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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Nevaeh (SHIMMER, WSU, SHINE)

The Unbeaten Challenge - Nevaeh
A women of wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video begins with a simple image screen with the words "The Unbeaten Challenge!" and underneath in smaller writing reads "Recorded Spring 2015". This soon changes to a screen with new words: "Fame and fortune await any female wrestler who can defeat the so far undefeated, unstoppable, and UNBEATEN grappler Danny Pounder." The next screen reads: "However... If our challenger loses, she agrees to be FUCKED in the very ring she just lost in!"

Using a screen effect to tiles to "switch" to actual footage now, a title-bar graphic reading "The Challenger" on the bottom of the screen as we see the gorgeous and curvaceous Ohio blonde known as Nevaeh standing with her hands on her waist. She's clad in red based ring attire with silver and black designs of skull logos and the word "KILLER" in tribute to her OH4K stable, with snugly fitting ring pants that do nothing to hide her juicy, thick ass, a sleeveless top with a hole in the center that shows off her large and rounded breasts, topped off with black wrestling boots.

"Whoever this guy is who thinks he can just beat and make me his whore for the night? You don't know who the fuck you're messing with here!" Nevaeh states with a glare. "I'm the Gem City Queen, and I've won titles in SHIMMER and WSU, kicked ass in SHINE Wrestling and in the Combat Zone, and with my boys in the OI4K we prove that Ohio doesn't just breed damn good wrestlers... It breeds killers!" She confidently says, holding up a hand to show the four fingers. "My boys are gonna be proud of me when I bring all that money home, and I'll be leaving this so-called Unbeaten jack-off with some major blue balls... Unless I rip them off of him before it's all over with!"

Titled graphic effects are used again to switch to a new scene, the bottom bar now reading "The Unbeaten" as a handsome, muscular man with short brown hair wearing gold wresting tights that are so close fitting that do nothing to hide the obvious sizable package in his pants, smiles to the camera.

"The Unbeaten, Danny Pounder here once again!" He introduces himself. "This is going to be another great one, going against not just a red hot blonde, not just a blonde who's stacked with great tits and one Hell of an ass, but one who's a MILF as well! I'll certainly give her credit, she's been in the business for a long time, won a few titles, and worked for basically all the major promotions going in the indies. But what she's never done? She's never handled someone, or should I say something like this before..." He states, grabbing a hold of his package through his tights. "You might put up a bit of a fight, but you're going to end up going down like all the rest of them, and going up and down on my big cock when I pound that thick ass and those nice, big tits of yours before I'm done with you!"

* * *

The video now changes using a full-screen flip style effect to a wide shot of a full scale professional wrestling ring in what appears to be a warehouse of some sorts but with no-one in attendance except for the two competitors in the ring and a cameraman in the ring. From behind this far camera, the sound of a ring bell being struck is heard as Nevaeh and Pounder circle each other, an on-screen graphic reading: Rules - One pinfall or submission to a fair finish. No fast counts or tights/rope aided pins or holds permitted. Rope breaks must be given. Match can only be won inside the ring. May the best competitor win!"

"Some muscled up punk? This is going to be too easy!" Nevaeh states as she comes forward, locking up with him but quickly getting overpowered as he turns it into a Side Headlock, trapping her for a moment before spinning around to switch up chain-wrestling style to apply a Hammerlock to the blonde who grunts as she quickly fires off a Back Elbow to stun him and break the grip. Turning around she continues using strikes, a series of Forearms to the side of the head that rock him and force him to back up to the ropes where she grabs the arm and pulls to use the Irish Whip. However he easily counters and turns it to send her off into the ropes, waiting and knocking her down with a shot with the shoulder.

"Gonna take a lot more than that honey!" Pounder taunts as he turns and comes off the ropes himself for momentum, coming in with a swing and a miss with the arm as she ducks under, hooking him around the waist, pulling back and trying early for one of her big moves of the Bridging German Suplex! He plants his feet though, going nowhere and reaching down to break the grip, grabbing the arm and using it to pull her in so he can scoop her up, turning around while holding her up, and then planting her dead center in the ring with a classic Body Slam.

The proud Ohio native is hissing in pain as she reaches behind her, looking to get up but instead being stopped by a stomp to the back, setting things up to keep her seated as he drops down, kneeling and locking in a Chinlock, pulling her backward against his knee that he's planted against her spine. She groans in pain, her hands grabbing his to try and force herself free but his strength is far too much to just break free from like this. So much so that he keeps her locked down for several moments, smirking as he enjoys watching her struggle and ensuring the camera gets a nice shot of her large tits being pushed out by how she's stretching her across his knee.

"What's the matter Nevaeh? I thought you Ohio people were "killers", huh?" He taunts, breaking the hold and taking a step back so he can come in and drop down to nail a Forearm Strike to the back, stunning the curvy blonde as she sits. She doesn't even get a chance to move as he reaches down, picking her up around the waist before hooking her up, delivering a Belly-to-Back Suplex to once again target the back by dropping her down onto the canvas. Not quite done yet, he again takes a hold of her to bring her upward with her facing away, scooping her by the side in order to lift her, and then send her down across the knee with a textbook Backbreaker. In fact, one that's instantly turned into a submission to bend her across the knee with one hand applied to the chin to push down with the other hand on her leg to keep her locked in place.

"Ahhhhh!! Motherfucker!! Hnnnnn... No!! Not... Not tapping!! Ahhhhh..." She groans in pain, her hands again trying but failing to free her from this position as he bends her backwards across the knee, once again giving the filming camera visual treat of her large tits being shown off. The suffering continues for several long and painful moments before just shoving her roughly down to the canvas, the damage clearly done as he watches her again reach back to hold the targeted area. The starlet of WSU and CZW gets no rest however as he grabs her by the head, bringing the gorgeous blonde up to her feet and forces her over to a corner, setting her up into it with her back facing out so she's slumped against it. Smirking, he takes his time as he walks all the way across the ring, measuring his target and then running across the ring as he looks to slam right into that back.

At the last moment however Nevaeh dodges out of harm's way, leaving him crashing into the turnbuckle and stumbling back out, his momentum working against him as it allows her to take him over and down with a Snapmare, soon followed by an old school Neck Snap and quickly getting to her feet she runs the ropes, catching the still seated opponent with a beautiful Sliding Clothesline! Clutching her back still, she gets back up to her feet, determination on her gorgeous face as she now measures him as he staggers up to his feet, catching him as soon as she can with a kick to the stomach to set things up. Grabbing the head she snaps off the perfect Corkscrew Neckbreaker she calls the Double Shot, and it leaves him down on the canvas, prime position for her to force him over and go for the pin!

"One! Two! Ahhhhh shit!! I fucking had that!!" She exclaims as she managed to slam her hand down once then twice, but his shoulder shot up at two-and-a-half. There's no one to complain to however so she knows she has to stay on the attack, getting back to her feet and once again sizing up the opponent but staying behind him this time. When he gets up she reaches in, looking for that big German Suplex again and she hauls backward, lifting him for a moment but when he kicks his legs it throws her off balance. Instantly when his feet touch the canvas he snaps downward to break the grip, a standing switch as he now locks her up from behind and there's a look of shock on her face for the moment she's made to take flight as he hauls her up and over with a big time German Suplex of his own.

"Ahhhh... One mean little Neckbreaker there honey..." He comments as he gets up to his feet, surveying the scene as she's been left down and hurting on the canvas from the unexpected shot. It's all too easy therefore for him as he pulls her upward and turns her around, grabbing her by the side and then bring her up, over and down with a vicious Backdrop Driver to leave her almost crumpled on the mat. He's not quite finished yet though sadly for her, taking his time again as he reaches down and pulls her up, this time lifting her up and turning her upside down into position for his go-to move of choice, driving her back into the mat with the Tombstone Piledriver! It leaves the busty blonde laid out on the mat, no resistance offered as he hooks a leg and starts to slap his hand into the canvas.

"One... Two... Three!"He slams the mat to make the count, standing back up with a smile and raising his hands as off camera the bell is rung to signal the end of the match. "Your winner, and STILL undefeated... The Undefeated, Danny Pounder!" He yells with a chuckle before he turns his gaze down to the woman who is now his "prize". "Now, let's see if you can get hardcore and without being around light tubes and barbed wire..."

Pushing down his tights, his lengthy and thick to match cock is freed, already beginning to harden as he looks over her wonderfully curved body, gripping himself and starting to stroke his tool while on the mat the now defeated beauty is starting to come back to, groaning as she starts to sit up and shake her head.

"Ahhhhh... What the fuck... My fucking head... What the fuck?!!" She groans then exclaims as she turns and sees his big dick pointing at her, her eyes widening in surprise at seeing such a piece of man meat.

"You lost honey... So it's time to live up to your end of the deal... And paying with that great looking ass of yours.

Narrowing her eyes, she glare up at the handsome and muscular hunk in front of her. "Fucking bullshit! I fucking had that thing won! And if you think I'm gonna just suck you off..."

"As great an offer as that sounds, I've got another idea to get this going... Get that top of yours off and let those big titties come out to play." Pounder says as he continues to lightly stroke himself.

"Fucking typical male... Fine! I'll do it..." Nevaeh snaps up at him, showing great displeasure but living up to the terms of the match as she pulls her tight top up and over her blonde haired head, her large and rounded breasts bouncing free as she in frustration tosses the garment aside as she gets up to her knees in front of him.

"There we go... Now let's see if those tits feel as great as they fucking look..." Danny says as he moves in and gets into position placing his dick between those mounds with a cocky smirk on his face.

"You... You've got some fucking nerve punk... Bet you won't even last a minute fucking these!" She says with gritted teeth, having little choice but to fulfill the stipulations of the match, glaring defiantly up at him as she presses those large tits against his rod as he instantly begins to fuck them, so that her first act as the "loser" is immediately pleasuring his big dick with her rounded breasts as he thrusts up and down between them.

"Thinking you're some big shot just because you got lucky with that win..." She claims, glancing down to see the fat head of his length popping up from between her boobs before vanishing back down as he smoothly repeats the firm motion, moaning as he enjoys the soft flesh all around his stiff pole even though she's not grinding her tits against him, the friction enough of her chest pressing against and around his tool is more than enough to get him enjoying this titfuck.

"Luck had nothing to do with it babe... Mmmm... I just proved why I'm The Unbeaten..." The muscular hunk responds with a smirk, watching her breasts slightly bouncing even in her grip from the perfect amount of force he's using with which to steadily pump her mounds, pulling his dick out from between them for a moment and making her glare again as he grips the base, smacking the crown against her tit.

"Your husband is the lucky one to get a fine pair of tits like these every night..." He chuckles before he spits onto his rod, stroking it in before once again pushing up to slide briskly in and out of her large, lovely breasts of the former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion, showing he knows just how to handle a set of big boobs with his nicely paced but still firm pumps to keep himself groaning in pleasure.

"Fuck you!! He'd kick your fucking ass if he was here!!" She snaps with another glare, the proud Ohio native hissing slightly as she grips her own breasts, still refusing for the moment to give in to the hunk who defeated her as she only pushes her tits against that pumping, fat rod to sandwich it, but the motion is seemingly having an effect as she lets out a low groan when he gives her a more forceful thrust up into her boobs.

"You're lucky I don't just grab a hold of your fucking cock, and..." The busty blonde starts to threaten before she's cut off, having to let out a gasp as he surprises her by spitting down onto his dick as he fucks her large tits, the saliva instantly vanishing along with that shaft when he eases down before reappearing as he keeps the steady and smooth breast fucking action going.

"Sounds like someone... Mmmm... Is a sore loser..." Pounder says with another handsome smirk, unfazed by her rebelliousness as he continues to thrust away into the gorgeous, rounded chest of the Gem City Queen, keeping himself groaning as he enjoys the feeling of the soft friction from those tits against his member when he sends it swiftly back and forth into her cleavage.

"Ahhhh... Don't worry honey... There's plenty of time to show you that losing to me... Mmmm... Doesn't mean you're a total loser..." He adds, staring down as he watches his thick man meat pump away between those tanned mountains, seeing her chest sexily jiggle every time he pumps firmly up between them and forces her to groan as the beautiful female wrestler still refuses to rub those boobs against his pistoning pole, but he's doing the job just fine himself to put on a great show for the camera that's close up and recording this hot titfuck.

"Cocky bastard... You really think you're some hot fucking shit, huh?" She snaps with another glare up, her defiance perhaps would look more meaningful if she wasn't taking a quick and deep breast banging at this time as he keeps on sending his long cock straight up between her juicy, MILF tits to make them bounce before smoothly pulling back down in order to repeat the motion that keeps him moaning.

"You wouldn't last a minute in the places I wrestle in... Uhhhh! Let alone last if you actually fucked me properly instead of my tits..." She claims with another glare, glancing down again to watch his cock still thrusting away in between her large boobs as she keeps them nicely pressed against the sides of his rod, the sensations and force of his pumping motion making her groan in the signs of her body betraying her lust a little, but it's clear the talented and beautiful wrestler isn't yet ready to give in to his lusty cravings just yet.

"Mmmm... Well, I've been lasting just fine fucking that great rack of yours..." Pounder states with a smirk, pulling of her boobs. "But if you're so sure, then feel free to try and wear me out..." He offers, moving to lay down on the canvas of the wrestling ring they are in.

"Oh, I'll do more than just fucking try!" Nevaeh snaps, getting up so she can pull down her wrestling bottoms, showing off her thick and juicy backside along with a perfectly shaved pussy.

"I just think you need to loosen up honey... A good ride on my big cock should do that..." Danny chuckles confidently as he watches her move now to mount his waist, facing him and leaning forward so she can plant her hands on either side of him.

"More like a short trip for you, so enjoy it while you can last!" She states a smirk of her own, clearly thinking she'll finish him off easily as she lowers down, taking his shaft up into her pussy but as she sinks down, the fact she lets out a moan already shows it will not be as easy as she believes.

"Mmmm... Show me what you've got babe..." The stud underneath her groans with a grin, watching the busty blonde ease down onto his rod as she starts to ride him, working her hot, tight snatch up and down onto his length and impressively breaking into a forceful pace just moments after starting, letting him get a great feel of how snug her love tunnel is.

"Ahhhh... Yeah, give it to me... That's fucking hot!" He moans his approval, watching her large tits that he'd been fucking just moments ago now freely bouncing away as she moves her tanned frame sharply but steadily back and forth onto his dick, taking that man meat in deep and making herself gasp and groan in the process as her tight pussy has to spread to take such a thick pole inside her.

"Mmmmm!! Motherfucker... You can't handle this... Mmmm..." She glares down at him again, her defiance if anything working against her as it's making her roughly rock her hips towards and away from his crotch as she takes his member straight up into her tight and starting to dampen snatch, and the way she's causing herself to moan out as she handles that dick is another sign her body is further betraying her somewhat reluctant now mind.

"Ahhhh!! Just because... Uhhhh! You've got a big fucking cock... Doesn't mean you can handle my fine as fuck Ohio pussy!" She states between groans as she keeps up this steady pace that's making her thick butt cheeks slap down into his thighs each time she drops down, giving the recording camera behind her one Hell of a show as it films that fat, length cock being all too easily taken in near balls deep now into her snug snatch.

"Mmmm... Well you got one thing right babe... That's one fucking fine pussy you've got there..." He chuckles with a groan, moving his hands up to take a hold of her big, jiggling tits and the first squeeze alone makes her moan out and bite down on her bottom lip as the woman who held the WSU Spirit Championship keeps on swiftly and with a purpose riding his porn star-like cock to stuff her tight and now wet pussy full with that man meat.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm... Ride me babe... Work that great snatch all over my cock..." He encourages her, blatantly ignoring her attempts to remain defiant in this situation as he focuses on getting all the pleasure he can from her tightness being sharply raised and lowered onto his stiff pole as the smack of skin meeting tanned skin sounds out each time she rocks back and drops that tight twat all the way down onto his member before raising up to the midway mark and repeating the motion time and time again.

"Ahhhhh!! Oooooooh fuck!! So... So what?? Big fucking deal that... Ahhhhh... You can handle me a little bit..." She admits with a groan, tossing her long blonde hair back as she works her thick and curvy body back and forth against his crotch, keeping that cock lodged into her snug pussy as the beauty who has worked for SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling lifts and forcefully drops herself smoothly onto his rod, taking him in balls deep as she shows that she can handle some big dick herself even if it's leaving her constantly moaning out.

"Mmmmm!! Ahhhhhh shit!! You... You're still a fucking asshole in my book!" She snaps with a glare, but once again is made to moan out far louder than a MILF who is happily married to another man should when the stud she's mounted on top of again squeezes and fills up her large tits while she bounces away on his manhood, causing her to grit her teeth together and close her eyes like she's trying to focus, a task made quite difficult as she has to keep fucking herself on his cock with steady and quick back and forth motions.

"Ahhhh... And here was me thinking... Mmmmm... We were starting to get along..." He smirks as he lets out another moan, releasing his grip on her boobs to watch them once again bounce noticeably in time with the sharp riding motion the rest of her desirable, curved body is doing as she takes him in balls deep into her snug snatch.

"Guess with a great, tight cunt like you've got... Mmmm!! It's hard for you to loosen up..." The Unbeaten hunk adds as he happily lays back and watching the beautiful female wrestler bounce away on his big dick, gazing down at his crotch to see glimpses of his rod when she lifts upward only to make that thick fuck stick vanish up into her when she sharply drops down and causes them both to moan out as the pleasure from that cock taken into her tightness rushes through them.

"Mmmm!! That's because... Ahhhhh... I'm not some kind of fucking whore!" Nevaeh yells as she opens her eyes, glaring down at him as she comes to a stop on his dick.

"Never said you were babe... But I think it's time I showed you what I can do..." Pounder states with a smirk, reaching to hold her waist in order to lift her up and off of his cock, making her groan as he leaves her snatch.

"That's fine by me... We'll see if you can back up that smart fucking mouth of yours..." She responds, not resisting as he places her into position on her side on the ring canvas, looking back and down as she eyes up that stiff rock hard cock that's already been fucking her big tits during this sexual encounter.

"And I haven't been doing that so far?" Danny points out with a cocky smirk, moving up behind her and lifting up her leg so he can line his dick up with her snatch, pushing in with a groan and getting straight into the action with a couple of deep pumps to get them moaning.

"Mmmm!! You've lasted longer than... Ahhhh!! I fucking thought you would..." The stunning MILF admits with a groan as she can't seem to take her eyes off of the sight between her legs, intently watching his member ploughing steadily in and out of her wet box, already using force enough to make her body lightly jolt on the canvas with her tits swaying in response.

"Oooooooh shit!! MMMM... Fuck! Fuck that's deep..." The sexy blonde wrestler moans out as she takes his dick, the smack of skin meeting tanned skin ringing out each time he swiftly sends his shaft into her snug snatch, the camera capturing a perfect shot of her whole curvaceous body as she's banged on her side on the wresting canvas she'd competed in a match in and now is getting fucked straight in her pussy as a result of that loss.

"Mmmmm... Fuck yeah babe... Take all that fucking cock... Mmmmm..." The handsome and muscular stud behind her moans as he continues to show off his superior sexual experience, using a perfectly timed and forceful rhythm to bang her twat with as his thick length stuffs in balls deep every time he pumps into that wet and tight hole before pulling a few inches out and quickly repeating the motion.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmm... Awwwww yeah... That's some real fine pussy..." He groans his approval, his crotch smacking up against her juicy ass cheeks as he plunges his rod deeply over and over again into her snatch, showing that the Gem City Queen is also quite the size queen from the way she can take all of those fat inches into her love tunnel as she lays on her side and takes his dick from behind.

"Ahhhhh SHIT!! MMMMM... Ahhhhhh fuck!! Just fuck that pussy!!" She groans out almost in defeat, using her hands to squeeze her own big breasts while she gets fucked like this, the toll of being involved in such steamy and top notch sex showing as the blonde gives in to the superb pleasure being gained from that massive shaft sliding stiffly in and out of her wet pussy.

"UHHHH!! Mmmm... Motherfucker!! AHHHH... Mmmmm!!" She curses and moans, beads of sweat appearing on her gorgeous face as she closes her eyes, pushing herself slightly back against the incoming thrusts to her snatch as the blonde who has competed for major indies promotions such of ROH and CZW continues to be banged deeply and with force to leave her groaning out as she fondles her own large, rounded tits at the same time.

"Mmmm!! Yeah... I knew you'd be enjoying yourself eventually..." The hunk behind her smirks with a groan, keeping a hold of her leg to keep it raised both so he can carry on firing off these quick and forceful pumps to slide his cock in balls deep into that tight and damp snatch, but to allow the camera a clear view of him giving it to the Dayton, Ohio beauty as she moans out loudly each time he pumps in and out of her twat.

"Ahhhh... MMMM... So much who outlasting who, huh?" He adds with a handsome chuckle, his moans mixing with hers as he bangs her from behind as they both lay on the mat of the wrestling ring he beat her in what seems to have been a lifetime ago, the sexy slap of skin hitting off of skin ringing out every time he drives his big cock in to the hilt into that snug but very wet now snatch.

"MMMM!! Cocky... Ahhhhh!! Son of a fucking bitch!! MMMM..." She hisses, glancing back with a brief glare but soon having to let out a moan due to the undeniable pleasure she's feeling from that thick man meat stuffing her pussy full as she takes this intense pace of balls deep pumps that keep the curvy body of one half of the first ever SHIMMER Tag Team Champions jolting on the canvas in response to all those stiff pumps that keep on coming.

"Ooooooooh FUCK!! MMMM... Think you're so fucking good... AHHHHH... Just because you're fucking filling me up..." The starlet of WSU and SHINE Wrestling groans as she runs her hands over her own lovely, rounded tits and tilts her blonde haired head back, perhaps sounding a little defiant still but she's got clearly no plans to tell the hunky male behind her to stop slamming that dick home into her slick and snug pussy as she keeps on moaning away as she's fucked on her side like this.

"Mmmm... If you think that feels good... Just wait until I'm stuffing this hot ass of yours full..." Pounder says, giving another firm and deep pump into her pussy before he slowly pulls out to leave them both groaning.

"Shit... I might as well go all in..." Neveah states as she turns over onto all fours, tossing her hair back as she looks back at him. "You proved me wrong so far, but handling this big ass of mine? Let's see if you can handle it." She challenges with a smirk, reaching back to give her shapely backside a firm spank.

"I can, and I damn well will..." Pounder states with a smirk as the video footage changes into the "next" scene using tiled graphics to "flip" the footage.

* * *

When the tiles finish flipping the scene is now just moments after wards as the camera shows a view of Nevaeh's stunning, thick and rounded ass as Pounder uses a hand to spread those thick butt cheeks apart. The other hand tilts a bottle of sex lubricant over to pour a long stream of fluid down onto her asshole, making her groan as the liquid trickles down her ass crack but pools slightly on that puckered entrance, the blonde beauty looking back and biting down on her bottom lip as she watches her backside getting prepared for that's to come.

"Oooooooh FUCK... Ahhhhhh..." The blonde, married MILF groans and tenses up when after putting the bottle down he uses a finger to pump her ass, working the lube into her clearly very tight hole with some brisk back and forth plunges to get it in as deep as he can, showing once again he knows exactly what he's doing as he finger bangs that plump booty.

"Ahhhhh... MMMM!! Oh shit... Fuck!!" She exclaims, looking back and letting out quite a shameless, filthy moan as she responds just to having a finger working in and out of her asshole as the lubricant gets applied perfectly into her back passage, while she stays in that doggy style position and gazes back to watch him work over her ass with a couple more quick plunges of his digit.

"Yeah, this kind of ass deserves a real, deep fucking..." He said with a smirk, pulling the finger out and moving in, the camera seeing his already well lubed up cock ready to go as he pushes the crown against that entrance, and then pushes in with a single firm thrust. Both of them moan out as those fat inches go in and her back passage clamps around the invasion even with all the lube applied, but he doesn't stop there as he starts to move his manhood in and out of her tight asshole, groaning at the intense friction he's feeling all around his shaft as he starts to fuck her juicy ass from behind.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh fuck yes!! MMMM!! Fuck, what a fantastic ass..." He groans and grins as he keeps those thick cheeks spread, watching his dick plough smoothly and steadily into her rump to make the busty blonde moan and rock back against the motion as even with just a few inches inside her the stunning SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling star isn't hiding the fact she's already enjoying this anal sex.

"AHHHHH!! OH FUUUUUCK!! MMMM... FUCK!! Oh shit!! MMMM..." The beautiful MILF moans out, still gazing back with sweat slightly dripping off her face now as she rocks herself back and forth to meet the incoming thrusts into her backside, one hand keeping herself propped up from the canvas so the other can be underneath her tanned body, applying a couple of fingers to her wet snatch in order to start quickly rubbing it.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhhh!! Holy... FUCK!! UHHHHH!! My ass... FUCK... Fuck my ass..." The beauty who is a standout for CZW is showing that she can handle some hardcore action of a different kind as she moans and pleasures herself while taking the long and thick dick of the stud behind her straight into her ass, her actions and lustful attitude a far cry from the defiance she showed after being beaten in a match over half an hour ago.

"MMMM... Yeah, look at that thick fucking ass... MMMM!! Fucking love that..." The hunky Unbeaten stud moans out, sweat also appearing over his desirable body as he rocks his hips back and forth to slide his tool deep into her juicy backside, her cheeks jiggling erotically as she also moves herself towards him as he pumps in with another round of stiff and quick thrusts.

"Ahhhh... MMMM FUCK!! Nothing like a stacked hottie... MMMM!! Who can take it up her thick ass..." He groans out a compliment of sorts, but his focus is on hammering away into that juicy booty, ensuring to keep those rounded, tanned cheeks spread apart both for his own easy access into that very tight hole for his cock to plough into, but for the benefit of the recording camera to both view that shaft moving straight in and out along with her own hand rubbing across her soaking wet snatch in a rather needy fashion.

"UHHHHHH!! Oh FUCK!! MMMM... FUCKING... FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" She yells out in desire, tossing her long blonde hair back with a gasp as she now pushes her fingers into her dripping cunt, finger fucking herself while having her ass stuffed at the same time, looking far from the talented pro wrestler with a decade in the business and more like a slutty, anal-loving whore as she takes this hard ass pounding from behind.

"MMMM... AHHHHH!! FUUUUUUUCK MMMM... Oooooooh SHHIIIIIIT MMMM..." Her digits pump away at her slick folds, eyes closed and head hanging down as she manages to keep pushing back against the stiff and relentless thrusts driving deep into her thick backside that appears built to take this kind of porno-quality pounding that leaves the curvaceous blonde sweating hard and repeatedly moaning out.

"Ahhhhh... MMMMM yeah!! Love this huge... UHHHHH!! Sexy fucking ass..." The stud gripping her butt cheeks as he hammers away into her from behind moans out, keeping his thick cock plunging in deeply into the back passage of the first woman to have held a championship in both WSU and SHIMMER who moans and rocks back and forth towards him as she stays up that classic doggy style position.

"MMMM... Awwwwww FUCK!! MMMM... Fucking take it!! Mmmm..." He grins and watches those rounded, thick ass cheeks shake even with his fingers digging into the more than ample flesh of the Dayton, Ohio beauty as he slams his dick up almost to the hilt into her tight back passage, causing himself to moan as he bangs the backside of the beauty currently finger fucking herself during this hot and heavy anal action.

"OH FUCK!!! MMMM FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK AAAAAAHHHH OOOOOOOOH!!" A long, loud, and extremely shameless cry escapes the curvy blonde as Nevaeh starts to cum all over her thrusting fingers, getting off on being deeply fucked up the ass by the hunk behind her who has defeated now twice, but only once in a proper match.

"MMMM... Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM FUCK!! AHHHHHH FUUUUUCK!!" She groans and gasps, her large tits still swinging underneath her as she pushes back against those rapid, hard thrusts driving into her back passage, and still pumping her now coated with fluids digits swiftly in and out of her folds, forcing herself to experience every bit of the orgasm gained from having been fucked up the ass like this.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm... Told you... You'd fucking love it..." The smirking, sweat-soaked stud behind her states as he lives up to his name by continuing to pound away into that thick, juicy ass in front of him just as he feels his cock beginning to throb within her, the effects of keeping up the intense pace needed to give the stunning blonde wrestler and her juicy ass the kind of pumping they deserve clearly showing.

"MMMM... AHHHH SHIT... Time to finish you off babe... MMMM..." He grunts, delivering one last thrust deep into her booty before he pulls out, allowing the camera to get a clear shot of her now gaping asshole as he shifts back, soon reaching in to get her into the perfect position as he takes a hold of his pulsating shaft and starts to quickly jerk himself off while aiming down at her big, sexy tits.

"Mmmmm... Fucking figures... Filthy motherfucker..." She groans as she looks up, not apparently objecting considering he just gave her an orgasm to remember, so she uses her hand to push her large breasts up and together, offering up a red hot target for him that only helps to send him over the edge. With a deep, low groan, Danny starts to blow his load, sending the first shot of spunk splashing over the right tit and into her cleavage, the sensation causing her to groan out as well and this only continues when the second blast also coats her boob before he changes his aim, sending the next couple of thick and warm bursts out onto the other breast.

"Oh shit... Fuck!! That's fucking hot..." She admits, watching as her big, rounded tits get a creamy glaze as he strokes out his huge load to dump plenty of spunk onto both of her beautiful MILF breasts that he started off this sexual encounter fucking, and now is covering with his cum to make her already desirable boobs look even hotter with a coating of cum across them.

"Ahhhh... Fuck yeah... Damn did that ever feel good..." Danny says with a smirk as he lets go of his completely spent cock.

"The fucking mess you just made, you'd better have a fucking towel or some shit for me." Nevaeh states as she lets go of her tits, letting them bounce free and showing off his spunk that's all across her chest.

"Still uptight? I thought we'd gotten along fine?" Pounder questions with a chuckle.

"If you think this is over between us, then think again! I want a fucking rematch!" She says with a smirk. "This will be the first, and last time you get my fine Ohio ass... Next time, I'll be kicking yours." She claims, her words perhaps not exactly threatening considering all the cum that's coating her boobs right now.

"As I always say babe, if you want another shot at me, in the ring or otherwise? I'm always happy to take on a challenge, and prove just why I am The Unbeaten..." He says, the camera getting another shot of the sweat-soaked blonde and her large, cum covered tits as the video footage switches with sliding-style graphics to an image screen that simply reads: "Another victory... For the UNBEATEN!" before the video fades to black and ends.

* * *

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