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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Taya Valkyrie (AAA)

The Unbeaten Challenge Part 3: Taya Valkyrie
A women of wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video begins with a simple image screen with the words "The Unbeaten Challenge!" and underneath in smaller writing reads "Recorded Summer 2014". This soon changes to a screen with new words: "Fame and fortune await any female wrestler who can defeat the so far undefeated, unstoppable, and
UNBEATEN grappler Danny Pounder." The next screen reads: "However... If our challenger loses, she agrees to be FUCKED in the very ring she just lost in!"

Using a screen effect to tiles to "switch" to actual footage now, a title-bar graphic reading "The Challenger" on the bottom of the screen as we see the gorgeous Canadian blonde with stylish red dyed ends in her hair who has become a leading Luchadora in the AAA Lucha Libra promotion in Mexico - Taya Valkyrie! The curvaceous beauty is clad in purple with black trim ring attire of ring bottoms that hug nicely to her juicy ass, and a no sleeve, bra-like top that nicely shows off her well rounded tits.

"My name, for all you idiots and perverts who don't know all ready, is Taya Valkyrie, and I am not just the Princess of Perros del Mal, but the Reina De Reinas of Triple-A, and the Were-Loca!" Taya arrogantly boasts with a smile. "It's no surprise to me whoever this guy is who thinks he can handle
me and get a piece of this..." She motions to her tanned, athletic frame. "I'm the hottest woman in all of Lucha Libre, not just the best wrestler, and I've been kicking the asses of men, women, and the "Exoticos" in between for years! But I've got bad news for him and the rest of you freaks out there! It's going to be a case of you looking, but not able to see or touch..." She smirks again, placing her hands on her hips. "I'm going to destroy whoever it is I'm up against in that ring, and take all that cash to prove why I'm the hottest thing going in more ways than one. So watch carefully as this Were-Loca sinks her fangs and, because this "Unbeaten" chump has bitten off way more than he can chew!" Valkyrie warns with a confident laugh.

Titled graphic effects are used again to switch to a new scene, the bottom bar now reading "The Unbeaten" as a handsome, muscular man with short brown hair wearing gold wresting tights that are so close fitting that do nothing to hide the obvious sizable package in his pants, smiles to the camera.

"The Unbeaten, Danny Pounder here once again!" He introduces himself. "This time I've got a beauty who started off North of the border as they say, only to make a name for herself South of the border! North, South, up, down, up and down, up and down... I think she's been preparing herself for what's going to happen after I beat her in that ring and get a piece of that sexy Canadian ass of hers!" Pounder says with a smirk. "Taya, you don't have a "Rudo" referee to help you steal a win tonight, or any of your buddies you usually hang around with, and one on one against me? Sorry baby, but you don't stand a chance. You're going to end up like so many others..." He reaches down, gripping his sizable package. "Getting up close and personal with me after I beat you in that ring, keep all that prize money safely in the bank, and making this sexy little Were-Loca howl in a whole different way than at the Moon!"

* * *

The video now changes using a full-screen flip style effect to a wide shot of a full scale professional wrestling ring in what appears to be a warehouse of some sorts but with no-one in attendance except for the two competitors in the ring and a cameraman in the ring. From behind this far camera, the sound of a ring bell being struck is heard as Valkyrie and Pounder circle each other, an on-screen graphic reading: Rules - One pinfall or submission to a fair finish. No fast counts or tights/rope aided pins or holds permitted. Rope breaks must be given. Match can only be won inside the ring. May the best competitor win!"

"You don't know who you're messing with..." Taya warns as she comes forward, and doesn't waste time going for the tricks as she fakes out a lock-up to instead kick him in the stomach, slamming both hands Axe Handle style into the back for good measure as she turns to come off the ropes, charging back in but connecting the shoulder into him just knocks her back as he stays standing.

"That all you've got?" Danny taunts with a smirk, watching as she again runs the ropes to collide into him but only for the same result. She goes for the ropes a third time, but it's another fake out as she ducks to run under, avoiding a Big Boot counter attempt to instead build speed and when he turns around she leaps up, snapping off an impressive Headscissors to take him down. She goes right for a pin cover, able to slam a hand down once but finds herself being pushed off with force for a kick-out.

"Stay down idiot!!" Valkyrie yells, stomping into the back as he fights up, landing in kicks but finding her leg caught when he gets to his knees, forcing her to hop on one leg as he smirks again, enjoying the sight of her tits slightly bouncing before he spins her around, stepping back as he
readies the arm for a Clothesline. However she sees it coming, ducking the shot and once again running the ropes, coming back with a Dropkick to the chest that staggers him, and soon getting up to hammer Forearm strikes to the chest. Pulling on the arm, she goes for a Whip but he puts on the
breaks, refusing to budge until she again kicks him in the gut.

Looking for the whip, he instead counters to send her off into the ropes, swinging the arm and missing as she ducks to run on before coming back in, looking for the classic Lucha-style Wheelbarrow to turn it into a Bulldog. Sadly for her, his superior strength advantage comes into play as he
captures her up when she grabs his head, instead holding onto her and driving her down across the knee with an Atomic Drop that makes her gasp as her eyes open wide, falling to her knees on the canvas as reaches back to hold her backside.

"Sorry babe... But I'm no good at flippy, fancy stuff..." Pounder states as he takes a hold of her from behind, hooking her up and delivering another Atomic Drop that leaves her groaning as she rolls onto her front on the mat, grabbing her ass once again. Moving around, he grips her waist and shows off that strength again on the smaller opponent with a dead-lift style Gutwrentch, lifting her all the way up and over to send her down to the mat. She hisses, sitting up but finds herself being pulled up to her feet as he sends her off into the ropes, sending her up into the air by the waist so she falls down to the mat, connecting crotch-first into his knee for the Inverted Atomic Drop.

"Ahhhhh!! Shit!!" She squeals, collapsing to the canvas and clutching the struck area but not getting much chance to recover as he delivers an Elbow Drop down into her back to leave her groaning, as does the following stomp as he keeps the foot pressed down, grinding it into her back to make her squirm. Lifting the foot away, her grabs the hair in order to bring her up to her feet, delivering first a Knee Strike to the stomach to double her over followed by a lift up to drop her across that same knee stomach first with the Gutbuster. As she choughs and clutches her stomach, she's soon pulled up and locked in a vintage Abdominal Stretch, making her groan again as the midsection is targeted and leaves her trapped in the middle of the ring.

"Ahhhh!! N... No!! Piece of shit!! Let me go!!" She whines, her hands trying to reach and break the grip on either of her opponent's arms but his strength is too much, applying the pressure and pain as she hisses and closes her eyes, unintentionally giving the in-ring camera a shot of her cleavage on display as she's forced over stuck in this hold. Almost toying with her, the "Unbeaten" stud releases the grip but switches his hold on her to keep her bent over, reaching through to grab an arm Pump-Handle style before lifting her up and over onto his shoulder, Powerslam style.

He pays for not pulling the trigger quick enough however as when he rushes towards a corner she slips down behind him, sending him crashing into the corner before following up by climbing up into that corner to the middle ropes, reaching forward to grab the head and jumping off the ropes for a very Lucha-style DDT to send the head down to the canvas. She doesn't go for a cover however, giving him a glare as she turns around and starts to climb up the corner, a glance back to check that he's down as she goes all the way up top, looking for a signature Moonsault!

She flies off the top, and hits nothing but canvas as he rolls out of harm's way, leaving her clutching her stomach on the canvas, and easy pickings as he now comes in, pulling her up and bending her forwards as he grabs the head, allowing the camera to get a shot of her shapely backside before he gives a receipt of sorts with a vicious DDT of his own. It leaves her down and out on the mat, struggling just to move as he circles with a smirk, taking his time before coming in to lift her up and off the canvas, all too easily hauling her up onto the shoulders and then down into the
upside down position for a devastating Tombstone Piledriver!

It might be outlawed in traditional Lucha Libre rules but here it's all legal, and it leaves her lifeless when the head connects into the canvas, her boobs jiggling when her frame slumps to the mat, and all that's left is for him to move across, hook a leg, and start making the count himself.

"One... Two... Three!" He finishes the fair count, the bell being struck as he gets to his feet and he raises his own arm up in victory with a smirk. "Your winner... And STILL undefeated... The Undefeated, Danny Pounder!" He calls out as he looks over his fallen opponent with a lick of his lips, letting out a chuckle as he already pushes down his wrestling tights to free his lengthy looking and fat cock that he takes a hold of, starting to stroke himself as the camera moves down to film the defeated beauty as she begins to stir, clutching her head with a groan.

"Son of a... What happened..." Taya grumbles as she sits up, looking up and the moment she sees his hardening cock her eyes widen and her mouth drops, putting a big smile on his face again.

"Sorry honey, but you lost... Now, while I'd love to lie and say you came close to beating me, how about we skip that and you get to giving me what I've rightfully won?" Danny says, giving his dick another couple of pumps before he steps forward towards her.

"You... You think I'm just gonna be your slut now??" Valkyrie questions with a bitchy tone, even as she can't take her eyes away from his meaty rod now pointing towards her face as she sits on her knees.

"You said it honey, not me..." He chuckles, letting go of his rod and smirking when she instinctively takes a firm grip of his shaft with her own hand. "Unless you want to chicken out, if you think this dick is way too much for you..." He slightly taunts on top of already being victorious over the Canadian stunner.

"Oh, this Were-Loca can more than handle this..." The stunning blonde claims with a smirk and a glance up as she grips the hardening rod, giving another couple of firm pumps as she again gazes over with a clear look of lust and awe at the far more than average size, her previous bitchy attitude quickly vanishing as his pole gets rock hard in her soft, pumping grip.

"Mmmm... No, I know I can handle all of this..." Using the free hand to brush her long hair back over her shoulder, she gives another seductive look as she leans in, teasingly flicking her tongue out against the head of that thick dick. Continuing to stroke the shaft, she friskily pats her tongue against the head, then moving her tongue around to swirl on the crown with a hint of a groan escaping her as she works him over, slowly moving her tongue around my tip for a couple of clockwise motions.

"Mmmmm... I bet you fucking can..." Danny states with a moan, his dick easily now standing proud at its mighty full length and nicely fat to match, feeling her saliva a little dabbed onto the head of his tool from her initial work as she carries on running her hungry tongue all around the bell end with a perfectly steady and smooth motion to already show she's no novice when it comes to this.

"How about... Ahhhh... You show me what the Were-Loca can really do?" He not so subtly asks with a handsome smirk, the gorgeous luchadora responding with a smirk up at him before a glance back to his member, biting down on her bottom lip to show how much she wants a piece of that big man meat as
she gives me another couple of strokes, spitting onto the head and using the hand to rub that saliva all over his inches.

"You asked for it, but you're not gonna be able to handle it..." Taya states with another sexy smirk, now leaning her head in towards him and taking his rod into her mouth, and it's no surprise that he immediately moans out, smiling again as he's taken nicely deep into her warmth, feeling her wrap those soft lips around his thickness as she presses down almost half-way onto him before starting to rise up.

"Mmmm... Mmmmph!! Mmmm..." A clear, even while being muffled, groan escapes her as she narrows her eyes while staring up at me, then giving the same seductive look to the camera, making her look hotter than ever with a mouthful of cock as she establishes the motion of rocking her head up and down on his meaty pole, still stroking the lower portion as she gets to work.

"Mmmmm... That's it baby... Fuck that's hot..." Pounder encourages, not having to hide his pleasure as he watches her grip that length, lightly stroking the bottom part as she firmly bobs her head onto that shaft, taking him in and out of her sinful mouth while keeping those lovely lips wrapped nicely around that thick dick in a further sign of her obvious cock sucking ability.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm yeah... That's nice..." He confirms the obvious as the stunning Canadian slides her hot mouth up and down onto his length, her jerking motion on the lower half only adding to the pleasure as she gets more into this already superb blowjob, keeping that sensual gaze up at the
groaning hunk, her free hand seemingly trying to throw him off by sliding up his side as she sucks on that cock with a steady bobbing motion.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmmph! Mmmmph!!" The grappler for AAA and Perros del Mal groans again around his member, her saliva getting coated onto his size as she takes him back and forth between her lips with a smooth and rather shameless motion, gradually pushing her beautiful face down further onto his rod, taking more of those fat inches in while keeping a grip of his base like a true pro.

"Mmmmph... Mmmm!! Mmmmph..." Those smoldering eyes glance at the camera again, perhaps turned on by knowing this sex act is being recorded and filmed right close up as she bobs her head on that fuck stick, a perfect shot of her blonde with dyed red ends hair that sways as she moves up and down on that cock, her look soon turning back up at the moaning hunk as she expertly sucks away on his member.

"Yeah... Come on Taya... Ahhhhh... Let me see you suck that cock..." Pounder says with a moan of joy, loving the feeling of those soft lips gliding back and forth over his inches that are now covered with her spit from the smooth, repeated motion and responding to the challenge, she uses a bold push down onto that length, her hand moving onto his thigh as she goes down deep onto him to make him groan.

"Mmmmmm! Yeah... Fuck... Like that..." He grins again, seeing her expression flash with a bit of discomfort but still looking so sexy with all that dick deep in that fantastic feeling oral hole as saliva splatters around those inches as she gags when pushing down onto him but to her credit - and showing her great oral skill - she keeps on steadily and repeatedly rocking her long haired head up and down onto his size.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm fuck yeah Taya... You're damn good..." Danny again states the clear fact as the camera films the beautiful woman slowly lift her head up and off from my now completely coated with spit cock.

"Mmmmm... Of course... I'm the fucking best at everything I do!" Taya confidently states as she scoots back a little, standing up from the floor as she gives me, and the camera, another sexy smirk with a raised eyebrow.

"Well I'm here ready to go, but you're still overdressed for the occasion..." Pounder states, the camera taking the hint pan over that hot, toned body of hers.

"You haven't experienced anything until you've felt the Were-Loca!" Valkyrie replies, licking her lips again as she moves a couple steps back towards a corner of the ring, turning around in front of him, swaying her hips from side to side before she hooks her waistband. Easing her shorts down her smooth legs to reveal that full, plump ass along with a neatly trimmed and already a little wet looking pussy as she lowers her bottoms down to her furry boots.

"Yeah, right there baby... No no, just like this... Yeah, bend over for me Taya, let me get a piece of this..." He tells her with a smirk when she slightly moves back up after stepping out of her bottoms, gripping his shaft and lining it up with her snatch as he teasingly rubs the crown
against her entrance for a moment, and then slowly pushes that thick dick into her pussy, the penetration making them both moan out as he goes right in.

"Mmmm! Fuck yeah Taya... That's some hot pussy right there..." He states with a groan, gripping her ass cheek to spread it so the camera can records the sight of his shaft sliding back and forth into her snatch as he doesn't waste time in building a steady but firm motion, sending the prick that's
just been deep in her mouth now right into her wet and snug pussy and already getting moans of approval out of her from his thrusts already.

"Mmmm!! Oooooooh fuck!! Yeah... You like that? Huh??" Her moans were constant, the look on her face showing how much pleasure she was getting from this as her bitchy, confident attitude was already replaced by one of a very needy beauty wanting my dick, wanting to be fucked, perhaps a sign
that she wasn't getting any as of late from a massive shaft like this in a long time as she gripped the ropes of the corner in front of her.

"Mmmmm... MMMM!! Fuck me! Ahhhhh... Fucking give it to me!!" She demanded, and glance over to the camera with another smoldering look before back over her shoulder, pushing her hips back sharply against these pumps as the muscular hunk behind her works his dick in and out of her snatch, making
her butt cheeks jiggle as already his waist starts to connect with her gorgeous, partially clothed body as she more than willingly stays bent over to take this pumping.

"Mmmmm... Sure thing baby... I always damn deliver..." The victorious stud says after a groan, pushing his hips firmly forward for a stronger thrust, and when his muscular waist smacked into that thick booty she moaned out louder than before, tilting that blonde haired head back in joy with closed eyes, loving the feeling of being taken balls deep in her tight Canadian pussy, getting steadily pumped by his fat manhood travelling back and forth into that damp hole.

"Mmmm... Yeah... Gonna fuck you real good Taya... Babe like you deserves to be fucked hard and good..." He adds with a chuckle, giving that juicy ass a firm spank that made her groan as he continued delivering those stiff pumps deep into her box, the camera now getting a close up view of her ass cheeks shaking each time he pushed his entire length into her and his body slapped against hers, stuffing her twat full of man meat every drive he drives forward and she rocks back against him.

"Ahhhhh! AHHHHH... Mmmmmm!! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!! Mmmmm..." The beautiful Were-Loca of AAA moaned out again, flipping her hair back to gaze back at the man who'd just beaten her in and match, and was now pounding away into her wet and snug snatch with a saucy lick of those full lips. She was keeping herself in a perfect position for him to drive my cock into her love tunnel that was still wonderfully tight all around his size, but a whole lot wetter than when he first began banging her from behind like this.

"Oooooooh fuck!! MMMM!! Yes!! Fucking like that baby! UHHHH!!" She groaned out, gasping when his waist collides with her backside as with moans of his own, he's more than happily gave it to the increasingly horny, already somewhat begging for it stunner as she pushes back steadily against his
perfectly timed and paced motion. With the camera looking down at that tanned, juicy ass to show his big cock working in and out of her wet, tight snatch, the view was a damn fine one but being deep inside her was far, far better as his own clear moans could testify for.

"Mmmm! Fuck... Damn, you're really fucking hot... Smoking hot Taya..." The "Unbeaten" stud again states the obvious, but when being balls deep in a curvacious female wrestler feels so fantastic there's no way he cannot brag about it, her ass cheeks jiggling from the impact of his waist meeting
her rump when he sends his shaft into her wet pussy, the feeling of her snugness around his rod keeping him moaning out.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm... Fucking love that pussy... Feels so fucking good..." He says between groans of pleasure, again giving her ass a firm spank before gripping the flesh, delivering another couple of stiff pumps as the slap of skin meeting tanned skin sounded out, all being clearly picked up by my
recording camera, along with both of their moans and groans that certainly were not being faked to just put on an erotic show.

"MMMM!! Ooooooh fuck!!Mmmmm!! You know how to drive this Were-Loca wild baby!" Taya moans out with a grin as she gazes back, pushing back firmly against his thrusts.

"Ahhhhh... How about you show me how wild you can get?" Danny offers with a smirk as he pulls out of her wet snatch with a groan.

"Baby, I love being in control..." Valkyrie states with an arrogant laugh as she stands up, pulling her tight top up and over her head to release her rounded and nicely sized tits.

"Then go right ahead honey and show me what you've got..." Pounder challenges as he lays down on the canvas, gripping his rock hard rod by the base.

"Oh, trust me, you're going to love this..." The AAA starlet states with a smirk of her own, moving to mount his rod as she takes him into her snatch with a moan, sinking down all the way until she's able to grind down against his crotch, leaning forward to stick her gorgeous ass out and place her hands on his well defined chest, tossing her hair back as adjusts to that vast size.

"Mmmmm! Fuck!! All this big cock... MMMM!! All for me..." She groans out as she begins to move up and down on his tool, sounding like a winner from the way she's shamelessly moaning out as she handles his thickness with sharp and quick movements to work his member up deep into her, already making her
butt cheeks smack down into his thighs, having long forgotten about the wrestling match she lost a long while ago as her lust and desire has fully taken over.

"Mmmm... Gotta love a hot blonde who knows... Ahhhh... How to take a dick..." Pounder states with a smile and a moan, more than happy to watch her go to work as her tanned and sexily curved body bounces sharply on his shaft, her tits already bouncing from the motion her body is doing as the first foreigner to become the AAA Reina De Reinas Championship is showing she's far from a stranger in terms of handling some thick, long cock with her quick and deep bounces.

"Mmmm! Yeah... Fucking ride that cock Taya..." He encourages with a groan, reaching around to grip those juicy butt cheeks not just for support so she can keep on riding his tool, but so the camera behind can get the perfect shot of his stiff dick being taken back and forth into her snug, damp cunt with his inches already looking noticeably slick from her juices.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! FUCK!! Yeah... MMMM!!" The former World of Hurt reality show star groans deeply as she picks up the pace despite the sweat that's starting to form all over her athletic, desirable frame, pushing her body down hard to take him balls deep into her wetness as the sharp slap of her body connecting with his muscular frame rings out before raising up a few inches in order to quickly repeat the motion time and time again.

"AHHHHH!! Oooooooh MMMM!! There's no other pussy... AHHHH!! Finer than mine in all... MMMM... Of Lucha Libre!!" She boasts out between shameless moans, her long blonde hair with dyed red ends also bouncing in time with the stiff, lusty motion her body is doing as she continues to ride the big dick lodged right up into her love tunnel, showing pornstar-like skill with her riding ability as she takes every inch of him up into her every time she drops down yet het snatch remains nice and tight around him despite the repeated action onto him.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhh... Yeah, get wild with it babe..." Danny says with a groan, keeping a grip of her ass cheeks as he starts to thrust his dick up into her snatch as she keeps it sliding up and down onto him, her moans louder now as he works himself even further into that wonderfully tight and wet
pussy, his balls now slapping into her body as he puts plenty of force behind his motion.

"Ahhhh!! Mmmmm shit... Fucking love that hot, tight pussy..." He grunts, timing his pumps just right so he slams up hard each time she drops sharply down, making her booty jiggle from the impact and giving the camera more of a treat to film along with his pistoning shaft driving deep into damp pussy
that seems made to take this kind of pounding, especially as she continues to steadily ride that thrusting pole with loud moans of her own.

"MMMM!! OH FUCK!! Ahhhh... Yes yes YES YES!! MMMM Fuck that pussy!!" The stunning Canadian moans her approval as she gazes back, keeping her body bouncing away as her breasts move in time with the rest of her tanned frame and her nicely thick backside continues to shake when she connects with his
strong thighs as she takes his big dick right up into her damp and still tight twat.

"UHHHHH!! Mmmmm!! FUCK!! Give me that... AHHHHH!! Big fucking cock!!" She groans in a rather slutty manner, resting down onto his crotch to grind against his pumping tool to allow him to rapidly slam home to the hilt, only further serving to make her moan out as she takes this fucking, and showing no shame at all even though the sight of her snatch getting pumped full of dick is being filmed right up and close as she rubs that wet hole firmly against the hunk she's on top of.

"Mmmm... That what you want Taya? Ahhhh... You want to get fucked nice and hard?" Pounder slightly taunts as he delivers a couple more deep pumps right up into her snatch.

"AHHHHH!! You fucking bet I... MMMMM!! I want you to fuck the shit out of me!!" Valkyrie grits her teeth, giving him a lusty, narrow eyed glare.

"Mmmm! Then I'll gladly deliver..." Danny chuckles as he slips out of her snatch, reaching up and rolling her over down to lay on her side on the ring canvas as he moves up behind her.

"Back in! Oh yeah... Fill me up baby... MMMM..." Taya groans with desire as he raises a leg and pushes his cock back into her pussy to fill up the needy beauty once again from behind.

"Ahhhh! MMMMM... Fucking take it baby..." The muscular hunk groans as he deeply drives his cock in and out of her wet hole with a purpose, making her body already jolt as she stays on her side with her back pressing against his chiseled upper body, his ball sack smacking into her tanned frame as he
goes in with every thick inch of his member as he bangs the wrestling beauty on the same ring mat he'd pinned her on several minutes ago.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm shit!! Fuck!! MMMM... So fucking good..." He groans out, keeping the leg held up by her furry boot both for easy, unrestricted access into that already more than simply well fucked snatch, but also so the recording camera can get the best shot of all that fat man meat sliding rapidly and
repeatedly straight into her dripping wet and snug snatch as she sensually groans out.

"MMMMM!! AHHHHH!! OH FUCK YES!! MMMM!! FUCK ME FUCK ME MMMMM!!" She shamelessly and whorishly moans out, looking far from the talented female lunchador she's known to be as she sweats and calls for more, gazing down between her tanned legs to watch his fat dick ram balls deep up into her
soaking wet cunt as the slap of skin connecting with skin sounds out to mix with their cries of passion when he drives forward into her pussy.

"OOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM!! Ahhhhh!! FUCK!! MMMMM YESSSSSS!!" She tilts her long, blonde with red dyed ends haired head back with another sinful groan as she takes this deep and relentless pounding, the force of his pumps and his body smacking into hers making her jolt up as she lays on the canvas,
her breasts bouncing in time with the motion her body is being made to do as she's taken from behind and loving every moment of it.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhh... Yeah, you love that... MMMM!! Big fucking cock..." The handsome and obviously sexually skilled stud smirks as he keeps on driving his fat rod balls deep into her wet but still pleasurably tight snatch, sweat forming over his desirable frame but not nearly as much as the gorgeous female wrestler he's currently fucking as he keeps ramming his shaft quickly and with force back and forth into her dripping box.

"AHHHH!! Mmmm... Fucking take it baby... Ahhhhh!! Take all that dick..." He grunts out, keeping a firm hold of her leg by that stylish fur-covered boot as he fucks the beauty nicknamed the "Were-Loca" on her side, his crotch smacking into her juicy ass over and over again as he delivers the series of balls deep pumps to fill her snatch up and keep both of them moaning out as this steamy and hard hitting pumping continues.

"MMMMM!! YES!! FUCKING YES!! UHHHHH!!" The former model and fitness competitor turned pro wrestler moans loudly again as sweat drips from her gorgeous facial features and her fingers grip onto the ring mat as she takes this stiff, swift, and repeated pounding right into her still nicely tight pussy, her tanned body rocking back and forth from the smacking motion when his hips drive sharply up into her ass to fill that snatch up from behind.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM... OH FUCK!! So close!! MMMMM..." She gasps out again, closing her eyes and not caring that stands of her hair are sticking to her face, so lost in the sinful pleasure she's getting from behind fucked so far time and time again like this as her pussy is being stuffed full of fat man meat
quite unlike anything she's felt before, and her shameless moans of pleasure show she's loving every thrust of it.

"Ahhhh!! MMMMM SHIT!! One thing I love more than... AWWWWW SHIT... Fucking a hot babe..." The "Unbeaten" and not just in wrestling bouts stud grunts out as he uses sharp, pistoning motions to send his cock right up deep into her soaking wet folds, himself moaning out as he more than enjoys the still
impressively snug feeling all around his member as he gives it to the Canadian beauty from behind as his cock smoothly and quickly slides in and out of her love tunnel.

"MMMM... Is feeling them cum all over my fucking cock!" He grins and moans as he continues to use this commanding and obviously well trained pace as he works that stiff pole back and forth into her snatch, every pump and each groan let out by them both recording by the filming camera that has a
perfect view of her whole, sexily curved body as she takes this pumping from behind while laying down on the wrestling ring canvas.

"OH SHIT! SHIIIIIT!! MMMMMM AHHHHHH Oooooooooh MMMMM..." He soon gets his wish, as it's another long a deep groan that proceeds Taya Valkryie letting loose as a further flood of juices wash over his thrusting dick as a powerful orgasm rocks her already sweat soaked body, moans and gasps pouring out of her mouth as he makes her ride out every wave of pleasure by still thrusting away balls deep into her.

"AHHHHHH!! Mmmmm!! Ahhhhhh... MMMMM!!" She groans and licks her lips, her body rocking on the mat as he gives her a few more stiff pumps to ensure she feels every moment of that intense to say the least sexual high, her breasts bouncing erotically in time with the rest of her jolting body with every inward pump he sends into the now gasping for breath beauty as her head slumps back, a sign that she's come back down from that intense orgasm.

"Ahhhh... MMMMM... Chalk up another..." Danny smirks, groaning as he pulls his drenched cock from out of her more than simply well fucked snatch.

"Ooooooh fuck... Mmmmm... You're... You're the real deal..." Taya gasps out as she lays on the canvas, trying to recover from that mind-shattering sexual high.

"You know it baby... But I'm not finished with you yet..." Pounder states with a chuckle, giving the camera a wink before it pans down to film the sweat-coated stunner, as the video used tiled-style graphics to switch to the next scene.

* * *

Moments later and still in the ring, we see the gorgeous and curvaceous Canadian on her hands and knees on the canvas, now fully naked with her ass pushed out as the smirking hunk behind her spreads her thick ass cheeks, spreading them to expose her tight looking asshole as he pours out some
lubricant from a bottle down onto that puckered entrance.

"Ahhhh! Mmmmm... You bastard..." Taya groans at the sensation of the liquid splashing over her asshole but doesn't flinch or pull back, even when he starts to use a finger to trace around and then over that snug entrance, hissing when he pushes against it to test her, the camera up close to get a shot of his digit working over that hole along with her still dripping with juices snatch.

"MMMM... Oh fuck!! Uhhhh!! Ahhhhh..." She grunts deeply when that finger now pushes into her asshole, working the lubricant in as he starts to thrust that digit in and out of her ass, preparing her back passage with nicely firm and repeated pumps that make her groan as he spreads the liquid in deep for several moments, showing he knows how to handle a sexy and tight backside like hers.

"Nothing like some fine Canadian booty to finish off a day..." Pounder chuckles as he finger bangs her butt a few more times, pulling out and now pouring some lube onto his slightly pulsating cock, rubbing it over his inches with a couple of pumps of the hand before he moves in close behind her, slapping the head against her asshole before pressing it against that final hole of hers to be taken.

"MMMM SHIT... Ahhhhh!! MMMMM Fuck yeah..." He groans as he forces his shaft in, as expected meeting great resistance in the form of her extremely tight back passage but showing his skill, he keeps control and starts to ease his thick prick in and out of her asshole, starting the pumps by pulling his dick completely out of her ass when he pulls back and then pushing forward firmly as he goes in. Soon enough he grips her thighs, using one hand to keep her cheek spread so the camera can film his dick moving back and forth as he starts to properly fuck her up the ass from behind, groaning out with
desire with every motion he uses into that shapely rump.

"AHHHHH!! Oooooooh fuck!! Ahhhhh!! My ass... UHHHHH!!" The beauty known for holding the AAA Reina De Reinas Championship groans as she looks back, biting down on her bottom lip as she feels that fat cock that had brought her to a thunderous orgasm now working in and out of her juicy ass, finding
herself even now pushing back a little against his thrusts as she doesn't object at all to this anal action.

"Uhhhhh!! MMMM... FUCK!! You're never gonna have... AHHHHH... A finer ass than this..." She claims with a groan, staying in the classic doggy style position as she takes this banging from behind, his inches gradually working further into her tanned booty as she rocks backward against his steady thrusts,
causing her breasts to sway in time with her own motion as they hang down.

"MMMM... Ahhhh... A damn fine ass, you got that... UHHHHH... Fucking right..." He replies, still gripping her ass cheeks and keeping them apart for a perfect view for both him and the recording camera of his man meat sliding smoothly into her asshole as he stuffs that sexy backside full with his shaft that's
now been balls deep in her hot mouth and soaking wet snatch, and appears to be not that far off doing the same to her rounded ass as well.

"AHHHHH FUCK... MMMM!! Made to be fucked..." He chuckles with a moan, feeling plenty of friction even with the prior lubing up but that just adds to his own pleasure as he continues using this porn quality pace of driving his shaft deeper in between those tanned and starting to jiggle cheeks as she
rocks backward to meet the pumps and as she takes more of him in, he increased the force behind those thrusts.

"AHHHH... Oooooooh shiiiiiit!! Mmmmm... AHHHHH..." The stunning blonde with stylish dyed red ends on her hair groans again, closing her eyes as she stays right in place, keeping her juicy rump firmly pushing backward against the incoming thrusts as she feels those thick inches forcing their way in deeper into her ass, and from the shameless groans she's letting out she doesn't care at all that she's acting like quite the anal-loving whore at the moment.

"FUCK!! Mmmmm... Ahhhhh!! MMMM..." Her breasts swing noticeably now as they hang down, her athletic, desirable body now sharply jolting forward as he drives in deep and his muscular frame connects into hers, and to her credit she doesn't show any discomfort from the impact nor his shaft plunging in
deep now to really stuff her back passage full with meaty cock.

"MMMM!! Awwwww FUCK!! Ahhhhh... MMMM..." The "Unbeaten" hunk grunts and sweats hard now, his cock starting to throb within that tight and sexy ass as he fucks her from behind, completing the hat trick of being balls deep in every one of her holes as he drives his mighty fuck stick back and forth
into her very tight asshole with a series of stiff and focused thrusts that only a well trained expert at anal sex could achieve.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmmm SHIT!! AHHHHH... MMMMM..." Even then, a stud like him has his limits as he delivers a few more deep and forceful pumps straight into her beautiful, rounded booty as he grips those shaking cheeks so the camera can get that clear shot of his tool sliding back and forth into her tight hole
to give that Canadian ass the kind of fucking it, and she deserves as he groans and bangs her ass with a few more deep thrusts.

"Ahhhhh!! AHHHHH... Ooooooooh SHIT!! Ahhhhh..." If she wasn't worn out enough already by the fucking her pussy took several minutes ago, this ass pounding is testing her limits even more as she feels that thick, throbbing shaft driving into her rump again and again, until perhaps mercifully for them both he pulls out with a groan, allowing to sigh with relief as her asshole gapes from the banging she just endured.

"Mmmm... You'd better have... Something good to feed this Were-Loca..." She manages to demand, even as worn out as she currently is, her eyes locking onto his member as he grips and strokes himself with one hand, using the other to pull her back and up to her knees to face him, and like a dirty slut she eagerly tilts her head back and opens her mouth wide to show she wants all that he's got to offer.

"MMMMM SHIT!! Here it comes baby!! Ahhhhh!! MMMMM FUCK!!" Danny groans deeply, only a few more strokes required before he releases the first blast of spunk right onto the pretty face of Taya Valkyrie to make her moan but she stays in place, eyes closed as the cum continues to be fired out of his pulsating rod as he milks himself dry.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM!! Mmmmm..." He moans, managing to aim the vast majority of his more than simply sizable load into that sexy target of her open mouth, filling her up with his hot spunk so much that it starts to trickle past her lips and out the sides of her mouth. That just makes the sight even
hotter for the camera to film along with the couple of stray shots that splashed across her cheek and nose, but the best is yet to come as when he finally squeezes out the last drops of his load she presses her lips together and with one loud shameless gulp swallows down every drop of the
cum she's collected from him.

"Ahhhh... Fucking perfect, just like the rest of me..." Taya confidently states with a smirk as she stays down on her knees with cum on her face.

"Not gonna argue with that, except that you didn't beat me..." Danny says with a chuckle. "But as always seems to happen around here, we're both winners after that."

"I think you just got lucky... No one gets one over the Were-Loca and gets away with it..." Yalkyrie vows, giving a narrowed eyed, but quite lustful glare up at him.

"Honey, if it's a rematch you want, then I've always got time on my schedule... And especially for babes like you who just want a booty call..." Pounder states with a smirk.

"I'll... I might take you up on that..." She says, finding herself licking her lips at the thought as the camera focuses in on her gorgeous face and the streaks of cum covering it as the video footage switches with sliding-style graphics to an image screen that simply reads: "Another victory... For the
UNBEATEN!" before the video fades to black and ends.

* * *

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