a fucking jerk..." Stacy moans as she turns her head away
from Test and closes her eyes as he continues to fuck her pussy with raw

"Ohhh yeah... ohhh fucking love it bitch... fucking look at me!"
Test grunts as he pumps his thick cock deep into Stacy's pussy so that his
balls smack against Stacy's round firm ass cheeks. Stacy refuses Test's
command and keeps her head turned away from the aggressive and controlling
Superstar as he deeply slams his cock into her pussy. Stacy bites down on her
bottom lip as Test roughly jerks her body against his thrusting cock.

"Mmmm ahhh you want to fucking disobey me slut! Fine!" Test suddenly jerks
his cock out of Stacy's tight pussy, "Turn the fuck over and stick your ass
up in the air you little whore!"

Stacy narrows her eyes and slowly turns her head back to look at Test "Go to
hell..." Stacy replies.

"Guess you want to lose your career... then.. where's my cell phone..." Test

"Fine..." Stacy sighs and shakes her head "Fine..." Stacy says before she
turns around and sits on her knees before leaning forward onto her hands to
stick her juicy, tanned ass up into the air.

Test smirks as he moves close behind Stacy, but instead of pushing his cock
back into her, he grabs a handful of her long blond hand and firmly smacks
her ass with his right hand, "Who fucking owns you slut!?"

Stacy grits her teeth and closes her eyes "Owwww...Test..." Stacy innocently
groans as she feels the sting from Test's hand smacking against her juicy
ass. Stacy bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Test pull back on her
long blond hair.

Test smirks as he jerks Stacy's head back, "Say it again whore! Who owns
you!" Test yells as he again smacks Stacy's juicy ass, this time with more
force that cause her to rock forward on her knees.

Stacy's petite, nicely curved body tenses as she viciously rocks forward on
her knees after receiving the rough smack from Test "Owwww...Test...stop...
please..." Stacy pleads with her former boyfriend and now "master".

"Say it!" Test yells as he once again jerks Stacy's head back as he smacks
her ass once more, leaving a bright red imprint of his hand on her ass.

Stacy bites down of her bottom lip as her body trembles a bit "Ohhhh" Stacy cries and slightly glances back at Test.

Test smirks, "And don't you fucking forget it!" Test laughs as he as he
spreads Stacy's sore ass cheeks apart before he roughly rams his thick ten
inch cock into Stacy Keibler's tight unprepared asshole.

"Ohhhhh! Owwwww!" Stacy cries out as Test roughly rams his ten inch rock hard
cock into her sore ass. Stacy bites down on her bottom lip and hangs her
blond haired head down as she starts to roughly rock on her knees while Test
slams his cock into her ass.

"Ahhhh yeah... fucking take that cock up your tight little ass you whore!"
Test grunts and laughs as he firmly grabs Stacy's hips to pull her towards
him as he fucks her ass with his big hard cock.

Stacy closes her eyes as she rocks quickly back and forth on her knees as
Test firmly jerks her body back against his cock, causing her juicy ass to
smack against his muscular waist "Ohhhh Test...why...why?" Stacy helplessly
moans and asks.

"Because you're a whore! A fucking slutty whore!" Test laughs as he pounds
Stacy's ass as she helplessly moves against him. Test leans forward and
reaches around her to grab her firm petite tits as he fucks her ass with
ruthless intensity.

"Ohhhh! Ohhh you're such a jerk!" Stacy yells and moans as her ass roughly
slams back against Test's intense thrusting shaft as he deeply rams his cock
as far as he can into her sore, tight asshole.

"Ahhh... mmmm shit... you love it whore!" Test grunts as he grabs a handful
of Stacy's hair again to pull her head back while he rams his cock into her
asshole. Test keeps one hand around Stacy's hot, slender body to roughly
squeeze her tits.

Stacy Keibler tightly squeezes her eyes shut as her juicy, tanned ass
viciously slams back against Test's muscular waist as he deeply slams his
cock into her ass while holding her head back by her blond hair "Ohhhh!
Owwww! Ohhhh!"

"Uhhhh awww... mmmm this is just the beginning you little tramp! I'm going to
make your life a living hell!" Test grunts as he pulls Stacy's head back even
further as he violates her sore tight asshole. Sweat drips off of his
powerful and muscular body as he breathes heavily as he starts to cum deep
inside of Stacy Keibler's ass.

"Mmmm...ohhhh you asshole..." Stacy moans, biting down on her bottom lip, as
she feels Test's cum spraying into her sore, tight ass.

"Awww... mmmm fuck..." Test grunts as he keeps his cock inside of Stacy's
asshole as continues to cum. "Remember whore... you disobey me.... you're
fired... and your career will be flushed down the toilet."

Stacy slowly glances over her shoulder and narrows her eyes "You're
disgusting Test..." Stacy slowly shakes her head "Scott will save me from

Test smirks, "Don't get your hopes up whore..." Test says as he pulls his
cock out, "Now go get the shower ready for me... you know how I like it...
and get a rag and soap... you're gonna wash every inch of my body."

Stacy slowly stands up from the locker room floor and looks at Test with
disgust "You're a pig..."

Test smirks, "Just for that you little whore... I'm going to have those
French guys fuck you till you can't fucking stand..."

Stacy rolls her eyes and looks away from the perverted, controlling Superstar
"'re so kind..." Stacy spits out sarcastically.

Test smirks, "Oh you want more you little whore... you'll get more..."

Stacy folds her arms and firmly locks her eyes with Test "I'd like to see you
try..." Stacy Keibler says before she starts to slowly walk out of the main
area of the locker room and into the showering unit, where moments later Test
hears the shower being turned on.

Test smirks, "Oh you'll see..." Test says as he goes to his travel bag to get
his cell phone, "Sooner than you fucking think..."


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