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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Seleziya Sparx (ROH, AIW)

The Unbeaten Challenge Part 1: Seleziya Sparx
A women of wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video begins with a simple image screen with the words "The Unbeaten Challenge!" and underneath in smaller writing reads "Recorded Spring 2014". This soon changes to a screen with new words: "Fame and fortune await any female wrestler who can defeat the so far undefeated, unstoppable, and
UNBEATEN grappler Danny Pounder." The next screen reads: "However... If our challenger loses, she agrees to be FUCKED in the very ring she just lost in!"

Using a screen effect to tiles to "switch" to actual footage now, a title-bar graphic reading "The Challenger" on the bottom of the screen as we see the gorgeous and built female wrestler known for working for ROH and AIW, the "Sass Queen" Seleziya Sparx. She's dressed to compete, clad in a
tight fitting blue and silver one-piece styled gear that nicely shows off her pushed up tits and rides up into her incredibly thick and rounded ass, along with boots and pads to match and her long, dark hair styled with it shaved partially at the side of her head.

"My name is Seleziya Sparx, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm here to kick the damn ass of this prick calling himself unbeatable against women!" Seleziya states with her hands on her hips, looking right at the camera. "So, all I have to do is beat this so-called unbeatable motherfucker and I
get a big cash payday?" She smirks confidently. "Done. I don't care what kind of bitches this guy has taken on before, but unlike any of them I'm not afraid to get physical and in case you haven't noticed..." She lifts up her arm, flexing and showing off the muscles to show her impressively built
physique. "I'm more than ready to take on anyone, male or female in that ring." She vows, lowering the arm. "Fucking me if I lose? Please... Keep dreaming into your tissues motherfucker! I'll kick your ass long before you get a piece of this fine one..." Sparx states, turning to the side and showing off that thick and sexy backside. "So take a good look at this, because it'll be the closest you ever get to tapping it. Tonight, I'll take you down, end this bullshit unbeaten stuff, and walk out of here with that big fucking payday." Seleziya states confidently as she folds her arms over her chest.

Titled graphic effects are used again to switch to a new scene, the bottom bar now reading "The Unbeaten" as a handsome, muscular man with short brown hair wearing gold wresting tights that are so close fitting that do nothing to hide the obvious sizable package in his pants, smiles to the camera.

"The Unbeaten, Danny Pounder here once again!" He introduces himself. "And once again there's another stunning, sexy female wrestler who's coming to try and take me on, but it going to be cumming in a whole different way after I beat her." Danny states with a chuckle. "Now Seleziya Sparx I know has been all sorts of things over the past few years. A valet, a Hoopla Hottie, and an in-ring competitor against men and women. All very impressive, sure... But sadly, none of them are close to being me... I'm the Unbeaten for a reason, and that's because in this ring against any female competitor in the world I'm just the better grappler in every single way." He confidently boasts. "And as good as you are Seleziya, you're going to be even better with those lips made for sucking cock wrapped around my big
dick..." Pounder says, making a point as he grabs a hold of his dick through his ring gear. "And you'll find out why my name is Pounder when I'm tapping that amazing, juicy ass of yours!" He smirks, folding his arms over his chiseled upper body. "Sorry babe, but the cash is staying in my back
account building up, you'll be left begging for more when I fuck you all over that ring, and I will still remain the Unbeaten when this is all said and done."

* * *

The video now changes using a full-screen flip style effect to a wide shot of a full scale professional wrestling ring in what appears to be a warehouse of some sorts but with no-one in attendance except for the two competitors in the ring and a cameraman in the ring. From behind this far camera, the sound of a ring bell being struck is heard as Sparx and Pounder circle each other, an on-screen graphic reading: "Rules - One pinfall or submission to a fair finish. No fast counts or tights/rope aided pins or holds permitted. Rope breaks must be given. Match can only be won inside the ring. May the best competitor win!"

"Let's see what you're about! Bring it!" Seleziya says, rushing forward as fakes out a lock-up, instead going behind with a waist-lock, but struggling against the far bigger size and weight of her opponent, who reaches down and breaks the grip, turning it into a Wristlock. Sparx groans from the
hold but reaches in to catch Pounder with a Forearm Strike, the second breaking the hold before a boot to the stomach manages to break the grip and double him over. Quickly she reaches in, locking in a Headlock to try and control but seemingly he's letting her apply it, smirking as he head is moved against her breast for a moment.

Pushing her away, she's sent off into the ropes, coming back and being sent down with a Shoulder Check as he stares down at the challenger for a moment. He turns and runs the ropes, as Sparx rolls over to stay down as he steps over to build momentum, coming back in and seeing her up but with her
head dropped down hoping for a Back Body Drop. Instead he captures the head, jumping and planting her with a Sit-Out Facebuster to drive her into the mat and leave the busty beauty clutching her face down on the canvas.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this..." Pounder says with a smirk as he gets up and grabs her by her long hair, making her groan as he forces her to a seated position before applying a Chinlock, making her grit her teeth as she grabs his arm to try and force a break. She soon finds that despite her own impressive strength he's far more powerful, keeping her trapped and making her chest be pushed out for the camera to get a shot off.

Releasing his grip, he changes tactics as he forces her up off the canvas but then over to the ropes, forcing her to bend over as he chokes her on the middle ropes, applying his leg to the back of her head to force the pressure. As she struggles, her ass jiggles from her efforts, and the camera is right there to get a perfect shot as she continues to have her energy sapped from her. Breaking the choke, he roughly pulls Seleziya off the cables in order to scoop her up and send her down with a Body Slam.

"Ahhhh!! Piece of fucking shit!!" Sparx yells with a groan, trying to roll over but cut off by him measuring and delivering a Leg Drop to her head to stun her. There's no rest as she's forced up and this time forced to a turnbuckle, made to lean back against it as he squats down and comes in with a Shouder Thrust to the stomach, making her groan out as he keeps the shoulder pressed into her, making her bend forwards and giving the camera a shot of her sexy cleavage. Pulling back, he delivers a second and then a third, each making her call out in pain as she closes her eyes in an attempt to block out the pain.

Stepping back, he brings her up to stand as he pushes her arms over the top ropes, setting her up to take a Stomach Punch that makes her groan deeply, held up now only by those ropes but he soon pushes her back in order to take a second that causes her to double over again with her long hair hanging down. The gorgeous Canadian is forced up again and this time it's not the midsection but back to the head as he applies his boot to the throat for another choke, making her gasp and struggle as he grips the ropes, leaving her trapped and robbing her of air with this brutal move.

Moving back, Danny smirks with approval at his work so far as he pulls her out from the corner, taking his time to lift her up onto his shoulders in position for a Powerslam it seems. However as he steps forward Sparx suddenly slips down behind him to her feet, and when he turns around she surprises him by hooking him right up onto her shoulders. She shows off that deceptive strength, performing a squat before she turns and rushes towards the turnbuckle, driving her opponent into it with a Death Valley Driver! She doesn't waste time, pulling Pounder out from the corner and from the ropes as she goes for a pin attempt and hooking a leg with one arm as she makes the count herself with the other.

"One! Two!" Seleziya counts out, but he gets the shoulder up before the arm even starts falling for the third time. Glaring, she storms up and measures her target, her bent over stance giving a great view of her tits while she focuses on the task at hand, as Danny stumbles up to his feet, turning
around and once again being lifted up onto the shoulders of the stunning female wrestler. This time, she's the one who can't pull the trigger as he shakes free, landing behind her and quickly hooking her arms, locking in a Full Nelson hold to make her groan and grit her teeth. However shock appears on her face when he doesn't keep it as a submission, instead lifting her up and dropping her down with a powerful Full Nelson Slam.

Rolling his shoulders like he's brushing off her offense, he grabs her by the head to force her up and grab her by the head, letting the camera get a shot of her shapely backside before he drops her down head-first with a vicious DDT. Her groans can be heard as she clutches her head, rolling
slightly but unable to even make it up to her feet now. Reaching down and pulling the tanned and curvaceous body up, he easily scoops her up to be upside down in his arms with her frame facing his, the position for the devastating Tombstone Piledriver as he sinks down to his knees. The head
connects with the canvas and he drops her now out of it body to the mat, her tits bouncing as she slumps with her arms limply hanging at her sides. All that's left is for him to slide around and make the pin, even mockingly hooking a leg.

"One... Two... Three!"He slams the mat to make the count, standing back up with a smile and raising his hands as off camera the bell is rung to signal the end of the match. "Your winner, and STILL undefeated... The Undefeated, Danny Pounder!" He yells proudly with a laugh, before looking down at the
fallen wrestler. "And to the winner, the spoils..."

Pushing down his tights, he frees his fat and lengthy cock, taking a hold of it to stroke himself once he's stepped out of his clothing. Moving down towards her, he kneels down and lightly taps and smacks her pretty face with the head of his cock, running the crown over her full and sexy lips
while holding her long, dark hair.

"Wakey wakey Seleziya... Time for you to live up to your end of the wager..." Danny says with a smirk, groaning a little as his dick hardens as her strokes that shaft and rubs himself against her face.

After a few moments she groans, coming back around and opening her eyes, and soon they widen when she sees the meaty stick he's holding, sitting up under her own power as he releases her hair but soon she narrows her look into a glare, realising what's just happened. "You... You son of a bitch!"
Sparx spits as she grits her teeth, but tellingly glances again at his stiffening rod that's pointing right at her face.

"Now now, I won fair and square honey..." Pounder says with a smirk. "Don't tell me you aren't woman enough to go through with the deal you made, are you?" He says more as a challenge than a taunt.

Saying nothing to that remark, she continues to glare up at him and at the camera recording this before she eventually raises her hand, taking a hold of his cock once he lets go and she starts to give him a couple of steady strokes, letting out a sigh as she shakes her head a little.

"Motherfucker..." She mumbles lightly, unable to take her smoking hot eyes off of the sight of the meaty shaft of the victorious grappler, and even now she's instinctively stroking his length with a series of firm pumps, getting a good feel of his long tool that's rock hard now.

"You'd better now fucking think I do this for anyone!" Sparx snaps with a glare, shifting on her knees closer towards him so his dick is pointing right at her gorgeous face. Leaning in her long haired head, she pumps his rod while flicking her tongue out at the crown, a couple of testing licks
before she runs her tongue all across the tip and then around the head. Gazing up at the smirking stud, she narrows her eyes in defiance but continues to swirl her tongue slowly around his bell-end, leaving a light layer of saliva onto that thick shaft.

"I don't judge the chicks that challenge me, I just beat them... Now get those sexy lips around my cock and show me what you can do..." Danny says, keeping his hands on his muscular waist as he looks down with a smile at the busty beauty stroking and licking his rod. She hesitates, giving another pissed-off glare yet still jerking off his whole length, but after a few moments she relents, opening her mouth and pushing slowly down to take his dick into her mouth.

"Mmmm... Oh fuck... Yeah, that feels good..." He says as the camera moves down, getting a close look at Seleziya's lips wrapping firmly around his tool, a groan being heard from her as she slips down to about the half-way mark on his member, still using her hand to grip and stroke at the lower portion of that mighty cock.

"Mmmmph... Ghhhrrr fhhhkkk yrrrrssslll, phhhkkk!!" The sexy female wrestler muffledly insults the camera when she glances to the side, using the free hand to flip a middle finger which all would look far more rebellious if she didn't have a mouthful of cock at the moment. Looking back up at Pounder she glares again as she starts to move her head up and down on him, taking his shaft in and out of her mouth while still gripping and occasionally stroking the inches she isn't handling in her oral hole.

"Awww fuck... Mmmm... She's got a really fucking hot mouth..." Danny states with a clear moan, voicing his approval already of her oral abilities as Seleziya smoothly and slowly bobs her head on his fat cock, keeping her pouty lips firmly pressed around those inches as she goes to work on him.

"Ahhhh... Yeah, suck that cock baby... God you're so fucking sexy..." He adds, smiling as he watches his length vanish up into her damp mouth before soon reappearing as she stops at the crown of his dick before pushing back down to repeat the blowing motion.

The compliment doesn't exactly relieve her of her foul mood as the ROH valet again gives him a death-glare, actually making the sight even hotter of her sucking on his fat cock as she steadily rocks her head up and down on his rod.

"Mmmmph... Mmmm mmmmph..." She groans around him, her full and luscious lips gliding back and forth over his inches and she steadily slurps on his dick, starting to leave her saliva on his manhood from the repeated, smooth action she's been using. Despite her protests and looks of defiance, the stunning grappler appears to be getting more into this, moving her head down further to take more of his length into her warm and wet mouth and increasing the pace of her bobbing action on his dick.

"Mmmm!! Yeah, like that Seleziya... You're a great little cocksucker..." Danny groans out in pleasure as he feels his tool going further in past her lips as her pretty facial features move closer towards his crotch before quickly pulling back as she blows him again and again, using her hand now to just
grip the base so he's feeling full pleasure from her oral hole.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh!! Ahhhh shit... Don't lie honey, you know what you're doing... Mmmm... With that big fucking cock..." He adds, commenting on the obviously far from novice skill she's using to orally please him as her saliva now almost covers all of his thick inches thanks to her steady and quick-paced slurps deep down onto his rod. The camera moves down to the side, and thanks to Sparx's unique shaved at the side haircut there's an unrestricted view of her bobbing back and forth onto that lengthy piece of man meat.

"Mmmmph... Mmhhhhrrrr fffhhhhrrr... Mmmm..." Her groans are still muffled by that mighty dick she's slobbering now over, using a quick, machine-like motion as she rocks her head along nearly all of his tool, proving him right as she does not appear to be gagging at all despite taking so much of that fat length deep into her oral hole.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm... Mmmmmph..." While still appearing to be furious at having to suck the cock of the hunk that just defeated her in a match, it appears her mood is softening as she bobs away on that rock hard member, glancing with far less of an intense glare between up at his smiling, moaning face, and
to the camera that's recording her dishing out this oral sex.

"Mmmm... Atta girl Seleziya... I could tell you were a woman who knows how to suck some cock." Danny says with a moan and a chuckle, watching her move her head along his length for a couple more deep and soothing motions.

Lifting her head away and completely off his tool, she sits back before moving up to her feet to look him in the eyes. "And I could tell you were a piece of shit motherfucker from the second I saw you!" Seleziya snaps at him, even as she uses a hand to wipe her saliva from off of her lips.

"Damn... Just when I thought we were getting along..." Pounder smirks, looking to the camera and giving a confident wink before back to her. "How about you slip off that attire of yours, and I'll see what I can do to change your mind about me..." He says more as an order than a suggestion, giving his dick a couple of pumps as he takes a long look over her body.

Hesitating for a moment, once again Sparx gives in to his lusty command as she starts to peel her one-piece ring gear off from her body, sliding it down her tanned frame as her nicely sized and rounded tits are exposed. Recording this stripping off, the camera moves around her as she pushes the
clothing down to reveal her magnificent, thick backside, and giving a glimpse of her trimmed pussy when she bends over to step out of her ring gear.

"Fucking stunning... Now let me give that hot body the kind of treatment you deserve..." Danny says, leading her over towards a corner of the wresting ring as he positions her to lean back against the turnbuckle as he takes a hold of her leg. Raising it up and draping it over his broad shoulder, he
grips his shaft and sliding the head across her lower folds, making her gasp with a slight glare as she glances down, despite her defiance unable to take her eyes off of his thickness as he teases her for a moment before pushing up into her snatch.

"Ahhhhhh! Fuck! Ahhhhh..." The former Hoopla Hottie of ROH moans, her eyes widening with surprise and pleasure as even with her prior reluctance she can't deny the feeling of her tight pussy getting filled up with his thick and long shaft, especially as he gets right into a firm pace to bang her

"Mother... Motherfucker!! Mmmm..." She grits her teeth, giving him another glare but one that has a lot more desire with it than before as her arms move to grip the top ropes at her sides as she stays leaning back in the corner as he stands straight and rocks his hips in order to pump his dick deep up into her cunt with this already forceful pace.

"Mmmm... Fuck... I fucking love this tight pussy of yours..." The "Unbeaten" stud states with a moan, using long strokes to plunge his cock up into her snatch as he gives it to the curvaceous stunner who'd just been sucking that same dick almost as deeply as he's currently as he drives into her love tunnel with quick and hard pumps.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm shit... You've got a body made to be fucked Seleziya..." He states between groans, keeping a grip of her leg as he looks to work his cock further into her tightness, already loving the feeling of her pussy all around his shaft when he thrusts into her but wanting to drive home to the hilt as the camera takes a close up view of his fat rod pumping in and out of her now damp looking folds.

"Mmmmm!! Is that... Is that all you... Ooooooh FUCK!! Mmmmm Think I'm for, huh??" The gorgeous Canadian snaps as she gazes between down between her tanned legs to watch his rod ram back and forth into her snug pussy, making her moan out as her body jolts a little each time he thrusts forward, making her boobs bounce at the same time.

"Ahhhhh... Huh?? Mmmm... MMMM!! Just some slut you can... Uhhhh!! Just come and fuck just because you've... MMMM... Got a massive fucking cock??" She moans out, her pleasure now obvious to see as takes this steady and forceful pumping, that defiant nature continuing to crack and slip away with every deep
thrust her now wet pussy takes, the slight lick of her lips showing that she's getting more into this thanks to his expertly paced fucking of her snatch.

"Mmmm... Come on now babe, we both know I won fair... Ahhhh! And square..." Pounder points out with a proud smirk, sliding one hand up her sexy body to hold onto her shoulder while the other moves across to give her bouncing breast a squeeze, further making her moan out and all the while never missing a beat as he pumps away deeply into her snatch. The camera angles downward to get a fantastic view of her whole tanned and curved body as he bangs her, capturing his cock going balls deep into her each time he rocks his hips towards her, and seeing that fat length slide back a few inches in order to drive back in with a forceful, erotic slapping sound.

"Mmmm!! Ahhhh fuck... You like that baby? You like my big cock fucking that tight little snatch of yours?" He asks with a moan, squeezing her breast again as he continues to send his manhood driving straight forward into her box, the motion even smoother now that before with the layer of her formed
pussy juices that now over his pole.

"MMMMM... FUCK!! That what you want huh? Ahhhhh..." The starlet of AIW and SMASH Wrestling groans as she tosses her long, dark hair back over her shoulder, taking a long look down at the meaty dick that's ploughing in and out of her tight and wet pussy, making her body rock back into the corner she's against as she stays held up on one leg to take this fucking.

"You want... AHHHHH... Mmmm!! You just want me to say I'm now your... MMMM... New slut??" She's able to moan out, lustfully gazing at the hunk who's gone from beating her in a match to now being balls deep inside her hot cunt as the slap of skin meeting tanned skin rings out each time he drives up into
that damp hole to make her groan out with increasingly devoid of shame enjoyment.

"Mmmm!! All I want is to see... Mmmm... What kind of a hot piece of ass you are... Ahhhh... On top of being a fine wrestler..." Pounder says, smirking as he uses a long stroke to bring his cock out of her pussy, again smacking the crown against her entrance before he brings her leg off his shoulder to set down on the canvas.

Showing the deceptive power the beautiful and built grappler has, Seleziya rushes forward and tackles him down to the mat of the ring, making him groan as he lays on his back and she climbs on top of him. "Oh I'll show you motherfucker!!" She says with a grin and lust in her eyes as she lifts up in order to position his fat rod with her pussy. "MMMM!! I'll give you all of this fine ass that... UHHHH!! You can fucking handle!!" She moans out, tossing her head back as she starts to bounce on his member.

"MMMM... Awwww fuck!! Works for me babe!" He says with a grin, taking a hold of her of her tanned midsection as he watches that curvy frame move swiftly up and down on his rock hard length, making them both moan out as she rides him with a purpose, and when being completely inside that tight and damp snatch feels this good? He has no issues with letting her take the lead and show her fucking ability once again with this already intense pace even just a few bounces into it.

"Mmmm... Ride that fucking cock Seleziya! Ahhhh... Get that hot pussy working on my big cock..." The muscular and handsome hunk encouraged, having a great view of her bouncing breasts as she sharply drops herself onto his stiff rod, hitting the base every time to fill her snatch up with his man meat as she works her hips, all fired up now and looking to both prove a point as well as fulfill her desires now.

"UHHHHH!! MMMM... FUCK!! Ahhhhh..." The sexy valet of the House of Truth stable in ROH moans deeply with closed eyes, in the zone now and far removed from her previous defiant attitude as it gets as she briskly rides the cock that's deep in her soaking wet cunt. The camera in the ring has been moved down to get a perfect shot of her thick, stunning ass that jiggles sexily each time she bounces on his thick manhood, recording her snatch moving smoothly and with speed up and down on that rod in a truly porn-star quality performance.

"MMMM... Ooooooh SHIIIIIT!! Big... AHHHHH!! Big fucking cock... Filling up my... UHHHHH... Fucking pussy!!" She groans out, moving her hands up to play with her own ample chest as she rocks herself on that lengthy shaft, working it quickly in and out of her snug and wet snatch and making both herself and the stud she's on top off moan out in pleasure as she skillfully rides his cock.

"MMMMM... Fucking get it Seleziya... God, you ride my dick... Ahhhhh!! So fucking good..." Danny states the obvious but shows he knows how to push all the right buttons to get a stunning female wrestler like this to do what he wants, and right now that's her riding his dick time and time again with intense, quick bounces as she takes him balls deep into that dripping wet now pussy.

"Mmmm!! Come closer to me baby... AHHHHH... Let me show you... Fuck!! Why I'm called Pounder..." He's able to moan out, sliding his hands up her body as she lowers herself sharply down onto his rod a couple more times, the slap of skin meeting tanned skin sounding out when her voluptuous backside drops down and she sends her snatch to the base of his tool and stuff herself full with every inch of this thick cock.

"MMMM... OH FUCK... You'd fucking better!! AHHHH!!" The woman known to compete as #Sparx hisses out, leaning forwards and pressing her breasts against the desirably defined chest of the hunk she's mounted on top off. She's soon rewarded as she reaches forward, gripping her ass cheeks as he starts to drive is shaft in and out of her snatch with force and speed, making her scream out in pleasure as he indeed pounds into that lovely, wet pussy, the aggressive pace making those thick butt cheeks jiggle from the impact when he pumps up deep into her built to be fucked hole.

"AHHHHHH!! Ooooooooh FUUUUUUCK!! MMMMM!! Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!! AHHHHH!!" She yells out, tossing her head and her now sweat-soaked hair back as she gazes back, trying to get a look at the swiftly thrusting cock that's hammering into her dripping box but she's instead giving the camera a look
at her moan, beautiful face to make the sight of her snatch getting stuffed full even hotter than before.

"Ahhhhh SHIT... MMMM... Fucking take it baby!! Ahhhhh!! TAKE that big fucking cock!!" The stud underneath her grunts as he drives his fat dick rapidly in and out of her already well fucked to say the least snatch, his balls slapping up into her every time he sends his member deep into that amazing-feeling Canadian pussy. He's showing his own skill at this "art", knowing to keep those full and thick ass cheeks apart so the camera can clearly film him slamming home his rod balls deep into her snug snatch, the whacking sound of his crotch connecting with her snatch sounding out when he pumps right into her still nicely tight hole.

"MMMM!! Yeah!! Mmmmm... I fucking knew... AHHHH!! A hottie like you can... AHHHH... Take a dick!!" He groans out with a smile, seeing how her tanned and full-figured frame is jolting against his muscular frame from the power he's putting behind each and every swift thrust he's giving to the beauty who's nicknamed the Sass Queen, but currently is showing herself to be a size queen from the way she's taking this hard banging from his massive cock.

"FUCK!! MMMM YES!! Ahhhhh!! MMMMM OH FUCK!! FUUUUUUCK AHHHHHHH!!" Seleziya lets out a long and loud scream of pleasure as she begins to cum hard on the pounding cock that's ravishing her pussy, sweat dripping off her stunning face along with the rest of her luscious body as she's made to rock on top of the hunk who's driving her through a powerful sexual high.

"AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM... MMMMM!! FUUUUUUUUCK..." She can only moan out and take it as he continues to thrust away into that snug and now completely soaking hole, the increased juices making the sloppy smacking sound when he drives up and balls deep into her all the more erotic as a clearly mind-blowing orgasm rocks her built and beautiful body.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh fuck yeah... AHHHHH... Bet you fucking loved that..." Pounder groans with a grin, stopping his pumps to keep his shaft buried deep inside her more than just fell fucked pussy, using his grip on her backside to make her grind onto his cock.

"Mmmmm!! AHHHHH... Holy... Holy fucking shit!! That was... Fuck!!" Seleziya gasps out, still resting against his body as she tries to catch her breath. "Ahhhh... You... Ooooooooh FUCK!! Mmmmm you motherfucker..." She groans as he lifts her up so he can pull out of her pussy, allowing the camera to get a red hot view of her dripping wet folds along with all the juices that are coating his still rock hard rod.

"Mmmmm... But we ain't fucking done yet..." Danny says with a smirk, looking out to the far camera that he knows his zoomed in on him. "Let's see if she can go for another "fall" in this one..." He says, starting to roll her off of him as the video footage changes into the "next" scene using tiled
graphics to "flip" the footage.

* * *

When the tiles finish flipping the scene is now just barely minutes later with the now fully naked Seleniya Sparx now in the face-down, booty up position resting her face on her arms crossed underneath her, her thick and sexy ass sticking outwards with the lower portion of her tanned body
resting on her knees on the canvas of the ring she's been getting fucked in. The camera in the squared circle is focusing on that magnificent booty as from the side Danny Pounder uses one hand to spread her cheeks apart, giving another view of that well-fucked snatch that's dripping with her
fluids, but also of her puckered and very tight looking asshole.

"No way I couldn't tap this hot as hell ass..." Danny states as he uses a free hand to pour a stream of lubricant out of a bottle, causing her to groan when it splashes onto her asshole and trickles down her ass crack. He skillfully uses a finger on the hand keeping those full cheeks spread to rub the liquid over her vice-like entrance, testing before he forcefully plunges the digit inside, causing her body to tense as she rather sinfully moans out at the invasion even though she knew it was coming.

"Oh yeah... This is gonna be a tight one, that's for fucking sure..." He says with obvious approval as he slips his finger in and out of her backside, working the lubricant in deep to her booty as well as preparing her back passage for what's about to come, and the steady way he's fingering her ass shows this is far from his first time taking a woman backdoor-style.

"Uhhhhhh!! AHHHHH... FUCK... Kinky... Dirty motherfucker..." Sparx groans out, closing her eyes with a hiss as she feels the finger-banging going on but both so worn out from her intense sexual high from moments ago and still caught up in the lust of this filthy enough already sexual experience, she
doesn't even attempt to stop what's going on.

"Mmmmm... UHHHH!! You'd better... MMMMM... Make the most of my ass, you... Ahhhhh! Big cocked bastard!!" She states, licking her full lips at the thought that appears to be very appealing to her as she keeps her bottom raised up, swaying ever so slightly as he continues to pump his finger in and out of
her asshole and pour some more lube out down onto her clearly tightest of holes.

"Well, since you offered so nicely..." He teases as he gives the camera a wink, withdrawing his digit from her backside as he moves around behind her, the bottle cast aside as he uses a hand to spread her cheek and give access to that readied entrance, and uses the other to line up his clearly also well lubed up and still rock hard shaft.

"MMMM!! Hooooooly FUCK!! Ahhhhhh!! Mmmmm what a fucking ass..." He moans out loudly as he forces the head and then the first couple of inches into her ass, pulling completely out in order to push back in and repeating this testing motion a few more times before he pushes in and stays in. Keeping
her cheeks apart so the camera can get a view of his thickness lodged into her booty, he starts to firmly thrust into her ass, keeping the crown inside of her when he pulls back and looking to work himself further inside as he establishes this pumping action.

"UHHHHH!! Awwwwww FUCK!! Ahhhhhh!! My... SHIT!! Uhhhhh my ass..." The Woman of Honor groans out as she gazes back, looking almost cock-drunk with lust as she feels his member now sliding back and forth into her asshole from behind, meaning now that all three of her sensual holes have been filled
with the cock of the hunk who defeated her in a match that feels like a lifetime ago now to her.

"MMMM... Ahhhhhh!! Ooooooooh Fuuuuuuuck..." Now though it's a different feeling as she allows herself to be completely used, his meaty length now pumping smoothly into her back passage and making her groan deeply and even start to push her rump backwards against the incoming thrusts into her full and
stunning ass.

"MMMMM!! Sounds like... AHHHHH... Someone loves being fucked up her... UHHHHHH!! Thick fucking ass!" The handsome and sexually skilled to say the least stud says with a groan, loving the intensely tight feeling all around his dick as he pumps into her booty, his hand keeping her cheek apart both for
the benefit of the recording camera and himself for an unrestricted entry as he moves his shaft in gradually deeper into that full ass with every couple of pumps he sends into her.

"AWWWWW FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Holy SHIT!! MMMMM what an amazing ass..." He states with a moan, using the free hand to give her other cheek a sharp spank, making her groan and him grin as that struck cheek jiggles, just another addition to the already smoking hot sight of the gorgeous beauty getting
fucked up the ass as he backside presses backward to meet his stiff and perfectly paced thrusts into her asshole.

"Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm... I can... UHHHHH FUCK!! I can take it..." The notably long reigning MCW Women's Champion states between groans as she remains down keeping her ass raised and her body rocking back and forth against the motion going deeper into her backside, her tits rubbing against the surface of the ring as she takes this fucking from behind.

"MMMM... Give... Fucking give it to me!! UHHHHH... Fuck my ass!!" She begs, licking her lips as she gazes back again with a very sinful glare, seeing his muscular and desirable body moving towards and then away from her as he steadily slides his manhood into her tight back passage, and from the fact that she's taken an impressive amount of his cock into her already shows that she might be telling the truth when it comes to handling anal sex.

"MMMM... You asked for it baby..." The "Unbeaten" stud grins as he grips her hips, the camera moving up over for a POV-style view as he starts to forcefully thrust his cock in and out of her extremely snug asshole, making himself moan out loudly as he drives in deep into her fantastically full and rounded backside, in turn making her call out with desire at this increase of pace.

"AHHHHH!! Awwwww FUCK!! MMMMM... Ahhhhhh!!" He moans out, driving his tool forward between her tanned and juicy butt cheeks, discovering to his delight that she wasn't kidding about being able to handle this kind of treatment as he's able to plunge in further, his crotch inching closer towards her rump as he works his meaty dick back and forth into her tightness while beads of sweat start to trickle down his handsome face.

"OH!! AHHHH!! MMMM... FUCK!! Fuck... FUCK!! UHHHH..." The Canadian grunts out, still able to push her curvaceous frame firmly backward against the invading cock that's filling up her back passage just as it had done to her mouth and her still dripping with juices snatch over the course of this sexual session that now sees her getting fucked up the ass from behind.

"MMMM Shiiiiiiit... AHHHHHH... AHHHHH!!" Her head slightly raised up, she's able to look back with her eyes full of lust as she shamelessly works herself against this anal pumping, feeling his shaft push in deep and proving once again she can handle this size of a mighty dick, even into her thick and stunning ass like this as her butt cheeks shake and jiggle erotically when she rocks back and he pushes forward to bang her.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh fuck yeah!! MMMM!! Fucking that big cock!!" The stud behind her manages to say between deep groans of pleasure, his cock now ramming deeply into her built to be fucked hard backside as those juicy cheeks continue to shake as he takes the beautiful female wrestler from behind, working swiftly back and forth into that raised up rump.

"Aaaaaaaah MMMMM!! Holy shit!! MMMM... FUCK!! Mmmmmm..." He groans, his hands moving back to first squeeze and then spread her butt cheeks, the camera moving around to get a close-up view of those shaking cheeks and her still very tight asshole clamped around his long and fat cock as he swiftly and with force drives deep into her booty, proving his name of Pounder to be completely true from the way he's tapping that ass.

"Uhhhhh! UHHHHH!! MMMM... Oh fucking HELL!! My ass... AHHHHH..." Sparx groans, finding her head slumping down into her arms as she closes her eyes, looking exhausted as sweat coats her stunning body yet she's still able to push her thick backside back against those deep and powerful thrusts that are ravaging her ass quite unlike anything she's ever, and may ever experience in her life again.

"UHHHH... UHHHHH!! AHHHHH... UHHHHHH!!" She gasps out, her rounded breasts still sliding against the canvas as she remains in this face down, ass up position, leaving her far from looking like the talented in-ring competitor she's known to be and more like an anal-craving slut as she continues to
groan out with every in and out pump into her backside she takes.

"MMMM... Awwwwww FUCK baby! I've got... MMMMM... A real big... AHHHHH... Load coming right up for you..." The sweat-covered hunk states, feeling his dick beginning to pulse within her tight back passage, but making sure to give her thick ass the kind of treatment it deserves he continues to give her more of these hard and swift pumps as the camera continues to get a perfect shot of both him pounding away into that rump and the rest of her stunning body as she groans away from his motion.

"AWWWWW... MMMMM... Fuck yeah!! Gonna fucking... UHHHH!! Cover you good Seleziya..." He vows, gritting his teeth as he fires off a few more deep as he can manage thrusts into her tanned and rounded backside, watching those cheeks jiggle wonderfully and how still impressively snug her back passage remains clamped around his thickness as he quickly slides it in and out of her even as the throbbing of his member noticeably increases.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm... Fuck... Fuck yeah... Give me that fucking cum... UHHHHH..." She moans out in her sex-drunk state, able to gaze back and watch him drive into her ass from behind with a few more powerful thrusts that leave her feeling so filled up that when he starts to pull out completely from her
booty she groans with disappointment at how empty her back passage now feels. The camera gets a good shot at her now gaping asshole, showing how expertly her rump has been banged by him much like all of her holes have been over the course of his "victory celebration".

"Ahhhh... Do it motherfucker... Cover... Cover my face with that cum..." She tiredly begs as showing how strong and built she is on top of being drop dead gorgeous, she's able to roll over and get up onto her knees even after being fucked so hard and deep in the ass, using a hand to brush her long
dark hair out of her face as she gazed up at the very cock that's been in her holes.

"MMMM... Damn... Damn fucking right... AHHHHH... You're gonna get it..." Danny vows as he grips his pulsating cock and steps in towards her, aiming at her stunning face as the camera gets the best view from above as she slightly tilts her head back, pressing her pouty lips together and closing her eyes,
ready for a facial to go along with the sweat already coating her.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! Here it fucking comes baby... AWWWWW FUCK!! Mmmmm..." He says with a deep groan, and sure enough the first hot blast of jizz fires out to land over Seleziya Sparx's face, landing over the forehead, eyes, and also onto her long, dark hair that's hanging down. The shots keep on coming as his sizable load splashes down onto her cheeks on both sides of her face, onto those full lips, her nose, forehead, and a little landing on his chin as he makes sure to move closer in when the initial big blasts have ended and he's stroking out the smaller blasts.

"Ahhhhh... MMMM... Ahhhhh yes... Mmmmm..." He gasps and moans, still jerking steadily as he eases out the final few drops to really coat her pretty facial features with his spunk, the recording camera getting the full money shot of her face covered with cum as some trickles down from off her
cheeks and chin, a noticeable trail breaking off from her chin and landing onto her chest.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh... I think now you see why I'm called the Unbeaten for a reason Seleziya." Danny states with a proud smirk, stepping back from her as he lets go of his spent rod.

"Mmmm... Fuck!!" Seleziya groans, still staying down for a moment like she's savouring the feeling of all that cum all over her face. "You're the real... Fucking deal, that's for sure..." She admits, finally reaching up as she carefully wipes spunk away from her eyes.

"That I am... And just so you know, if you ever feel like a rematch against me... Or just a hook-up..." Pounder says with a chuckle. "I'm always ready to take on another female wrestler again."

Looking up, a smirk appears on her cum-covered face. "You be careful what you wish for, motherfucker... I might take you up on both of those..." Sparx says with a rather lustful tone.

"That's exactly what I'm hoping for." Danny says as the camera focuses on Seleziya as she stays down on her knees, catching her breath and licking her lips with a smirk as the video footage switches with sliding-style graphics to an image screen that simply reads: "Another victory... For the UNBEATEN!" before the video fades to black and ends.

* * *

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