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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Thea Trinidad (SHINE Wrestling, formerly Rosita in TNA)

The Unbeaten Challenge Part 8: Thea Trinidad
A women of wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video begins with a simple image screen with the words "The Unbeaten Challenge!" and underneath in smaller writing reads "Recorded Summer 2016". This soon changes to a screen with new words: "Fame and fortune await any female wrestler who can defeat the so far undefeated, unstoppable, and UNBEATEN grappler Danny Pounder." The next screen reads: "However... If our challenger loses, she agrees to be FUCKED in the very ring she just lost in!"

Using a screen effect to tiles to "switch" to actual footage now, a title-bar graphic reading "The Challenger" on the bottom of the screen as we see the beautiful American of Puerto Rican descent, and former TNA Knockout Rosita - Thea Trinidad. The gorgeous, dark haired beauty is clad in wrestling attire proudly paying tribute to Puerto Rico of red, white and blue with white star bikini-like top that shows off her rounded chest, and similarly coloured and designed booty shorts that nicely cling to her very sexy ass.

"So, I'm against some fucking pervert who thinks he can just get it on with any chick he likes just because he's gotten some wins over some other sluts or whatever?" Thea says in her thick, sexy accent as she already shows off, and looks from the glare she's giving the camera, her feisty nature. "I'm not scared of him... I've travelled around the world! Taken on the best, kicked ass and shown just about everybody that you can't judge this girl by her side. Whether it was me making those dump TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles actually mean something for once, or making a statement in SHINE Wrestling, everybody found out what this woman is all about!" She says with a confident smirk. "So "Danny Pounder"... Get ready to get pounded for fucking sure when I kick your ass, and I walk out of here with all your cash! That'll mean you can start calling me... The Greatest Woman That Ever Lived..."

Titled graphic effects are used again to switch to a new scene, the bottom bar now reading "The Unbeaten" as a handsome, muscular man with short brown hair wearing gold wresting tights that are so close fitting that do nothing to hide the obvious sizeable package in his pants, smiles to the camera.

"The Unbeaten, Danny Pounder here once again!" He introduces himself. "Now I've never had a problem taking on some international opponents from Canada to the UK, and today it's something special with a Puerto Rican delight coming to try and take me on. Now I know all about where she's been and what she's done, and it's all the more reason why I can't wait to take her on, put her down for the count, and then take her on again if you know what I mean." He chuckles, making the point clear as he grabs his own crotch for a moment. "So sorry Thea, you're gonna be going doing just like all the rest... But hey, at least you're finally going to get some actual Total Nonstop Action that you never could when you were playing Rosita! And trust me, you're going to love it just like I will..."

* * *

The video now changes using a full-screen flip style effect to a wide shot of a full scale professional wrestling ring in what appears to be a warehouse of some sorts but with no-one in attendance except for the two competitors in the ring and a cameraman in the ring. From behind this far camera, the sound of a ring bell being struck is heard as Trinidad and Pounder circle each other, an on-screen graphic reading: Rules - One pinfall or submission to a fair finish. No fast counts or tights/rope aided pins or holds permitted. Rope breaks must be given. Match can only be won inside the ring. May the best competitor win!"

"Oh it is on! You're done for!" Thea vows as she storms forward, leaping up to strike at Pounder with some strikes, but soon being shoved away easily. She charges again, but this time fakes out as she ducks under his arm, running the ropes and then doing it again when Danny turns around and wildly swings the arm. The next time, Trinidad jumps up, trying a Crossbody but finds herself easily captured in the arms of the far more powerful opponent who just smirks and shakes his head. She struggles for a moment, but finds herself being dropped down with the simple but effective Body Slam that leaves her hissing, sitting up as she clutches at herself.

"Going to take a lot more than that baby!" Pounder says tauntingly as he moves down, pulling her up by the hair so he can again scoop her up, making her squeal as he uses all his strength with a Gorilla Press, leaving her hanging right above his head before he lets gravity to the damage by stepping back. Trinidad clutches her stomach, kicking her legs from the impact of being dropped but there's little chance to recover as she gets rolled over onto her stomach, taking a solid stomp to the stomach that again leaves her groaning in discomfort, especially when he keeps the boot applied to grind it into that toned midsection.

"Nnnn... Ahhhhh!! Get off of me!!" She demands as she fruitlessly struggles underneath his weight and strength, and it's only when he's decided he's had enough does he actually step off from her - not to mention the fact the recording camera is taking free shots of her tits jiggling away when she squirms. It's in fact only so he can reach down to drag her up, pulling her up by the head to bring her to a turnbuckle, once again targeting the stomach area as he delivers not one, not two, but three deep Shoulder Thrusts into Trinidad in the corner, leaving her gasping out and slumping over her opponent as he smirks and stays pressing into her in mocking fashion. Using his strength, he toys with her as he carries her on his shoulder, taking her all the way across the ring to the opposite side where he sets the hurting opponent up on top to sit on the top pad.

He takes his time however, playing up to the camera and motioning that this is about to be over before he moves back in and finds himself stunned by a slap to the face! The stinging, unexpected shot sends him stumbling back, giving her time to maker her move as she goes up top. When Pounder turns back around, he walks right into her flight path as she snaps off an impressive Hurricanrana! Danny is left scrambling to his feet, swinging his arm out and missing completely as Thea runs the ropes, seizing the moment as she then leaps up at her opponent, capturing the head and delivering a devastating Standing Tornado DDT! She's going for the cover!!

"One! Two! ...Ahhhh shit!!" Thea makes the clear, clean count but can only get a near-fall as Danny gets that shoulder up, but as the former Rosita gets up it seems that DDT took a lot out of him as he stays down. Clutching her stomach briefly, Trinidad decides to disk it all, seeing him laying in perfect position as she climbs up the corner, glancing back to check before she reaches the top rope, and flings herself back for the Moonsault!!

...Nobody home!! Pounder faked that he was out of it, rolling out of the way as she was mid-flight, and all the targeting to the stomach just made the blow of hitting the mat even worse for her. She tries pushing herself up, but just leaves herself wide open to be grabbed around the waist, soon lifted and dropped with a Gutbuster that leaves her curled up on the canvas. With a smirk, he pulls that almost limp body effortlessly up, scooping her up and around into the position for his favourite, match-ending move - the Tombstone Piledriver! Thea lays limp on that mat as Danny slides across and hooks a leg for the pin.

"One... Two... Three!" He counts with a smile, the sound of a bell being run to signal that his infamous undefeated streak remains in tact as he stands up, raising an arm to celebrate his win. "Here is your winner... And STILL The Unbeaten... "The Unbeaten", Danny Pounder!" He announces himself, before he looks down over his opponent. "But hey, it's not all bad honey... Here, let me make it up for you..."

Reaching down, he starts bringing the still out of it beauty up to her feet, moving her along with him towards a corner where he makes her lean against it. A camera now in the ring moves in, recording the sight of him pulling down her shorts, revealing her sexy, rounded ass - all of this more than fine due to the terms of the match which allow him as the winner to have his wicked way with this stunning female wrestler. With the shorts removed from her, he puts her into position, putting one leg over the middle ropes in the corner and the other over the cables on the other side, leaving her spread out with her tasty looking snatch on display just as she starts to groan and come back to reality.

Rather than waiting for permission to proceed, knowing that she agreed to be fucked by him if she lost the match, Pounder kneels down in front of him, letting the camera capture this steamy sight as he starts to run his tongue against her folds, groaning himself already as he lightly flicks out at her pussy before starting to work his tongue around the outside in testing fashion.

"Wha... What's going...? Mmmmm..." As the gorgeous wrestler is coming back to her senses, she's made to moan out as the hunk who just defeated her is getting right to enjoying his "prize". Blinking, she stares down and sees him flicking his tongue against her snatch, her semi-clothed body tensing as she adjusts to that sensation and the position of being spread across the ropes. Her eyes widen as she realises she lost the match, just as she groans again from the already pleasurable feeling his tongue is giving her pussy just from this first round of savouring licks.

"Mmmm!! Fucking damn it... I fucking had... Ahhhhh... Had you beat..." Thea claims, gritting her teeth in frustration but tellingly not making a move to get off from the corner she's on, knowing she has to go along with the stipulations of the match she just lost. In fact, she's moaning out again perhaps a little bit more than she should be, still not able to take her eyes off the handsome and muscular man kneeling in front of her as he runs that clearly talented and trained tongue up and down her slit.

Pounder just smirks as he glances up at her, keeping his attention onto that pussy as he munches on her, starting to flick his tongue against those folds to keep her moaning, and keeping his face and head positioned to the side of the camera can get that clear shot of him eating out some tasty Puerto Rican pussy. He's using his oral skill to not just make sure she's in the mood for what's to come, but to get that hole nice and wet, already able to lap up the forming dampness from her snatch as he eats her out, switching up the motion as he swirls his tongue now around the outer folds of that sweet, snug looking snatch.

"Oh fuck!! Mmmmm... Shit... At least... Mmmmm... You know what you're doing..." The former TNA Knockout known as Rosita states, trying to sound still pissed off but her moans betraying her along with the site of her hardened nipples poking through her tight wrestling top. Those sounds of enjoyment aren't going to stop any time soon as the hunk in front of her continues to lap away at her twat, and he's groaning himself into her pussy to show he's getting off on dishing out this oral sex act to the beauty he'd just beaten in a wrestling match and now has his tongue stuck up into her pussy.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhh shit... Mmmmm... Shit, that's good..." She admits, biting down on her bottom lip as the dark haired grappler slightly rocks herself towards the handsome face that's right up against her crotch, the grinding motion adding to her pleasure as she moans out and her hands grip the ropes at either side of the corner she's positioned on.

"Oooooooooooooh shit!! MMMM..." Trinidad gasps out loudly as she's caught off guard when he raises his head up, now flicking his tongue at her clit while he applies a finger into her snatch, quickly pushing it in and out of her hole with a nicely steady motion, and all the while working over that obviously sensitive nub with his hungry tongue. "Mmmm... Ahhhhh... Motherfucker!! Mmmmm..." She hisses, glaring down at that still smirking hunk who is more than proving he's got sexual skills to match the in-ring ability as he double teams her hot pussy with his finger and tongue, easily getting his digit slick from her pussy juices while he swirls his tongue around the clit for good measure.

"I think that's enough of a warm up, right?" Danny says with a proud smile, shifting back as he pulls his finger out of her snatch so he can stand up.

"If... If you think that just because you can eat some fucking pussy good..." Thea starts to warn as she moves herself off from the corner. "Then you're... Holy fuck!!" She cuts herself off as she exclaims, seeing the huge cock springing rock hard from his tights as she removes them.

"You were saying?" Pounder grins, having gotten that reaction plenty of times before in the past as he watches her stare as his lengthy and thick to match dick that's certainly a perfect fit for a porn film.

"Fuck!! You'd... You'd better know how to use that Papi!" Trinidad says, her warning not exactly effective from the almost drooling, hypnotised look on her gorgeous face. In fact, in that almost "trance" she goes on instinct, reaching and pulling her wrestling top up and over her head to let her ripe, nicely sized tits bounce free so she's left in just her boots.

"Allow me to show you..." He offers, leading her to lay down on her side on the very wrestling mat of the ring where she just was pinned several minutes ago. Raising a leg up, he moves down behind her and lines his shaft up, a brief rub against her entrance before he slowly pushes in, making them both moan out in approval as he feels how tight that wet snatch is, and she gets filled up already just from the head and the first couple of inches of his fat man-meat. It doesn't stop there of course, as he soon gets into a steady rhythm, working that big dick in and out of her twat, never completely pulling out of her as he slides in and out, already firmly enough so she has to shift slightly on her side every time he pushes forward to invade that tightness.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck... Oh shit!! Mmmmm..." The starlet who has worked for SHINE Wrestling groans out, eyes still wide in surprise at how great it feels to have this big cock, belonging to a man she barely knows, stretching her out as he works his thrusting way deeper and deeper still into her tight snatch that already appears built to take plenty more from him. "Ahhhhh... Shit!! I think... Mmmmm... You do know how to use it..." She moans, a quite drastic change of look now of apparent desire compared to the anger of losing, staring across as she watches his fat manhood ploughing smoothly and firmly into her box to further quicken how much she's giving into this sinful act of being a willing fuck to the hunk who beat her in a match.

That very stud is taking full advantage of the stipulations, moaning himself as he pumps his cock back and forth into her snatch as he lays behind her, his crotch now starting to connect with her stunning backside as he plunges in deeply and making the sound of skin slapping against skin ring out each time he sends that thick rod into that snug pussy. All the while, he's making sure to keep her leg raised up so the filming camera in the ring with them can get a close up, unrestricted shot of this tight Puerto Rican pussy getting stuffed full, a visible coating of wetness from her juices now able to be seen when he draws back those inches for a moment only to send them firmly back in to almost the hilt.

"AHHHHH!! Mmmmm... Yeah... Come on! Fuck that pussy..." The former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion almost purrs the request, gazing back with a lusty smile as she shifts her juicy backside to meet the incoming thrusts as that huge dick slides in and out of her wet snatch, keeping them both easily moaning out as her tits bounce slightly in time with that rocking motion her stunning body is doing. "MMMM!! Harder! Come on Papi... Don't... Uhhhhh!! Fucking waste this!!" She snaps with desire, tossing her long dark hair back as she continues to push back, showing her feisty side as she shifts her pussy back against him when he thrusts forward, making sure he's taken in to the balls as not just their moans now, but that sexy slap of skin meeting skin rings out loud and clear.

Letting the actions speak rather than words, and like a true porn pro making sure he doesn't distract from this red hot action, the victorious stud just keeps at the task at hand, pumping steadily and deeply into that damp and tight snatch with his big cock, still keeping that leg raised and allowing his shaft to slide back and forth smoothly and quickly. He groans as he enjoys the feeling of her pussy walls gripping his member when he works deep into her before pulling a few inches back so he can stuff himself right back into the moaning beauty who is clearly enjoying getting fucked now just as much as the stud delivering this, despite this all coming from the fact that she lost to the very man who is now having his wicked but willing way with her and her stunning body.

"MMMM... Ahhhhhh FUCK!!" Trinidad groans, narrowing her eyes as she glares back when he pulls out of her snatch. "We are not fucking done yet!" She snaps, before adding some no doubt insults along with warning in Spanish for good measure.

"Of course not... But I think we need to see what you are made of as well..." Danny says, rather casually rolling over onto his back with that rock hard, and now coated with her pussy juices cock pointing right up at the ceiling.

"Then get ready for the ride of your fucking life Papi!" She flashes a big, sexy smile as she rather too quickly takes up the offer, moving over and mounting him, her stunning backside facing the camera as she reaches down, lining up that fuck-stick with her still needy hole.

"MMMM!! Oh yesssss... MMMM!!" The former TNA Knockout Rosita shamelessly moans out as she sinks down, not stopping until her pussy meets his crotch as she's got her vaginal tunnel stuffed will with his cock once again, and as expected it's still just as pleasurable a feeling as her walls remain tightly wrapped all around that thick, lengthy piece of meat. With a gasp, she starts to work her desirable body up and down on that pole, raising up a few inches before letting gravity do the rest of the work to take him in balls deep, causing that erotic slap when her frame connects with his ring out along with both of their moans.

Behind her, the camera that's recording every sinful moment of this consensual, even as the result of losing a pre-match wager, act is getting the perfect view of not just her wet snatch taking all of that big dick deeply in but of her stunning, rounded backside as those cheeks jiggle now each time she sharply drops down to complete a bouncing motion. Her long, dark hair is swaying in time with the rest of her curvy, athletic frame as she takes all of this fat rod with such ease that anyone unaware of her career would think she's a veteran pornstar rather than a talented and beautiful professional wrestler.

"UHHHH!! MMMMM... AHHHHH FUCK!! Mmmmmm!!" The gorgeous Puerto Rican loudly moans out, sweat starting to form across that already red hot body as she's not holding back on bit in showing off that she can not just take a great fucking, she can dish one out. That's being proven for sure from the moans being let out by the hunk she's impaled on top of, his hands just gripping her waist for support so she's staying right up straight in place, just right to be able to keep smoothly and swiftly riding that cock with bounce after moaning, forceful bounce.

Lost in her lusty state, she moans out no doubt some filthy talk in her "native" tongue, showing off that proud, feisty passion as she keeps bouncing away on this massive dick despite the face she barely knows this man and had been wrestling in a match against him what now feels like hours ago. She unintentionally gives the camera an extra treat to film as she looks back over her shoulder, watching herself riding away on this mighty cock with very lusty look plastered over her gorgeous face with a couple loose strands of hair sticking to her from the formed sweat. However it doesn't look likely that she's planning on stopping this any time soon, continuing to work her fantastic body up and down, lifting upward to almost the mid-way point on his length before almost wildly dropping straight down with a deep groan as she takes every inch into her still snug but very wet snatch.

Just as impressive is the performance of the stud underneath her to be able to handle this kind of intense, desire fuelled ride as that would have easily made any regular red blooded male blow their load in under a minute. He's just groaning and watching her work over his cock, loving that feeling of her slick hole gliding back and forth over his rod and no doubt getting a great view of her and her shapely, jiggling tits as she keeps this steamy to put it mildly bouncing going which such skill that he can clearly tell this is far from her first time handling a cock, even of his vast size and thickness, like this.

"MMMMM... You like that Papi?" Thea says with her already sexy enough accent now dripping with lust. "Like that... UHHHHH... Pussy working over that... Big... FUCKING! Cock??" She gasps out, delivering another couple of bounces for good measure.

"Mmmmm!! Fucking love it..." Danny grins up at her. "Only think I'd love more? Would be getting a piece of this fine, Puerto Rican ass of yours..." He says, delivering a firm spank to that ass for good measure, the smack making her groan and instinctively rock back against the blow.

"Ahhhhhh... You think you can handle this ass?" She seems to answer him with another question, grinning down at him as the video footage changes into then next "scene" with a flipping tile-style animation.

Soon, it's just moments later in the same wrestling ring but now Thea is on her hands and knees, completely naked and with that juicy, stunning ass sticking out - her wet snatch shown off along with her puckered asshole, already glistening from what appears to be a thorough lubing up for the anal action to come. Indeed, the camera has the clear shot as Pounder comes back in, his dick similarly prepared with a healthy layer of lube as he pushes his cock against, and then into that tight rear entrance.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! Oooooooooooh SHIIIIIIIT!!" Trinidad squeals out, her long dark haired head already tilting back just from the feeling of her ass getting invaded by this now very familiar cock, her fingers clawing at the canvas of the ring she's more used to competing in rather than taking a fucking in. However it appears that she's also no stranger to taking it up the ass, moaning and starting to rock her sweat-covered body back against the stiff thrusts entering her butt as she takes it from behind, gazing back with an intense, lusty stare as she watches this hunk begin to properly tap that stunning ass and showing absolutely no objections to it.

"MMMMM!! YEAH!! Uhhhhhh!! Fucking... MMMMM!! FUCK THAT ASS PAPI!!" She yells her demand, not caring about how shameless she's now acting as even as she gets fucked up the ass she's reached underneath herself to start rubbing her pussy, so turned on by the sensation of having such a lengthy and thick dick ploughing in and out of her sexy Puerto Rican booty. With her tits swaying in time with the sharp pushes back her body is doing, it's clear her ass was built to take a deep stuffing and fortunately for both her sinful needs and the watching audience, the muscular stud behind her is more than equipped to give her the treatment she and her fine backside deserve.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhhhh FUCK!! Mmmmmm yeah..." The proudly Undefeated stud groans out with every thrust he delivers, a now even tighter feeling than her snatch was all around his cock as he pushes his inches further into that back passage, his hands gripping that toned waist so he can stiffly fill up her butt just like he'd been doing to her dripping snatch not too long ago. Despite that increased pressure and all the energy it's taking to give the horny female wrestler the kind of quality action she's clearly never experienced before, he's still got plenty left in him to put on the hottest show for that recording camera that's capturing every XXX-rated moment of his member sliding in and out of her rounded, jiggling backside.

The former Rosita of the Mexican America stable in TNA is now totally lust-drunk, mumbling away in Spanish and staring back with glazed over eyes at the anal action she's taking as that fat rod keeps getting stuffed in deep between her stunning rear cheeks. At the same time though the rest of her body is running on autopilot, still pushing back against those stiff incoming thrusts and her hand briskly rubbing back and forth over her own snatch, easily leaving her fingers soaked from juices as she keeps herself moaning out.

With the hunk behind her going non-stop with the anal pounding that's leaving her back passage filled up with dick to such an extent that a normal woman would not be able to sit down without pain for several days, and her hand remaining gliding all across and over her own wet twat, it's of little surprise that soon she arrives at an intense, screaming limit to create another smoking hot image to be filmed by the camera right up close to her and her being extremely well fucked ass. Thea's pussy juices flow out, leaving her hand in an even stickier mess than they already were as she cums hard, but still impressively manages to stay up in this doggy-style position, her dark hair swaying away and a total mess as she still rocks back and forth against those commanding thrusts being delivering into her booty.

"MMMM... Ahhhhhh FUCK... What a fucking ass... MMMM!!" Pounder comments with a chuckle, stating the clearly obvious as he shows his own sexual skill in being able to continue fucking that fine Puerto Rican ass even with the increased tightness felt from her tensing up as she came. He's able to deliver a couple more thrusts deep between those shining with sweat cheeks before he pulls out with a groan, shifting back to let the camera capture her now gaping asshole along her hand still working over her own soaking wet pussy as she rubs herself to enjoy the final moments of a sexual high she's unlikely to ever forget.

"MMMM... Mmmmm Papi... You do know how to tap some ass..." Thea groans as she lustfully looks back, finally pulling her hand away from her snatch as she shifts herself to move around, turning so she can stare with a grin at him.

"I never... Mmmmm... Disappoint..." Danny says, moaning as she's now taking control even after such an intense orgasm as she grabs his cock to deliver a stroke.

"Me neither Papi..." She purrs, making him really moan out in the next moment as she takes his dick straight between her full lips, going instantly into some ass-to-mouth action as she starts slurping on the fat cock that's just been stuffing her ass deeply moment ago. She groans around him as her mouth wraps around the inches, showing no apparent problems with the taste of her own backside from off of his dick as she looks to give back some pleasure and then some to the hunk who has fucked her snatch and ass to perfection after having beaten her in a wrestling match at the start of this all.

The camera moves in close, picking up the muffled groans the former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion is letting out along with the smoking hot sight of her mouth pushing down onto this dick that's now been in all three of her equally pleasurable holes before she lifts smoothly back up, already making her long dark hair sway in time with rocking motion her head is doing. She glances at the lens filming her giving this very willing blowjob with a sensual gaze before turning her attention up to the man who beat her in this same ring and now has dominated her in a sexual contest to leave her craving more of his cock even after being made to cum harder than she's ever felt before.

"MMMMM... MMMMM FUCK... Suck that fucking cock Thea... MMMMM!!" The hunk who always proves he is Unbeaten in more ways than one moans deeply, sweat making his ripped body shine as he watches her bobbing away over his cock at a swift pace, feeling her saliva now coating his rod as she shows very pleasantly surprising energy even after all the fucking she's taken and given out since he soundly defeated her what feels now like a lifetime ago. Feeling that shaft starting to throb between those pouty lips, he knows that he won't be able to handle too much more of this superb oral sex but lets her have her way now with the cock she's had deep in her wet snatch, her stunning ass, and now right in and out of her damp and warm mouth.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." Feeling the pulsing of his shaft, she gives one last slurp with a loud "pop" sound when she pulls off, licking her lips for a moment as she a hand to now quickly stroke off his dick, causing him to groan deeply as her other hand moves up to brush away her hair from out of the way of her face. "Come on Papi... Fucking cum for me!! Cum all over my fucking face!!" She demands with another wide, dazzling smile as she rapidly jerks him off, craving that final creamy reward to cap off this wild and intense sex she's taken from this hunk she still barely knows but allowed to fuck her as per the terms of her losing a wrestling match to him.

There's no real losers though when she gets that load, the camera right up close to watch the first thick streak of jizz blast out, making Thea gasp as it splashes across her gorgeous facial features to force her to close her eyes as that shot lands up the side of her nose all the way to the forehead. The next shot goes over the nose, dripping off the tip but high to nearly catch in her hair, and the third landing away on the other side of her face up her cheek and over her closed eye. She blindly strokes away, groaning as the spunk continues to fly out and land over her pretty face to leave that forehead, her nose, cheeks, lips and chin covered with a large amount of cum that already is starting to drip from off her even before he's finished cumming.

Finally though, after another last couple of drops that are stroked out onto her and he begin to go soft in her hand, she lets go, just staying kneeling with a groan as she enjoys the sensation of having so much spunk plastered across her face. With one eye "sealed" shut from a streak of jizz over it, she looks up to the camera with her free eye, a big satisfied smile on her now cum-covered face to show she's loving this dirty mess she's been left in.

"Fuck... Papi, you can "wrestle" me any time you fucking want to!" Thea says with a tone that's still as sinful as during the sex itself, even after her own orgasm and taking his load all over her face.

"Well, usually my opponents do demand a rematch about now..." Danny comments with a chuckle from off camera. "But personally? A hook up sounds a lot more easier... And to the point."

"Papi, a woman like me doesn't play around..." Trinidad smirks. "Especially when it comes to a big, fucking dick..."

The camera focuses on that smoking hot sight of all the spunk across Thea's face as she can't help herself from licking her lips clean of the jizz coating them. On this sight the video changes with tile-styled graphics to an image screen which reads: "Another victory... For The UNBEATEN!" before it fades out to black and the footage ends.

* * *

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