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The WWF's New Boss Part 3
by Foley Fan (

Note: this story takes place before Slutbrawl 2000

It was a hard time, but Matt was taking the WWF back up to its glory.
He had already passed ECW in the ratings and was headed straight for WCW.
Several new storylines helped the change. Cutting off all ties to the whole
"McMahon-Helmsley regime", Triple H reformed Degeneration X and the group
went back to causing its trademark havoc. The group now consisted of Triple
H, Chyna, Roaddog, X-Pac, and recently returned Billy Gunn. Chris Jericho
and Rikishi had joined forces and were dominating the tag team division as
the new tag team champions. The Ken Shamrock/Chris Benoit match at Doomsday
spawned a bloody rivalry that the fans couldn't get enough of.

As for Matt himself, he loved his new job. Not only was he having the
time of his life, but he also got to fuck some of the sexiest women he ever
saw. Not only was there the daily nookie from Mandy, Victoria, and Marissa,
but a few other WWF women got the honor to have "special meetings" with the
new boss. Chyna proved her stamina by screwing Matt for almost an entire
hour non-stop. Matt's buddy and head of WCW asked that Chyna be sent to
"entertain" his dad, Marcus Wade. Matt had no problem with it. He knew
Marcus and knew that would be a very special birthday for him.

Yes, Matt loved the perks he got with the women around the company. In
fact, he hadn't had the honor of screwing were the only ladies who were
causing some problems backstage. The two women were none other than the
WWF's top cocktease's Trish Stratus and Terri Runnels. Apparently they were
well aware of Matt fucking the staff and found it degrading. Matt set up a
meeting with the two ladies.

Matt had arrived at his office about an hour ago and had finished with
the morning paperwork. After the morning paperwork, Matt usually got a
blowjob from Mandy or Victoria. Today Mandy had the honor of pleasuring her
boss. Matt leaned back in his comfy leather chair as Mandy, dressed in a
very revealing French maid's outfit, sucked away on his cock. Taking Jess's
advice, Matt had cameras hidden in the office to capture the nookie sessions
he had.

"Mmmmm, that's it're doin' great." he moaned.

As Mandy was sucking away, Trish and Terri barged in through Matt's
office double-doors. Marissa was storming in behind them, a very pissed off
look on her face.

"I told you ladies that he wasn't ready to see you yet!" exclaimed

"Tough shit, we're going t-" Terri saw Mandy going down on Matt and
froze, as did Trish. For her part, Mandy stopped in mid-suck, much to Matt's

"This is the degrading behavior that we're talking about." said a furious
Trish, "Williams, get that slut off of your cock NOW!"

Matt stared in fury at the two women for a sec, then motioned for Mandy
to get off. Pouting, Mandy did so. Matt then told Marissa and Mandy to leave
the room. The two walked out, Mandy sensuously licking her lips at Matt as
she left. Matt's cock ached for that mouth, but he had business right now.

"So ladies, what can I do for you?" he asked.

"Well for starters, you can stop screwing the staff." said a somewhat
pissed Terri, "You're behavior is worse than McMahon's, and just as bad as
those dipshits that run WCW and ECW."

"Teasing the crowd is one thing, but we are not whores. You had the Kat
in a Jell-o match against Jacqueline for god's sake. Either you stop this at
once, or we resign from this company right now." said Trish firmly.

Matt had only heard some of what they said. Hey, it was hard to look them
in the eye and not the chest. He thought for a moment, then stood up and
leaned on his desk.

"Ladies, I don't want you to leave. You're both important pieces to this
company. Now as for the staff, it's all beneficial. Everyone gets a good
fucking, and a pay raise. I know you don't believe it, so I took the liberty
of asking some of the employees who've been benefited to come here." Matt
his a button on the intercom, "Marissa, please send them in."

Trish and Terri turned around to see the Kat, Lita, and the recently hired
Torrie Wilson barge through Matt's office doors. Lita slapped Trish hard on
the face, knocking her down. Torrie and Kat grabbed Terri's arms.

"What's going on here?" asked Terri.

"I'll tell you what's going on." said Lita, "We've got some damn good jobs
here. McMahon would have NEVER treated us this good, and we're not going to
let you two bitches screw it up for us!"

Lita walked over to Terri and tore her sweater off, revealing her large
bra encased tits. Matt started to take off his shirt, he knew this would be
sweet. Kat saw this and wanted to make a good impression for the boss.

"As my hubby the King would say, it's time to let those puppies out of
the pound." she said.

Kat reached around Terri and tore off her bra, her large jugs spilling
out. Terri tried to cover herself up, but Torrie held her too tight. Kat
walked in front of Terri, using her hands to feel up Terri's breasts. When
Kat tweaked one of Terri's nipples, the bodacious blonde let out a sharp
gasp. Kat smiled and took off her own top as well. She grabbed the back of
Terri's head and brought her in for a deep kiss. Terri resisted at first,
but Kat's mouth felt too good.

"Keep it up Kitty, she's turning bi right before my eyes." said a smiling

Matt leaned back in his chair, softly stroking his cock at the two hot
women making out. He then turned to see Lita standing over a frightened
Trish. Lita reached down and grabbed Trish by her soft blonde hair.

"P-please Amy, don't hurt me. It was all Terri's idea, honest!"

"Sorry slut, you've been teasing everyone with that body of your's long
enough. Time to give the people what they want."

Lita reached down and unsnapped Trish's straining top. Not one to wear a
bra, Trish's full D cups spilled out. With a grin, Lita slapped Trish's right
tit. Trish let out a pathetic yelp of pain. Lita continued to strip Trish
bare. Soon the former fitness model was naked as a jaybird on Matt's office
floor. Lita took off her own top and pants, letting Matt's eyes wander over
her round tits and smooth legs.

"You wanna get in on this boss?" asked Lita.

Matt walked over beside Lita, his erect ten inches swaying back and forth.
He gave Lita a short kiss and pinch on the ass, then shoved his dick into
Trish's mouth.

"Suck it or I let Lita tear you apart." he said.

With that, Trish began to vigorously suck on Matt's large shaft. Her
pouty lips felt so damn good on his cock that he let out a loud groan. Trish
grabbed Matt's balls and started to massage them with her delicate fingers.
Lita took off her panties and walked behind Trish. She laid on her back and
scooted up under Trish's cunt. Lita then started to eat Trish out. She used
her tongue to lap at Trish's cunt. Trish yelped at first, but soon her pussy
started to get wet.

'Damn, this isn't bad at all.' thought Trish to herself.

Meanwhile, Terri and Kat had stripped off all of their clothes. Kat had
brought in a twelve-inch strap-on with her and was getting ready to screw
Terri with it.

"Lay down and get ready bitch!" she spat.

Terri got on Matt's desk and spread her legs. Kat wasted little time and
inserted four inches with the first thrust. With a grunt, Kat got another
three inches into Terri's wet cunt. The two beauties began to screw each
other, Terri rocking back and forth on the desktop to get better penetration.
Torrie was enjoying the show and stripped off her skimpy dress. Terri leaned
back and raised her pelvis to get better penetration.

"Ohhh Kitty, fuck me with your big tool." moaned Terri.

Torrie walked over to Terri, grabbing her head and shoving on of her
large tits into it. "I got a taste of lesbo action in WCW, but baby I want
MORE! Now SUCK!!!"

By now Terri was so horny that she couldn't resist. She took Torrie's
right tit and stuck it in her mouth, sucking it with her warm mouth. Torrie
grabbed the back of Terri's neck to guide her in her erotic sucking. Terri
softly bit down on Torrie's nipple, causing Torrie to coo in pleasure.

"That's it slut, keep sucking my big, round tits. Fuck yeah!!!" exclaimed

Matt and Lita were still having fun with Trish. The tongue fucking had
Trish squirming in arousal. She had never had a woman eat her out before, but
she sure as hell was enjoying it. And the hornier she got from the pussy
eating, the more eagerly she sucked on Matt's large cock.

"Time to deepthroat the boss, baby." said Matt with a grunt.

Sure enough, Trish took Matt's cock up to the hilt. Matt rolled his eyes
in the back of his head, Trish was very skilled in the oral arts. Lita was
using her tongue on Trish's wet pussy while masturbating with her own hand.
Her pussy was so wet that she pumped four fingers in and out of her cunt like
there was no tomorrow. After several minutes, both women were beginning to
cum. Matt could feel their bodies starting to cum and had to blow his load.

"Here it comes you fuckin' slut! I'm gonna fill your pretty little mouth
with my cum, and dammit you'd better swallow the whole fucking thing!!!"

Trish and Lita came as Matt shot off several loads of cum into Trish's
mouth. At first Trish started to gag, but was soon gulping down as much as
she could. Matt was holding her by her hair, cursing a mile a minute as he
came. Although it sounded degrading, Trish was loving every second of it.
When Matt was done, Trish was cumming from Lita's tongueing.

"Oh fuck Lita, keep licking my pussy! Oh YEEESSSSSS!!!!" Trish's entire
body shook as she orgasmed. Lita came as well, her hand almost a blur pumping
in and out of her tight cunt. When they were done, Matt laid back in one of
his office chairs, his dick still hard. He turned to Trish.

"Get up here and ride me you slut." he ordered.

Trish walked over to Matt, swaying her full hips erotically. She
straddled Matt and started jumping up and down on his large shaft. As Trish
fucked Matt, Terri was having her fifth orgasm thanks to the Kat and Torrie.
When Kat slid the large strap-on out of Terri, Torrie lifted her off the
desk. She then laid down and told Terri to eat her pussy. Terri dove right
in and started eating Torrie's shaved cunt. Within minutes Torrie was moaning
in pleasure.

"That's it you slut, eat me out. Eat my wet pussy." moaned Torrie.

Terri had Torrie moaning like a little girl. Kat and Lita decided to get
some action and were laying on the couch in a 69 position. Both women were
eating each other out, the slurping noises filling the room. Trish was still
fucking Matt, his entire ten inches ramming into her cunt. Matt was busy
feeling and sucking her large tits as they fucked.

"God DAMN you are a tight fuck!" grunted Matt.

Trish was squealing from the feeling of Matt's large cock screwing her
tight cunt. Soon Trish was moaning at the top of her lungs.

"Ohhhh yeeessss!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me hhaarrrdddd!!!!"

Matt fucked Trish mercilessly, slamming into her with everything he had.
Both had several orgasms before Matt slid out of Trish. When he was done
Trish sat down on the floor, breathing heavily. Matt turned his attention to
the orgasming Torrie. He walked over to them when they were done. Torrie got
up and gave Matt a long french kiss, ending with Matt squeezing her full

"You're gonna like her boss. The bitch is tight." said Torrie with a

Matt slammed into Terri, half of his cock entering her tight opening.
Showing no mercy, Matt furiously pumped away into Terri's warm cunt. Within
minutes, Terri was moaning.

"That's it, f-fuuuuuck me! Ram that big fuckstick of yours into me. Do

Matt was very turned on by this. Just a short while ago, this hot piece
of ass was ordering him to stop screwing women. Now here she was, laying
under him, begging for his cock. Matt continued to fuck Terri for another 10
minutes, nearly making her cum several times. Before he was ready, he grabbed
Terri by her hair forcefully.

"All right you bitch, I'll make you cum but first answer me this: who's
bitch are you?" he asked forcefully.

"I-I'm yours." she moaned.

"I didn't hear you."

"I'M YOUR BITCH!!! I'm your cumslut, I'll fuck whoever you want me to
fuck! Please, just FUCK ME!!!"

Satisfied, Matt slam fucked Terri like nobody had before. His large shaft
pumped in and out of her wet pussy. He could hear his large balls slapping
against Terri's firm ass. Terri was moaning at the top of her lungs, she had
never been fucked this good in her entire life.

"God damn it, fuck me you big dicked son of a bitch!!! Fuck me, like the
real slut that I AM!!!!"

Both Terri and Matt were having multiple orgasms. After another five
minutes of non-stop banging and cumming, Terri passed out from the exertion.
Matt fucked her limp body for a bit longer, then pulled out.

"Damn, what a slut."

He turned towards the couch to see Lita and the Kat having their eighth
orgasm. Trish and Torrie were watching the whole thing and masturbating each
other. Matt told both women to get over to him. They rolled Terri off the
desk, Matt laying down. Torrie jumped on Matt and started riding him.

"God I've waited for the chance to fuck you again." said Torrie.

"Well you'll get a lot more of this from now on. You're signed with me

This made Torrie squeal in delight as she started rocking back and forth
on Matt's cock. Trish had laid down next to Matt, granting him easy access
to suck and grope her large tits.

"And I'll be seeing you more too Trish. You are now my personal fitness

"Oh thank you sir, I won't let you down." said a very grateful Trish.

Matt squeezed Trish's right tit, pinching her erect nipple.

"I know you won't." he said with a smile.

Next: Matt makes Sable an offer she can't refuse.

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