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The Ultimate WWF Fan Fantasy
by Batman (

That nights Raw had just ended. The night had been good, and everyone got
great pops. But there was one person who wasn't happy about the night's

Terri Runnels was pissed. No one had ever told her anything about Trish
trying to expose her breasts on network television. She did the job to Trish,
and she was fine with that, but who the hell said anything about trying to
show her tits to the world. She confronted Trish about the stunt she pulled
after their match in the hall outside the women's locker room.

"Just what the hell were you thinking, Trish," Terri asked angrily.

"I was just trying to entertain the fans. You knew Torrie and Stacy were
gonna come down anyways," Trish replied smugly.

Terri gave Trish a cold hard stare and smacked her across the face. Trish
pounced on Terri, and the two got into a lovely catfight right there in the

Just then a couple of fans walked by. Mike and Joey had won a contest to
go back stage at the event, and meet the superstars. But every time they
tried to approach one of the wrestlers for an autograph they got the cold
shoulder. They saw Trish and Terri rolling around fighting in the hallway,
and then looked at one another. Both men knew what the other was thinking.

They grabbed the women pulling them apart from one another and snuck into
one of the empty locker rooms. Mike had Trish and Joey had Terri.

"Settle down now ladies," Mike said.

"Let me go, let me kick her ass," Terri said.

"Oh, we can one up you there," Mike said as he turned Trish around and
bent her over a nearby table.

Joey let go of Terri. And Terri jumped up and down in excitement of what
was about to happen to Trish. Trish was gonna get what she deserved for
trying to expose Terri, and Terri loved the idea of being able to watch. Joey
walked over and locked the door while Mike held Trish up against the table.

Terri got a roll of duct tape from the closet and put a strip across
Trish's mouth, so no one would hear her scream. And then Mike pulled down
Trish's pants. Trish couldn't believe this was happening, and she really
couldn't beleive Terri was going to help these two psychos.

Mike undid his pants and released his throbbing cock. He touched the tip
of his cock to Trish's asshole.

"Some men can only dream about what I'm about to do Trish," Mike said with
a grin.

Tears were starting to roll down Trish's face. She tried to say something,
but couldn't because of the tape on her mouth, and then she grunted in pain
as Mike penetrated her pink anus.

Trish had a perfect rock hard ass that clamped down on his dick, causing
Mike to moan in pleasure. With each deep thrust, Trish just squealed from
behind the gag. After a while her body went limp from the pain of Mike's
thrusts. Mike just kept holding her cheeks spread apart, and massaging her

This was perfect, Mike thought. He could feel Trish's body starting to
rise again underneath him. Even though she didn't want to, an orgasm was
coming on. Mike felt the shock run through her body as her orgasm ran through
her, and released his load up inside her tight firm ass. Trish just laid
limply across the table, reaching around behind her clutching her sore ass
cheeks and crying.

Terri was estatic after watching the humilation Trish just went through.
Mike and Joey completely undressed Trish and bound her wrists and ankles with
the duct tape.

Terri was about to leave the room, when Joey stopped her.

"Where the hell do you think you're goin," Joey said.

"You guys can keep Trish for as long as you want. I won't tell anybody."

"Bullshit, I ain't settling for sloppy seconds. But you on the other hand
look nice."


Joey grabbed Terri and bent her over the table. Mike went to cover her
mouth, but Joey pushed him away.

"No, I want to hear this bitch scream," Joey said as he unzipped his

He pulled off Terri's pants and top, and forced his way up into Terri's
tight anal passage.

"Ooooh," Terri moaned, "Trish I'm sorry, aaggghhhh."

Joey had no mercy on Terri. He was pounding away on her ass and loving the
feeling of her ass clamping down around his cock. Terri was trying to back
her hips into him, trying to make him cum faster so this would all be over,
but Joey forced her down onto the table and held her there.

"I'll blow my load when I'm damn good and ready," Joey said as he
continued to thrust deeper and deeper into Terri.

"OOooohhhh, please stop, I'm sorrrrryyyyy, ungh," Terri moaned.

Joey stopped suddenly, but left his dick up inside of Terri. He just kept
her ass cheeks spread and slowly rocked back and forth.

"Unngghhh," Terri cried.

Then suddenly Joey started thrusting into her again with even more force
than before.

"Aaaarrrrggghhh," Terri screamed as her back arched and she orgasmed.

Joey was relentless, and still held back his load. Reaching down to finger
her wet clit. He leaned down to smell her neck.

"Stop, please," Terri begged through her tears.

It was almost like Joey didn't hear her. He just kept thrusting. Blood was
starting to trickle out of her ass. And then finally, Joey blew his load into
the limp body of Terri Runnels.

Mike and Joey got dressed, and unbound Trish.

"I'd say you two are about even with each other now," Mike said as they
left the room.

As they stepped out into the hallway, Mike and Joey bumped into Lita who
was just coming out of the womens locker room. Mike and Joey just looked at
her, and then they grabbed her and forced her back into the womens locker

"What are you doing," Lita screamed.

"Shut up," Joey told her as he ripped off her tee-shirt.

Mike forced her down on the floor and knelt on her chest. Joey pulled her
pants down, and then took her thong off. Lita tried to struggle and buck her
hips as Joey leaned down and started eating her out.

"Nooooo," Lita struggled.

Joey grabbed her thighs to hold her still, and leaned down to eat out her
nicely shaven pussy.

Mike undid her bra and started sucking on her nipples one at a time. The
stimulation caused Lita to start getting wet. Joey was laughing up her
juices, as she came continuously.

Mike moved his dick up to her lips.

"Suck it," he told her, and forced his cock down her throat.

Lita sucked hard on Mike's cock. It was either that or gag. Mike grabbed
her red hair and started rocking back and forth and moving her head from side
to side.

Joey moved up and inserted his once again throbbing cock into Lita's wet

Lita moaned around Mike's cock. Mike could feel himself getting ready to
cum, so he pulled out of Lita's mouth, and held her tits together. He started
running his dick between Lita's two beautiful breasts, forcing the tip of his
throbbing cock up to her chin each time he thrusted, but she wouldn't lick

"Lick it bitch," Mike yelled.

"Noooo, stop, stop, stop, unnnggghhhh," Lita yelled in denial.

Mike looked at her angrily and then stopped fucking her tits and got off
her while Joey still continued to grind into her wet snatch.

"Roll her over," Mike said, "She's got another hole I can fuck. Lets see
if she can take two dicks at once."

"Unnngghhh, no, no not that," Lita begged as Joey rolled over so she was
now on top.

Joey reached around and held Lita's ass cheeks wide open for Mike. Mike
crawled up and slowly sank into Lita's beautiful ass.

"Unnngghhhh, oh god please, ungh," Lita moaned.

The two men fucked Lita simultaneously, pushing her back and forth between
them. Lita could feel her body tensing up, and Mike and Joey could feel it
to. Lita's body got rigid.

"Ooooh, Aaaaaaggghhhhh," Lita screamed as both men released their loads
into her.

"Ungh," Lita moaned as they crawled off of her.

Mike and Joey got dressed, and left the arena. All in all it had been a
pretty good backstage visit they thought as they left.

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