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A couple of years ago I wrote three stories about an assistant WWE
writer having sex with three different WWE women: Trish Stratus, Debra
and Melina. I stopped the series to do other things, but I've since
re-ignited my interest in the series, so here's the first story back
featuring the same main character in a similar type of situation. I
hope to continue this series going forward as it has a lot of legs to
it and I think it's something that I can work on going forward.

The WWE Assistant: Candice Busts Out
by Dr. Feel Good (DFG) (

In 2005 I, John Shavian, was a 26 year old former model turned writer
that was employed exclusively by World Wrestling Entertainment. In
early 2006, the day before WrestleMania, I moved back out to Hollywood
to work in the film industry as part of the 20th Century Fox team.
Things went well for me out there, but I wasn't happy after a year of
being out there. My heart was in WWE and I soon did what I could to
get out of my contract so that I could return to work for WWE. In June
2007, after a brief negotiation, I returned to work for the company.
When I was with WWE I had sex with some of the divas, but it was
mostly Trish Stratus and Melina as well as some models that we would
interview from time to time. Because Trish and Melina had asked me to,
I didn't really involve myself with the other women in the company
because I knew it would lead to friction in the locker room. My rep
among the other girls was good, but I could tell too that some of them
were mad that I was fucking Trish and Melina and not them. Due to that
past, I felt a bit uncomfortable about coming back although I truly
felt things would work themselves out. This is the story of what
happened when I first came back.
_ _ _

Wednesday June 20, 2007 at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut

It was my first official day back on the WWE payroll as I sat in
Stephanie McMahon's office towards the end of the work day. I still
didn't know my official working title with the company or what
responsibilities I had, but I had enough to do that day to keep me
busy. I was sitting in her office along with two of her other
assistants, both females, who I didn't know.

Stephanie addressed the three of us in the room giving us a general
idea of our jobs. One of the women would work with Steph on live
events, the other would work with her in talent relations and I would
have a dual role. I would sit it on creative meetings and contribute
to storyline ideas as it pertained to the women of the company. More
importantly, she stressed, I would work directly with all the women in
the company to make sure they were as happy as possible. I was to be
the direct liaison between the women and Stephanie. I told her I was
more than willing to do that job. When I worked with her before, she
was the one that initiated a lot of my sexual relationships with the
divas in the company. I knew that I'd be in for much of the same and I
had no problem with that.

After the other two assistants exited the room, Stephanie handed me
the key to my new office. It was about five doors down the hall from
her office on the 8th floor. She told me that after I checked out the
office I needed to head down to the 4th floor to meet up with the next
WWE Women's Champion, Candice Michelle, who was doing a photo shoot.
On the weekend, Candice would beat Melina for the Women's title at the
Great American Bash PPV. I paused for a second or two.

"What's the matter?" Stephanie asked. "You two have some kind of issue?"

"No, I mean, maybe." I tried to explain. "Like a week before I left
last year she wanted me to spend the night with her, but I was with
Trish that night…"

"You were with Trish a lot of nights, if I recall," Stephanie smirked.

"Yeah, well, Candice didn't take too kindly to that and the last time
I saw her was that night when she told me off. So I really don't know
where things stand with her, to be perfectly honest."

"Well John, Trish isn't here anymore, so there's a different vibe
among the women in the company." She looked stern as she spoke some
more. "She's flying out in the morning, so you need to make sure your
relationship with her is good before she loves. You wanted to work for
us again and I've given you that opportunity, so do your job."

"I understand." I told her as I was about to leave the room.

"Like we agreed to last year, I don't care who you fuck or how often
as long as those girls are happy. What, or in your case who, you do in
your personal life is your own business, but do not let it negatively
affect your job. Are we clear?"

"Yes, I won't let you down."

"Good, now get down there and meet Candice at the photo shoot. My
secretary down there has an itinerary for you tomorrow. Take her out
for dinner tonight, smooth things over and we'll talk tomorrow okay?"

I walked out of the room, looking down at my key and pondered the
situation. I had no idea if Candice was still mad at me or if she even
knew I was the one that would be accompanying her at her functions the
next day. I certainly felt like I was being thrown into the fire on my
first day back and I knew it was being done by Stephanie as a test of
some sort.

* * *

I headed down to the 4th floor where the company had its production
studio. They did some of the women's photoshoots there. I found my way
to where Candice was. She was doing provocative poses in lingerie with
the women's title all over her for photos that would be released after
she wins the belt. I stood in the background behind the photographer
when she noticed me. She gave me a big smile and I gave her one back.

"Guys, can we call it a day?" She asked. The photographer and his
assistants nodded at her saying that it was fine. "Good, because I've
got some business to attend to." She got up, put a robe on to cover
her bra and panties and headed over to me.

I met her in a corner of the room where we could talk privately.

"I should have known it was you," she said to me with a sly grin.

I fired back, "Good to see you again, Candice."

"Steph told me her new assistant would be coming to pick me up and she
said I'd recognize him."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked her.

"I really wanted you last year, but you picked Trish over me that
night in Houston and then you left before we could really make up."
She seemed discouraged, I could tell from the look on her face.

"I'm sorry if you were hurt by that," I tried to explain. "It's just
that Trish and I had something special planned that night and if I
upset her it could have cost me my job because at that time she was
still the top woman in the company."

"Just like I am now," she grinned while slapping the women's title
that was on her shoulder.

"Congratulations on that, by the way." I complimented her. "I've been
really impressed by your work in the ring."

"Really?" She said while pressing her body against mine so that her
chest was up against mine. "Think I'm better than that slut Melina?"

I had no idea where she was going with that although I'm sure she knew
I had sex with Melina a lot, so I sensed a lot of jealousy there. "The
way I see it," I tried to take my time delivering the right kind of
response, "is that come Sunday night you've got that belt and she
doesn't, so I think that says a lot."

"Tell you what John," she said seductively while running her finger
across my chest, "I'm better than Trish, Melina and all the rest in
other ways too. Now, I'm still a bit upset about what happened last
year, but I'm willing to forgive and forget…if you let me show you
just how great I am." We both smiled. She grabbed me by the hand as we
exited the room.

We walked down the hall a bit where her name was on a door. It must
have been her dressing room for the shoot. We shared a long,
passionate kiss up against the door. I took off her robe while she
unbuttoned my shirt. We quickly got inside the room, then I pressed
her up against the door and kissed her again. I hadn't wanted to fuck
a woman this much in such a long time. By the look on her face after
we kissed, I could tell she felt the same about me. She locked the
door behind her. I tossed my shirt to the ground and then I undid my
belt. Before I could pull my pants off, she approached me again,
rubbing my cock by pressing her hands against my pants. I kissed her
on the neck, then on the shoulders and on the chest as well while
slipping her bra off. I massaged her tits while she continued to rub
my cock.

She took a step back, then bent down in front of me with her gorgeous
ass right there. I put my hands on either side of her hips, then
yanked off her panties quickly leaving her fully nude. I pulled off my
pants and tossed them to the side while she rid me of my boxers. She
walked over to me, looking down at my dick, now fully exposed. She
rubbed it. "Mmmm," she said while rubbing my cock, "Melina was right.
You are VERY big." I cupped her right tit with my hand and she made
out with me for about twenty seconds. Really deep kiss. "And a great
kisser." We kissed some more, our tongues thrashing in our mouths and
our hands all over one another. I picked her up in my arms, then took
her over to the couch that was in the room. I rubbed her pussy a bit
and gently lay her down there with her legs spread apart.

"Oooh, Melina told me about your magic tongue," she said while I
dipped my head down and licked her pussy. "But…." she was panting,
"she never told me it was this good!" I stuck my tongue deep inside
her, feeling how wet she was on the inside of her clit as well as on
the outside. I placed my hands on her ass, pushing it up so that I
could get deeper inside of her pussy. Her pussy was shaved so that
there was no hair at all. It was smooth as any I'd ever seen. I loved

And so did she. "Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

I kept going at her clit with my tongue, using my finger to open it up
even more and tasting her as much as I possibly could.

"Oh Goddddddddddddddddd! FUCK YEAH! Taste how sweet
myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…fucking-ing…pussy tastessssssssssssssssss!"

I continued to eat her out, up and down her clit with my tongue at a
really fast pace. She was moaning so damn much.

"I like that a lot, but know what I would like more?" She moaned all
that out while I was eating her out. I stopped to listen to her. "Fuck
me with that big juicy cock of yours."

My cock was throbbing, itching to get inside of her, so I was more
than happy to oblige.

"You think you can handle it the way that Melina does, huh?" I taunted
her as my way of motivating her.

She smiled at me as I lay on my back with her on top of me. She
stroked on my cock with her hand, then looked at me and said: "When
I'm done with you, you won't even remember the bitch's name!" She
hovered over me with her pussy just inches away from my cock before
pressing down right on to my erect member. I thrusted my hips forward,
jamming my cock right into her wet pussy as if it was some animal that
found its way home. It felt so nice to be inside of her. She leaned
forward while I tilted my head up and we kissed while I fucked her
pussy hard.

"Fuck me harder than you fucked any of them!" She demanded as she
continued to ride me. Up and down my shaft she went at an extremely
fast pace.

"Is that the best you can give me?" Again, I tried to motivate her
although the sly grin on my face let her know I liked it a lot.

"You fucking asshooooooooooole," she panted, "you'll neverrrrrr have
it bettterrrrrrrrrrrr than thissssssssssssss!"

I couldn't argue with that, especially when she leaned down and I
rubbed her tits while I continued to fuck her real hard. She bounced
up and down my cock like a yo-yo, moaning all the while. I kept
pulling her upper body close to me so I could feel her tits. They were
the perfect size and shape. She slowly got off of my throbbing cock,
then she laid on top of me and we kissed some more. She got off of me,
then sat between my open legs. She began to stroke my cock, which was
as big as it had ever been.

"You want to fuck my tits, don't you?" She asked while obviously
knowing the answer would be yes.

"They sure look like they want to get fucked," I told her while she
continued to stroke my cock.

"Give it to me, Johnny, show me what you got!"

She leaned in close to me, pressing her tits up against the shaft of
my cock. I had my hand on it, rubbing it against her nipples to get
them hard. "That's like your magic wand," she smirked at me.

I stuck it right between her massive 36DD tits, ramming it up and down
so that it was grazing the bottom of her chin. She was cupping her
tits, smothering my cock and feeling my shaft up on her chest. "Oh
God, that feels so nice!" While she talked I urged her to rub her tits
up and down on my cock to get me even harder and it worked. I swear it
felt as good as any fuck I'd ever been a part of. She knew how to work
every inch of my cock.

She grabbed me by the hand, standing me up on my feet. She was on her
knees in front of me, stroking my cock with her right hand and
massaging my balls with her left. I felt ready to explode, but I did
my best to keep it in. "Now that you've had your fun," she smiled
while looking up at me, "let me have mine."

With her hand firmly on my dick, she stuck it deep into her pretty
mouth as I felt it reach the back of her mouth. She used her tongue
perfectly, licking my shaft up and down, flicking it against the top
of my dick and bobbing her head up and down right on it. I could tell
she was very capable at backing up her words. I put my hands on the
back of her head, moving her hair out of the way and giving her room
to go down on me even more. In and out, side to side, she did it every
way possible.

"Oh yeah baby, suck that cock nice and slow, you know you want it." I
petted her head like a kitten while giving her words of encouragement.

"Let me taste you, baby," she said to me while looking up. I knew what
that meant. I thrusted my hips towards her even more while she went up
and down the shaft of my cock even more. Finally, I unleashed a shot
of cum right into her mouth and she took it all in. She swallowed it
all down. I was very impressed.

"Mmmm, Candice, you really backed up your words. Very impressive," I
told her while rubbing my finger along her cheek.

She smiled at me as she lay her head on my chest. "Just remember,
John, this is the first of many. It's only going to get better from

"I like the sound of that," I winked at her.

"Oh and John, just so you know, I have absolutely no problem with you
getting involved with the other girls in the company."

"Really?" I asked her because I was kind of surprised.

"The more the merrier. I'm not like Trish or that bitch Melina. I
don't get jealous. I figure the more you're with them, the more
you'll appreciate just how talented I am." She had a big smile on her
face. I admired her confidence a great deal.

"Well then, I can understand that. Hope the other girls can too."

"Oh they will, I'll talk to them. And believe me, I'll only have nice
things to say about you." As she said that, she stroked my cock

We both had grins on our face and I especially was glad that we were
able to salvage this relationship.
_ _ _

What's next for the WWE Writer? What diva will it be? The next
installment should be soon. In the meantime, please email me at with any comments or questions you may have. Thanks
for reading!

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