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by Wonder Mike (

Tammy Lynn Stych, A K A Sunny was worried about her move to Extreme
Championship Wrestling, some people thought it was a bad career move but
her talents were being wasted in the WWF and she wanted to be able to spend
more time with her fiance Chris.

So was also wondered if she would be accepted, after all she had just
signed a contract that made her the highest paid proformer in the company
and she wasn't even a wrestler, the guys were risking their neck's for
peanut's and she was rolling in dough.

That was why she was so glad when the other girls, Chastity, the head
cheerleader, Francine and Beulah, told her they were all very happy to have
her join the family, and would like to take her to dinner.

The girls came to pick her up and told her "We have to stop at Beulah's
house first".

They all went inside and Chastidy immediately grabbed her from behind
and covered her face with a rag soaked in chloroform, Sunny screamed "What
are you", and passed out.

The next thing she new she was in a base ment blind folded and gagged
laying on a bench her leg's bent and spread apart as wide as they could go,
her ass right at the edge of the bench, her arm's bent back and tied to the
ground, she was completely horizontal so it wasn't reall that

Sunny felt some cold and wet press against her pussy, it startled her,
then it's tongue went deep inside of her, she had been eaten out before,
but never this could, who ever was doing it was a real pro, and had to have
the longest tongue in the world it was buried at least three inches inside
of her and and was taking long, hard strokes, it was trying to get even
deeper, it was only seconds before she started shaking from her first

All of a sudden the licking stopped, she was disapointed and wanted to
say something but couldn't.

The next thing she felt was was something with ridges being rubbed
against her cunt, it was slowly inserted, and pushed in and out, she
guessed whatever it was , was about three inches in diameter and ribbed,
she heard a bark and then realized what had given her the orgasm, now she
was embarrased.

Beulah said "I guess we can take of the blind fold for now," Sunny's
eye's adjusted to the light and the first thing that she saw was the German
Shepard. She looked down and saw that Chastity was pushing an ear of corn
into her.

"This is just the start Bitch" she said, Franchine chimed in "Yeah".

Chastity removed the corn and brought the dog over again, and buried a
milkbone into Sunny's snatch the dog quickly buried his nose into Sunny and
lapped at her cunt trying to get the treat, Sunny was embarrassed by how
quickly she came.

Buelah removed her shoe and said now it's my turn, chastidy grabbed her
dog. Beulah shoved her shoe into Sunny and began to twist and turn it, she
then took of her other shoe and slammed it into the tied Sunny.

Sunny began to twist and turn trying to fight of her third orgasm, but
it was going to be a losing battle, but has quickly has she started Beulah
stopped and replied "Now we go to the extreme."

It was now Francine's turn to work on Sunny, what did she have in mind?
She kneeled in front of her and started to finger her. one finger, than
two, then three, within minutes she had her whole fist buried halfway up
her and ramming it into the poor tied girl, now she would get her final
orgasm, but no Francine removed her fist and Chastidy said "Not yet",
Francine chime in "Yeah".

It was now Chastidy's turn, she reached into her bag and pulled out a 18
ounce jar of Smucker's peanut butter, "Hey with a name like Smucker's it's
got to feel good".

She then rammed the glass jar which had diameter of 7 inches or was
three inches across into her pussy, she would have done it with out mercy
except the jar was so fat she could'nt get her hand around it and could'nt
get a good angle, "I want to try something else she said after about three

"Ok." the other girls agreed.

She then let the dog have another lick at Sunny while she went upstairs
to the kitchen. She quickly returned with a two liter bottle of Mug's root
beer. It was thicker and longer than the peanut butter and Chastity was
able to get a real grip and really ram it to Sunny. She used both hands to
shove the huge bottle into Sunny,it took a mighty effort but she finally
got it in to the hilt., she said said "Oh,oh, I don't know if we are going
to be able to get it out. They intied Sunny's legs and let her stand up
with the bench on her back, and the bottle hanging from her pussy, gravity
eventualy allowed the bottle to fall free, Sunny's knee's were so weak she
couldn't stand.

The girls blindfolded her, and removed the bench from her back. They put
her in a metal box pulled her down to knees and tied her arms down. When
she sat down, something was shoved into her dripping box, she couldn't
figure out were she was but whatever she was sitting on was about four
inches across and 8 in diameterand really hard,"Was it the bottle?"

The box started to shake violently then all of a sudden her feet were
getting wet, she was in a washing machine. The rod she was sitting on began
to spin violently orgasm after orgasm hit her, this was the happiest moment
of her life.

The girls left and said, "We have to go welcome your new rival, Tammy
Lynn Bytch and they left Sunny alone on the machine.


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