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The WWF: The Lost X-File (A Fictional Tale Of Reality)
by The Game Is On (

As Dana Scully enters the FBI offices, it is apparent that Mulder has been
there most of the night already, his suit and tie wrinkled and weary. "What's
up Mulder, new case?"

"Morning, Scully. Yeah, there have been reports and inquiries into the
recent rise of the WWF. Some speculation has been made that the frenzy being
created is due to some sort of mind-control, whether it be hypnosis, or
hormone-induced hysteria. I think we should go check it out," Mulder

"Mulder, you can't be serious. Professional wrestling is all about hyping
up the fans with cheap theatrics and lots of female flesh. There is no X-File
here," doubts Scully

"Always a cynic- we're going anyway. And luckily for us, they are in DC
tonight for an episode of their Monday night show- Raw is War. We're going to
wrasslin" replies Mulder.

Mulder and Scully arrive at the MCI Center for a night of Raw Is War.
Scully, always the skeptic cannot believe what she sees around her. Thousands
of WWF fans whipped into a frenzy, holding signs, chanting profanity at the
huge muscle-bound wrestlers and scantily-clad women in the ring. She looks
over at Mulder, always the believer and sees that he is completely wrapped up
in the evening. He would be, she thinks to herself. Although, some of the WWF
women are gorgeous, and the men, well, she wouldn't mind having some of that,
Scully thinks to herself.

After the show Mulder and Scully make their way back to the locker room
area. The most obvious place to start is with the women, Mulder explained.
"If you are going to use any sort of hypnosis or mind-control over young,
primarily male fans, your best bet is to use the women" Mulder explained.

Scully just shook her head. Mulder knocked on the door. Opening it was
none other than one of the hottest WWF divas, Trish Stratus, wearing nothing
but a towel. Behind her was that horny little she-devil Terri Runnels.

"Can we help you?" asked Trish.

"We're special agents Mulder and Scully from the FBI, can we ask you a
few questions? There have been some allegations that the WWF is using some
sort of mind-control to induce its fans to buy more merchandise and we're
here to investigate that allegation." says Mulder.

Scully just looks at Mulder, rolling her eyes as Fox stares at the
half-naked divas. Scully looks down and can't help notice that her partner
has quite the bulge growing in his pants. She had always fantasized about
Mulder, but never thought to go through with it.

"Well that's just silly" says Terri. "If you really want to know how we
do it, we'll show you". And without hesitation, Trish and Terri both drop
their towels to the ground, revealing two of the most gorgeous bodies in the
WWF. "This is what we use. I think you see this is all the mind-control we

Trish gets on her knees in front of Mulder and begins to unzip his pants,
slowly rubbing his cock through his dress pants. She unbuckles his belt, and
lowers his pants to the floor. Now, only in his boxers, Mulder stands
exposed. Scully, first stunned, is now entranced by the going's on next to
her. Trish takes down Fox's boxers to reveal what had to be at least a 9"
cock. Trish begins to lick the shaft, up and down like a lollipop, cupping
Mulder's balls in her hands.

Scully cannot believe the size of Mulder's cock. She begins to lick her
lips, rubbing her breasts through her blouse. Terri, not to be outdone, gets
on her knees and begins to lowers Scully's skirt to the ground. Dana is now
left in nothing but her panties, which are quickly removed. Terri nestles
her face into Dana's already dripping twat.

"Somebody's not a natural redhead" says Terri.

Scully takes off her blouse, leaving her in her while lace bra. Mulder
looks over at Scully, staring at her huge tits bursting through her bra,
while Terri Runnels sucks at her pussy.

Within minutes, both FBI agents were totally nude. Trish and Mulder had
worked their way into a 69, as Fox ate out Trish's juicy cunt. Trish
continues to suck Mulder's huge cock, which continued to get even bigger,
straining at 10" now. Next to them, Trish had begun nibbling on Scully's
breasts, her huge nipples a good inch long. Terri had worked two fingers
into Dana's hairy, but neatly trimmed bush, and began to fuck her with her
fingers. Scully moaned. She had never been with a woman, but she was swept
up in something she could not explain.

On the other side, Trish had gotten off Mulder and lay on the ground.
Mulder straddles her chest and pushed her huge tits together, wrapping them
around his huge cock. Mulder tit-fucked Trish Stratus, while rolling her
nipples as he held her tits together. Trish reached around and stuck a finger
up Mulder's asshole. Now that's an anal probe, thought Fox.

Terri had straddled Scully's face at this point. Dana was eating out her
first female, and she was loving every minute of it. Dana lapped up Terri
Runnel's juices as they streamed down her face. She fucked her hole with her
tongue, while flicking her clit every couple of seconds. Dana had reached
down and began to rub her own clit as she neared orgasm.

Trish layed Mulder down on the floor and mounted his huge cock. She began
to grind his cock into her pussy. Terri got off Dana and stood above Mulder,
her pussy directly in Trish's face. Trish began to lick at her twat while
riding Fox's cock. This left Scully, who without thinking straddled Mulder's
face. Oh god, she had been dreaming about this. Mulder's tongue snaked it's
way into Scully's cunt, making Dana moan. Dana reached out for Terri's ass,
placing her face in between Terri's cheeks, giving her a rim job while her
partner ate her out.

Trish was about to cum, as she rocked harder on Fox's cock. "Oh yeah FBI
man, fuck me with your huge gun. Ooooh Yeaah!!!"

Trish got off on Mulder, immediately replaced by Terri Runnels. Scully
and Terri were now facing each other, tongue kissing each other while groping
each other's breasts, twisting and pulling on each other's nipples. Terri and
Dana were both about to cum. Dana riding Fox's face while Terri bounced on
his huge cock. Both women came in huge screams of pleasure. Dana had to have
some of her partner's cock, as bother she and Terri began to suck off her
partner. Terri had Fox's balls in her mouth, running them over her tongue,
while Dana began to deep throat all 10" of her partner. Fox could not believe
that one, his own partner was giving him a blowjob, and two, how much she was
getting down her throat. Scully and Terri Runnels continuedto suck of Mulder,
while Trish sat nearby playing with herself.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum, get on your knees ladies" said Mulder.

All three women got on their knees in front of Mulder. Mulder began to
stroke himself off, while Terri, Trish and Scully waited, mouths open, each
woman rubbing themselves. Within a couple of seconds, Mulder came, shooting
load after load after load of cum all over the two WWF divas, as well as his
partner. Seeing his own cum covering his partners face, hair and chest was
too much as a second orgasm hit him immediately, shooting more spunk onto
the women of the WWF. After he came, all three women took turns sucking
Mulder off some more, cleaning his cock off so all the cum was licked clear.

A couple of minutes went by, when Fox realized his partner was missing,
but her clothes were still there. "Where did Agent Scully go" asked Fox.

"She said something about if there was no mind control in the women's
locker-room than it must be coming from the men. She was going to check that
out." Terri answered, grinning devilishly.

"Well, if she's going to be gone for awhile, I have some more
interrogating to do than" said Mulder. With that, Trish and Terri both
grabbed Agent Mulder's limp cock, stroking it back to erectness.

"We can take it, we have nothing to hide," both ladies said, as they
lowered their heads to Mulder's growing cock.

"Case closed" said Mulder.

"We would prefer if it were open," said the girls, "sort of like this."
Both ladies lay back, spreading their legs, as Mulder went back for more


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