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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Cherry Bomb (SHIMMER, CZW, SHINE Wrestling)

The Unbeaten Challenge - Cherry Bomb
A women of wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video begins with a simple image screen with the words "The Unbeaten Challenge!" and underneath in smaller writing reads "Recorded Summer 2014". This soon changes to a screen with new words: "Fame and fortune await any female wrestler who can defeat the so far undefeated, unstoppable, and
UNBEATEN grappler Danny Pounder." The next screen reads: "However... If our challenger loses, she agrees to be FUCKED in the very ring she just lost in!"

Now the video fades into a graphic screen that reads "ONE ON ONE - STRIPPING MATCH!" In turn this switches to one reading: "RULES... The only way to win is to completely strip your opponent NAKED! Anything goes... And we mean ANYTHING!".

The footage switches to seeing the female participant for this contest, as marked by a graphic on the bottom of the screen that reads "THE CHALLENGER". The gorgeous Canadian female wrestler known for competing in Combat Zone Wrestling, SHIMMER Women Athletes, and SHINE Wrestling - Cherry Bomb! The long, dark haired beauty is clad in tight fitting pink and white with black ring attire of bottoms that hug to her nicely rounded ass, and a no sleeve, low cut top that shows off her big, sexy tits.

"Listen up! I'm Cherry Bomb, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And whoever this idiot is who thinks he can strip me down and then fuck me in the middle of the ring? He must be out of his fucking mind more than the idiot slobs of CZW!" Cherry states with a determined look on her pretty face. "In CZW I'm used to all kind of ultraviolence going on, so I'm not afraid of whatever this guy thinks he's going to bring to this match. I'm going to strip him down, humiliate him, and then? I'll kick his ass some more!" She vows. "So you better tell this "Unbeaten" guy to get ready to have an empty bank account along with some blue balls because I'm winning this damn Stripping Match and he's leaving without even getting close to getting a piece of me!" She adds with a confident smirk.

Titled graphic effects are used again to switch to a new scene, the bottom bar now reading "The Unbeaten" as a handsome, muscular man with short brown hair wearing gold wresting tights that are so close fitting that do nothing to hide the obvious sizable package in his pants, and matching fingerless wrestling gloves and boots smiles to the camera.

"The Unbeaten, Danny Pounder here once again!" He introduces himself. "And I've got another hottie looking to try her luck against me in one of my all time favourite match types, the Stripping Match! Now Cherry Bomb might be world travelled, she might hang about in that ultraviolent promotion CZW a
whole lot, and mix things up against other gorgeous females in places like SHIMMER and SHINE... But all I care about? Is that she's smoking hot, got a great rack, and that pretty face of hers is made to take my spunk all over it!" Danny states with another smile. "I'm going to take real pleasure in
peeling off that ring gear and getting my hands all over that body of yours Cherry Bomb... Or maybe you'll do the work for me. It's happened before. All I know is I'm gonna get a piece of you and have you moaning all over my cock, and all that cash reward is going nowhere as I stay undefeated. One
thing I know is for sure? Is that when you get a view of this..." He says, making a point to grip his cock through his clothing. "You'll forget about any kind of light tubes and barbed wire when you see a real weapon that's Hardcore..."

* * *

The video now changes using a full-screen flip style effect to a wide shot of a full scale professional wrestling ring in what appears to be a warehouse of some sorts but with no-one in attendance except for the two competitors in the ring and a cameraman in the ring. From behind this far camera, the sound of a ring bell being struck is heard and we switch to the in-ring shot where Cherry Bomb looks less than impressed.

"You're barely dressed! This is going to be too damn easy!" Cherry states with a laugh.

"Remember, it's fully naked... The gloves and boots have got to come off of me as well..." Danny reminds her with a smirk, motioning for her to bring it.

Narrowing her eyes, Bomb steps forward as the two lock up, and instantly she's finding herself being backed up all the way to a corner. Unable to escape, she's made to lean back in the turnbuckle as Pounder forces her arms up and over the ropes, and giving a break as he deliberately places his hands on her ripe tits for a brief squeeze before he steps back.

"Ahhhh! You piece of shit!" Cherry snaps, charging forward after him but finds herself being scooped up easily into his arms, held all the way up with a Military Press that holds her body right up from the mat above his head. Stepping back he lets her free-fall downwards with a thud, and we can
hear her groan with pain as she tries to pull herself off the mat. She's cut off with a stomp to the back, and a second before he reaches down, forcing her to sit up on the mat as he moves behind her, kneeling to place the knee into the back as he pulls back on both of her arms by the wrists for a Seated Surfboard.

"Ahhhhh!! No!! Let... Let go of me!!" Bomb protests in discomfort, kicking her feet against the canvas as the camera focuses on her tits that are being pushed out forwards by this hold but softening her up, he keeps it locked on for several moments. Letting go of the arms, Pounder doesn't let up as he moves in, capturing the head to bring her up and all too easily sending her back down with the simple Body Slam, leaving her clutching her back as she reaches back.

"What? Thought this would just be clothes ripping?" Danny taunts with a smirk, taking his time slightly bouncing off the ropes to come back in and deliver a Knee Drop to the back, further making her groan. Rolling her over onto her front, he once again stomps her for good measure, moving down and mounting on top of her, pulling back the arms as he applies the Camel Clutch submission hold.

"No!! Ahhhhh!! Shit!! You can't even... Ahhhh!! Win by submission!!" Bomb whines, her trapped arms flailing slightly as she closes her eyes from the pain, trapped in this hold with nowhere to go against the grip and weight of the far larger and stronger opponent. This hold allows another great
view of her cleavage on display as he keeps it locked on for a few moments, breaking the grip of the chin in order to stand up and drop down with all his weight onto the back, sending her groaning down to the canvas.

"What's the matter? Thought you were into violence?" Pounder taunts as he reaches down, bringing her upwards so he can scoop her up in his powerful arms, continuing to target the back as he drives her down with a Side Slam, leaving her gasping for breath on the canvas. The assault doesn't stop on
the beautiful Canadian as he pulls her tanned and curved body up again, this time picking her off the mat in order to drive her down across the knee with a Backbreaker, leaving her groaning in pain as he keeps her placed across the knee.

"Ahhhhh! N... No!! Ahhhhh... My... My back... Ahhhhh!!" Cherry Bomb yells in pain as he applies pressure, one hand on her chin and the other on her leg to force her to stay bend over backwards across his knee, the discomfort clear as suffering shoots up her spin from his submission hold. Her long hair hangs down as her tits slightly shake as she struggles, both her hands grabbing at the arm applied to her head but doing nothing to break the hold due to his superior strength.

Mercifully he releases his grip, shoving her unceremoniously off his knee and to the mat, watching with a smirk as she kicks her feet against the canvas and again reaches to hold her hurting back. Taking his time, he reaches down, pulling her up around the arms with almost no resistance as
he forces her over towards a corner of the ring. However suddenly, perhaps out of desperation she fires of a Back Elbow to stun him, and a second making him stumble back. Making a mistake of charging in, Pounder runs into nothing but turnbuckle as Bomb dodges the charge.

Seeing a chance to take advantage of this, Cherry forces him back from the corner so she can climb up onto it, grabbing the head and applying The Cherry Choke! For the first time it's Danny feeling the pain as he grits his teeth, trapped in this Top Rope Chokehold as she yells out and leans back as far as she can to apply the pressure. Releasing the choke, she uses a boot to the back of the head to send Pounder stumbling forward while she moves to climb up further to the top rope. When her opponent turns around she takes to the air, catching him with an impressive Diving Crossbody that finally takes him off his feet!

"That's it! You're done for!" Bomb claims as she gets up first, showing the effects of the assault on her back as she struggles up. However she's able to measure her opponent, motioning for one of her big finishing maneuvers in the form of her Best Superkick Ever as Pounder appears to be struggling
up to his feet. When he gets there she makes the move as she looks to land that Superkick when he starts to turn around.

Sadly it's not too be for her as his hands shoot up, catching the foot before it can land as he holds her up on that limb, the shock on her face clear to see before he spins her around to face away, allowing him to scoop her up from behind and lift her all the way up into position for a Torture
Rack. She groans out loudly from the pain as he hooks her around the head and leg, bending her over the shoulders as her eyes close shut to try and block out the pain. The camera is able to get a great shot of her tits once again while locked in this hold but only for a few moments before he drops
down sharply into a seated position, sending shockwaves through his opponent's already hurting back as she slumps down to the canvas.

"Nice try babe.... But I think we've both had our fun here..." Danny states as he moves around and pulls the dazed stunner up to also sit on the mat as he moves behind her. With a smirk, he takes a hold of her tight wrestling top and starts lifting it up, the full and rounded breasts of Cherry Bomb
being revealed to the camera as they bounce free from the clothing. He doesn't stop until its lifted all the way up her arms and completely off her, where he steps back and holds the garment up high.

"Great tits there Cherry... But how long do you really want to keep fighting for like this?" Pounder slightly taunts as he tosses the top outside of the ring.

Coming back to her senses now, she gasps and covers herself up seeing her topless state, glaring furiously as she spins around on her knees and looks right up at the grinning, handsome hunk. "You bastard!" Cherry Bomb snaps. "You're going to pay for this!!" She vows, boldly reaching forward and
gripping his tight fitting trunks. "You're going... Going to..."

The voice of the Canadian beauty trails off as she yanks down those shorts, her eyes now widening in surprise as she seeing the huge, thick and already hardening cock that the "Unbeaten" hunk possesses, not noticing that he deliberately didn't try to stop her like he knew this would exactly happen.
That rage has suddenly vanished as she gazes over his member, the camera getting a good shot of her topless upper body as she continues to look over that dick, briefly licking her lips as it appears she likes what she sees.

"You know, it's rude to stare..." Danny says with a chuckle, as he looks over the stunning female wrestler, the sight of her bare and beautiful breasts helping him to harden. "But if you feel like doing something else to it, then by all means be my guest babe..." He offers with a smirk.

Glancing up at him, she bites down on her bottom lip but looking back, she indeed uses a hand to take a hold of his tool, giving him a couple of pumps as he hardens like she's wondering if this is still OK to do, but soon enough she's using that hand to properly stroke his length, soon getting it to its full, mouth watering size that only makes her shift up closer towards him as she stays down on her knees.

"I've... I've never seen one so big..." She admits, clearly unable to resist such a massive piece of man meat, she parts her lips and guides his rod right into her mouth, groaning as it fills her mouth up as she pushes down to the half-way mark, her hand gripping and stroking the base as she slowly
lifts herself back up and all the way off, gazing lustfully up at him as she jerks off his whole stiff length.

"Fuck... That felt good..." She admits, spitting down onto the crown before diving back in, sliding his tool past her soft lips as she starts to rock her head back and forth with a steady but firm motion, moaning slightly around that thick pole as she works over the top portion, and uses her hand to both stroke the lower half as well as keep him straight and in place for her.

"Mmmm fuck... Trust me, it feels even better..." Pounder chuckles with a smile, watching the pretty face of the Canadian wrestler moving smoothly back and forth along his rock hard cock, moaning as he feels her lovely lips pressed tightly around his meat for the full effect of this already hot feeling
blowjob as she steadily takes him in and out of her warm-feeling mouth.

"Ahhhh... Hell yeah Cherry, suck that big fucking cock..." He encourages, making sure to use his hand to keep her long dark hair back and over her shoulder so the camera can get the clear view of her desire-driven slurping on his shaft as she bobs away with a nicely paced and fluid motion, and
still using her hand to work over the inches she isn't yet sucking on yet.

"Mmmmmph... Mmmmph!! Mmmm..." Bomb groans, still gazing up in an apparent cock-drunk state as she pleasures the handsome stud with her soothingly damp oral hole, showing clear skill in dishing out blowjobs as she keeps her head moving smoothly and further down onto his size with repeated,
crisp up and down motions onto his dick.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmph... Mmmm..." She further shows her own lust over this, using the free hand to cup and squeeze her own luscious tits, making her moan around the cock she's deeply blowing as her saliva begins to coat all of his tool, spread down towards the base by her jerking palm and applied by her swiftly bobbing head.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh shit... Fuck, that's real fucking good..." The muscular stud moans with delight, licking his own lips as he feels hers dragging back and forth wonderfully along his manhood as she handles now a large portion of his rod, the saliva trickling down as she closes her eyes, pushing that gorgeous face down further to take even more of his meaty inches into her hungry mouth.

"Mmmm!! Oh yeah baby... Mmmmm fuck... Don't hurt yourself there girl..." He groans his approval again with a smirk, commenting on how she gags when the head of his cock connects with the back of her mouth, a little more than the SHINE Wrestling and CZW starlet can handle but to her credit she keeps on sucking him off, taking a hold of his sturdy thighs as she roughly forces her head down onto his vast size.

"UHHHRRKKK... GAHHHHHH... MMMMPH... GAHHHHHH..." She loudly groans and gags as her spit seeps past her lips as she fights to keep them pressed around this fat cock, feeling this discomfort of trying to deep throat all of this dick but the sinful desire driving her on even as she continues to gag and her
saliva drips off of his inches and down off of her chin onto her own perfectly rounded tits.

"MMMPH... UHHHHLLLKKK!! GAAAAAHHHH... MMMMPHH..." Even muffled by all that man meat deep in her mouth her groans can still be heard as she delivers a couple more up and down bobs of the head before forcefully pushing her head right down, pressing her beautiful face into his crotch as she gags loudly, her saliva splattering all over him but successfully going balls deep onto that big dick. Staying down for a few moments, she looks up with starting to water eyes as she gags against his length, finally relenting and pulling all the way back and off of his now saliva-drentched shaft with a gasp.

"Ahhhhh... Fuck!! That big fucking cock is going right in me, right now!" Cherry Bomb states with a lusty glare, shifting back and quickly reaching to untie and take off her wrestling boots.

"After some great cock sucking like that? It will be my pleasure..." Danny states, casually stepping out of his tights as he watches her ditch the footwear.

"Damn fucking right you will!" Bomb says as she slides down her bottoms, showing off her nicely rounded ass along with her already moist and neatly trimmed cunt. "And don't give me any off the weak stuff either!"

"I do love being a winner..." Pounder whispers to the camera, referencing how she's actually cost herself the match by stripping off the last of her clothing before he moves down towards her as she lays down on her back on the canvas. "Guess you want me to go "ultraviolent" on this fine looking
pussy, right?" He chuckles as he lifts her hips and legs up, leaning over her as he pushes his dick into her snatch.

"Mmmm... You'd fucking better..." The sexy female grappler moans as she feels his cock plunging into her snatch, so focused on watch him start to pump his member in and out of her tightness that she doesn't pay attention to the sound of the ring bell being struck. Any thoughts about the match she was supposed to be involved in are long gone as she groans, resting her head in her hands as she takes his dick in this piledriver position and watching with approval as he thrusts in that covered with her saliva cock straight down into her ready for it snatch.

"Ahhhh!! Come on, harder! Give me that big fat cock!" She rather whorishly begs, gritting her teeth as her eyes and head nod up and down a few times as she follows the path his thick rod is taking as he plunges it into her wet pussy deeply before pulling out until the head and an inch or so remain
inside before soon repeating the motion again to make them both moan out.

"Mmmm... Oh I'm gonna give it to you babe..." The "Unbeaten" hunk states with a groan, his legs spread and arched as he leans over, allowing the camera a perfect view of her shapely ass and of her wet snatch as he pumps in and out with a quick, steady rhythm as he once again shows how experienced he is at fucking with this effortless and deep pace.

"Ahhhhh... Gonna give it all... Mmmm.. To this tight fucking pussy..." He adds between groans of enjoyment, loving the feel of her snug and damp hole all around his rod as he pushes in deeper and deeper still, gazing down at her tanned and curved frame underneath him as she moans out each time he gives her a inward or outward thrust, never fully pulling out as he bangs her against the surface of the ring's canvas.

"Uhhhh!! MMMM... Fuck!! Oh shit... Mmmmm!!" The former CCW Women's Champion moans out, her mouth slightly hanging open as starts to rock back against the mat as he puts force behind his already deep thrusts, his muscular frame connecting with her desirable body as he gives her long and swift strokes with his thick length, his ballsack starting to slap into her ass when he drives in.

"MMMM!! Yesssss!! MMMM... Fuck that pussy! Give me... Ahhhhh! That big fucking dick!!" She groans, closing her eyes and turning her head for a moment as her large, ripe tits bounce in time with the jolting motion her body is being made to do, her lust only increasing as she takes this hard, sudden
pumps that were exactly what she was after, and her very shameless moans of delight show she has not been disappointed.

"Mmmm... Yeah, take it Cherry Bomb... Take all of that huge cock..." Danny says with a handsome smile and a moan, using his hands to hold her legs in place by the ankles as he continues to use forceful, pistoning motions to dive in deep with his rod into that wet and tight box, the erotic sound of skin
meeting tanned skin ringing out each time he pumps down with every inch into her hole.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmm shit... Awwwww yeah, you love getting nailed like this... Mmmm!! Don't you babe?" He says with a groan, keeping his dick right inside her snug Canadian snatch as he only pulls out a few inches now before pumping back down so his balls connect sharply with her body, continuing to make
her jolt back and forth against the surface of the ring with every commanding, quick, and powerful thrust into her cunt that he delivers.

"Ooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM... Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm..." The camera has shifted to the side, getting an overhead view of the smoking hot visual of the stunning female wrestler getting pounded in this piledriver position, made to moan out as the hunk lodged deep in her snatch carries on ramming back and forth
straight down into that tight and damp love tunnel.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmm!! Let me ride that cock baby... MMMM FUCK!! I want to ride the fucking shit... MMMM... Out of that huge fucking cock!!" She says with a glare up of desire, licking her lips as she moans and jolts back again in response to another balls deep pump to fill up her needy pussy, running her
hands down to squeeze her jiggling tits as she takes a few more forceful thrusts from the muscular hunk who's all too easily dominated her both in the ring and in terms of fucking, shown by how she groans when he pulls out of her snatch.

"Mmmmm... Sounds like a great idea to me..." Pounder states as he stands up straight, letting the camera get a shot of his now nicely covered with her pussy juices dick.

"No... This is a great fucking idea!" Cherry says with a grin, getting up and jumping into his arms, wrapping her legs around his well-defined waist and her arms around his strong neck.

"Atta girl! Show me what you've fucking got!" Danny states, reaching underneath with a hand as he guides his cock into that pussy once again, making them both to moan out.

"MMMM!! Oh I'll... Uhhhhh!! I'll show you alright!" Cherry Bomb states with a hiss through her teeth, grinding down against his crotch as she adjusts for a moment, giving him the time to grip her by her toned midsection for support. Taking a deep breath, the world-travelled competitor begins to
bounce herself up and down on his fat cock, the camera in position underneath to watch the slick and steady movement of her wet snatch moving along his shaft, her ass cheeks shaking to just add to the already stunning sight of her riding this cock with a purpose.

"MMMM!! Mmmmm yeah... Ahhhhh!! FUCK!! Mmmmm..." She groans, her gorgeously rounded and sized tits pressed and rubbing against the muscular chest of the stud she's holding onto as she works her still tight pussy almost all the way up and down onto his huge pole, managing to keep the top few inches trapped inside her getting wetter and wetter hole when she lifts up before forcefully slamming back down to the base with a groan of desire.

"MMMMM... Ahhhhh fuck! Yeah, I love that Cherry..." He moans his approval for her riding ability, loving how his dick feels stuffed right up into her tightness as she lifts and lowers it quickly with firm bounces, once again the erotic slapping noise of her tanned skin connecting with his desirable body ringing out with very stiff drop down onto his member that she delivers.

"Mmmm... Ride that fucking cock babe... AHHHH! Ride it good baby..." He adds, smirking as he's got a great view himself of things with her beautiful moaning face right in front of him and her lovely breasts pushing and rubbing right into his chest as she grips on tightly to him. Like a true porn professional however he knows to make sure the camera films the good stuff as well, as he reaches down to grab and spread her butt cheeks, allowing a great shot of his cock being taken back and forth into her wet snatch as she continues to deeply and rather aggressively ride him, only further showing her shameless lust over his lengthy man meat.

"MMMM!! Fuck! Fuck FUCK FUCK!! UHHHHHH!! So fucking big!!" The stunner who posed for the 2010 Nearly Naked Ladies of Wrestling Calendar continues to show exactly how to use that tanned and curvaceous body to perfection, swiftly and smoothly lifting and dropping her pussy right onto his fat length with bounce after moaning and deep bounce onto his rod.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM... Ooooooooh shit!! YES!! Ahhhhh... MMMMM FUCK!!" She gasps as sweat starts to form across her gorgeous frame, coming to a stop on his rod as she leans back a little, tilting her head to groan as she grinds her cunt down against his cock, causing him to moan out from the sensation but it's not long before she pulls back in, having caught her breath as she gets straight back into that determined, lust-fuelled riding motion.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Damn, you're good Cherry... MMMM!! Let's see how good..." Pounder states as he shows why he's got his name, sending his cock up into the bouncing beauty and making both of their moans become louder in the process as he fires his shaft straight up into the Canadian's already
filled up and wet snatch when she drops down onto that thick dick.

"MMMMM... Oh fuck!! That's what... Ahhhh! I'm talking about..." He states between moans, still gripping onto her ass as he rams his cock balls deep up into her snatch, making the timing just right so he can thrust in when she drops down forcefully onto him, and pulls out when she moves to lift up
resulting in his member ploughing in even deeper than before into her already well fucked hole.

"HOLY FUCK!! MMMM... Shit!! YES!! FUCK ME!! Fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!!" The Toronto, Ontario, Canada native screams out in delight at this increased pace as she feels that dick ramming right into her soaking wet snatch, but impressively it's just driving her on to keep on riding that same shaft as
it quickly slides hard back and forth into her pussy that seems built to be fucked hard like this over and over again.

"MMMM!! Oh shiiiiiiiit MMMMM... UHHHHH!! AHHHHH!!" She moans out, tossing her head and her long dark hair back again as she briskly rides him, her snatch slapping down sharply into his crotch as his heavy ballsack slaps hard into her skin when he rams that fat rod deep in and out of her folds
to leave them both groaning out in lustful pleasure.

"MMMM!! If you want... Ahhhhhh! To really get fucked..." Danny says, stopping his thrusts and letting her bounce freely onto him for a few moments. "Mmmm... Then get down on your hands and knees... Ahhhhhh! And assume the position..."

Licking her lips as drops of sweat trickle down her gorgeous face, she stops her riding and starts to unwrap her legs and arms from around his mouth-watering body. "Yeah? Mmmm... You gonna fuck my hot little pussy good, huh?" Cherry Bomb asks, her voice dripping with desire as she's set down onto the mat and quickly moves down to the canvas.

"I'm gonna fucking do more than just that babe..." Pounder chuckles, watching her get into the classic doggy style position and soon follows her down, getting into position behind her.

"You'd fucking better!!" Bomb says, looking back with another cock-hungry glare. "Or I'm going to... MMMMMM FUCK!!!"

Whatever the grappler who's worked for ROH and TNA in the past was going to say was cut off with a single, balls deep thrust as his muscular waist smacked into her shapely rump, and soon just moans were heard coming out of her mouth as Pounder lives up to his name with a series to hard and quick
pumps deep into her already soaking but still pleasurably tight pussy.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM!! OH YESSSSS!! AHHHHHH!!" She moans out loudly, closing her eyes and tilting her head back as she takes a series of rough and hard pumps deep into her love tunnel, making her body jolt forward and her breasts sway underneath her as her tanned frame is made to move back and forth against his thrusting motion.

"MMMM... Oh shit! OH SHIT!! UHHHHH YES!! Fucking WRECK MY PUSSY MMMMM!!" Her cries are loud and shameless as she takes this hot and heavy pounding, sweat now dripping from her body as strands of her hair stick to her pretty face, looking more and more like a dirty slut than the talented and
gorgeous female wrestler she's known to be.

"MMMM... AHHHH FUCK... Damn fucking right... AHHHHH... I'm gonna hammer you..." The "Unbeaten" stud grunts as he has a firm grip of her ass cheeks, spreading them once again as the camera has moved over for a POV-style shot to watch his big cock ram deep into that tight pussy over and over
again as the sexy slap of his body meeting hers sounds out with every quick and hard pump in her delivers.

"AHHHH... MMMMM Fuck yes Cherry!! AHHHH... Take my fucking cock!!" He groans out, beginning to sweat now himself from the effort used to fulfil the sinful needs of the gorgeous Canadian he's driving wild with his thick man meat, slamming home with every inch of his member into her dripping wet
cunt when he thrusts forward makes his nutsack smack into her body at the same time.

"Fucking... UHHHHH!! MMMM... Don't stop!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM Don't fucking stoooooop!!" The starlet of SHIMMER Women Athletes and NCW Femmes Fatales practically begs as her gorgeous body keeps on rocking back and forth from the force of the pumps she's taking deep into her wet pussy from behind as
she keeps herself up on her hands and knees on the ring canvas.

"AHHHHH... MMMM... Oooooooh FUUUUUUUCK MMMMM!!" She gasps and groans again, feeling no sting of pain at all when her nicely rounded booty connects hard with this muscular frame of the stud who's fucking her from behind with those repeated, stiff and swift thrusts that have left her completely cock-whipped and craving more of this intense banging action into her dripping wet pussy.

"MMMM... You fucking love that... AHHHH... You love my big fucking dick tearing up... UHHHHH MMMM... That hot little pussy of yours..." Pounder states the obvious as sweat appears across his desirable and defined body but he's not letting up yet as he drives his rod in and out of her box time and time again with rough and unrelenting pumps to keep his cock buried deep into her soaked hole that's more than snug enough to keep him moaning out as well as he fucks the Canadian beauty doggy style.

"AHHHHH... Awwww yeah!! MMMMM!! Take it baby! MMMM... Take all of my huge fucking cock!!" He grunts deeply, shifting his body to the side slightly and spreading her ass cheek to let the camera film his cock plunging in and out of that dripping wet twat as her juices completely coat his tool, only
adding to the sensations as he keep on pounding away into the moaning stunner in front of him. Not content with just pumping away into her snatch, he reaches forward with the free hand, taking a handful of her long, dark hair and pulling back, forcing her head up and making her groan out as he further dominates this steady sexual encounter.

"AHHHHH!! MMMM!! HOLY FUUUUUUUCK!! MMMMM..." Moans pour out of the mouth of the gorgeous Canadian as sweat drips off of her tanned and wonderfully curved body, her ripe tits still swaying underneath her as she's made to roughly rock forward and back due to the intense and powerful pumps she's
taking into her snatch from behind.

"UHHHH!! Mmmmm.. AHHHHH!! Oh FUCK!! FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK AHHHHHHH!!" She groans out deeply, her eyes rolling back slightly as she's lost in pure lust and pleasure, only increased by having her hair pulled in addition to the already controlling way the "Unbeaten" hunk is slamming his fat cock
balls deep into her snatch which is now completely dripping with her juices after enduring all of this rapid fire and hard thrusts.

"MMMMM!! Awwwww FUCK!! Looks like... AHHHHH!! I win again..." Danny moans with a grin, feeling her body tense and her snatch tighten as Cherry Bomb suddenly starts to cum hard all over his cock, unable to handle any more of his intense thrusts that have left her a moaning and sweat soaked mess as she groans out, still held in place by his grip on her ass and on her long hair as he keeps her head up.

"Awwwww SHIT!! Mmmmm!! Like a fucking... AHHHHH... Waterfall back here..." He groans with delight, referring to how even more juices now have flooded out over his shaft as he eases up on the pace and force behind his motions, but still makes her feel every one as he pumps in balls deep and makes her ride all the waves of mind-blowing pleasure that are flowing through her sexy and now fell fucked body.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm!! That... That was... Mmmmm..." Cherry Bomb groans as he pulls out of her snatch, the camera getting a view of her now soaked and stretched hole, and as soon as he lets go of her hair she slumps down to the mat, completely spent from her sexual high.

"Hope you don't... Mmmmm... Plan on leaving me hanging here..." Danny chuckles as he moves around and gets down by her side, forcing her to sit up as he grips his dick, starting to briskly jerk off as his member throbs noticeably in his grasp. "AHHHHH... Because I still won that match... MMMM... On top of getting a Hell of a prize already..."

"Ahhhh... Ahhhh... M-match? What... What match?" Cherry says between gasps, still dizzy with desire as she opens her eyes and instantly locks onto that big dick that'd just be deep in her snatch, the sight making her lick her lips.

"MMMM!! Never... Ahhhhh! Never mind baby... AHHHHH... Because here it cums!" He grunts as he swiftly strokes himself off. Only seconds later and there's another reason for her to moan out as Danny starts to shoot his load across the stunning facial features of Cherry Bomb, the first shot of spunk
splattering across her forehead and into her long dark hair before he aims his blasts downward to give a glaze covering to the rest of her pretty face.

"MMMMM!! Awwwww... Awwwww fuck!! MMMM..." He moans with a grin, not stopping his stroking motion as he fires off more shots of thick cum onto the female wrestler's face, leaving jizz all over her cheeks, forehead, lips and chin to truly leave her a well fucked mess as the final drops of his massive load are sent out onto her and he lets go of his now softening rod.

"Mmmm... Nevermind getting ultraviolent... That's the kind of Hardcore action I'm all about!" Danny says with a handsome chuckle as the camera focuses on her cum-coated face.

"Ahhhh... Oh shit... Mmmm..." Cherry Bomb groans, opening her eyes as she looks up at the hunk that just banged her brains out. "You... We're going to do this again..." She states, again showing lust in her eyes once again.

"Honey, I'm always up for a rematch... Or just a good time, your call..." Pounder states with a smirk.

Nodding her head, she licks her lips as she stays down on the mat. "The way you fuck? You fucking bet I'll be back here again!" Bomb states with a saucy grin, made hotter by all the spunk across her face as the video footage switches with sliding-style graphics to an image screen that simply reads: "Another victory... For the UNBEATEN!" before the video fades to black and ends.

* * *

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