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The Val Venis Cumback Tour Part 1: Terri Runnels
by DoppleChild

It was the night of the WWE PPV Judgement Day in may 2003 and Sean Morley aka
Val Venis was walking around the backstage area in an angry mood. He had just
come back to the backstage area after being eliminated in a battle royal to
crown a new Intercontinental Champion. Sean was not angry because this was
the night he had returned his long time character Val Venis and he wanted the
return to have an impact. Being one of the first men eliminated was not what
Sean had planned for a successful return.

"Hi Sean" he heard as he continued to walk around the back in an obvious foul
mood. The voice Sean heard was that of Terri Runnels. Sean turned around and
shouted at her "Leave me alone Terri."

Terri was taken aback by Sean's foul temper but she continued to follow him
and continue talking. "Look Sean don't be mad" Terri said, "It was only one
match. You got a good response out there tonight. Val Venis is a great
gimmick and besides I know very well that you can LIVE UP to the gimmick"

A sly grin came across the face of Sean Morley as he heard Terri's words of
praise. If Sean could live up to his Val Venis gimmick then Terri would be
the woman to know. Sean had slept with Terri many times during 1999/2000.
The most memorable fuck Sean could recall with Terri was the week before
Wrestlemania 2000 in which he was due to be the referee of a match between
Terri and the Kat. Sean remembered how Terri gave her all to him in an
attempt to persuade him to help her to victory.

"Indeed Terri" said Sean who was now in a much better mood "You know very
well that I can RISE to the expectations"

"Well yes Sean you have a Point" said Terri "but it's been quite a while now
so why don't you remind me"

Sean Morley's started smiling even more as he knew just what Terri was

"Time I gave you a Private Showing of the new and improved Big Valbowski"
Sean Said as he took Terri by the hand and tried to lead her towards an empty
changing room. Sean was left shocked however as Terri stopped walking with

"Whats up" said Sean.

"Sean I cant go with you now I have interview segments left on the show to
call" said Terri with a disappointed tone.

Sean thought for a moment before speaking again.

"All of the raw crew are in the same hotel tonight right Terri?"

"I think so I am at the Days inn are you?"

"Yes" said Sean "I will meet you after the show in the hotel lobby.

Terri winked at Sean before walking off to get ready for her next live
interview segment.

After the Show was over Sean headed back to the Days Inn Hotel and sat in
the lobby. He waited for a while until he saw Terri walk into the hotel
along with a few other Raw Superstars like Kane and Rob Van Dam.

Sean was confused when Terri walked off and headed to her hotel room as Rob
Van Dam, Kane and the other raw superstars headed to there own rooms.

"Fucking tease" Sean thought to himself.

Sean walked over to a vending machine and brought a drink before getting
ready to head out onto the town and find some groupies to fuck. He was about
to leave when all of a sudden he felt a tap on his back. Sean turned around
and saw it was Terri.

"Sorry about that" said Terri "I did not want the other guys to know or else
we would be the talk of the locker room for weeks. Besides I don't need that
ex of mine having more fuel for the next time he goes on a radio show.

Sean smiled and led Terri to his hotel room.

Sean slammed the door behind him and he and Terri embraced and kissed. It was
not passionate it was fast and rough. Terri and Sean had no feelings for each
other they just both happened to be sex addicts and both wanted each other's

Terri ended the embrace before undressing and lying down on the hotel room
bed. Terri pulled down her skirt and her thong to reveal her shaven pussy to
Sean for the first time in almost 3 years.

"Sit down" Terri said to Sean and he sat down on a chair beside the bed.

"I am not easy like some ring rat" said Terri "Your going to have to wait
until you get what you want. So you sit and watch until I say otherwise."

Terri slowly took took fingers to her mouth and licked them before placing
them in her pussy. Terri did not stop making eye contact with Sean all the
time while she started to finger her pussy with a slow and teasing pace.

Sean began to unzip the fly of his jeans as he sat down.

"What the hell are you doing" said Terri "Did I say you could start taking
your clothes off?"

Sean looked at Terri confused and slightly annoyed. After all he just wanted
a fuck. He did not like this teasing but he could not deny that it was
turning him on.

"I know what a man wants Sean"said Terri "I am a horny little shedevil and I
know what you're thinking right now. You want your cock in my pussy as I moan
in ecstasy and you want the feeling of control as you fuck my little sexy
petite body.

Terri began fingering her pussy with more pace before stopping and rolling
over onto her stomach.

"You want my ass to don't you Sean. You want the feeling of control as you
fuck my small but tight little ass. I remember how you always liked my ass.

Terri placed her hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart exposing her
little asshole to Sean. Terri felt totally exposed before Sean and she sensed
how well she was teasing him. It was getting her off and she could not wait
for his cock much longer.

"You may now undress" said Terri.

Sean wasted no time in undressing and exposing his 7-inch dick to Terri.
Terri rolled back over onto her back and looked at Sean's manhood.

"That Big Valbowski is better then I..."

Terri was cut off as Sean placed his hand over her mouth.

"Enough of the teasing" said Sean.

Terri placed her hands over her pussy as Sean began to place his cock into

"Ahhhh" moaned Terri softly.

Sean pushed the whole of his cock into Terri's pussy and began to pump. He
wasted no time going slow and started the pace fast and rough as he could not
wait to blow his load. Seans only lubrication was Terris Pussy juice. She had
already cum slightly by getting herself off with her fingers.

Sean continued pushing into Terri as hard as he could. He felt Terri's petite
buckling as he thrusts where so strong.

"Slow down Sean ohhhhhh god noooo don't stop don't stop!"

Sean looked into Terris eyes and could see the pain yet sheer lust. Sean
could not hold off any longer.

"Terri I am cumming!"

Sean came deep inside Terri's pussy.

"mmmmmmmmmmmm god" Moaned Terri.

Sean slowed down the pace before pulling out of Terri's pussy.

Terri rolled over onto her stomach and used her hands to spread her ass
cheeks open and once again expose her little brown hole to Sean.

"Its yours Sean...FUCK IT!"

Sean had trouble working his cock into Terri's ass. He could not wait to fuck
it and tried fast to put his cock in.

"Ahhhh shit that hurts," said Terri, "but I like it. Don't stop■push it right

Sean continued pushing and Terri's asshole relaxed and opened up for his
awaiting cock. Sean was now deep in Terri's tight and warm ass.

"I remember how rough you used to ass fuck me Sean... I want it rougher this

Sean did not move his cock for a few moments allowing Terri to get used to it
in her asshole. After a few moments he started thrusting into it.

"Ohhhh Terri," yelled Sean.

"Spank it," shouted Terri.

Sean continued to pump the ass of Terri and started spanking her cheeks at
the same time. Terri's ass cheeks where so firm they did not seem to wobble.
It got Sean off to see Terri's ass cheeks go red before his eyes.

"Ohhhhhh shit work it faster!" Terri shouted.

At Terri's command Sean increased the speed of his thrusts to her asshole.

"Don't cum inside my ass," Terri said, "Pull out!"

Sean wondered why Terri wanted him to pull out but he did so anyway.

Terri got down to her knees and took Seans cock in her hand.

"This horny little she devil does not want you to cum inside her little anus
because she would rather suck that big valbowski and taste her pussy and anal
juices on it followed by your juices."

Terri took Seans cock in her mouth and sucked it roughly and got off on the
taste of her own pussy and ass.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yeah you filthy whore," Said Sean, "Taste your own anus and
pussy and enjoy it like the filth you are."

Terri began licking and flicking the head of Sean's cock with her tongue.

"Now its time for another taste to savour," said Sean, "The taste of the Big

Sean blew his load deep in Terri's throat. Some of the cum was on Terri's
lips but she licked it off with her tongue and swallowed it.

Terri looked up and Sean and smiled "You really are the BIG VALBOWSKI."

Terri cleaned herself up and put on her clothes.

"Don't worry seen you will be hearing from me again soon and next time your
going to see just how dirty this she devil can get."

Terri left Sean's room and headed to her own room leaving Sean to wonder just
what she meant.

### Feedback please... if you liked I will write more. I plan to make a
series out of this###

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