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The WWF's New Boss Part 1
by Foley Fan (

Matthew Williams just got home from a ten-hour shift at his factory job. He
was tired, hungry, and sore as hell. He grabbed a Coors from the fridge and
flopped down on the couch in his apartment.

"I gotta get outta this shit." he muttered as he turned on the tv.

The phone on the table beside the couch rang. With a sigh Matt picked it
up. He figured it was probably the cable company reminding him his payment
was due soon.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Hey buddy, how's it hangin'?" asked a jovial voice.

Matt recognized the voice. "Jess? That you?" he asked.

"No, it's your grandmother, jackass! Who the hell do I sound like? Of
course it's me! So how the hell are ya?" asked Jess happily.

Matt grinned. It was Jess all right. The two had been best buds for years.
If anybody fucked with one of them, they fucked with both of them. When Jess
took over WCW, Matt knew he'd turn the company around. The two had talked
several times since Jess left, but this was the first time in about a month.

"All right. How're things for you, being the big businessman and all? Hey,
you gonna be in the Inquirer anytime soon?"

"Not that I know of. Actually, business is what I wanna talk to you about.
Feel like taking a trip to Nevada?"

"I'm gonna have to skip work tomorrow." said Matt.

"Buddy, I guarantee that when you get out here, that shithole job will be
the last thing on your mind." said Jess slyly.

Matt's eyebrows raised curiously. "When do I leave?"

"Go to the airport. I got a private mini-jet waiting. Along with some
special I want you to meet."


When Matt arrived at the airport, he was taken to a mini-jet. He climbed
inside the door and saw Torrie Wilson sitting on a couch beside a mini-bar.
Matt's jaw dropped. Torrie was wearing a tigerskin colored bodysuit.

"Mr. Wade wanted me to make sure you had a relaxing flight."

Matt sat down on the couch next to Torrie. She handed him a drink and he
took a swig from it.

"So, ah, what exactly did Jess tell you?" asked Matt, who eyes stayed glued
to Torrie's tits.

"Whatever you want me to do." she said sexily.

Torrie leaned over Matt's lap and fished his hard cock out of his jeans.
She wrapped her mouth around his throbbing shaft and started to suck him off.
Matt groaned at the sensation of her hot mouth on his cock. The slurping
sound just made the scene all the hotter. When Torrie deepthroated Matt's
entire 9 inches, Matt blew several loads into her mouth.

"Fuck yeah, swallow it all you slut!!!" grunted Matt.

After she swallowed his load, Torrie got out of the bodysuit. Matt got her
down on all fours and started to slam into her doggystyle. Torrie was in
sexual bliss.

"Ugghhh! Oh fuck yeeahh!!! Keep fucking meee!!!!" she squealed.

For the rest of the trip, Matt fucked Torrie ten ways from Sunday. Both
had orgasmed over a dozen times before the jet hit Nevada.


When Matt entered WCW headquarters, the staff could see the similarities
from when Jessup Wade first entered. Matt was bigger than Jess, he weighed
in at 220, and stood at 6'2. He wore a Metallica t-shirt, black leather
jacket, faded blue jeans and work boots. He arrived at Jess's office and was
greeted by none other than Ms. Hancock.

"Name's Matt Wilson. I'm here to see Jess."

Ms. Hancock smiled at him.

"Yes, Mr. Wade has been expecting you. Go right on in."

Matt opened the large double doors and saw Jess sitting behind a large oak
desk, his feet up and drinking a scotch. When he saw Matt, his face lit up.

"Matt, come on in. How was the flight?" he asked with a grin.

"It was……enjoyable." smiled Matt.

"I knew it would be. Come on in man, sit down."

The two bullshitted for a while, talked about old times, and had a drink.
Finally, Matt asked what Jess wanted to talk about that was so important.

"Well, it breaks down like this: WCW is kicking ass and taking names.
We've been beating WWF's ass for the past several months. And thanks to that
boost I gave ECW, they're sweating bullets."

"So that's great. I've seen the shows man, WWF is looking lame compared to
you guys." said Matt.

"That's just the problem, there isn't any real competition anymore. The
ratings aren't the only thing that's got McMahon worried. A couple lawsuits
have come up and it's gonna cost him a pretty penny to pay them off. It's
gotten so bad that he wants me to buy the WWF from him."

"Well that's good isn't it?" asked Matt.

Jess winced. "What's the fun in owning everything, who's there to compete
with? No thanks. What I did instead was cut a deal with ol' Vinny. I'll save
his ass if he gives up the company to somebody of my choosing. This way,
I'll have competition and McMahon will get to build up the XFL like he's
wanted to. Works out for both of us. This new guy will be president, CEO,
and head of creative control. And that guy is you."

It took Matt a moment to register. "Huh? Why me?"

"Remember how we always talked shit about how to make wrestling better?
Well, that's what we get to do. I'll run WCW, and you can run WWF. And if
you're very lucky, you just might beat me in the ratings." said Jess with a

Matt thought about it for a whole eight seconds. "All right, you're on.
Prepare to go down buddy boy."

The two shook hands. They decided to celebrate the new deal with a night
with some of Jess's personal staff. Before they left, Jess took out a stack
of papers.

"Oh, and be sure to get your female employees to sign these contracts."
Matt looked over the contracts and smiled.

"Dude, I owe you a Coke."


Matt's first day at WWF was a big one. The day started with a big meeting.
In attendance were Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Jim Ross, and Marissa
Mazzola. Matt made it clear that the WWF is going to get better in a hurry.
Matt pitched his ideas for the show's new direction, some of which Shane and
JR didn't like.

After everyone left the meeting, Matt asked Marissa to accompany him to
his office. When they got there, Matt locked the door.

"Marissa, let me be blunt. I think you have great potential for the WWF,
and I don't just mean on camera. For too long now you've been held back. I
want you to become my personal assistant. You'll get a 70% pay raise and
'other benefits'. What do you say?"

Marissa's jaw dropped. For months on end, all she's done is grunt work for
the McMahon's. Even Shane was getting snobby to her. Now she was the boss's
right hand. This was too good to pass up.

"Of course, I'll take it!" she exclaimed.

Matt smiled and pulled a contract out from his desk. Marissa signed it
without so much as a second glance. Marissa thanked him again she was all

"I'm glad you're happy," said Matt as he sat behind his desk, "Now why
don't you strip off all your clothes, crawl over here and give me a hummer."
Marissa's eyes went wide with shock.

"Ex-excuse me?!"

"You heard me. Now start stripping." said Matt firmly.

Marissa's face started to steam.

"There's no chance in HELL I'm going t-"

"Oh but you will!" interrupted Matt, "Take a look at your contract. It
clearly states that acts of prostitution will be done on my command. You
will fuck me 24/7 if that's what I want. And if not, then you can see my
lawyers in court. So what's it gonna be?"

Marissa stood shocked for a few moments. Then, knowing she was defeated,
she started to strip off her clothing. She unbuttoned her black business
jacket first, revealing a purple bra. Matt whistled, her tits were almost a
solid B size. Marissa then took off her skirt and heels, leaving her in the
pink bra and panty set.

"Now crawl over here." said Matt.

Marissa crawled behind the desk and unzipped Matt's jeans. She gasped when
his semi-hard 7-inch cock popped out. Shane wasn't this big or this thick.
Her mouth started to water. She took Matt's cock into her mouth, sucking on
it gently. Matt groaned at the sensation, he loved having his cock sucked.

"That's it baby, you're doing good."

Marissa didn't want to admit it, but she was starting to like this. She
swirled her tongue around Matt's cock, giving it a massage of sorts. The
special treatment made Matt go over the edge. He didn't have a blowjob like
this in a long time, if ever. Matt was ready to blow his load, but before he
did he took his cock out of Marissa's mouth. He squirted several streams of
jism all over Marissa's face and chest. Marissa opened her mouth, hoping to
get just a little in her mouth. When he was done, Matt looked down at the
cum soaked Marissa.

"Shit, that's a good look for you babe."

Marissa smiled at the compliment. Although she may not like to admit it,
she actually liked this a lot. She got down on her hands and knees, giving
Matt a great view of her full ass.

"Why don't you shove that cherrybuster in here and we can get down to some
real fun."

Matt threw off his clothes, exposing his ripped body to Marissa. She
licked her lips at the sight of Matt's naked body. Matt inserted a few inches
into Marissa's cunt, giving her just a sample of his cock. Marissa shivered
at the sensation of his large cock in her hole.

"Oooooo that feels kinda nice." she cooed.

Matt started to pump into her. The faster he went, the louder Marissa
started to moan. Matt started going faster and faster, each thrust making
Marissa all the hornier. Matt gave Marissa's ass a hard slap. She just
giggled at the attention. After ten minutes of pumping, Matt was slamming
his full 10 inches into Marissa's cunt.

"H-holy shit you're tight!" he grunted.

"Just-oh fuck...give it to, give it to me now...OHHMYYGAWWDD!"

Marissa's went over the edge, howling like a bitch in heat. Matt's cock
was savagely pumping into her sweet pussy. His balls were slapping against
her firm ass as he shot load after load into her. Marissa let out a moan that
could be heard throughout the building for all she cared. She was getting
the fucking of her life and she was enjoying every second of it. After a
shattering orgasm, Marissa collapsed to the floor from exhaustion. Matt took
a minute to admire the cumsoaked beauty laying on the floor in front of him.

"Ms. Mazzola?"

"Ye-yes, sir?" she huffed.

"Have all the female talent sign contracts like yours. And when you get
up, get me some cigars. I've got a bet to win."

Definitely not the end.

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