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The WWF's New Boss Part 2
By Foley Fan (

During his first month, Matt did his best to get the company back on top.
He started out by rehiring Ken Shamrock, who was in better shape than ever.
He stripped everyone of their titles and launched tournaments to decide on
contenders for each title.

The first pay-per-view of Matt's reign was titled Doomsday. In a take on
all comers hardcore battle royale, Kane won the Hardcore title. The human
suplex machine Tazz beat Edge in a Leather Strap match to win the European
title. Ken Shamrock won the Intercontinental title by beating Chris Benoit
in a Cage match. In a vicious No Holds Barred four-way Test & Albert beat
the tag teams of the Acolytes, the Mean Street Posse (Rodney and Pete Gas),
and the Hardy Boyz to win the Tag Team titles. Crash Holly beat Taka
Michinoku to win the Light Heavyweight title.

Then it came down to a four-way elimination match for the Heavyweight
title involving Triple H, the Undertaker, Chris Jericho, and Rikishi Phatu.
Triple H took Rikishi out by using the Pedigree twice on a steel chair.
Undertaker choke slammed Jericho through an announce table, knocking Y2J
out cold. Triple H and Undertaker slugged it out for a while, then a newly
reunited Degeneration X (Roaddog, Chyna, and X-Pac) came out to help Hunter
get the win. The apparent DX victory was short-lived as the new Biker
Ministry (Mideon, Gangrel, the Hardy Boyz, D'Lo Brown, Chaz, and Viscera)
came out and stopped DX. Without any interference, Undertaker won the title.

Matt was happy with the way the company was starting to go. Taking advice
from his friend and competitor Jessup Wade, Matt had decided to start his own
personal staff. Marissa was a great fuck, not to mention assistant, but he
needed more. Matt was looking over some rating papers when Marissa buzzed him
from her desk.

"Mr. Williams, Lilian Garcia is here to see you."

Matt was puzzled; he didn't send for Lilian. "Send her in." he said.

Lilian walked into the room wearing a tight black "come fuck me" dress.
The skirt barley went past her ass, showing off her impressive legs. The
sleeves were see-through and so was the chest area right above her tits. She
walked in with a sexy smile on her face. Matt's eyes traveled over her body

"Hello Mr. Williams." she said in a sexy voice.

"Lilian, what a pleasure it is to see you. How can I help you?" he asked.

"Well Mr. Williams, I'm not happy." she said in a pouty voice.

"Oh, why not?" he asked with mock concern.

Lilian walked over to Matt's side of the desk. She sat on the desktop and
crossed her legs. From what Matt saw, she wasn't wearing any panties.

"I feel that I should be more than just a ring announcer. I could do a
lot more for this company as say, a commentator. I know I could do better
than some of the shmucks we already have. Do you think you can help me Mr.

Matt had only heard half of what she said. His eyes kept wandering back
to her long, smooth legs. Lilian noticed his gaze, smiling at how easy a
seduction this was. She opened her legs a bit, revealing her shaved pussy.
His erection was trying to burst free from his pants.

"So you think you can help me, Mr. Williams?"

"I think we can help each other out very much, Ms. Garcia."

Lilian smiled and went for his pants zipper. She whipped out his large
shaft and licked the underside of it. Matt let out a groan of satisfaction.
Lilian took the shaft in her mouth and began to suck on Matt's large
meatstick. Matt grabbed the back of her head to guide her hot mouth.

"That's it you whore, keep on sucking." he muttered.

Lilian continued to pleasure Matt's cock. She finally deep-throated his
entire 10 inches into her mouth. Matt groaned when Lilian began to hum with
her mouth; the sensation was mindblowing. Soon Matt shot off a large load
into Lilian's mouth. Matt held Lilian's head in place, making sure that she
swallowed every drop. Normally Lilian would have objected to Matt's
roughness, but instead she liked it.

"Mmmmm, god DAMN you suck cock like a pro!!! I'm not done with you yet,
oh no!" said Matt.

Matt stood up and started to remove his clothing. He instructed Lilian
to do the same. Lilian hated to admit it, but she enjoyed stripping off her
clothes for her boss. Soon Lillian was down to just her high-heels.

"Lay down on the desk." ordered Matt.

Lilian lay down on the top of the desk in a missionary position. She
spread her legs, showing off her neatly trimmed bush. Matt took his cock and
began to shove it slowly in her cunt. Lillian closed her eyes and groaned at
the feeling of Matt's big meaty cock entering her tight pussy. Matt began to
pump in and out of her at a steady pace. Lilian was beginning to squirm on
the desk.

"That's it sir, shove that big fuckstick of yours into me. Make me cum."

Matt increased the force of his fucking, making Lilian squirm even more.
He took his right hand and grabbed her breasts, pawing her full sized
mammaries. With his fingers he tweaked her nipple, causing Lilian to yelp.
Matt was enjoying this a lot. He hit one of the buttons on his intercom on
the desk. After a few seconds, Marissa walked through the large double doors
of his office. She was startled at first to see Matt fucking Lilian, but
quickly recovered from the shock.

"Yes Mr. Williams?" she asked.

"Marissa, why don't you take a break and help me with Lilian here?"

Marissa knew what he meant. She stripped out of her business suit and
underwear, revealing her soft body. Lilian wasn't aware of Marissa until
she walked over by her. Marissa smiled down at Lilian and sat on her face,
pushing her wet pussy into Lilian's face. Lilian was so into the moment, she
began to immediately eat out Marissa pussy.

"Oooo that feels nice." moaned Marissa.

Matt smiled at the comment and continued slamming into Lilian's cunt. He
withdrew his hand from her tits and brought it down towards her firm ass. His
large fingers snaked into her anus. He started to shove into her ass slowly,
teasing her with each movement. This drove Lilian crazy, a shout was heard
beneath Marissa's pussy.

Marissa was getting very turned on by the threesome she was in. She leaned
forward and kissed passionately Matt on the mouth. The hot woman continued to
french her boss as the blonde woman underneath her was eating her pussy out.
Soon the three had to cum. Matt was the first as he began to shoot into
Lilian's cunt. He got three loads inside her, filling up her cunt. Marissa
was next.

"Oh that's it Lilian-fuck yeah baby- make me cum! Make me cum you little
bitch!" shouted Marissa.

Marissa came hard, her body shaking in orgasm. She threw her head up and
moaned at the top of her lungs. Matt was so turned on by the sight he was
jacking himself off furiously. Not able to hold it anymore, Matt shot off
loads onto Lilian's pussy and firm stomach. Lilian's lower body was slick
with jism. When Marissa got up off Lilian, the blonde's face was covered in
cum. She looked up at Matt with a satisfied look on her face.

"Congratulations Lilian, you're the new co-commentator of Smackdown and
Sunday Night Heat. I'll let Michael Cole know his services as commentator
will no longer be required. You'll also receive a 50% pay increase."

"Thank you, Mr. Williams." she said with a smile.

Lilian fucked Matt once more, then got dressed. Matt told her to come
back anytime she felt sad or lonely and he'd cheer her up. As she left, Matt
gave her ass a firm smack. When she was gone, Matt turned to the satisfied

"After lunch, send those two Ho's Mandy and Victoria up to my office. I'm
sure they'd like to have better jobs in this company too."


Mandy and Victoria were fairly new to the WWF. They'd only been on the
roster for a few months and had seen minimal airtime. So far they weren't
making a very large impact in the WWF. They were starting to wonder if the
boss had called them up to fire them. When they got the call, both ladies
were in the workout room. Mandy had on a t-shirt and sweatpants, while the
athletic Victoria was wearing a tight tanktop and running shorts. The two
women were in the elevator talking.

"Do you think this is it? Think we're fired?" asked Mandy nervously.

"I don't know." said Victoria.

The elevator doors opened to reveal the large waiting area of Matt
Williams office. There was a large fountain in the center of the room. To
the left was a wall of several television screens. To the right were a few
couches and chairs along with a glass table. Marissa's desk was at the back
of the room next to two large double-doors. The two women were in awe.

"Nice." said Victoria.

Marissa noticed the two women and told them to go on in. Mandy didn't say
anything, but Marissa's hair looked a little unkept, like it was roughed up
recently. The two ladies went into the large office and found Matt sitting
behind his desk, sipping a White Russian. He turned toward them with a smile.

"Ah ladies, glad you could come. Please, make yourselves comfortable." The
two sat down. Matt still had a small smirk on his face.

"Now I know what you're thinking. No, you're not fired. Actually, I wanted
to talk to you ladies about job opportunities. I'm currently in need of a
maid and a cook. I've gone over several possible clients and you two ladies
are the top candidates."

The two were ecstatic, this was a big opportunity. They agreed to do
whatever it takes to prove their worth. Matt smiled when he heard that.

"Very good. Now why don't you both take turns riding me?"

Mandy's jaw dropped but Victoria rushed over to Matt. Victoria wanted
this new job and she was willing to do anything to get it. Besides, she
liked nookie as much as the next girl. She slid Matt's pants and boxers off,
his 7 inches almost poking her eye out. Victoria ran her hand up and down
the hard shaft.

"Very nice tool sir."

"Thanks, now start stripping. You too Mandy."

Victoria took off her tanktop, revealing her nice rack. Her nipples were
the size of quarters. She then slid off her shorts. Matt took a moment to
enjoy her well shaven pussy. Victoria wasted no time mounting Matt's growing
cock. As she bounced up and down on Matt's shaft, Mandy was getting into the
spirit of things. She flung her t-shirt and sweatpants off, leaving her buck
naked. Mandy sat down in a chair and began to masturbate to the erotic scene
before her. Victoria was riding Matt pretty hard, wanting to do her best to
please her boss.

"Holy shit woman! Keep on riding my cock, you're doing a great fucking
job!" grunted Matt.

Victoria wrapped her athletic legs around Matt's waist and continued to
ride him for all she was worth. Matt kept pumping into her with his large
shaft, not holding back a bit. He could hear his balls slapping away at her
firm ass. After fifteen minutes of nonstop fucking, Matt came hard. He shot
a large load of jism into Victoria's tight pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah!!! Make me cum you big dicked son of a bitch!!! Make me cum
right now!!!" she screamed.

By this time Mandy had already masturbated herself to orgasm herself.
Her entire hand was jammed into her cunt, juice running all over. She was
wriggling in her seat with pleasure. The blonde stopped thrashing in orgasm
and walked over to Matt. She slid Victoria off Matt's large member and took
it in her mouth.

"My, my, aren't we in need of a big fuckstick?" asked Matt playfully.

Mandy responded by sucking him off hard. She licked and hummed Matt's
dick at one time, making Matt go crazy. He reached down and grabbed the
blonde by the back of her head.

"Shit yeah, baby. I guaran-damn-tee that you'll get this job. Just keep
on sucking you little Ho."

Matt's dirty talk just made Mandy all the more willing to suck. She used
her tongue to swirl around Matt large dick. Using her left hand, she took
one of Matt's large balls and rolled them around. It was like giving them a
massage. Mandy continued to suck Matt off for five more minutes. Matt then
came. He shot one large load into Mandy's mouth, then pulled his cock out
and shot another load right onto her face. Mandy didn't care, she was having
the time of her life. When he was done, Matt looked down at the cum-soaked

"Want another ride on the Ho Train?" she asked seductively.

Matt smiled and turned toward Victoria, who had cum running down her leg
and looked ready for another fucking.

"Victoria, you're now my new cook. Mandy, you are my new maid. You'll
both be receiving 40% pay increases."

Both girls smiled at their boss.

"Now Mandy, get up here for the fucking of your life. Victoria, get us
dome drinks." ordered Matt.

Victoria went to the bar at the other side of the room to get them some
drinks. Mandy straddled Matt's growing cock and began to jump up and down on

"God I love this job." muttered Matt.

Not the end.

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