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This is a fiction story, using the attitude's the superstars portray on


It is set right before WrestleMania 24.

It is so hard to write Santino Marella's dialogue, but he'll barely be in

this story, which I'm hoping to turn into a series.

The WWE's Newest Agency Part 1

by ElevatorXtreme

Backstage at the WWE's 24th annual extravaganza, WrestleMania, Maria Kanellis

is getting ready for her Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjack match in less than

eight hours time. Dressed in a plain black top that showed off her large firm

breasts and tight light blue jeans, Maria looks around her looker room for

her phone, when she gets distracted by her possessive ex-boyfriend, Santino

Marella, bursting through her door.

"Maria! I demand to know what this 'pimping' is about!" Santino says with a


The gorgeous Playboy Cover girl presses her lips together with frustration.

"Why do you care, Santino? It has nothing to do with you, we're not even

dating anymore."

"It is not about that, it is about the treatment of women and how it

disrespects them, just like the Playboy!" Santino says in his strong Italian


Both WWE stars looked back as the door slammed. Standing in the doorway was

Raw's local King, Jerry Lawler. Santino looked frightened as Raw's play by

play announcer glared at him. 'The King' moved to the side as Santino began

to leave the beautiful Diva's room.

Maria smiled at Jerry with appreciation. "Thanks Jerry, he's always bugging

me now that we're no longer together."

"Not a problem, what was he so angry about, anything I can help you with." He

asked kindly.

"Err, no, it's kinda... personal."

"No problem, I'm looking forward to seeing you compete tonight."

"Thanks, I'll be sure to win for you and all the fans."

Jerry then exchanged goodbyes with Maria, before heading off to find JR and

go through tonight's matches.

Kinda personal, ha, that's one way to put it. Maria smiled. She and Ashley

Massaro had recently agreed to help out their new friend, Snoop Dogg with his

latest business endeavor. He had asked if they wanted a job where they could

satisfy their growing sexual needs, while making money at the same time. At

first they were disgusted and tempted to give the Doggfather a slap, but then

he explained the difference between prostitution and his idea, and it seemed

pretty good. For one, the only clients he'll accept are WWE superstars, so

there will be no weirdo's. Second, they would be safe at all times, anything

they didn't want to do, they wouldn't be forced into doing it.

There it is. Maria picks up her cell phone and punches in Ashley's number.

"Where the hell are you? I thought we were going fifteen minutes ago."

Ashley Massaro, dressed in a pair of loose-fitting black pants and a

black/pink top and her punk version of basic black open-finger racing gloves

with pink string, was sitting against a wall outside the Animal Batista's

locker room. She picked up her cell phone and flipped back her short blond

and pink highlighted hair as she listened to a frustrated Maria.

"Whoa, calm down, I'm at his locker room right now." Ashley looked back at

Maria's first client's locker room.

"You are?" Maria exclaimed. "I'm sorry, I guess I'm the one who's late, I

thought we were going to meet here."

Ashley smirked. "No worries. Oh, by the way, I've been meaning to tell you


Maria quickly interrupted her. "You have, well why not tell me in person,

turn around."

Ashley turned around and saw the bubbly diva standing in front of her. She

smiled and gave her a hug as she prepared herself to give Maria the news.

"So, err, Maria, how are you?"

"I'm good; I've had Santino breathing down my neck for a while, after he

heard about our new plans, oh, and I don't think Jerry Lawler even knows

what's happening."

"That's good; he'll probably have a heart attack when he finds out." Ashley

laughed. "But seriously, Batista paid a lot of money to get your services, I

mean a lot of money" She emphasized just how much Batista was willing to


Maria grinned; she was proud she was so in demand and knew that she could

give Batista a good time. Ashley continued "But I don't think Snoop explained

to him how this will work, he expects you to act just like a real, um,


Maria's face turned from pride to horror. "He what? No, how, well someone

needs to tell him different."

"That's the thing, if we tell him how it will work, he may be disappointed

and we may lose a client, also he may go around telling people that we don't

satisfy their needs." Ashley could tell from the look on Maria's face that

she wasn't getting through to her. "Come on, we need this job, imagine all

the things we can get, more superstars will help us, we get money for getting

laid by good-looking guys, and maybe even Vince will hear of our good nature

and reward us. Plus, you can wear out Batista for his match with Umaga. You

could be the reason why Raw wins the Brand Supremacy match!"

Maria smiled, and she started to feel better about what was about to happen.

"Well, he is a nice guy, I don't think he make me do any too bad."

"That's my girl! Now you go in there and you show Batista why us Diva's are

the shit!" Ashley gave a giggling Maria a playful slap on her ass as she

pushed the good-natured Diva into the Animal's room. "Remember, I'll be out

her for you if anything goes wrong."

Ashley sat back down against the door as she heard Maria lock the door. As

she waited for one of her closest friends, she saw Kelly Kelly walking

towards her.

"Hey Ashley, why are you sitting against Batista's door?" The cute ECW Diva

enquired. Ashley wondered whether Kelly Kelly knew about her new job.

"Kelly, you're an exhibitionist right?" Kelly nodded her head and smiled.

"Then have I got a proposition for you!"

* * *

Maria walked into Batista's locker room, it was the usual main event

superstar's type, and it was large, with a long bench in the middle, and an

open doorway leading to the shower room. On the wall directly opposite the

door there was a WrestleMania 24 poster to help Batista get pumped for his

match. On either side of that poster, were two more posters, one of him and

one of his opponent, the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. Maria turned around and

locked the door.

"Oh, hey, Maria." Maria swirled around quickly and saw a usual intense

Batista looking different, he looked strange, uncomfortable. He looks so


"Hey. You alright?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Yeah, I'm good" There was an awkward silence between them. Guess I have to

take control. Maria thought that Batista would be the controlling one as he

always seems quite arrogant around the Divas. Guess even Batista finds this

odd. I said I'd give him a good time and I will. Um, quick act sexy! Maria

stared deep into Batista's eyes and pouted her lips as she walked up to the

former World Heavyweight Champion.

"So, you wanted my services more than Ashley, yes?" Maria purred. The Animal

nodded his head, uncharacteristically speechless. Maria continued, "What is

it you find most sexy about me."

"Your, err... your... just everything." Batista started breathing heavy as

Maria got closer; she planted a kiss on his lips. To Maria's surprise, he

broke the kiss and backed away. "Wait, I can't do this..." He quickly walked

back into the shower room and walked up to a sink just out of Maria's view.

What is wrong with me? He thought, as he splashed water on his face. Dammit,

I've been with plenty of women, just none as hot as Maria. He frowned. So

what, I'm the fucking Animal!"

"Are you okay?" Maria asked, astonished as to what just happened.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Batista smiled walked up to her and kissing her full on

the lips, pushing her backward back into the locker room area. There's the

Batista I know. Maria broke the kiss this time and told him to sit down on

the bench. Batista obeyed as he watched the gorgeous Playboy Cover girl get

down on her knees. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, along with

his boxers. She stared at the semi-hard cock in front of her. Wow! It must

be at least 9 inches, and it's not even fully hard yet! She wrapped her hand

around the huge piece of meat and reality sunk in. It's enormous, it's so

thick, and I can barely fit my hand around it. She wrapped both hands around

it and started pumping, she felt it getting harder in her hands.

Batista looked down at Maria and smiled, he had a stunning WWE Diva and

Playboy Cover girl giving him a hand job, acting like a hooker. Acting? What

am I talking about, I paid for her, she is a hooker. Time to get my money's


"Shit, that's it, pump that big cock, now lick it." He ordered. Maria looked

up at him insulted, before she remembered she was here to please him. She

stuck her tongue out and circled it round the top of his cock. She heard him

sigh, and so started to lick up and down his large meat.

"Oh, shit." He groaned. "This is fucking great."

Maria carried on licking his cock, before pumping up and down with both hands

again. She struggled with his thick cock as she spat on it, giving it less


"Oh yeah, that's the stuff." Batista groaned again, oblivious to the fact

Maria was getting pretty bored and her arms were starting to ache. Not that

it would matter if he knew; I'm here to please him.

Lucky for Maria, Batista was getting pretty tired of her hands anyway, he

wanted something different. "Time for a blowjob" He announced.

Maria smiled at him. "The costumer is always right." She found herself

feeling quite frightened as she looked at his thick cock again.

"Don't worry, go slow." Batista told her when he saw her looking worryingly

at his cock. Maria nodded and opened her mouth as wide as she could, before

taking his enormous meat in her mouth, barely getting past the head. She

wrapped her lips tightly around the head and started to smoothly bob her


"Oh yeah that's it" Batista noticed that Maria was still fully dressed. He

had seen those beautiful tits in playboy, and now he was going to see them

full real. Think about them, while getting a blowjob would usually make him

very near to cumming, but Maria just wasn't doing it very well. He pushed

her head down further on his cock, causing her to gag a bit. He started to

thrust up into her mouth, as her eyes began to water.

"Umpgh!" She tried to let him know she couldn't breathe, but something told

her, he didn't care. He grabbed her hair and carried on thrusting his huge

meat into her mouth, determined to reach the back of her throat. Maria

couldn't take any more; she began to feel light-headed while the Animal

acted like one.

"Shit, almost there." At this crazy moment of ecstasy, he didn't know whether

he was talking about reaching the back of her throat or cumming. "Almost

there" He stood up, his cock still in her mouth, to get a better angle. He

suddenly pulled out her mouth. "Fuck! Maria, are you okay?"

Maria dropped to the floor, eyes red and trying to get her breath back. "I'm

so sorry, I got a bit carried away." Batista explained, Maria nodded her

head. "" Maria gave a weak smile, and decided

that talking wouldn't help, so she just pulled her shirt over her head, leave

on her sexy, lacy bra and lay back. "Well come...on then!" She said, feeling

her breath coming back.

Batista grinned, and pulled Maria back to her knees, telling her he

wasn't done, he thrust his cock back between in her mouth, which was now

familiarized with his fat shaft. "Yeah, fuck yeah, I've done it!'" He

exclaimed triumphantly. He had finally reached the back of her throat. He

pulled out again, as Maria rubbed her jaw in pain. "You really are an

animal!" If anyone else had done that to her she would have kicked them in

the balls and stormed of, but she was a hooker now, her principles had

change; she had to learn to act like one. But how can I let people do this

to me, it so humiliating! Batista gets so excited during sex, what if I

get hired by someone who really wants to hurt me, like Santino. She

shuddered at the thought of Santino having that much power over her; he

could get her to do whatever he wished.

Batista didn't now what Maria was thinking about, and didn't care. All he

cared about right now was his cock; he was feeling very horny right now. He

thought about all the things he was going to do to her, and felt a bit

guilty. I'll make it up to her. He decided. I know, I'll beat the crap out

of Santino if he interferes in her match tonight. No longer feeling guilty,

he picked her up, his weird and wonderful views allowing him to be as nasty

as he wanted to her. I'll protect her for the next month or something...wait

she's on Raw, oh well, I'll protect her for the next three Pay-Per-Views,

right until, err, Vengeance, no that's not three, Judgment Day, No that's

only Backlash and Judgment Day, oh wait, if I included tonight's

WrestleMania, that's three..wait she's getting for this, who gives a fuck!

He turned her round and bent her over; she placed her hands on the bench,

as Batista pulled her jeans down, exposing her nice firm ass covered in

black lacy panties that matched her bra. She lifted her leg out to step out

her jeans and Batista pushed them behind him with one hand, while pulling

her panties down with the other, before throwing behind him as well.

He took a step back to admire her ass. "Wow." He grinned, as Maria giggled.

He took his shirt of to reveal his muscular body, and stepped forward; he

grabbed his cock with one hand and pushed his long, bulky cock into her

reasonably tight pussy. Even though he was going in quite slowly, Maria had

never had anything this big in her pussy. "Oh, shiiit!" She groaned.

"Damn, that's the first time I've ever heard you swear, Santino's cock not

this big" Batista grinned, as he started to pump his cock in her pussy.

"Not at all! I don't think they have big cocks in Europe!" She groaned with


"I'm part-Greek."

"Shit, I don't know, maybe it's only Italy, but I should have had cocks this

big earlier. I need to have cocks like this, yeah, that's right fill me up,


Batista increased the pace, slamming into her pussy.

"Fuck no! I said harder not faster!" Maria felt the pain of a big cock as she

begged Batista to go slower. He stopped altogether, before slamming back into

her pussy. He bent forward and grabbed her tits, which were still covered by

that bra, while he speared her pussy hard.

Maria felt Batista's cock stretching out her pussy, with his hard strikes,

one after another. "Yeah, that'! Stretch...out... that pussy!


Batista began pounding her pussy harder and faster, slamming in and out of

the stunning Diva whose services he had acquired.

"Shit...Shit...Shit. Ow!" Maria yelped as the Animal slammed her love hole

harder and more intensely. "Yeah, Yeah! Just like that. Ooooooh!" She could

feel Batista's filling up her snatch and slamming right into the back.

After a few more minutes of pounding Maria's dripping snatch, Batista felt

close to cumming. He pulled out and dropped her on the bench.

"Wait... lets just...stop for... a bit." Maria moaned lying down on the

bench, she was so worn out, and she could barely stand. She looked up at the

Animal, who was now staring at the WrestleMania poster. She wondered what he

was thinking about. Before she could get her own thoughts together, Batista

had picked her off the floor and told her to open her mouth. Maria obeyed as

the Animal shoved his fat cock back in her mouth.

"How does your pussy taste?" He gave her mouth time to re-adjust to his meat.

Then he started to thrust in and out of Maria's mouth, again as fast as he

can. Her lips felt good wrapped around his cock. So good in fact, that she

could feel his pre-cum oozing out of his cock. She still could not get a

breath out, and again her eyes began watering.

"Oh fuck, yeah!" Batista groaned, suddenly he let his load burst straight

down Maria's throat. His cock had stretched her mouth out fully and she could

no longer control her throat muscles, so his cum just slid right down her

throat. She had never swallowed a load before, she didn't even allow people

to cum in her mouth, and she began to feel so dirty, like a common street

whore. She couldn't face being treated like a prostitute again.

Batista, however, thought that this session had gone great, he wanted it to

be a quickie as he didn't want to be below par for his match later that

night, and it was a quickie. "Shit, Maria, thanks." He murmured, as he

collected his clothes. "I needed that."

* * *

"So, if you think about it, it's a pretty good plan." Ashley told Kelly

Kelly. Kelly smiled, she had already agreed to join Ashley and Maria's deal

with Snoop Dogg, yet Ashley felt the need to repeat herself and explain all

the reason why it's such a great idea. Kelly thought it was because she liked

Kelly's company, but in reality it was because Ashley knew once Kelly left,

she would be immensely bored waiting for Maria, and seeing as she and Kelly

barely spoke (apart from the occasional "how are you") they had nothing in

common, so she decided to repeat herself over and over again, adding in more

reasons every time.

They both looked at Batista's door as it swung open, and a shaken Maria came

out. After a few seconds of silence, Kelly Kelly spoke first. "Hey Maria, how

are you."

"I'm Okay, Kelly." Maria said, unconvincingly. Kelly realizing she's not as

close as Ashley and Maria, decided it would be best if she left, she said her

goodbyes and went off to find Kofi Kingston.

"Guess what, I've just convinced Kelly to join us!" Ashley exclaimed happily.

"Isn't that great?" Maria didn't answer. "Is there something wrong? How'd it


"I don't think I can do this anymore."

"What? Why, he didn't hurt you did he, if he did..."

"No, he just did what he thought was all right, after all we are hookers."

"Maria, we're not hookers."

"Yeah, your right, we're not, I quit."

Ashley looked stunned. "You what, no, you can't quit, we're in this together,

you can't quit."

"I'm sorry, it just doesn't feel right."

"No, I mean you literally can't quit. You signed the contract; our services

officially belong to Snoop. He can get us to do what ever he wants, or send

us to whoever he wants."

Maria looked horrified. "What? No" She whimpered, she can't believe what

she's agreed to.

"Didn't you read the contract before you signed it" Ashley knew she hadn't,

in fact she had purposely told Maria to sign it and "get it over and done


She liked Maria and regarded her a good friend, but Snoop Dogg had told her

unless she gets Maria to agree, the deals off. Ashley loved money too much

to pass up a deal like this. She thought the idea was one of the greatest

ideas ever. Really she was just a hooker, but she had managed to convince

herself otherwise by using words such as 'services.' She was delusional, she

sugar-coated everything to do with the deal because of her love for money,

but if there was one thing she loved more than money it was sex. She was

pretty hardcore anyway, and would try pretty much anything. She got turned

on by being treated like a whore and was happy to do rough sex, so this deal

was great for her. The only thing that stopped her from becoming a real

hooker was the risk of murder and STD's. She was pretty sure none of the male

roster had STD's or would try to kill her.

Ashley snapped out of her thoughts as Maria stormed off, she sighed as she

watched her, and she couldn't help admiring Maria's ass swaying side to side.

Fuck. She thought. She couldn't have Maria being angry at her, especially

with their match tonight. Hmmm. I wonder what Beth and Melina would say about

our deal. Maybe they've already heard, it spreading pretty quick, they might

want a piece of the action. Melina always acts like a hooker anyway. She

giggled and wandered off to find Snoop.

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