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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Nikki Storm (SHIMMER, SHINE Wrestling, WSU)

The Unbeaten Challenge Part 7: Nikki Storm
A women of wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video begins with a simple image screen with the words "The Unbeaten Challenge!" and underneath in smaller writing reads "Recorded Summer 2014". This soon changes to a screen with new words: "Fame and fortune await any female wrestler who can defeat the so far undefeated, unstoppable, and UNBEATEN grappler Danny Pounder." The next screen reads: "However... If our challenger loses, she agrees to be FUCKED in the very ring she just lost in!"

Using a screen effect to tiles to "switch" to actual footage now, a title-bar graphic reading "The Challenger" on the bottom of the screen as we see the beautiful Scottish beauty known as Nikki Storm, glaring with a clearly pissed off look on her face. The long, dark haired wrestler is clad in unique ring attire of black shorts held by suspenders that cling to her thick and juicy backside, a white Nikki Storn merchandise T-shirt with red logo and lettering on the front that shows off her nicely rounded and sized tits, white socks with red stripes near the top, and black wrestling boots.

"The fact that I am even here is a complete, fecking disgrace!" Storm rants to the camera in her thick accent. "I am Nikki Storm! The Greatest Wrestler in the Galaxy! From Glasgow, Scotland! You hear that? GLAS-GOW SCOTLAND!! I am not just some cheap fecking tart like the rest! I've dominated in Japan, in America, all over the UK and Europe and that's why I am the fecking GREATEST Wrestler in the GALAXY!! I am a fecking professional wrestler and I deserve better than this shite!!" She narrows her eyes as she points to the camera. "So whoever this fecking pervert is, I'm going to tear you apart from limb to fecking limb and make you beg for mercy! That's why I've demanded this be a Submission Match so I can humble you, I can humiliate you, and I can show you that a real woman doesn't take any shite from some fecking arsehole like you! So get fecking ready for the worst night of your sorry life!"

Titled graphic effects are used again to switch to a new scene, the bottom bar now reading "The Unbeaten" as a handsome, muscular man with short brown hair wearing gold wresting tights that are so close fitting that do nothing to hide the obvious sizable package in his pants, smiles to the camera.

"The Unbeaten, Danny Pounder here once again!" He introduces himself. "So, this so-called Best in the Galaxy huh? Some might say her biggest fan is herself, but let me tell you something Nikki - I'm a big fan of yours! I'm a fan of that pretty face of yours, that nice body of yours, and especially about that gorgeous, thick ass of yours! Or arse as you Scots might say! A Submission match? No problem honey. I don't just rely on my Tombstone Piledriver to win, because I know plenty of holds that will put you down and make you tap, and after that? Then I'll be the one tapping... Tapping that fine ass of yours!" He smirks, grabbing a hold of his crotch to put the point across. "I just hope that you give a fuck that's out of this world to match you being the Best Wrestler in the Galaxy... Well, second best tonight against me that is!"

* * *

The video now changes using a full-screen flip style effect to a wide shot of a full scale professional wrestling ring in what appears to be a warehouse of some sorts but with no-one in attendance except for the two competitors in the ring and a cameraman in the ring. From behind this far camera, the sound of a ring bell being struck is heard as Storm and Pounder circle each other, an on-screen graphic reading: Submission Match! Rules - First competitor to make their opponent submit is the winner.. No tights/rope aided holds permitted. Rope breaks must be given. Match can only be won inside the ring. May the best competitor win!"

"Do you know who the feck I am?!?" Storm yells as she comes forward to face Pounder. "I am the Best Wrestler in the Galaxy!" She loudly says, poking him in his muscular chest with a finger. "The BEST..." She starts to rant but Danny just grabs her by the wrist, making her squeal as he spins her around, lifting her up and dropping her down with a classic Atomic Drop onto his knee, her eyes going wide as she staggers up, clutching her backside. When she turns around, Pounder is right there to again send her up off from the mat, now using the Inverted Atomic Drop to leave her groaning as she drops to the canvas.

"Doesn't look too much like it to me honey..." Danny comments as he takes advantage of her pushing herself off from the canvas by moving on top of her, grabbing her arms to pull them back and then grabbing the chin for the Camel Clutch. Storm groans and curses, attempting to struggle free but finding herself trapped in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. This allows the camera to get a full frontal shot and a nice view of her tits in her tight top as the Scotswoman struggles in vein to free herself. It's only when Danny breaks it himself so he can jump up and then drop down with all his weight onto her back, making her groan out as she crumbles to the mat. Staying on the attack he hooks the legs, easily turning Storm over and locking on a Boston Crab submission that again has the trapped wrestler calling out in pain as he sinks it in deep.

"Nhhhhh... No!! Get the feck off of me!! Ahhhhhh!!" Nikki groans out as she claws on the canvas, seeing the ropes far ahead of her but his strength and weight has her stuck trapped in the middle of the ring with no other choice but to try and endure this punishment. After spending several moments with her arms flailing against the canvas, Pounder releases and shoves the legs down, leaving her gasping on the mat as she reaches behind to hold her now hurting back. With a smirk, he reaches down to force her upward but just barely to her feet before he scoops her up, using a textbook Body Slam to drive her down into the middle of the ring.

"This is too easy! So let's switch this up, shall we?" Danny says with a smirk as he watches her roll onto her front on the mat, easy pickings as he again moves to bring her upward but this time he drops down onto one knee, using his superior strength to force the gorgeous but arrogant Scottish wrestler over her knee stomach first. The camera gets a great shot of her juicy ass sticking out, and then of the punishment that comes next as Pounder uses a raised hand to strike down onto her backside to spank her hand, making her yell out in pain with wide, stunned eyes but his other hand keeps her trapped with pressure applied to the back.

"Owwwww!! You fecker!! Ahhhhh!! No!! Stop... OWWWW!! Stop it!! Stop it stop it!!" Storm almost screams, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she cannot stop this painful spanking, her shorts offering little protection from the harsh blows that make her body rock forward over her knee from the force. He just smirks, delivering the spanks one shot after another to make her whine and squeal but there's nothing she can do unless she submits to this humiliation, and that doesn't seem likely as she grits her teeth and shakes her head in defiance.

Mercifully, Pounder eventually stops the spanking, shoving her down to the mat from his knee and watching as she rolls on the canvas and holds her hurting ass. Taking his time, he watches her struggle up to her feet as she turns around, her arm swinging wildly around to try and slap the taste out of his mouth but rather too easily he ducks the shot and goes behind her, scooping her up and then dropping her down to the mat with a Back Suplex that leaves her flat out on the mat. Not quite finished yet, he reaches down to pick her up by the head, hooking her up in order to drive her down with a painful Backbreaker across the knee she'd just been spanked over to again leave her groaning and reaching back to hold that targeted area.

"I expected more of a challenge! Guess someone thinks way to highly of themselves..." Danny says with a smirk as he takes his time circling the still downed female wrestler as she tries to push herself up and off from the canvas. He stops her midway, capturing the head and forcing her to her feet but turning her around. This allows him to haul her up onto his shoulders to apply the vicious Torture Rack, gripping her by the leg and neck to bend her over backwards and wrench in the submission hold.

"AHHHHH!! Ooooooowww!! Ahhhhh!! I.... I QUIT! I GIVE UP!! Lemme go!!" Nikki yells, slapping her hand against his arm to really make it clear that she's submitting. With a smirk Pounder releases his grip, letting her drop to the canvas as the sound of a bell being struck sounds out to signal the end of the far from competitive match and an easy victory for The Unbeaten.

"Damn... Didn't even break a sweat..." Danny chuckles as he stretches his arms over his head, looking over his defeated opponent as she groans on the mat. "Well, I'll soon change that..." He says as he reaches down, pushing his ring attire down to reveal his lengthy and thick to match cock.

"Ahhhhh feck!! I wasn't fecking ready!" Nikki whines as she sits up. "I was... Holy shite!!" She gasps, seeing him stepping forward with his cock in his hand as he lightly pumps himself. "What the... That's fecking huge!!"

"Damn right babe... And now since I won, I get to do what I want to you..." Pounder smirks as he strokes himself off in front of her, smirking at her wide eyed expression as it doesn't appear that she's ever seen a cock of his size before in her life.

"No fecking way!! I can't... Not with... You cheated anyway!!" Storm tries to make excuses as she sits up, raising her hands like she's trying to back out of the stipulations she agreed to in the match she just lost even as she can't help but stare at his now rock hard length pointing at her gorgeous face.

"Yeah yeah... Shove a cock in it babe..." He smirks as he takes advantage of the mouthy beauty attempting to get out of this by stuffing his dick into her oral hole, making her eyes widen again as she lets out a muffled groan, his hand going onto the back of her head preventing her from pulling off as he begins to slide his thick member back and forth between her lips. "Mmmm... Feels like you'll be able to use that loud mouth of yours for something useful..." He chuckles with a light moan, feeling her nicely soft lips brushing against his dick as he firmly fucks her mouth, her defiance even in this kneeling position still clear from the glare she's giving him as he pumps in and out of her already damp and hot oral hole. Perhaps accepting her fate, she isn't attempting to struggle here as she groans again around that long shaft when it pushes forward past her lips, her eyes switching from up at the handsome face of the stud who has won the right to have his wicked way with her, and down to his crotch to watch that big dick moving into her mouth.

"Mmmmppphhh!! Mmmmhhhhrrr ffffkkkkhhhrrr!! Mmmmmmphhh!!" The Scottish wrestler attempts to yell but is mostly silenced by the man meat she's being fed as she finds herself placing her lips more firmly around that tool as her saliva begins to be applied onto that lengthy member, her hands slowing moving up onto his waist as he pumps her mouth with another round of steady thrusts that keeps him smiling and moaning. "Hmmmmm... Mmmmmphhh... Fhhhhnnneeee!! Ihhhhhlll... I'llllllll shhhhhkkkkk yrrrrrhhhh fhhhhkkkinnnnn ccchhhhkkk!!" She yells in her thick accent even with the muffler of that meaty pole moving back and forth into her mouth, glaring up at the hunk she's being made to service as she starts to rock her dark, long haired head towards his cock when his pumps forward before moving back smoothly to make herself groan as she begins to suck him off.

"Mmmmm... Yeah, that's it Nikki... Let's see you suck that cock..." The Undefeated stud encourages with a moan as he lets go of her head, stopping his pumping motion as the camera gets the full shot of her slurping on his shaft as she handles half of his size, the arrogant defiance on her pretty face making the sight of her blowing such a long cock even hotter. "Ahhhhh... Yeah, not bad babe... But with a mouth like yours... Mmmm... I think you can take even more of me down..." He almost dares her with a smirk, getting another angry glare from the former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion as she steadily bobs her head along his meat, but for a woman so apparently apposed to this sexual act she does as ordered, groaning as she pushes her mouth down further onto that now nicely coated with saliva cock.

"Mmmmmphhhh!! UHHHHHLLLKKKK!! Gaaaaahhh!! GAAAAAAHHH!!" The eyes of the Glasgow, Scotland stunner go wide again but this time from the feeling of the head of his cock connecting with the back of her mouth as she does deep down onto him, letting out a noisy but erotic gagging sound as more of her spit splatters down over that big cock. "GAAAAAHHH!! Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmm!! GAAAAAHHHH!!" She fights to keep her lips presses around that tool as she sloppily sucks away on his dick despite how loudly she's gagging on him, refusing to be beaten again even though it's clear she can't handle even most of his dick. The swift and somewhat rough motion is making her long hair sway from the rocking back and forth motion her head is doing which keeps the receiver moaning as more of her saliva drips down over his fat inches and further down to his crotch and balls.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm yeah... You're making quite the mess Nikki..." He laughs, noting how her saliva is not only dripping off of his length but is drooling off of her chin to stain her white merchandise T-shirt as even as her eyes start to water from the discomfort of the repeated gagging she's doing as a result of her attempts to deep throat, she still refuses to fully admit defeat. "Mmmmm... Guess you're not the Best in the Galaxy... Ahhhhh... When it comes to giving head..." He taunts the SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling starlet as he uses a hand to brush her long dark hair away from her facial features, letting the recording camera see her giving another glare with her mouth filled with cock as she bobs away onto him to take him too deep into that wet and arm oral hole, causing her to gag loudly around him again and again.

After another suck up and down on him, she mercifully for herself gives in and pulls off of his shaft, embarrassingly coughing and clutching her throat as she gasps for breath for several moments. "Fecking bastard!!" Storm snaps with another glare as her saliva drips from both her own chin and off of his rock hard cock. "I nearly choked my sel' on that dick!"

"Well it felt good where I'm standing..." Danny says with a chuckle as he looks over her. "But your clothes there are getting a bit of a mess... How about we get to the real good stuff and you get them off?" He says more as an instruction than an order.

"You... You!! ...Fine!" Nikki says with a grunt of annoyance as she sits up, slipping her suspenders off her shoulders so she can pull her stained T-shirt up and over her head, showing off her nicely rounded and sized tits. "The sooner this is over with, the fecking better!" She claims, unbuttoning her shorts now so she can start to push them down.

"Very nice..." Pounder comments as her neatly trimmed pussy is revealed as well as that thick backside. Once she's removed them and kicked them away, he then moves down to stop her hands as she looks to remove her footwear. "No way babe, those socks are staying on..." He smirks as he moves down onto the canvas behind her, using a hand to grip her cock-covered ankle in order to raise the leg up as he positions his cock in line with that tight looking snatch.

"Ooooooooh fuck!! Mmmmmm!! Holy feck!!" The world traveled grappler gasps as he pushes his dick forward into her snatch, her moans showing she did not expect her pussy getting filled up to this level already to feel so good as that coated with her saliva member begins to firmly thrusts back and forth into her as he doesn't hesitate to establish a good pace with which to fuck her with. "Ahhhhh... Oh God!! It's... You're fecking stretching me already?!?" She moans in clear disbelief as her mouth hangs open from the pleasurable shock of this situation as she gets nailed on her side on the wrestling ring she just lost in minutes ago, her sexy and curved body on almost full display with her only in wrestling boots and socks as she takes the thrusts from the hunk who claimed a rather easy victory over her and now gets to bang her like this.

"Mmmm... Honey, I'm not even all the way into you yet..." The proudly Undefeated man states with a smirk and a moan as he uses a smooth series of steady pumps to send his cock straight forward into her starting to dampen snatch, getting full entry into that snug hole as he keeps her leg raised up. A look of pleasure and shock coming across the pretty face of the arrogant but attractive female wrestler he's fucking from behind as they lay on their sides as she realises there's more of his dick to go inside of her tight pussy. "Ahhhhh... But don't worry... I soon will be... Mmmmm..." He adds with a chuckle as he soon makes good on that promise, using a more forceful thrust to send more of this thick inches up into her snatch, causing the former TNA British Bootcamp contestant to moan out as he stuffs that twat full with his manhood in a manner she clearly has never experienced before in her life.

"MMMMMM FECK!! Ahhhhhh!! Oh shit... MMMM..." Closing her eyes, the gorgeous Scotswoman unintentionally puts on a sexy show for the camera that's filming this as moans out with her mouth in a perfect O-shape, her curvy body begins to jolt against the canvas each time he drives his fat cock straight into her snatch as the smack of skin meeting tanned skin sounds out when his crotch connects with her juicy backside. "AHHHHHH... Oh shite... Oh feck FECK FECK MMMMM!!" With her pussy now clearly wet but still tight around the dick she had been slobbering over, the once defiant beauty can't help but moan out as she's getting sexually beaten by the hunk who beat her in a wrestling match, and now is getting to ram his cock stiffly in and out of her snatch to make them both moan, even if hers are clearly far more louder and longer than his.

"Ahhhhh... From my experience... It looks like you haven't gotten the fucking you deserve... Mmmmm! In a damn long while..." He states between groans of delight at how her snatch is clenching around his thick member as he slides all the way in to the hilt into her before smoothly and quickly pulling out to the half-way point, before driving back in to make her moan out, the force of the pumps more than enough to make her body rock forward and her tits bounce slightly from the motion. "Mmmmm... If I didn't know better... I'd say... Ahhhhh!! That you lost on purpose so you could this dick filling you up..." The handsome and obviously very experienced in sexual activity stud taunts the beautiful but often self-centered wrestler, more than proving her claims about him wrong as he continues to stuff her wet and snug cunt full with his shaft, keeping that leg of her raised up so the camera gets a clear shot of his member moving right in with balls deep pumps into the moaning stunner laying in front of him.

"AHHHHHH... Feck... Feck you!! MMMMM..." She groans out with gritted teeth, opening her eyes to look down and stare with wide eyes at his massive cock slamming in and out of her tight pussy, showing her defiance to be very empty as she takes this already steaming fucking that's making her body sweat as a couple of stands of her long, dark hair stick to her cheeks. "Ooooooooh SHIIIIIITE!! MMMMMM... Just... Just fucking feck me!! MMMM..." She moans in defeat at how good it feels to have her snatch filled up by this pistoning cock that's driving all the way into her tightness, making her gasps as her athletic and curved frame continues to jolt on the ring canvas she's getting fucked on while clad in only a sexy pair of socks and her wrestling boots, making the sight of the once arrogant babe now willing taking this fucking even hotter than it already was.

"Mmmm!! There's a good girl... You only needed to ask..." Danny smirks as he gives her another firm thrust before he pulls out of her snatch, making her groan but before she can question it he's gripping her waist, rolling her over so that she's mounted on top of his cock and facing away from him.

"Ahhhhh!! Then... What are you waiting for??" Nikki questions as she looks back over her shoulder at him, moaning just from the feeling of all that dick inside her.

"I think it's time you put some more work in... To make up for that messy BJ I got earlier..." Pounder chuckles as he gives her thick butt a sharp spank that makes her groan.

"Wh... What?? I... Awwwww FECK!! Mmmmm... You fecker!! AHHHHH..." She groans as she can't resist the sinful pleasure she's feeling from this, leaning forward and starting to rock her hips back and forth, moving his cock in and out of her tight and damp pussy so that she's now fucking herself on his dick, much to his moaning approval already as she breaks into a firm pace. "Ooooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMMM... Fecking... FILLING ME UP!! AHHHHHH..." The beauty who has competed for major women's wrestling promotions across Europe and America loudly moans as she pushes her body sharply back, sliding her wet twat over his member so she fills herself up with all that fat man meat each time her ass smacks back into his crotch.

"Mmmmm!! Nice... Very nice Nikki... Ahhhhh..." With a smirk, the proudly Undefeated hunk watches the stunning Scottish wrestler riding his cock with this steady rocking motion as she moves her hips towards and away from him, letting the filming camera get a nice shot of her thick butt cheeks jiggling slightly as well as the sight of his member being taken all the way up into her snatch and then soon reappearing. "Ahhhhh!! MMMM... From the Best Wrestler in the Galaxy... I honestly expected... Ahhhhh... A lot more from you..." He still taunts her even as he moans from how pleasurable it clearly is to have the beautiful former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion riding his cock in such a way that shows she isn't too inexperienced with this position, but he knows exactly just how to push the buttons of a woman like her as her lust has taken full control to make her work her curvy body back into him in such a needy manner.

"OH FECK!! MMMMM... SO FUCKING BIG!! Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM..." She yells out loudly as drops of sweat drip down her beautiful face, her ripe tits swaying in time with the motion her body is doing as the star SHIMMER and SHINE Wresting smoothly and quickly drags her snatch back and forth along that meaty length that she can't stop herself from impaling herself right down onto in order to stuff herself full. "AHHHHHH!! MMMMM... So deep!! AHHHHH... Awwwwwww FECK MMMMM..." The native of Glasgow, Scotland tosses her long dark hair back as she lets out another long and rather slutty moan, a far cry from her arrogant attitude at the start of this all but now sees her sharply rocking back and forth on the dick of the moaning stud underneath her who has all too easily managed to sexually dominate and break the stunning female wrestler.

"MMMMM... Oh yeah babe... Fucking get wild on that dick... Mmmmm..." He moans his approval, giving her juicy backside another hard spank to make those cheeks erotically shake, loving the feeling of her quickly moving along his shaft to take him in balls deep before shifting back forward just a few inches so she can desperately ram herself back down onto his cock with a loud smack when her backside connects wit his crotch. "Ahhhhhh!! Mmmmm... Feels good Nikki... Keep riding... MMMM... Keep riding that big fucking cock..." The muscular male says with another groan of delight, only now starting to show signs of breaking into a sweat, a world away from the talented and gorgeous grappler mounted on his stiff prick as she slams her now very wet but still pleasurably tight cunt onto that big dick as she lets out a series of long, loud and increasing shameless moans of joy from the riding motion.

"OH FECK!! FECK!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK!!! FUCK FUCK FEEEEEEEEECK AHHHHHHH!!" Her eyes snap open wide, her mouth hanging open and almost drooling as Nikki Storm suddenly cums hard all over the fat and long cock she's slamming herself back into, her snatch tightening to make Danny underneath her moan out but not nearly as loud as she is as her juices flood out to cover that shaft as she literally rides out a powerful orgasm the likes of which she could have never dreamed possible. "AHHHHHH... MMMMM... FEEEEEECK... AHHHHHH..." She's already gasping for breath even as this sexual high sends shockwaves through her sexy, athletic frame, strands of her long dark hair sticking to her face as she wildly jolts her body backward to take his dick all the way into her now dripping wet hole as he once steady pace becomes quite erratic as she gradually comes back down to Earth.

"So much... Mmmmm... For being the Best in the Galaxy..." Danny chuckles with a moan as she almost stumbles forward after rocking too far forward so that his cock slips out of her snatch, gasping for air as she's on her hands and knees on the mat. "Mind you, that's the perfect position for what I've got planned..." He states as with still plenty left in the tank he gets up and moves off camera for a moment.

"Ahhhhh... Ahhhhh... Oh feck!! That... That was nae fecking real..." Storm mumbles to herself as sweat drips from her face, but the recording camera is focused on her thick backside and her snatch as juices trickle from that well fucked hole. On this stunning image the footage focuses on before tiled graphics appear to "switch" the film to another "scene".

* * *

The titles finish switching, and the scene is back where we were moments ago but with a slightly different position as Nikki Storm is now in the face down, booty up position with her cheek resting against the ring canvas, a few strands of hair still stuck to her face and having her hands reaching back to spread her thick ass cheeks apart. This shows off both that very wet snatch but also her now glistening with what clearly seems to be lubricant, a sign that her back passage has been well prepared for what's about to come.

"You didn't enjoy me spanking this fine ass of yours earlier..." Danny Pounder chuckles as me moves in down behind her, gripping his coated in lubricant cock by the base as he taps the crown against her tight entrance. "Let's see how you handle taking a fucking in it..." He adds with a smirk as he rubs the head against her before starting to push forward into her.

"Uhhhhhhh!! AHHHHHH... OH FEEEEECK... Ahhhhhhh..." The stunning Scottish grappler groans as she feels that thick prick invading her tightest of holes, making her sweat covered body tense and her fingers dig into the ample flesh of her backside as he begins to ease his cock in and out of her asshole, expertly working a few inches in so they can got get used to the sensations and the friction even with all the lube that's been applied. "AHHHHHH... My... My fecking arse!! Awwwwwww FECK!!" She yells with almost a whine, gritting her teeth at obvious discomfort from having such a massive invasion entering her booty, perhaps a sign that she is not used to taking it up the ass, but after such a hard orgasm just a few minutes ago she couldn't resist this anal action even if she could.

"MMMMM... Oh FUCK!! Ahhhhhh... What a hot... MMMMM... Tight... Fat fucking ass..." The victorious hunk who has now experienced all of her holes moans with a handsome smile as he firmly and steadily works his big dick in and out of her very snug asshole, once again showing his expertise as he knows exactly how to give a full and rounded ass like the kind of fucking it and she deserves as he takes her from behind and she keeps that backside spread apart for him. "OH FUCK!! Mmmmmm... Awwwwww yeah Nikki... MMMM!! An ass like this... AHHHHH... Was made to be fucked..." He adds with a groan as he leans his muscular upper body back, allowing the camera to get in close for a shot of his cock ploughing forward firmly into her thick arse as she keeps it raised up for him like a good little slut even as she grunts herself with a mix of pain and pleasure from the feeling of her back passage being filled up in this way.

"OH FECK!! AHHHHH... AHHHHH... OH SHITE!! How... How can that fit in my arse?!? AHHHHH..." She yells out in disbelief with a long groan, looking back as she keeps her face against the wrestling canvas where she lost a match in, and now as a result has ended up getting her juicy ass being fucked from behind as the very hunky man who defeated her is briskly pumping his fat rod gradually deeper and deeper into her butt like it's his own personal property. "UHHHHHH... UHHHH!! Ahhhhhhh!! FECK!! FECK FECK FEEEEEECK!!" The former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion continues to grunt and groan as she takes this forceful and dominating anal sex that's left the once arrogant beauty now looking more like a completely fucked whore as she still has her hands on her ass cheeks to keep them apart to allow that pistoning cock unrestricted access to her vice-like asshole.

"MMMMM... Oh yeah!! MMMMM... AWWWWW FUCK!! Ahhhhhh... Love that thick fucking ass!!" Now the handsome hunk is sweating noticeably as the effects of giving the backside of the gorgeous Scotswoman this deep and hard pumping begins to show as his chest slightly heaves and a stream of loud moans of shameless delight escape from him. Despite that he's not slowing down or easing off from this intense pace, showing little regard for the woman he's fucked into submission and has left a groaning, sweat-soaked mess in front of him as he pounds away into her desirable and juicy backside. "AHHHHHH... MMMMM... FUCK YEAH!! Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM..." Danny moans his approval of the feelings he's getting from how still very tight all around his manhood her back passage is even after all the deep and powerful thrusts he's delivering straight forward into that ass as she keeps it raised up for him, her thick cheeks jiggling when he pumps in even as her fingers tightly grip those cheeks to keep them far apart for him.

"UHHHHH... FECK... Fuck... Fucking Hell!! OH FECK... AHHHHH..." The beauty from Glasgow, Scotland groans as she closes her eyes, looking almost completely spent now as she gasps for air and her hands start to slip from her ass but the stud giving it to her from behind simply takes the role of groping those juicy, rounded cheeks as he drives his starting to throb cock deep into her back passage. "AHHHHH... Ahhhhhh!! UHHHHHH... Ahhhhhhh ffff... Feeeeck... SH... Shiiiiiteeee..." She whines again into a low mumble with her arms slumping down as that massive tool plunging in and out of her asshole at a brisk pace and with plenty of force to make her booty jiggle, giving the filming camera an extra visual treat to go with the sight of that big and sexy ass getting fucking in the first place.

"Awwwwwww SHIT!! Time... Ahhhhh... Time to finish this off!!" Danny says as he pulls this pulsating cock out of her more than simply well fucked ass, using his hands to roll her over onto her back and she offers no resistance as he moves up to over her chest, gripping his cock in his hands as he starts to stroke himself off. "MMMM... Awwwwww... AWWWWWW YESSS!! MMMMM... Here it fucking comes!! MMMM..." He warns then lets out a long groan as he begins to shoot his load, sending thick shots of cum down onto the gorgeous and already glazed with sweat face of Nikki Storm, causing her to groan as she feels the spunk landing across her cheeks, lips, nose, and forehead. He pumps away with his hand, not wasting a drop as he sends it splashing down onto the Scottish beauty's face and even onto her long, dark hair that's sticking to her face, just the finishing touch to how he's sexually dominated her throughout this after done the same during the match they had.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmmm... Now that's something that's the Best in the Galaxy..." Danny says with a smirk, letting his now spent cock fall from his hands after he'd flicked the last drops of his spunk down onto her face.

Stepping back and away from her, Nikki doesn't move from the position of being flat on her back on the canvas. It appears that after experiencing such a hard orgasm and then some rough anal action it's completely exhausted her, leaving her asleep on the canvas as her chest heaves and her gorgeous face is covered with jizz.

"Or maybe not!" Pounder chuckles as he crosses his arms over his muscular chest. "We'll let her catch some rest before letting her head out of here. I guess some of these challengers just can't handle me in the ring, our out of it... But if she's anything like the rest of them she'll be back... And she'll end up just like this again and again... And I like the sounds of that!" He adds as the camera focuses on Storm's cum-covered face for a long moment as the video footage switches with sliding-style graphics to an image screen that simply reads: "Another victory... For the UNBEATEN!" before the video fades to black and ends.

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